The thunderstorm was just a small episode. After calming down, Yu Lan didn't take it to heart, and even felt ashamed that she was so afraid of thunder that she couldn't get up.

In the next few days he went to class as usual, and his course progress was also running fast.

Teacher Bai couldn't help but said during the class: "Alan, are you in a hurry? You can take your time."

Of course, it is not that the youth is a little eager to achieve success. The fact is that when she checked Yu Lan's learning results, the other party was very stable.

She didn't know what happened to this beautiful young man, so that he had to learn from children's knowledge when he was 22 years old.But obviously, Yu Lan himself is a very smart student.

But there is no need to learn so fast—it is very tiring to digest the established amount of knowledge in the shortest time.

And the young man sitting behind the desk thought for a while, raised his head and chuckled, "Maybe I want to make money quickly?"

Teacher Bai was stunned for a moment, and then laughed, thinking that the young man was joking, but did not take this answer to heart.

When Yu Lan returned to the manor, it was always in the evening, and today a guest came to the manor.

Yu Lan rubbed the head of the little Mars who enthusiastically ran out to greet him, followed the shepherd into the living room, and saw a woman sitting on the sofa.

It is an omega.

Wearing a white dress with long, smooth wavy hair.With delicate makeup on his face, his appearance is beautiful and clear, and his temperament is soft.

The woman was drinking hot tea in her teacup and turned her head when she noticed the turquoise blue.

The moment their eyes met, each paused.

The woman first sorted out her expressions, showing a smile and nodding: "Hello."

Yu Lan also responded politely.

Uncle Liu was hiding in the kitchen and calling. On the side, Aunt Jiang noticed that Yu Lan was back, so she hurried out and said, "Yu Lan, you are back. This is... Mr. Shao’s guest. Uh, do you want to go upstairs? Take a shower first?"

Yu Lan sensed something sensitively, was silent for a second, shook his head and said: "I put down my things and walked the little Mars, and then I went to wash after walking."

Just avoid it, right?

Now that Little Mars is in charge of the two meals in the morning and evening, Yulan is in charge, so Aunt Jiang didn’t say anything. She glanced at the woman and nodded: "Then you go..."

Yu Lan put down his things and took a small spark to the outer hood to pull the rope.

The woman has been looking at the figure in the corridor, her eyes carefully depicting the turquoise appearance.

An omega that is so beautiful that even she is a little lost...

A few seconds later, she turned her head and smiled at Aunt Jiang: "This is Mr. Shao's?"

"Friend's brother." Aunt Jiang said with a dry smile.

She is also too sensitive, and it is precisely because of this that she wants to distract Yulan. It is best not to involve Yulan in the affairs of Mr. Shao's mother's house.

Behind her, Uncle Liu was lowering his voice and said, "Yes, it was suddenly delivered by your grandpa...When will you be back? Ah, okay."

After hanging up the phone, Aunt Jiang leaned over and asked in a low voice, "I finally got through? Is Mr. Shao back?"

"It's almost here, it should be at the gate of the manor by now." Uncle Liu said.

"You really came back?" Aunt Jiang was a little surprised.

"What do you want?" Uncle Liu glanced at her, "Mr. Shao came back to get the documents."

It was this young lady who made it by coincidence.

In the past, Mr. Shao's grandfather sent a blind date to him. It happened that Mr. Shao was not there, and they prevented him from going out.

But I didn’t expect that the old man’s attitude was particularly strong today. I probably knew that Wen Tun Tun would never be able to break through the gate of this manor. Therefore, the people sent today were expressionless. Miss sent in.

And it was just such a coincidence that Mr. Shao just came back because of something else.

In that case, let Mr. Shao solve it by himself.

Uncle Liu and Aunt Jiang looked at each other and shrugged.

After Yu Lan put a rope on Little Martian, he walked to the lawn, and a figure turned out from the back of the villa. When the other party saw Yu Lan, his eyes lit up, he waved at him and trot with a cheerful smile. Come here: "Yulan!"

Very tall, handsome and sunny, he is Liu Yu, the son of the housekeeper Uncle Liu, who is only twenty years old and is in college.

It is said that some time ago, he had been doing summer work in the urban area. The part-time job ended before the genius, and he himself returned to the manor-Uncle Liu's family lived in the manor.

Yu Lan only had a face-to-face encounter with the other party, vaguely remembering that this was the alpha that Uncle Liu almost called back from the city when he was in estrus. Although it was a bit embarrassing, he could feel that he was a better person to get along with.

Liu Yu is the stepson of Uncle Liu, so it appears that Uncle Liu is a beta, and Liu Yu is an alpha, but the relationship between the two is very good.

Seeing the other party, Yu Lan said hello politely: "Hello."

Liu Yu was very happy to see Yu Lan.

After going out and staying for a while, I came back and found that there was an extra small o in the manor, and it was super beautiful. Just looking at it, Liu Yu felt his heart "bang" and his face couldn't help but feel hot.

On the first day of the meeting, he went back to the house and grabbed his father and asked him what the relationship was with Mr. Shao. After learning that it was not what he thought, Liu Yu clenched his fists excitedly.

A single little o!

Poke him in the heart as soon as we met!

It doesn't matter if he is two years older than him, it doesn't matter if it's the Silver Moon Clan, he doesn't care!

Standing in front of the other party at this moment, Liu Yu nervously sweated his palms, but still wanted to maintain his handsome image, grinned and said: "Walk the little Mars? Together!"

This enthusiasm was almost bashing, and Yulan nodded without fail: "Okay..."

Before leaving, he couldn't help but look back at the woman in the living room.

Liu Yu observed Yu Lan’s every move and noticed it. He thought he was curious, so he leaned into his ear and said, “That’s Mr. Shao’s blind date. Mr. Shao’s grandfather had sent him here several times before, and they were all blocked. Outside, today I finally managed to send people in."

Yulan lowered his head, pursed his lips, and said nothing.

Liu Yu said to himself: "But Mr. Shao deserves to be Mr. Shao. Everyone arranged for the blind date at home has a very strong background. Almost all of them are daughters of a large group. They are beautiful, elegant and intellectual, but Mr. Shao seems to have I don’t like it, and I don’t know who I will choose to be my wife in the future."

Liu Yu looked at the sky for a moment, and said with envy: "Anyway, it must be someone who is far from us."

Speaking of this, he thought of something and quickly said: "Ah, no, it's a far cry from me—"

Yu Lan turned to look at him, and said helplessly: "It's'we'."

He was just an ordinary person who couldn't be more ordinary, and he and Mr. Shao were completely two worlds.

Liu Yu was taken aback.

Although it was not so good, he felt a little grateful when he heard Yu Lan say this.

His father was not very clear about Yu Lan's situation, and only said that Yu Lan was a friend of Mr. Shao and lived here temporarily.

But his dad was vague about friends from nowhere and why they lived here.

Although Liu Yu fell in love with Yu Lan at first sight, but he was afraid that the other person was the same as Mr. Shao, then he was somewhat unworthy.

At this moment, he secretly jumped up and said excitedly: "In other words, how long will you stay here with Mr. Shao?"

Yu Lan shook his head, he didn't know, but--

"It shouldn't be long." Yu Lan hesitated, "I won't trouble Mr. Shao for too long."

"Is this..." Liu Yuqi Ai Ai said, "Then will you go home afterwards? Or go out to live by yourself? By the way, can we add some contact information? By the way, I heard that you are in class now? Will you be admitted to university in the future? What school do you want to take?"

Yulan: "..."

He speeded up silently.

There are so many questions, he doesn't know how to answer!


The car stopped on the lawn.

Shao Mingyu walked into the villa, and the woman sitting on the sofa immediately stood up and said with joy: "Mr. Shao!"

The man is handsome and golden, with outstanding temperament, he can almost be called the top alpha. God knows how many omegas and even betas secretly admire this man.

Just seeing the other person's figure makes the woman's heart beat so fast.

And Shao Mingyu nodded his head and took the lead in looking at the living room. Without seeing anyone, he asked Uncle Liu who came out, "Where is Yulan?"

The woman tightened her hands slightly, keeping a decent smile on her face.

Uncle Liu didn't expect that the man would ask Yulan the first sentence when he came back. When he interrupted his tongue, he hurriedly said: "Walking the dog."

Shao Mingyu glanced out of the window again, then nodded, his eyes lightly turned to the woman, walked over, and sat down on the sofa.

The woman blushed and sat down again.

Uncle Liu and Aunt Jiang continued to hide in the kitchen.

Two people, Yu Lan and Liu Yu, strolled around outside, during which Liu Yu was always talking, and Yu Lan occasionally responded.

He was also the first time he met someone who talked so much...

When he walked to the edge of the vine stand, Liu Yu ran over, plucked a bunch of them, and rushed back and handed them: "Eat it? Mr. Shao planted it, everyone can eat it!"

Yu Lan was in a daze, remembering the scene where he was eating grapes with a man the next day when he arrived at the manor. He pursed his lips and reached out to pick one off.

It is still sweet and sour, but the taste today seems more astringent.

Liu Yu blushed and said, "Your pheromone tastes like grapes too..."

"Speaking of which, my pheromone tastes fruity, would you like to smell it?" Liu Yu took a step closer.

Yu Lan froze for a moment.

Most people usually converge the pheromone to the extreme, leaving only a part of the weak pheromone, which inevitably surrounds the whole body.

But generally speaking, if you want to tell what kind of taste it is, you can only get close.

When approaching before, Liu Yu smelled Yu Lan's pheromone taste, but Yu Lan didn't notice Liu Yu at all.

After hearing this, he hesitated, leaned over to smell it, and hesitated: "Is it the lemon flavor?"

"Yes!" Liu Yu said with a blushing smile, "Are we very destined?"

Yulan tilted his head and looked at each other.

I have to say that without Mr. Shao, Yu Lan would actually not let go of his vigilance about the outside world so quickly.

His past life allowed him to build an outer wall for himself to protect himself, but the appearance of Mr. Shao instantly shattered this wall, so Yu Lan did not struggle too much and saw the beautiful side of the world.

He does not get too close to alphas other than Mr. Shao, but he does not exclude learning to accept the kindness of others.

This is a process, and because of Mr. Shao, Yu Lan was able to change herself at such a rapid pace.

Liu Yu is a good person.

His breath is very clean and Yulan is not annoying.

If Liu Yu is willing, maybe--

There was a hesitation in Yulan's heart.

The two of them walked, and soon returned to the lawn.

On the lawn, the man stood there, watching the woman board the aircraft.

"Huh, it's all right so soon?" Liu Yu said in surprise, "We only went shopping for more than 20 minutes, right?"

Little Mars saw his master and screamed "Wow" with his tail excitedly, and the man looked here.

The man's black eyes were deep and deep, meeting these eyes, Yulan's hand holding the traction rope tightened slightly.

In the next second, the man's calm gaze shifted to Liu Yu.

The woman who stepped on the aircraft turned around, smiling barely trying to say goodbye to the man, but found that the other person was staring at the other side motionless.

She bit her lip and looked over.

After hurriedly chatting for a while, he was sent off. No matter how stupid people were, he could see that men had no interest in that aspect at all, and even bothered to perfunctory.

And more often, men’s attention seems to be on another person's body——

——Really just "friend's brother"?

Liu Yu saw the man pay attention, and the woman on the aircraft obviously wanted to talk to the latter, and she stuck her tongue out and said, "Hurry up and go, don't disturb."

He pushed Yulan.

Yu Lan also recovered, feeling sour and swelling, turned his head quickly, and followed Liu Yu hurriedly to the villa without a word.

On the lawn, the man looked at their backs and squinted slightly.