Yu Lan was hugged, her head no longer hurts, and she quickly took medicine after entering the house.

I have been intimate with the person I like, and my heart is naturally happy. Anyway, Yu Lan is too lazy to resist her feelings, and doesn't think about what the future will be like.

Shao Mingyu noticed Yu Lan's brisk footsteps and laughed, but...

Uncle Liu and Aunt Jiang are now out to clean up the mess.

Uncle Liu naturally saw the embracing side of the two of them just now. As someone who knew the inside story, he knew that Yu Lan was mostly suffering from a headache.However, he has not missed the subtle atmosphere between the two recently.

Especially since the blind date from the Luo family came, this atmosphere suddenly became a little bit more obvious.

Uncle Liu thought it over and said, "Alan is always more lively when you are with you."

The expression will be more agile and the eyes will be brighter.

That is the obvious difference.

Shao Mingyu looked at the back of the young man going upstairs, pondering.

Yulan looked like this the next morning after the temporary marking.

It was only at that time that he said that this was the effect of temporary markings, not true. When the time came, the feeling would disappear.

But later, Yu Lan answered him, and he made a clear distinction.

Shao Mingyu sighed.

By now, he couldn't tell the difference.


Yulan went upstairs and lay down on the bed after washing up.

Mr. Shao’s pheromone gradually faded, and Yu Lan finally had the mind to think about other things.

He picked up the phone and looked at it. It was not too late at ten, so he got out of bed again and turned on the computer.

The computer and mobile phone were not long after he came to the manor, Mr. Shao equipped him with the equipment, but it took Yulan some time to learn how to use it.

The screen of the mobile phone is too small and typing is inconvenient. Yu Lan still doesn't like it very much. So now he uses the computer to go online and check the Yinyue clan.

As a silver moon, it was the first time that he had so solemnly learned about things related to his family.

As the page of the search engine jumped out, Yu Blu-ray glanced at the entry list and froze there.

Yinyue, fornication, mistress, red light district...

Yu Lan doesn't all understand what these words mean.

But he could feel that these were not well-meaning words.

After a while, he took a deep breath, moved his index finger, and clicked the entry.

For an entire hour, Yulan's heart gradually sank, sank into the ice water, and his expression gradually stagnated.

The Silver Moon tribe was rescued from the interstellar war by the army 30 years ago and brought back to the Federation.This is a new race, just like every new race that intends to integrate into federal society in the past, it faces many problems.

Language, culture, technology, etc., they need a long process of adaptation, which may be one year or two years, or five years and ten years.With success, they will have a more exciting and convenient life than before, and face a future full of possibilities.

And integration fails--

No one can predict what will happen to this entire race after integration fails.

Because they will encounter different situations.

As for the Yinyue Clan, everything seemed to have stepped from one quagmire to another.

They are reduced to playthings.

It may not be accurate to say that, but now, 80% of the figures in the red light district are Silver Moons.

They are all omegas and have excellent looks. They chose to use their bodies when they were unable to integrate into the federal society and survive on their own.

The lowest-level red light districts, the more advanced ones are the mistresses of others, and the others are mixed into the entertainment circle, clinging to the powerful.But for the last one, the outside world is still mocking—after all, they are all things that can't be on the table. No matter how they climb up, the Silver Moon tribe can only wander around the real upper-class society and become others' after-dinner talks.

It is not that the Silvermoon tribe is trying to survive by their own hard work, but the same tribe degenerates faster than they think. When they stand nervously in the crowd, trying to introduce themselves to the outside world and show their abilities, The outside world looked at them with scorn.

——They have been labeled.

Many people almost equate the three words "Silver Moon Clan" with "dirty".

Most of the Yinyue people who honestly want to live their lives can only struggle at the bottom of society. Even if they have the ability, they will not be able to get to the top because of their labels.

Not reconciled, disappointed.

Desolate and degenerate.

The anger towards the same clan, but also the cold eye toward the same clan.

Shame, struggle, ridicule, tears.

These are all mixed together and become inexhaustible.

Yu Lan posted a post for a while, and finally clicked on an information draft with a mouse click.

His pupils shrank sharply.

The chaos in the red light district is written in it.

Through the abuse of inhibitors to speed up the estrus period, the means of attracting customers have been used in the red light district for a long time. However, after so many years, some people in the red light district have stopped this practice in order to protect their bodies. The Silver Moon Clan is still continuing.

Looking at the photos on the webpage, the flushing, eager, and excited faces of several Yinyue people who were in estrus, suddenly flashed some pictures in their blue minds.

In the dark light, outside the cage, the human trafficker couple's fat beta son squatted on the ground, staring at them with small eyes.After watching for a while, he wiped off the saliva and threw the inhibitor to them.

The inhibitor's needle was covered with sweat from the palm of his hand.

Yu Lan suddenly closed the computer, and his stomach was upset.

The kind of thing he was done by human traffickers... actually so many Silver Moon tribes took the initiative to do it?

Yulan pushed the computer aside, propped her hands on the bed, closed her eyes and breathed deeply, exhaling, her teeth clenched tightly, and still vaguely remembered some netizens' comments on the webpage just now.

"Damn, I didn't feel nauseous in watching the film, and looking at these photos was nauseous."

"Physiological discomfort!"

"Silver Moon Clan, love yourself!"

"You can't say that. There are also the Silver Moon Clan who work hard, but they don't have a single mouse poop in their race, but a lot of them."

"The Yinyue clan in estrus is really disgusting, a bit nauseous."

"The nature of the Yinyue clan is fornication."


Yulan covered her mouth, sweat dripping from her forehead.

He suddenly remembered that the owner of the cake shop was looking at him, and the clerk snickered when they learned that he was a Silvermoon.

He remembered what Jian Ling said before boarding the aircraft, the look in his eyes.

Yu Lan never thought that the truth of the Yinyue clan would be like this.

As if being hit by a huge wave head-on, the turquoise world was a bit overturned, and his ears were full of "swooshing" noises, which disturbed his mind.

After a while, he tried to suppress the uncomfortable feeling in his body, but at this time, his eyes became a little blank.

Yu Lan didn't know how to react.

He didn't know what he should think or do.

He knew that those Silver Moons had nothing to do with him, but everything that should have nothing to do with him had already penetrated into his life bit by bit.

In the end, there was nothing in the brain.

In the middle of the night, the pheromone that had been resting for a while began to mess up again.

Yu Lan opened her eyes, and there was a trace of fatigue in her clear eyes.

After spending a while in bed, he got out of bed slightly weakly, and opened the door by holding on to the wall.

At the end of the corridor is Mr. Shao's room.

It hasn't been a month since the last injection of the inhibitor, so he should have asked Mr. Shao to help make a temporary mark, but Yu Lan looked at the door of that room for a while, and all that flashed in his mind were the pictures on the webpage.

He didn't know what kind of expression he was now, whether it would be as distorted as the silver moon clan in the picture, but just imagined it, and another nausea came up.

Inwardly resisting.

After a while, he turned around and slowly walked downstairs, holding the wall.

In the middle of the night, there was no one else in the villa, and the pheromone was floating and scattered out of the window.

Panting and sweating, Yu Lan walked into the living room, digging out the medicine cabinet in the corner, tremblingly, found an inhibitor from it, gritted his teeth, and punched in.

The fluid flows into the blood vessels, and the agitation in the body subsides within two or three seconds.

But Yu Lan looked at the injection, and after a while, he clenched it tightly and threw it to the ground.

After the throw, he curled up, hugged his knees, and buried his head.

What should I do.

What to do with this damn estrus period.


The next day, Yu Lan went downstairs. Shao Mingyu frowned when he saw him at the dining table. He put down the newspaper and asked, "Why didn't you sleep last night?"

Yu Lan was startled, the man leaned back on the chair, looked at him and said, "His face is very bad."

Yu Lan pursed her lips, touched the back of her neck, and whispered: "Well, it's a bit late to read."

If Mr. Shao knew that he secretly used inhibitors without following the doctor's advice, Mr. Shao would definitely be angry.

Yu Lan brought the used injections back to the room last night, planning to throw them away when she left the house today.

As for the medical box, Aunt Jiang and the others don't usually open it, so no one should find that one is missing for the time being.

It's just how long can I keep it...After all, the inhibitors in the manor are specially prepared by doctors for Yulan. Unlike the general ones, Yulan can't even buy one secretly and add it back.

Thinking of this, Yu Lan was a little anxious, and scratched the back of his neck again.

I don't know why, I got a little itchy in the back of my neck when I got up early in the morning.