Uncle Liu received a call from Shao Mingyu. The other party was explaining something. As soon as he responded, he saw Yu Lan walking in.

Seeing that Uncle Liu was on the phone, Yu Lan wanted to wait a while, but he didn't expect that after waiting for a while, Aunt Jiang came over again, and stopped talking.

Uncle Liu looked at the two of them suspiciously, and asked distractedly: "What's the matter with you?"

Aunt Jiang said in embarrassment: "I have something to tell Alan."

Yu Lan pointed at herself, puzzled.

Aunt Jiang asked: "Alan...Have you used inhibitors?"

Yulan froze.

On the other end of Uncle Liu's phone, the man immediately stopped talking, leaving only the sound of breathing.

Uncle Liu followed in a daze.

Yulan bowed his head, and became nervous.

He thought that the use of inhibitors would be discovered, but because there was no movement for several days, he almost forgot about it. He didn't expect to be mentioned at this time.

He pursed his lips, nodded, and admitted his mistake: "...I'm sorry."

"No need." Aunt Jiang just said softly, "When did you use it?"

Yulan whispered: "...a week ago."

Uncle Liu noticed that the man on the other end of the phone was silent, and felt that this was going to happen, so he quickly asked: "Why? Didn't the doctor say that you can use it once a month? You came in estrus a week ago? Could it be that time? outside?"

Outside, there is no Mr. Shao, but the problem of estrus must be solved immediately, so I have to use inhibitors. This is not incomprehensible.

However, Aunt Jiang cast a look at Uncle Liu.

She found one missing inhibitor in the medical kit.

Just in case, they do let Yulan carry an inhibitor with them every day, but if Yulan is out in love, and one inhibitor is used, it will not be the batch in the medical box. Up.

And Yu Lan also kept silent and gave them the answer.

The living room was quiet for a while.

In the past month, today is the first time Shao Mingyu has not returned home, and he usually comes back early on weekdays.

Yu Lan was in estrus at home, but instead of turning to Mr. Shao for help, she chose to secretly use inhibitors.

And obviously, in order not to let them find out, the processing was silent.

What could be this?

Don't want Mr. Shao to mark him temporarily?

I always thought that the relationship between Yu Lan and Mr. Shao should be very good, but now this thing comes out...

Uncle Liu had a headache. He didn't understand why Yu Lan suddenly thought of this. Just about to speak, he saw Yu Lan flushed and said in a low voice, "I, my friend, have something to do. I need to go over immediately. When I come back...is it okay to talk about this?"

Uncle Liu choked a little, and sighed: "Go...oh wait, what's the matter, can you go alone?"

Yu Lan nodded and ran away, as if he had escaped.

This kid.

Uncle Liu paused, and cautiously said to the person on the other end of the phone: "Mr. Shao, have you heard everything?"

The man was silent for a moment, and said: "The things are what I told you just now. I still have things on my side. Hang up first."

Uncle Liu: "Oh, good."

Aunt Jiang was taken aback. When Uncle Liu hung up, she asked, "Are you calling Mr. Shao? Did he hear it all?"

Uncle Liu nodded, helpless, but not.

Yu Lan's heart was confused.

He scratched the itchy gland, called the driver, and sent Yu Yi's location to him.

He didn't know where it was, but he didn't care anymore. He was thinking about inhibitors.

Uncle Liu and Aunt Jiang know, Mr. Shao will know soon.

Yu Lan didn't know how Mr. Shao would react.

He knew how much that man cared about himself, just like Aunt Liu Shujiang, he shouldn't use inhibitors indiscriminately according to the doctor's advice, but he was still a little bit reluctant to think about the estrus period.

When Mr. Shao asked him, how should he answer?

He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and told himself to calm down.

Don't think about it, first think about how to solve Yu Yi's matter.

Neighboring star, the top floor of a hotel.

A man in a suit and leather shoes stood in front of the French window. After a while, a man with similar eyebrows but an older man came over and frowned, "What are you in a daze here?"

Shao Mingyu looked at the night scene outside the window with a calm expression.

The visitor was Shao Mingyu’s father, Shao Jing. He looked back at the venue and said, "Go, and meet a few people who are interested in energy projects. You also want to focus on this one next."

Shao Mingyu turned around and said, "I'm leaving now."

Shao Jing was caught off guard: "What? I left so early? What are you doing?"

Shao Mingyu put down his wine glass and said lightly: "There is something at home."

"What can you do at home? Don't you have a housekeeper?" Shao Jing was a little dissatisfied, "I'll talk about it after seeing the few people!"

Shao Mingyu glanced over there and said, "I have already made an appointment with them for a detailed discussion next week."

"You--" Shao Jing didn't expect that he would handle everything, his expression stiff.

In fact, the reason why he wanted to keep his young age and left his eldest son because of their divorce was because he needed help from each other more.

It's shameful to say, but Shao Mingyu had great achievements at a young age, and it is a fact that even the wealthy Shao family was covered by his light.

Shao Jing felt embarrassed, but he also felt very proud.

However, the relationship between father and son has long since faded, so they can't even keep a person.

"You should give me face." Shao Jing lowered his voice, "Wait and then leave."

"Dad." Shao Mingyu turned his head, looked directly at Shao Jing, and slowly said, "It's a very important thing."

Shao Jing couldn't figure it out. What important thing did Shao Mingyu have to leave in the middle of such an important reception?!

After a while, Shao Mingyu got on the aircraft.

The driver asked in the front seat: "Mr. Shao, are you going back to the manor?"

Shao Mingyu was silent for a moment and sent a message out.

Two hours had passed since Yu Lan arrived at Yu Yifa's location.

During this period, he couldn't get through Yu Yi's phone, and he didn't know what was going on.

"Mr. Yu, this seems to be a clubhouse." The driver reminded hesitantly.

It's magnificent, but I haven't heard of it. It may be newly opened.

Yu Lan didn't know where the "clubhouse" was, just a glance at it she felt quite drunk.

After thinking about it, he said to the driver: "I'm going to bring a friend out later, can you go in with me?"

The driver is an alpha, and he also doubles as a bodyguard. Yu Lan feels that it is a bit safer to let the driver follow him just in case.

The driver naturally nodded, causing Mr. Yu to have an accident, and Mr. Shao was even more terrible.

The two entered, and someone immediately came forward with a smile to greet him. The strange thing is that Yu Lan Mingming didn't say who to look for, so the other party just said: "Please follow me."

Yu Lan and the driver looked at each other.

The driver was a little entangled. He always felt as if he should stop the young man from continuing in, because he felt something was wrong, but the young man had already followed.

He thought about it and sent a message.

Just now, he had posted the location according to Mr. Shao's request.After sending the message at this moment, the driver put his phone in his trouser pocket and followed in stride.

Yu Lan followed the people to a box on the second floor. As soon as the door opened, the noisy sound accompanied by the smell of smoke, alpha pheromone, and omega pheromone.

Yulan frowned and took a step back.

And there was a male voice lazily saying, "Ah, it's finally here."