Yu Lan, who is not a child, was fed again and was finally taken upstairs.

The housekeeper said warmly: "If you need anything, just tell us. Just treat this as a home, don't be restrained."

Yu Lan nodded, and said: "Thank you."

This room is very large and looks very comfortable.

Yu Lan didn't know how to describe it. In fact, even if he could escape the clutches of the couple, he never thought he could live such a life.

Yu Lan thought of the man, and subconsciously asked: "Mr. Shao lives next to me?"

"Yes." The butler's thoughts moved, and he smiled and added, "If you have any questions, you can go to Mr. Shao."

"Yeah." Yu Lan obediently said, "Thank you so much."

"Well, don't be so polite, rest early." The butler smiled and said goodnight.

After the housekeeper left, only Yu Lan remained in the room.

Yu Lan turned around in the room.

The bed is big, I feel like sleeping with three people is fine... There is a desk by the window, and there are many books on the shelves, but Yu Lan hasn't touched books for too long, and I don’t know many words...

There are no clothes in the closet for the time being, the housekeeper just said that someday will be added...

Finally, Yu Lan sat on the bed, staring at the quiet night outside the window in a daze.

An indescribable sense of security.

Really... Completely free...


After taking a simple shower in the bathroom, Yulan went to bed early.

Although he had already slept under the effect of the drug before, he was relaxed as never before, so this time he still fell asleep quickly.

Only in the middle of the night, I was woken up by a headache.

Yu Lan was used to the pain, and did not open his eyes, curled up, biting his lower lip, silently enduring it.

I don't know how long it took, maybe ten minutes, or maybe an hour, Yulan didn't care much, anyway, when the pain faded away, he fell asleep again in a daze with sweat.

When I woke up again, the sky was bright.

Yu Lan changed into yesterday's set of home clothes and went downstairs. Aunt Jiang had just prepared lunch and greeted her warmly: "Mr. Yu is awake? Come down to eat."

Yesterday, Mr. Shao said, let Mr. Yu wake up naturally without disturbing him.

Yu Lan hurriedly thanked him, walked to the table and sat down, and looked around questioningly. Aunt Jiang smiled and said, "Mr. Shao is usually busy, so I went to the company early today."

Yu Lan Na said: "Oh..."

"Uncle Liu went to the pet hospital to pick up Little Martian." Aunt Jiang said, "Little Martian is a shepherd dog, raised by Mr. Shao. He ate and had diarrhea the day before yesterday. He was sent to the hospital for salt water for three days. He will be back today. Up."

Accompanied by Aunt Jiang, Yu Lan drank another bowl of porridge, and the housekeeper Uncle Liu also returned with the big dog.

One person and one dog met at first sight, and both sides went wide-eyed.

Yu Lan thought to herself, such a big dog, with such a smooth hair, I have only seen it on TV in the orphanage before!Will it bite?Good?

Little Mars... it tilted its head, flicked its tail wildly, and its eyes sparkled.

The housekeeper, Uncle Liu nodded his head, and scolded with a smile: "I just like good-looking ones!"

Little Mars ran to Yu Lan's side in a smoke, moving briskly, and he couldn't tell that he was still a sick dog before.

It circled to the left and right next to Yu Lan. Yu Lan was amused by him. He stretched out his hand and touched it. The little Mars got excited and stood up directly and put his two front legs on the Yu Lan. On his shoulders... he pushed Yulan to the ground.

Uncle Liu quickly pulled the little Mars up and taught a few words.

Seeing that Yu Lan and Little Martian had a good time, Uncle Liu remembered what Mr. Shao said to them last night.

He didn't know the relationship between Mr. Shao and this little gentleman before, but he already knew that Yu Lan came from a trafficker and had been detained for 16 years.

Uncle Liu was shocked. If he didn't know, he couldn't imagine that this young man who could still smile like a little angel had such an experience.

Mr. Shao gave him some instructions. Uncle Liu thought for a while and said to Yu Lan: "Mr. Yu, if you are bored, you can take Little Mars out for a walk. This entire manor belongs to Mr. Shao, it is safe. The weather today is fine, you can walk around."

Yu Lan was a little surprised.

When I came back last night, the sky was too dark. He didn't look carefully. He didn't know that they were in a manor and that the whole manor belonged to Mr. Shao?

Little Mars heard this and ran away by himself. When he came back, he was very clever with a red dog leash in his mouth.

Anyway, Yu Lan had nothing else to do, so he obediently put on a tow rope for Little Martian.

Aunt Jiang smiled and said, "Little Mars is very smart and knows the way."

Yu Lan touched Mars’ head and whispered: "Then trouble you to lead the way."

Little Mars: "Wow!"


The manor was too big to imagine, and he was completely shocked.

Mr. Shao has a big piece of land.

There is a lawn in front of the villa, with a fountain in the middle of the lawn and small woods on both sides.

Little Mars went directly to the grove.

This place is in summer, but the woods are full of green shades, very cool, and there are flowers on both sides of the trail, and the scenery is beautiful.

This place is so peaceful...

They walked to a fork in the road, Yu Lan was entangled in which way to go, Mars wagged his tail and turned left.

...Really recognize the way!

Since Little Martian looks really smart, Yu Lan, who thinks she doesn't know anything, uses Little Martian as a teacher.

"Little Mars, where to go here?"

"Wang!" Forward!

"Little Mars, there is a stream over there!"

"Wow!" Cross over and cross over!

"Little Mars, what is the name of this flower?"

"Woo!" I don't know either!

"Little Mars, is this fruit? Can it be eaten?"


Yu Lan talked to herself all the way, and at the end, Yu Lan asked again. Little Martian teacher turned his head to look at him, eyes full of helplessness, and flung his tail forward after turning his head.

Yu Lan called out: "Little Mars?"

Little Mars: Flicking his tail, I didn't hear it.

Suddenly, the little Mars got excited and screamed and rushed forward.

Yu Lan followed two steps, and when she raised her eyes, she saw the man turning from the trail ahead.

The man was wearing a white shirt with his cuffs up to his elbows. He didn't carry anything on his body. He only put one hand in his pocket, looking like he was walking here slowly.

Aunt Jiang said that Mr. Shao went to the company early in the morning, did he come back so early?

Yu Lan jumped up involuntarily.

Little Mars has a lot of strength, and Yu Lan has to run with it when he rushes forward, so Yu Lan simply loosens the rope.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he loosened the traction rope, Little Mars took an instant in his footsteps. Then he bit the traction rope again, "Da Da Da" ran in front of Yu Lan, raised his head and motioned him not to let go, his eyes were very dissatisfied.

Yu Lan was dumbfounded, and pulled the traction rope again... Little Mars once again "oooooooo" rushed to the man!

This time, Yu Lan was dragged to the man by it.

The man raised the corners of his lips, rubbed Mars’ head with a smile, and said to Yu Lan: “It just likes this kind of drama.”

The first time I saw a man smiling, his ears were blue and red.

"How was your sleep last night?" The man straightened up and looked at him and asked.

"Very well, thank you." From yesterday to today, Yu Lan didn't know how many times he said "thank you". He moved his lips and tried to ask, "Are you... off work?"

"Well, I came back early." Shao Mingyu asked, "Go back?"

Yu Lan nodded quickly.

Shao Mingyu did not follow Yulan's original path, but chose another direction.

When walking side by side in the woods with a man, Yu Lan always felt nervous.

He is also not a talkative person.

In the past sixteen years, even though they were kept in the same cage with other omegas, everyone didn't speak very much and was numb, and sometimes no one made a sound all day.

Occasionally, Yu Lan can't even distinguish between reality and dreams, and only feels that no matter which side it is, it is deathly silence.

He wants to try to chat with Mr. Shao, but he is not very familiar with finding topics.

Fortunately, after walking for a while, Shao Mingyu took the initiative to speak: "Tomorrow I will ask a doctor to come over and check your body again."

The young man's body is too thin and weak, and he has no idea how many hidden dangers lie in his sixteen years of imprisonment.

Yu Lan nodded quickly, feeling warm for the man's arrangement.

Shao Mingyu turned his head and looked at the young man who was cleverly following him, and said, "If the doctor confirms that there is no problem, I would like to arrange some teachers to give you some lessons, how about?"

Yulan startled.

He did not expect that Mr. Shao had even considered these.

Yu Lan wants to live an ordinary life and understand the world better. He wants to learn and absorb, but... he flushed and said, "I, I still don't know many words."

Twenty-two years old, I am afraid that even many children are not as knowledgeable.

When Shao Mingyu heard the words, his eyes were dim, and he said, "It doesn't matter, the basic knowledge will be learned quickly. I will let the teacher teach from scratch."

Yu Lan pursed her lips, nodded heavily, and said, "Thank you very much."

"You don't need to be so polite." Shao Mingyu asked suddenly, "Did you learn from Uncle Liu and the others? You don't need to call me like that, just call me by name, in your comfortable way."

Yu Lan opened his mouth... is called Shao Mingyu?

He already knew that the man was only twenty-seven years old, only five years older than him, but he didn't know why, so he couldn't speak out.

But after the man said this, he looked at him as if waiting for Yu Lan to call him.

After walking a few steps, Yu Lan whispered: "...Mr. Shao."

"..." Shao Mingyu rubbed his head.

Yulan's heart beat quickly, and his face flushed.

At this time, Shao Mingyu stopped.

Yu Lan followed his gaze and saw a piece of vine.

It's about the right time now, clusters of purple grapes hang on the vines like gems, one by one big and full.

Shao Mingyu glanced at Yulan thoughtfully, and asked, "Would you like to taste the freshly ripened batch of grapes?"

Yu Lan nodded and followed Shao Mingyu over.

Shao Mingyu picked one out and handed it to Yulan. Yulan carefully peeled off the skin and stuffed the fruit into his mouth.

Sour and sweet, he squinted like a kitten.

There was a smile in Shao Mingyu's eyes: "Is it delicious?"

Yulan nodded, delicious!

Speaking of which, his pheromones are also grape-flavored...

A gust of wind passed by, and a leaf fell melodiously and brushed the tip of the turquoise nose.

Sunlight passed through the gaps between the leaves and cast down wisps of light on the ground.

Yulan's conditioned reflex shrank his neck, and after the leaves rubbed the tip of his nose, they continued to fall... and fell into the palm of the man's hand.

Lulan raised his eyes in confusion, and met the man's dark eyes.

At this moment, he seemed to see something else through the man's eyes.

Yu Lan didn't understand, but he was a little intoxicated.

The heart is numb and itchy, this feeling is too strange to Yulan.

Yulan's Adam's apple rolled.

He stared at the man and asked briskly: "Why does Mars like that kind of drama?"

Shao Mingyu gathered his palms, held the leaves in his palms, and said, "It... likes watching TV."


The next day, Yu Lan and Xiao Martian were nestled on the sofa, watching TV motionlessly.

In the corridor outside the house, the man was smoking a cigarette.

After finishing the information, the two doctors walked out back and forth.

The psychiatrist said that Yu Lan's state is B, that is, he is not in the best state, but it is not bad.

After it was over, another doctor stepped forward and handed the inspection report to Shao Mingyu.

Shao Mingyu took it, but his smoking was stagnant.

Inside the house, the young man hugged his knees, curled up like a child, watching the cartoon on TV intently.

And the report listed one after another.

Long-term malnutrition requires some adjustments in food.

After being injected with various drugs for a long time, various mechanisms in the body have also become a mess, unable to continue taking the drugs.

It seems that there are some problems with the head, and we need to bring back the results of today's test for analysis.

"The other thing is, Mr. Yu's estrus issue..."


Yu Lan didn't pay too much attention to the results of the examination. Although he knew that Mr. Shao had asked the doctor to come over because he was worried, he felt that he was still healthy.

He and Little Martian watched an afternoon cartoon on the sofa, and dinner was with Mr. Shao.

After the meal, Aunt Jiang handed a bowl of black medicine.

Yu Lan froze and asked in a low voice, "...is it bitter?"

Aunt Jiang coaxed: "Suffering is always a bit bitter, but you can just drink it all at once. Drinking it is good for your health."

Yulan swallowed, feeling a little nervous. Although he took the medicine, he didn't really want to deliver it to his mouth.

He looked at the man eagerly, who was leaning on the side of the stairs, while talking on the phone, while looking at him, there was only one word in his eyes, drink.

Yulan: "..."

He took a deep breath, held his breath, and swallowed the medicine in big gulps.

After swallowing, Yulan's face was wrinkled in pain.

The next second, a fruit candy was stuffed into his mouth.

Yu Lan blinked and looked up. Shao Mingyu was still on the phone, talking with the other party about work. After filling the sugar, he rubbed Yu Lan's head again.

Yulan contains sugar.

It's grape-flavored.

He raised the corners of his lips, a little inexplicably happy.

"Don't get too close to the TV." Knowing that Yu Lan was going to watch TV again, Shao Mingyu exhorted during the call.

"Good." Yu Lan obediently responded and ran to the sofa.

The next second, Little Mars barked wildly.

Shao Mingyu turned his head abruptly. The young man knelt on the side of the sofa, clutching the armrest of the sofa with one hand, and curled up in a ball.

Aunt Jiang noticed Yulan's situation, wiped her hands and came out of the kitchen, panicking: "What's wrong?"

Yu Lan knelt on the ground, with a headache that hardly heard anything, as if she had lost her hearing.At the same time, he noticed that his pheromone was leaking out uncontrollably——

He is in heat again.

Obviously, I just went into estrus yesterday, and I'm here again today.

From once in a few days, is it about to come once a day?!

The turquoise fingers were so hard that the blue veins became prominent.

He was panting, enduring the pain from his head, enduring the physical abnormalities brought by the estrus, but there was pain in his throat...

A pair of arms fished him from the ground.

Yu Lan took a breath and raised his head following the opponent's movements.

It's Mr. Shao...

Yu Lan leaned against the opponent's arms, trembling slightly and grabbed the opponent.

Butler Uncle Liu also heard the movement at this moment, rushed in from outside, and immediately said, "I'll get the inhibitor."

"Wait a minute." Shao Mingyu stopped him.

Uncle Liu stopped and looked at the man puzzled.

The man was silent for a moment and said, "The doctor said he can no longer abuse inhibitors."

Outside the corridor in the afternoon during the day.

The doctor sighed: "Some human traffickers will raise them until they reach their adult estrus, and they will deliberately use drugs to speed up their estrus. The method is to continue to use inhibitors, and to beat them during estrus, not during the period. As a result, their estrus period will be completely messed up, faster and faster. They can no longer use inhibitors frequently, and must reduce the amount, first become once a month, other times can only rely on temporary markings Press it down, otherwise... he will be destroyed."

At this moment, Uncle Liu was astonished: "What? Then, what should I do—"

Uncle Liu's thoughts turned and he hesitated: "My son is alpha. If you need a temporary mark, let him--"

Yu Lan vaguely heard what Uncle Liu said, struggling nervously to get up.

However, his wrist was caught by the man.

Yu Lan turned her head and looked at the man tremblingly. The other side stared at him, paused, and asked in a low voice, "Trust me?"

Yu Lan panted, startled.

After a while, his eyes were red and he nodded slowly.

He didn't know what to do with the temporary marking, but he was willing to trust this man.

Shao Mingyu tightened his arms and hugged him, then lowered his head, his breath sprayed on the back of his blue neck.

"It will be well soon, don't be afraid."