A black car was parked at the entrance of the clubhouse, and several bodyguards stood there, staring straight.

The people in the club didn't dare to move, after all, there was noise coming from deep in the corridor.

Inside the car.

When the door was closed, everything fell into darkness.

Yu Lan reluctantly supported herself with both hands, feeling that the man wanted to turn around when he sat down behind him.

If it were usual, he would never make such a move.

Even if it's just an ordinary estrus period, he can try to restrain himself.

But at this moment, his body seemed to be completely taken over by instinct, he just wanted to get close to the person he wanted to get close to.

His inner desire is driving him crazy.

"Mr. Shao..."

As soon as Yu Lan panted, she heard the man behind her faintly saying: "Who do you want to make a temporary mark for you?"

Yu Lan was stunned.

After reacting, he froze.

Mr. Shao asked who he wanted to make temporary markings, which meant that Mr. Shao was not willing to...

The man sat there, even his breath was weak.

Yulan was speechless for a while as if being splashed on his head by a basin of cold water.

He was still facing the man, unable to see the other's expression, but his hands and feet seemed to be filled with lead, unable to move.

"I said, if one day you hate me and don't want me to approach, just tell me." The man said slowly, "Why don't you follow the doctor's advice and abuse inhibitors?"

The turquoise brain was blank.

Mr. Shao already knows.

His eyes and nose became sore, and he said dumbly: "No, it's not because I hate you..."

His body was still uncomfortable. He stretched out his hand to scratch the most uncomfortable part of the back of his neck, but his wrist was clasped.

Yulan was trembling all over, he was going crazy.

"Mr. Shao." Yu Lan dropped his head and choked up, "It's not because I hate you, I'm sorry..."

I just don't want to face the truth of the Yinyue Clan, and I don't want to face the self who was adjusted to the estrus period and was almost sold as a plaything.

He is afraid that after being manipulated by instinct, he is also distorted.

He dared not take this side again and face Mr. Shao.

But after playing the inhibitor, Yu Lan did not regret it, because he was also afraid of the consequences of abuse of the inhibitor. In the end, this problem is unsolvable.

And now he also found that when he was really so close to the man, he couldn't control himself to approach the man, and he had no spare energy to think more.

Shao Mingyu looked at the young man with his back to him, his eyes gloomy.

The moment he heard the conversation on the other end of the phone, he couldn't tell what he was thinking.

He wanted to see the young man immediately, so he asked the driver to locate their destination.As a result, I suddenly received additional information from the driver on the way, and sent someone to check it, only to find that their destination was the new entertainment club opened by Shao Yuan's friend.

Shao Mingyu immediately sent bodyguards over, and he himself arrived here at the same time as the bodyguards with the fastest speed.

What would happen a little later, he couldn't imagine.

I was fortunate at this moment, but after the fortunate, the problem in my heart did not disappear.

Shao Mingyu doesn't like to force others.

It is true that he dispelled Yu Lan's idea of ​​looking for other alphas to temporarily mark him on the balcony that day, but that was because he saw that this young man was actually unwilling to turn to other people.

However, if he reads it wrong, if it is necessary to make this young man use inhibitors secretly——

That is not necessary.

And now, he can't even tell whether the "not disgusting" in this youth's mouth is true or just a reluctant argument.

"If it's not because you hate me, why do you use that inhibitor when you are in heat?" He asked in a low voice.

Yu Lan closed his eyes, and his Adam's apple rolled.

He knew that he had done something wrong, but he had unspeakable grievances in his heart.

At this moment, the man was so cold and his body's desires could not be satisfied. For the first time in his life, he was completely shocked by grievances and panic, and tears burst out wildly.

When he heard the choking sound, Shao Ming became stagnant, his face changed slightly.

Then he heard the young man's intermittent answer because of choking: "Because I feel that after the estrus... it's too disgusting..."

"What?" Shao Mingyu was slightly startled.

"I, I think...the self in estrus...too ugly..." Yu Lan slowly lowered her head, and all her tears fell on the seat, "Mr. Shao, I dare not let you see... After me..."

Shao Mingyu was a little surprised.

Along the way, he thought about the reasons Yu Lan would give many times.

hate him?

Maybe he doesn't hate him, but he already has his own genus.

The only reason he never thought would be such a reason, he didn't even know where Yu Lan's thought came from.

Yulan's head was "buzzing", and he subconsciously said: "Don't...don't look for other alphas. If you don't want to, I, I will still use inhibitors..."

He doesn't want other alphas.

In the end, he couldn't accept the approach of other alphas at all.

If Mr. Shao is unwilling, then simply use inhibitors, no matter what the estrus period will be like, anyway at this moment, he does not accept other alphas to temporarily mark himself!

The next second, he was pulled over.

Yu Lan didn't know what she looked like when she cried, and kept her head buried.

However, the moment he posted it on the man, he couldn't restrain himself from taking the breath of the other party, and couldn't help but want more.

But the man lifted his face, wiped away his tears, and frowned at him and asked, "Why do you have such thoughts? Why do you feel sick?"

Yulan's tears were still streaming out, and he choked his head and said: "I went to check the information of the Silver Moon Clan and saw many things, including those in the Red Light District—"

Yulan confessed intermittently, and Shao Mingyu's heart sank when he heard the words.

He always thought that Yu Lan knew those things, but now he wants to come, yes, how could this person know those things, his memory is already--

He was negligent.

Yu Lan's tears couldn't stop, he collapsed and said: "Mr. Shao, if you don't want to mark me, just give me an inhibitor."

He can't stand it anymore.

"Sorry, sorry." Shao Mingyu said dumbly, "I misunderstood you, Alan."

He thought that Yu Lan didn't want him to approach, so even if it would disturb the estrus period, he would refuse his help.

However, this is not the case.

Will go to check the Yinyue Clan's information, it must have received information from the outside world.

The outside world has always been full of malice towards the Silver Moon Clan.

So this child just didn't know when he received malice and faced the truth that he couldn't face at this time.

"Sorry, Little Grape." Shao Mingyu took the person into his arms.

The familiar woody fragrance rushed out, and the turquoise blue was soft.

However, hearing the man say so, the feeling of grievance seemed to have erupted completely.

Yu Lan was crying so hard that she could hardly catch her breath.

Shao Mingyu was a little overwhelmed and annoyed.

He knew for the first time that when he faced the person he liked, he couldn't even think rationally.

The person in his arms cried to his heart.

Yu Lan was also a little bit irrational now, and dared to say what he didn't dare to say, sobbing and accusing, "Mr. Shao, you were so fierce just now..."

Fierce and cold.

Although Mr. Shao had looked angry before, he had never treated him like this.

Shao Mingyu stiffened for a while.

"Sorry." He was quite embarrassed, and kept stroking his turquoise head, and said dumbly, "Don't cry baby."

Yu Lan burped fiercely and was stunned.

Immediately, there was silence in the car.

Shao Mingyu closed his eyes.

When he opened his eyes again, he whispered: "I don't know how you think of those Silver Moon tribes, but no matter what, you are you, and no one else has any connection with you. Little Grape, in my eyes, no matter when You are all beautiful."

Yu Lan's eyes widened.

Shao Mingyu pressed the young man's head against his shoulder, then turned his head, kissed the young man's side neck, and asked softly, "I will make a temporary mark for you, okay?"

Yulan shuddered.

After a few seconds, he nodded with tears.

The man turned him around gently, still holding him in his arms.

Yu Lan wiped tears with the back of her hand.

The back of the neck was covered with warmth.

Then there was a slight tingling pain.

And the overwhelming, man-like breath.