After Becoming The Tyrant

Chapter 184 Dragon Kingdom

The rights of human rights are rising the decline in Shenshi.

West Olde holds two edges of the Sword, whispering the madness of the sea of ​​mercury, his face is very pale. As a god, he promoted too short, and it is difficult to have a hard time by stealing the power. As the king said, he clearly felt that the benefits they got were not so stable.

In the bell of the bronze, the crack spread on the remaining five sectors tower, which is very fine but Miji.

Once the godhouse is completely collapsed, then as the savage water sea of ​​the Shen Guo, it will follow the tiles.

"How long are you ready?"

Siold asked, despite surprise, but did not see tense. He didn't know how the king weakened the authority of the gods at this time point, but compared with the power weakened. Unless there will be a hundred years, the authority of the king is not enough to fight against the world of the world.

"A thousand years."

The king said softly.

His armor is full of cracks, and blood is soaked. His country broke in a piece of attacked a dropped star, and destroyed. The people who used to be made into dust in the light, and as the country is destroyed, he is quickly fragile.

His state looks badly, on the silver hair, the face is full of blood.

He has just destroyed the 12-star high tower, and the cost of paying is that the Holy Sword of West Old has run through his heart. Blood sprayed from his left chest chest, he would stand at any time. But his face has nothing to smile.

just like……

His hands also have the last brand hidden for a long time.

One-third of the day with a one-third of the month dragging the long dazzling tail, fell to the country of the king. The border of the crack is completely broken in the dazzling light, and West Olde is holding the sword to completely end his life.

Running through the roar of the world.

The king expanded his arms, let him fall down.

West Older suddenly stopped in half of the air, not he didn't want to win the chasing, because it seems to be a frozen hard student in a tear space to stop his way. The shadow of the huge shadow flew up from the ground, and the glory of the glory cast a strong black shadow on the dazzling mercury sea.

Ancient, barbaric, legendary creatures come again in the sky.

"Rodon, is the giant dragon."

The king of this falling sky was held by the wind, and his voice seems to pass through a whole thousand years.


Rodon's heart, the capital of the Empire, Rose Rose.

All room pillars, all the vaults, all the arc beams, from a cold rock column into Sen, a huge bone. Heavy, the same heart beats in the jumper in each person in the royal palace, the dragon's breath is a strong airflow.

The scarlet rose is placed around the white bones.

In the distant legendary era, the madman is a fearless family. After they laugh, they have established a palace that belongs to the mortal. Now, this palace wakes up, and it is more horrible, hidden by the mad family.

On the map, the shape of the Rodon is like a convergence of the wings.

This is not a coincidence, but the country that is worried.

The devil once thought that human alchemy was difficult to reach the ultimate, and unable to play all the power of keel, otherwise a castle is a horrible military machine. However, he is wrong, human alchemy is not difficult to achieve the extreme, but has reached the extreme.

The alchemist and the dragon were teamed up to create the world's most horrible alchemy work.

After the dragon kills the Dragon, the heart buried its heart in the core of the empire, and the capital was established. Alchemists carry the other parts of the dragon, in one by one on the map, buried in all places in the Empire Earth. The skull that has hidden the cruel violent nature of the Dragon has been taken to hell and deprives it with other skeleton.

They will take the whole country as a weapon to temper.

The keel is integrated with Rogram, in a thousand years, people's history is built on keel, and new awareness is injected into the dragon in alternating day and night. In the end, the new, convinced of the evil spirits of Rodlang.

The evil spirits were deeply covered in the earth, until the Rose Royal Palace was started, the revival of the Dragon Heart woke up.

In all cities that bury keel, people only feel that the ground is shaking, there is something to break, and we have wrapped the wind from the top of the head, rushing up.


"Is the Dragon Kingdom!"

The voice of the king is accompanied by the dragon.

The Dragon Soul is in the King, he will catch him when he will fall from high altitude. The king stands on the back of the striker, and his bloody silver is dancing in the wind, and the cold blue rumor is always a pride. The scepter was held in his hand, and the dragon was carried with him, fanned the wings.

Prior to the millennium, people were the food of the Dragon, there is nowhere to hold in the hunt of the dragon.

After the millennium, the heart of the Dragon was recovered, and the black dragon broke out, and the man was driving the dragon and the world.

This is the sword of the rose family for the millennium.

When it is pulled out, it is the moment of war termination!

Dragon carries the wind, breaking the water of the West Olde, passes through the moon from its wings, but the burning traces cannot stop its quick to terror. The king drives the downs, heavily impacts the five towers that have a fine crack. The tower of God is broken, collapsed, and swallowed by a hot flame.

Long Yan ignited the sky, as if the war of the ground has been burning here.

In the flame, a tower of the God of the Dangdang took a broken, the dared star passed through Longfang, such as a stone sea. At the end of the world, the king got on the back of the Dragon, greeted the Sword, West Old.

The scenarius hit the holy sword, and the blood flew up.

The world is stationary at this moment.

The king's white bone residue runs through the heart of West Old, and the Holy Sword of West Olde penetrates the ribs of the king. In the last hit, they all gave up the defense, but in the end, the king got the wind, the pope after the loss of the Gods, his swordsman far more than the king who received the most elite knight training.

"how did you do that?"

West Olde.

"Because you regard yourself as God, and I take myself as a person."

The king said that he turned the defendor, gain the last god of the world.

The sun and the moon are disappeared from the air, and the water suite quickly returned, leaving only the fire of Long Yan in the burning. Dragon fan is fanned, tamed like a horse, with armor break, a bloody king.

Under the sky, the War of the Sacred Army and the Rodgellan army came to an end. John General's sword gave the head of Sesan, and Kaga shooter trampled from the bones of the Knights of the Temple. The flare shines on the broken wall, and the people of Jossin City raised the royal flag.

The faint blue fog is covered in the earth, the sky will be clear.

The tired king sat on the back of the dragon, he did not let the Dragon fell to the ground, drive it to fly.

The high-altitude wind flows from the king's cheeks, and he overlooks the country in the back of the dragon. The Pentium's Doma River, the long coastline, the rugged mountains, hidden in the mountains, all over the country's stars ... this is his country.

And he, except for his country.

When the first sunshine broke over, the figure of Black Dragon gradually faded, and finally turned completely. The king came to the ground from the high altitude, he closed his eyes.

"Now, you belong to me."

In the wind, someone said softly.

There is a dark-red law in the void, and the devil goes out of the law, wearing a black dress, and there is a red rose.

He opened his hand to pick up the king of falling.

Going to the end, the sun rose from the horizon.

The war is over.

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