"After being the top pick to go home alpha" Author: Purple Jin


As the most beautiful omega of the Yinyue clan in the past ten years, Yulan was abducted since childhood.

When he was about to be sold to a wealthy businessman at the age of 22, he managed to escape.

Running with bare feet, desperately.

——Finally ran into the arms of a man.

When Yu Lan saw Shao Mingyu for the first time, the man was handsome and elegant, with a calm expression, and said to him: "I won't touch you, come back with me."

So Yu Lan was ignorantly picked up by the man and moved into the man's manor.

He didn't know why a man had to take care of himself. He only hid his love in his heart. He obediently took inhibitors regularly. He didn't want to lose his temper during the boom, and do anything terrible to the man he had a crush on.

Until one day later, when Yu Lan wanted to give herself an injection again, the man clasped his wrist and asked in a dumb voice, "Do I still need inhibitors?"

Yulan looked puzzled.

Shao Mingyu stared at him with a low and soft voice: "Little Grape, don't use it anymore, okay?"

Yu Lan opened his eyes.

When the man's kiss fell, the inhibitor fell from his hand to the ground.

Soon after, the news of the marriage of the young master Shao's family was spreading.

ps. Nothing else, it is the healing sweet text, there may be children later.

ps.ps. The latter part of this article involves fashion circles (non-entertainment circles), but there is not much content. The main focus of the article is growth and love.

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