Yulan blushed, and whispered while pinching his tie: "Mr. Shao, I won't."

"I can't learn." The man said with a low smile.

The two looked at each other at close range for two seconds.

Yu Lan calmed down, his heart beating "bang", raised his hand, and put his tie around the man's neck.

The man lowered his head cooperatively.

When it was time to start to tie the bow tie, Yu Lan stopped and looked at the man carefully, waiting for the other's explanation.

Shao Mingyu glanced at him with a smile and covered his hands.

Yulan: "!"

He trembled, his eyes widened, and he was taken aback!

He wanted to shrink his hand subconsciously, but the man used force unconsciously or intentionally and didn't let him withdraw.

"Shao, Mr. Shao..." The blue crimson spread to the tips of his ears, and his breathing was short.

The man's tone slowly: "Alan, remember the steps."

Yu Lan didn't expect to ask why he needed to remember the steps. When both hands were held by the man, his heart seemed to be gently held in the hand by the man, and it was tightened.

Mr. Shao's palm is a lap bigger than him, just as a man's body is much taller than him.

Those hands have Turquoise’s favorite temperature and Turquoise’s favorite touch.

The man held Yulan's hands in this way, and quickly tied his tie.

In the silent silence, Yulan swallowed and stared at the man's collarbone, his eyes straight.

His brain was blank, and the surrounding air seemed to have turned into warm water.

The hands held by Mr. Shao seemed to be directly melted away!

After tying an uncomplicated bow tie, the dark gray tie was meticulously hung around the man's neck, and Yu Lan was dizzy!

Take a closer look...it looks good, but Mr. Shao looks good in whatever way he looks!

He raised his lips.

"Remember the steps just now?" Shao Mingyu seemed to smile.

Yu Lan was an excited spirit, and stammered: "Remember, remember?"

Shao Mingyu put his hands on the sofa again and jokingly said: "Then I will check the results?"

——No, Yu Lan didn't remember it!

Mr. Shao held his hands, how could he still have the energy to pay attention to other things!

So Yu Lan messed up, quite embarrassing.

Shao Mingyu smiled, picked up the young man's hands again, and said solemnly: "If you can't learn, then continue to learn."

Mosquito-repellent coils turned in the blue eyes: "Mr. Shao!"

Shao Mingyu raised his eyebrows: "Since I picked a tie for me, I have to take the responsibility of helping me tie it in the future."

Yu Lan: "!!!"

So will he help Mr. Shao to tie his tie every day?!

Yu Lan's guess is not wrong.

When he arrived at the dining table the next morning, the man who had finished breakfast put down the newspaper in his hand and raised his eyes, with a smile in his eyes, as if he was waiting for him.

On the side of the table was the dark gray tie.

Aunt Jiang came out of the kitchen and was about to ask Yu Lan if she wanted to eat an omelet, when she saw the young man standing in front of the man with a blushing face, earnestly tying his tie.

The man looked up at him.

From Aunt Jiang's perspective, she couldn't see the look in the man's eyes, but how could she not feel the quiet sweetness.

She was taken aback, just as Uncle Liu came over, she dragged people over and whispered: "How come Mr. Shao and Alan--"

Uncle Liu raised his index finger to compare, and motioned to her not to disturb the two.

So slow, hey!


This gift made Yulan almost violent, but when he was relieved, he began to secretly wonder what else to buy for Mr. Shao when he was paid next month.

When I realized what I was expecting, Yu Lan covered his face with shame!

The next week or so was still calm, but when Yu Lan occasionally moved to the shopping mall where he originally planned to pick up a tie for Mr. Shao, he unexpectedly found that the uncle named Fang Pingping was still wandering there, sneaky, sighing, and also I don't know if I am looking for new prey or Yulan.

Yu Lan was shocked and walked away on the spot at the speed of light on his bicycle.

In the milk tea shop, the manager successfully found his partner in the day shift.

This time it is an alpha. It is said that it is a college student from a nearby university. He is 20 years old and is called Wang Jialin.

Wang Jialin was quite reliable and learned very fast. Within two days, he learned everything he had to learn. Wen Zicheng was very pleased. A week later, he assured that Wang Jialin and Yu Lan took the evening shift together—in fact, he too I haven't had a good rest in the evening for almost half a year.

Fortunately, Wang Jialin gets along very well, even Yu Lan, who is not very good at communicating with people, can talk to him.

This day coincided with a certain festival, Wen Zicheng sympathized with them and asked them to close the door and go home at around seven.

When approaching this point in time, Wang Jialin went into the small room and changed his clothes, and then went in with Yulan.

When Yu Lan just took off his shirt and walked to the hanger to take off his short sleeves, he saw a magazine on a chair beside him.

It should be a little gossip magazine in the entertainment industry. The cover layout is messy, full of photos of people.

The key figure on the cover is naturally the man wearing black sunglasses in the middle.

Thin, slender, with black hair that crosses the shoulders, neatly tied behind his head with a hair band, full of unique and indistinguishable beauty.

And a small photo in the upper left corner...

Yu Lan was stunned.

It's Mr. Shao.

I don’t know where the photo was taken. The man stood by the car, dressed in a long black trench coat, elegantly abstinent and indifferent.

The exaggerated characters are printed between the two.

"Wen Qiong's wealthy relationship is exposed!"

Following a dense row of small prints, to the effect that the two had a secret meeting at a high-end club late at night two days ago. After they came out, they pretended not to know each other, and each took a car home.

... Mr. Shao and this person named Wen Qiong?

Two days ago, Mr. Shao did not go back to the manor for dinner, but he remembered that Mr. Shao said that there was a work issue that needed to be dealt with.

Yu Lan was a little stiff for a while, and was about to reach out to flip through the magazine, when she heard Wang Jialin knock on the door outside, and said: "Sorry Yu Lan, my phone fell inside, can you come in and grab it?"

Yu Lan stopped, retracted his hand, quickly changed his clothes, and opened the door.

Wang Jialin smiled apologetically, grabbed his hair and walked in. After finding the phone, he picked up the magazine and said, "I have already collected the previous items. I can leave work if I have nothing else to do. "

While trying to put the magazine in his backpack.

Yu Lan moved her lips and said, "Magazine..."

After a pause, Wang Jialin tilted his head in doubt: "Magazine?"

He glanced at the magazine in his hand and smiled awkwardly: "Ah...haha, I usually buy this kind of magazine occasionally, and it's more decompressed."

Yu Lan asked: "...who is that on the cover?"

Wang Jialin was a little surprised: "Wen Qiong, don't you know?"

Yu Lan shook his head.

He only knows who the starring actors are in his two favorite costume dramas, what are the names of his two favorite singers, and has no idea about other things in the entertainment industry.

He had seen Wen Qiong's name in the small print on the cover, but he didn't know who Wen Qiong was.

"Super famous! Isn't he the starring role in the movie "XXX" that was released recently?" Talking about Wen Qiong, Wang Jialin was very excited, "By the way, he is also from the Silver Moon clan, but after he debuted I used a stage name, so I am not surnamed Yu!"

Yu Lan was surprised when he heard the words, and looked at the man on the cover again.

"Hey, this magazine actually fought the gossip between him and the CEO of Xingyu Group Shao Mingyu. A few years ago, there was a gossip magazine about both of them, but then they all disappeared." Wang Jialin commented incidentally.

Yu Lan was silent for a moment, and said, "He and Shao Xian...what is the matter with that gentleman...?"

Wang Jialin said casually: "It has been said that the two of them have a very close relationship, but the two people in the same frame are also some specious photos before. Like this issue of magazine, any late-night secret meeting, it only has words to talk about, not at all. The stone hammer that captured the secret meeting of the two was just framed outside the clubhouse!"

"But who knows, maybe it's a secret meeting. Anyway, the relationship between the two is mysterious. Maybe someday they will directly announce the marriage. If it can be done, Wen Qiong will become the first to marry that level. Silvermoon among the rich, right?"

When Yu Lan listened to Wang Jialin's rumors, he realized for the first time that Mr. Shao's world was bigger than he had previously imagined.

The store manager had seen Mr. Shao with his own eyes, but did not recognize him. Maybe he didn’t know him at all. Yu Lan thought that Mr. Shao was so good, it was the man who lived with him in the small world of the manor. .But in fact, from Wang Jialin's mouth, Yu Lan learned of a more prestigious Mr. Shao.

Yu Lan didn't know how many people the man knew and how many people he knew.

And how does Wen Qiong exist?

If it was before, when Yu Lan still didn't have the slightest hope for his admiration, even if he saw such a gossip, he might not care so much.

If you don't look forward to it, you won't be nervous, or disappointed.

He will silently suppress all acidity, as if he has never seen anything.

But at this moment, every word Wang Jialin said penetrated Yu Lan's heart like an ant.

It's not that the magazine alone doubted what happened to Mr. Shao and Wen Qiong.

Just feel awkward, unhappy, sour.

Does Mr. Shao really have a good relationship with this actor named Wen Qiong?

Both of them...

As if he noticed that Yu Lan's expression was wrong, Wang Jialin stopped talking and said concerned: "What's the matter? Are you feeling well?"

Yu Lan shook his head, took a deep breath, and said, "When the time is up, let's go."

"Oh...Um!" After Yu Lan walked out and closed the milk tea shop, Wang Jialin said, "By the way, Yu Lan!"

Yu Lan absently answered, Wang Jialin ran up to him and asked expectantly: "Are you...what's going on tonight?"

Yu Lan puzzled, Wang Jialin blushed and said, "If it's okay, how about I treat you to dinner?"

Yu Lan froze for a moment.

Wang Jialin said eagerly: "There is a new barbecue restaurant nearby. I heard it's pretty good. I want to try it, but it's weird to eat it alone. Do you want to be together?"

It was getting dark, and a black car just stopped on the street outside.

"Mr. Shao, Mr. Yu is out!" Lin Yu in the driver's seat quickly reminded him when he saw someone.

Shao Mingyu had naturally seen it.

The windows of the car are black, so you can't look inside, but the people inside can clearly see everything outside.

Shao Mingyu squinted slightly when he saw the boy who was covering the half of Yulan.

Yu Lan was about to speak, his eyes passed through Wang Jialin, and landed on a familiar vehicle on the back street.

Yesterday, when he learned that he could leave work early today, Mr. Shao said that he would come to pick him up from get off work today and take him to eat out.

Yu Lan looked at the boy again.

He is no longer so ignorant and ignorant.

The boys' gestures almost made no secret.

He whispered: "Sorry, I have an appointment tonight."

Wang Jialin was stuck.

Yu Lan hurriedly said: "You...you can find someone else to eat with you. Well, the person who picked me up has already come, I'm leaving now."

After speaking, he wanted to walk outside Wang Jialin.

Wang Jialin grabbed his hand, and looked around outside anxiously and nervously. No one was seen except a luxury car, and he asked: "You, Alan, are you in love?"

Yu Lan was at a loss, and at this moment, outside, the man got out of the car.

Yu Lan quickly said: "Not yet, but I already have someone I like, sorry!"

Rejected before he confessed, Wang Jialin froze into a stone sculpture.

Yu Lan didn't know what to do with this situation, and drew out his hand and hurriedly said goodbye, ran out like an escape.

Shao Mingyu glanced at the boy standing in front of the milk tea shop, his gaze fell on Yulan who was running towards him again, and without a trace, he circled around his left wrist that was dragged by the boy, and said: "That is your shop. The newcomer here?"

"Um...Mr. Shao, go in quickly." Yu Lan pushed gently and urged.

Shao Mingyu glanced at Wang Jialin indifferently, reached out and clasped Yulan's left wrist, and led the person into the back seat of the car.

After closing the car door, Yu Lan looked out and saw Wang Jialin seemed to react and ran over two steps, seeming to want to see what the person in the car looks like.

Shao Mingyu said lightly: "Drive."

"Yes." Lin Yu whispered, and immediately started the car.


The vehicle is moving in traffic.

After the two of them did not speak, Lin Yu felt that the atmosphere was quite subtle, and he dared not express it.

Once sitting next to the man, Wang Jialin's affairs were quickly put aside by Yu Lan.

He remembered the actor named Wen Qiong again.

And beside him, the man's peripheral light fell silently on him.

Just as the vehicle stopped at a red light, a holographic advertising screen suddenly jumped out in the air ahead.

On the advertising screen, a man with long hair bit the chocolate in his hand, glanced at the camera, his eyes flowed, full of ambiguity and sexy.

I knew this person on the first day and saw him on the holographic advertising screen on the street for the first time.

Yu Lan stared at the advertising screen for a moment, and clenched his hands.

Pursing his lips, he couldn't help but speak.

"Mr. Shao, do you know Wen Qiong?"

"Did you get along well with that new guy?"

The two spoke at the same time, and both paused.

Then they looked at each other, and they seemed to feel something faintly.