In the summer morning, the sun is too bright.

The birds chirping across the sky.

The wind chimes in the corridor swayed back and forth, making "ding" and "ding" sounds.

Catering to the turquoise heartbeat, time after time.

After speaking, the man did not look away, hesitated in his eyes.

He noticed Yu Lan's reaction.

There were some milk stains on the turquoise lips, the milk cup was still held in both hands, and the face remained stunned.

The... impact of temporary marking?

Shao Mingyu was about to speak again, Yulan lowered his head in embarrassment, probably because of embarrassment, the tips of his ears became more red, as if bleeding could come from.

He whispered: "Ah... well, I see, sorry."

Shao Mingyu paused and said, "There is no need to apologize for this kind of thing."

"..." Yu Lan drank two more sips of milk and smiled, "The first time I was temporarily marked, it is indeed a bit uncomfortable."

Shao Mingyu's fingertips gently rubbed the wall of the cup, trying to say something, but he didn't know what to say. For him, this feeling was the first time.

But at this moment, Yu Lan has finished eating the food, wiped his mouth, and said cleverly: "I'll take Little Mars for a walk."

Shao Mingyu's fingertips stopped.

I always feel that this topic shouldn't end like this, but he took a serious look at the young man, and finally nodded slightly: "...Go."

Yu Lan ran out of the corridor and called out the name of Little Mars, and the shepherd ran from behind with his tongue.

Yu Lan crouched down and put a dog leash on it, and when he was finished, he walked out briskly after one year and one year.

When Uncle Liu came out, he saw the man sitting in his place, looking out the door.

He followed and took a look, smiled: "Yu Lan finished eating so soon?"

The day before yesterday, the young man deliberately told him and Aunt Jiang, saying that he should be called by his name. It is not the same as Mr. Shao. The two of them took Yu Lan as a child in the first place, but this has become more cordial.

When the man heard the words, it seemed that he had just retracted his gaze and replied, and stood up and said, "I'm about to leave. The doctor will come over again today to check Yulan's head again."



When Yu Lan was walking in the woods, he heard some sounds.

Looking to the right, in the shadow of the trees, I saw a black car driving on a trail not far away.

It's Mr. Shao's car.

Yu Lan retracted his gaze and looked at his feet.

Little Mars took a step, he took a step, kicking the fallen leaves on the ground.

Is it just a temporary marking effect?

Yu Lan raised his hand and touched the back of his neck.

Looking back at this moment, he seemed to still feel the heat and strength of being bitten last night.

Mr. Shao's breath ran through his body.

Is it because of this that his heart beats so fast when he sees Mr. Shao?

Yu Lan didn't know.

There are too many things he doesn't know.

Sixteen years of imprisonment seemed to mess up the contents of his head.Many times, Yu Lan always feels that she should know something, but she can't remember what she thinks.

Just like the mark, he only knows that mark is a very special and important thing between alpha and omega. He has also vaguely heard that it is divided into temporary mark and permanent mark, but he doesn't know how to do it separately, and he doesn't know. , After marking, what will happen between alpha and omega.

Is all his reaction just because of the temporary mark last night?

It seems not, Yu Lan heard the voice from the bottom of his heart.

When he met Mr. Shao and asked for help, and the man chose to keep him in his arms, everything had already begun.


If Mr. Shao thinks this is the effect of the temporary marking, then treat it as such.

Will it disappear in a week...?

Yulan pursed her lips, tried to bend her eyebrows and smiled, and after a while, she lowered her eyes and walked silently among the trees.


The doctor performed a second examination for Yu Lan, and her brows were frowning tighter than the last time, making Yu Lan worried.

He already knew what was going on in his estrus.

His estrus period has become very frequent. Fortunately, the general temporary mark can work for a week, which means that Yu Lan does not have to face the dilemma that he will be in estrus at least once in a day or two.However, it is also a reality that the inhibitor can only be used once a month, that is to say, most of the time after he initiates love, he can only survive with temporary signs.

Yu Lan didn't expect to be like this. Things were much worse than he had imagined. Now seeing the doctor's expression, he was really worried that something was wrong with his head.

But the doctor didn't say much, he just sighed, patted him on the shoulder, and said, "Take your medicine and keep your body healthy."

So Yu Lan took the boxes of medicines and said frustrated and obediently: "Okay, thank you."

On the topic of temporary marking, Yu Lan never talked with Shao Mingyu again.

In other words, when Shao Mingyu came back that night, he seemed to want to try to chat with Yu Lan, but Yu Lan cautiously avoided the past. Shao Mingyu should have noticed it, and this topic has never been mentioned again.

On the seventh day that Yu Lan was taken home by Shao Mingyu, he finally had a chance to go out.

It was Uncle Liu who took him away. The two of them got in the spare car with their bodyguards acting as drivers. They drove all the way out of the manor and into the city.

On the day he came, Yu Lan had noticed that the manor was in a remote location, and it would take a full hour to drive to the center of the city.

When you arrive in the city center, there are more people, and there are rows of tall buildings. The routes are very busy whether on the road or in the air.

From time to time, advertisements with holographic images appeared in the front and disappeared again, such as beauty makeup, jewelry, gymnasium, and movie trailers.

The urban area at night was brilliantly illuminated, while the urban area during the day was noisy several times that at night.

Yu Lan was still lying by the window, staring at everything unfamiliar. Uncle Liu sat aside and looked at him with a smile.

"The teacher Mr. Shao invited is an acquaintance. Her father worked as a housekeeper in Mr. Shao's grandfather's house for a period of time. She is now a high school teacher herself, mainly teaching you some basic knowledge, common sense, and knowledge of literature and history."

Shao Mingyu also hired other teachers for Yu Lan, but learning this kind of thing naturally takes one step at a time.

Yu Lan's expression is serious, and Mr. Shao has spent so much thought on him, he will never waste it.

The teacher's surname is Bai, 26 years old, and she is a very gentle woman.

She welcomed Yu Lan into the house, and a boy with dyed pink hair in a T-shirt and ripped jeans was leaning against the door and staring at Yu Lan, which was also an omega.

"This is my younger brother. I live on my side during the summer vacation." Teacher Bai introduced and said to her younger brother, "This is Mr. Shao's..." She looked at Yu Lan and Uncle Liu, and added back. : "Brother, my name is Yulan."

Teacher Bai's younger brother, Bai Lu swept Yulan up and down, fixed his gaze on Yulan's face, snorted, turned around and entered the room, and closed the door with a "bang".

Of course, Yu Lan noticed that the other party didn’t like herself at a glance. He didn’t feel anything. Teacher Bai became embarrassed: "Sorry, my brother has a bad temper. This time I have a fight with our parents before moving to me. Live, hey."

Teacher Bai is obviously worried about his younger brother.

Uncle Liu laughed and said, "It's okay, it's okay, young."

But before leaving, he lowered his voice to Yu Lan and said, "If there is anything to do, tell me, don't wrong yourself."

Yu Lan nodded and whispered, "I know, but Teacher Bai looks pretty good."

"Well, she is pretty good." Uncle Liu rubbed his blue head and left to do something else.

Teacher Bai arranged the class in the living room with a blackboard in front.

In the entire living room, there was only one student Yulan sitting behind the desk, attending the class seriously.

The basic knowledge is learned quickly because of the assistance of the chip.

Nowadays, children in normal families, between the age of five and six, will learn with external chips, and quickly input basic knowledge and common sense into the children's brains.

Yu Lan's learning ability is also quite fast. After the two-hour class, Teacher Bai subconsciously said: "You learn so fast."

Yu Lan smiled.

At the age of twenty-two, he learned what normal children should learn at the age of five or six. Yu Lan even hopes that he can be faster and faster.

At noon, Teacher Bai went to cook a meal-Yulan's lunch was also her responsibility.

Yu Lan was reading, and after a while, a figure appeared in front of him.

Yu Lan was taken aback, looked up, and met the boy's arrogant eyes.

"Excuse me, what's the matter?" Yu Lan retracted his hands on the desk and asked politely.

The boy sneered again: "Little white rabbit?"

Yu Lan: "...?"

The boy prolonged his voice and said, "Hey, are you Mr. Shao's pheromone?"

Yulan tensed her body.

A week has passed, and Mr. Shao's pheromone on his body has almost faded away. This person even noticed it.

"Brother? Where's the younger brother? Why do you need your brother to help make temporary markings?" Bai Lu bent down, got closer, and squinted at Yu Lan, "Where did you come from? never heard of that?"

Yu Lan pursed her lips, and said dryly: "I will go to sue Mr. Shao."

Bai Lu: "..."

His expression was distorted for a moment, and his skin smiled without a smile: "Ha, ha ha..."

Yulan's eyes became more alert.

Bai Lu took a deep breath, told himself to calm down, straightened up, and looked at Yulan again.

White Rabbit.

It looks pure and beautiful.

There is also Mr. Shao's pheromone.

"Hey, what is the relationship between you and Mr. Shao? Not a couple?" He asked uncomfortably.

Yu Lan was startled, and shook his head: "...No."

"Really." Bai Lu's eyes rolled, and he deliberately looked elsewhere, and said with a sigh, "It's not a couple who want to make a temporary mark. It's misleading, right? Mr. Shao's family is counting on him to hurry up. Find a wife, get married and have children. If the blind date meets you and smells the smell on your body, I will misunderstand what you and Mr. Shao have. Hey, after all, who would want the smell of your partner to stay on the other person? ."

The turquoise expression converged.

He looked at Bai Lu and asked, "So is there such a person?"

"What?" Bai Lu returned to his senses, raising his eyebrows, "I mean if!"

"Then what if Mr. Shao is here now?" Yu Lan asked calmly.

"You--" Bai Lu was annoyed when he came back.

"I don't know what you want to say." After Yu Lan finished speaking, he put up the textbook and said that he refused to continue communicating.

"Hello--" Bai Lu bared his teeth.

"Alu, what are you doing?!" Teacher Bai's suspicious voice came from the kitchen. She opened the kitchen door and looked at her brother suspiciously, "Be good, don't disturb Yulan studying!"

Bai Lu: "..."

He returned to the room angrily.

Yu Lan glanced at his back.

This person also likes Mr. Shao.

In the afternoon, Uncle Liu came to pick up Yu Lan. When he arrived at the villa, Yu Lan suddenly muttered, "Why does Mr. Shao take care of me like this?"

Yu Lan can be sure that Mr. Shao has no intentions against him.

But why take care of a stranger without asking for anything in return?

Because I like it?

Obviously not.

Yu Lan clearly realized that that man was not the one who would take him home because he liked it at first sight.

That man is calm and sensible, and will never have that kind of emotion.

In fact, Uncle Liu didn't know the central truth. He could realize that Mr. Shao had something in his heart that they didn't know about Yu Lan, but after thinking about it, he still said, "Maybe it's because he treats you as his younger brother?"

Yu Lan was puzzled: "Does Mr. Shao have a brother?"

"Of course there is." Thinking of that younger brother, Uncle Liu's expression also became subtle, but he didn't talk about this topic too much, afraid that Yu Lan was thinking too much, and said, "Don't think too much, Mr. Shao does this. All of them are for you to adapt to this kind of life as soon as possible and live a normal life. You don’t have to think about why Mr. Shao does this. Mr. Shao will not harm you. You just need to keep up your body, learn knowledge, and as soon as possible—"

"Grow up as soon as possible and become independent." Yu Lan took over Liu Shu's words.

Uncle Liu felt as if there was something wrong, but he couldn't tell what was wrong, and he nodded hesitantly: "Well, yes."

No matter what Mr. Shao brought him home, his purpose is to let Yu Lan grow up and learn as quickly as possible.

Paying attention to his body is to help him, and asking the teacher for him is to help him. Knowing that he is not used to the approach of other alphas, he chose to mark him temporarily to help him.

Mr. Shao didn't like him, he just wanted to help him solve the problem.

And only if he grows up and becomes independent as soon as possible, can he no longer cause trouble to Mr. Shao.

When the car stopped in front of the villa, and the man smoking in the hallway looked over, Yu Lan thought to herself—Sure enough, he still has to work harder, so that he can take care of himself, and then he can leave here. This manor, no longer... trouble Mr. Shao.


When Song Ze arrived at the manor, half a month had passed.

The accomplices of the traffickers have been found. In addition to the couple’s sons, there are also the woman’s younger brothers and sisters.

They were intercepted during the transfer, and they had more than twenty omega in their hands.

Next, the police also intend to use their past transactions to find out the guys who have participated in human trafficking one by one.

"Do you have any friends? Do you want to see it?" Song Ze asked Yu Lan.

Yu Lan just put a traction rope on Little Martian, after hearing the words, he thought about it, and asked: "Are they... all settled?"

Song Ze smiled and said, "Well, as I said last time, some social assistance agencies will help arrange it."

Yu Lan lowered his head and said: "That's good, the more."

In 16 years, some omega will be sent away after a while, or new omega will be imprisoned.

Some people, Yu Lan has been with them for sixteen years.

But everyone does not have any friendship with each other. After all, every day they worry about when they will be sold, and there is no time to make friends.

To be honest, Yu Lan didn't even remember the names and appearances of some of them.

After Yu Lan said this, Song Ze naturally didn't talk too much, only constricted a smile, and whispered: "Sorry, it took so long to find you."

Aside, Shao Mingyu's tea drinking also stopped.

It's not even "finding".

That time, the two traffickers ran into it.

Yulan pursed her lips when she heard the words.

He doesn't understand many things.

But he understands how big the universe is, and once someone who has done bad things wants to escape, it is entirely possible to escape the interstellar for a lifetime.

Yu Lan feels very lucky to be able to escape the control of the trafficker's family in his lifetime.

So he couldn't complain about the police...

He just wanted to rejoice that he could still be free.

So Yu Lan smiled, and said, "Don't tell me this... I took Little Mars out."

Shao Mingyu said: "It's raining, come back early."

"Good." Yu Lan obediently responded and turned to leave.

After Yu Lan left, Shao Mingyu put down his tea cup and frowned, "What did you find."

Song Ze leaned on the back of the sofa, grabbed his hair, took a deep breath, and said, "I found their den and saw the living environment of Yulan for 16 years. To be honest, although I should have guessed it a long time ago, but with my own eyes When I saw it, I still...can't imagine how he came over in those sixteen years."

Hearing this, Shao Mingyu tightened his hand.

Song Ze said with a complicated tone: "They were forced out of our delineated area, otherwise they wouldn't go that way, let alone meet you. This means that our efforts for so many years are not in vain."

"But still... it would be better soon."

I thought it was lucky to be able to find Yulan in my lifetime, but now I can't help but sigh.

Song Ze said: "I can't tell you more specifically, wait until the trial is time for you to see for yourself, it's about Yulan's memory problem--"

Yu Lan's identity was confirmed after the blood test results came out, and Shao Mingyu did not recognize the wrong person.As for why Yu Lan’s own childhood information did not match what Shao Mingyu knew, the answer was also obtained when Shao Mingyu re-appointed a doctor for Yu Lan last week, and they found a den of human traffickers.

Song Ze said slowly: "This is a special situation. It involves the health of these omegas including Yulan. We did not tell them personally, but the people who are currently taking care of them."

It is also because he and Shao Mingyu are both more cautious. When they first discovered something was wrong, they didn't disclose too much information to Yu Lan or asked too much, but just waited for the results of the investigation.

The man lit a cigarette, his face sinking like a waterway: "What the hell is going on?"

Outside the window, thick clouds piled up and the sky was dim.