After entering Lu Zhengzheng's house, Yu Lan was a little surprised.

The whole room is open, except for a small cubicle that looks like a bathroom on the left corner of the front, and the rest is used as a shooting location, with various equipment in the center.

There were also two young people who looked about the same age as Yulan—should be assistants—worn in the corner to eat instant noodles.

Seeing Yulan who followed in, the two of them were half-stricken, opened their eyes and choked out.

"Fairy!" they were shocked in unison.

Yulan: "..."

Lu Zheng hurriedly stepped aside and turned down the pitch of the music, and then excitedly shuttled between the shooting locations, fiddling with the tools, and beckoning to the two young people and saying something to them.

While talking, the three of them kept looking back at Yu Lan, as if he was some kind of exotic animal.

Yu Lan bit his scalp and adapted to the enthusiastic eyes of the three of them, and looked at the rest of the room.

Fang Pingping explained: "Today we are going to shoot Lu Zhengzheng's free work."

Yu Lan looked back and listened carefully to Fang Pingping's explanation.

Nowadays, some mainstream fashion magazines often adopt the free works of photographers from time to time.

Free work is a very special element in fashion magazines today.The theme, model, style, everything is determined by the photographer himself, the degree of freedom is very high, and basically only pays attention to the artistry, it will be adopted if the appetite of the magazine party.

Different magazines arrange free works in different positions. Some magazines are only placed on the cover, some are only placed on the inside page, and some magazines are arranged for both types.

Fang Pingping was relatively simple, and Yu Lan probably knew the situation.

Fang Pingping entangled again: "Lu Zheng... his level is relatively unstable. He is bad when he is bad, and very good when he is bad. But-the reason why I want to bring you to see him is because he does have Strength."

Fang Ping looked at his friend, and slowly said, "I can feel that after so long, he is about to fly again."

Lu Zheng spent half an hour getting everything ready and let Yu Lan change his clothes. One of the assistants pressed Yu Lan on the chair and said, "I'll help you make-up."

"Okay." Yu Lan was a little cramped with everything that was unfamiliar, "Can I just sit down?"

"Yes." The assistant smiled, "Just do what I said."

"How are you going to shoot?" Fang Pingping asked.

Lu Zhengzheng held a pencil in his hand and compared it to the turquoise chin, with a cheerful expression: "His face-this face is perfect, as long as this face is enough. This face and these eyes Have been able to tell enough stories!"

Fang Pingping was startled, and immediately looked towards Yulan.

Lulan looked back at him blankly.

Yes, the facial features of the youth are flawless, but if the focus of the whole photo is only on the face, the highlight is the "person" of the model.Generally, only well-known models or characters will take such photos.

Although Yu Lan is beautiful, he is just a rookie.

Fang Pingping hesitated: "Is it too risky?"

Lu Zhengzheng is not employed by any magazine, and he can submit his work wherever he wants to. Of course, he usually chooses a long-term partner, and Lu Zhengzheng’s long-term partner is the fashion magazine "BM". Fang Pingping knew that this photo was also taken for "BM".

Lu Zhengzheng was full of confidence: "Don't worry, Lao Lin has been urging me a long time ago. He will definitely want the photos I made!"

Fang Pingping thought about it, and that’s right. The editors of "BM" magazine Lao Lin and Lu Zheng have a good relationship, and they like Lu Zhengzheng's style very much. Cover.

In this way, how worried is he instead?

Fang Pingping was happy again.

Before coming, he thought about it. "BM" is already considered a high-end fashion magazine. If Yulan's first hard photo can actually be directly on the cover of "BM", that blow would have made a big name.

Yu Lan was at a loss, and when Lu Zhengzheng finished speaking, he knelt down in front of him, looked into his eyes, and couldn't help saying: "'Blue'... your parents really know how to name it, you The eyes are really beautiful."

Yulan looked down upon hearing the words.

Seeing his subtle expression, Lu Zhengzheng asked in confusion: "What's the matter?"

Yu Lan moved her lips and said, "...I don't have parents. This name was given by someone from the orphanage."

"Really?" Lu Zhengzheng glanced at the equally surprised Fang Pingping.

Yu Lan remembered Fang Pingping’s misunderstanding, and explained to him something that was not easy to explain when we met yesterday: "I am not living in my own home."

Fang Pingping nodded quickly: "Oh, that's how it is."

This topic was a bit sensitive, and the two did not continue.

The assistant gave Yu Lan makeup, and Fang Pingping went to look at Lu Zhengzheng's computer.

However, Lu Zhengzheng finished adjusting the equipment on the side. When he passed Yu Lan, he hesitated and stopped and said, "But no matter what, the person who gave you this name must love you very much."

Yu Lan was surprised.

He wanted to shake his head.

None of the adults in the orphanage loved their children.

The orphanage was opened just for profit, and the underground black trading chain.

Speaking of which, Yu Lan also provided the information of the orphanage to police officer Song Zesong. When Song Ze came last time, he forgot to ask how the orphanage was doing.Yu Lan hopes that all those who have done bad things will get their due punishment.

However, when he moved, the assistant reminded him in a low voice: "Don't move."

Yu Lan couldn't shake his head.

Lu Zhengzheng did not notice any clues.

He only said: "Because if you don't love you, you won't notice your eyes at all."

Yulan startled.

Lu Zhengzheng smiled and said, "The color is the same as sapphire. With this color as your name, that person must also love your eyes very much."

"You like your eyes, do you like your name?"

Yu Lan replied: "I don't know... I never thought about this question."

Lu Zhengzheng: "The photo I want to take is'blue', your color. You can think about it, your past, your future, the person who loves you, the person you love, and as a turquoise blue, you What kind of person is it?"

After speaking, Lu Zhengzheng left and continued his preparatory work.

Yu Lan stayed in place.

These questions were so profound that he never considered them.

His past is dark, and his future is white.

The person who loves him...through a layer of fog.

The one he loves is that tall figure from the back.

As Yu Lan, what kind of person is he?

Yu Lan couldn't help reaching out, trying to touch her eyes.

"Ah, don't move." The assistant reminded again.

Yu Lan recovered: "Sorry."

"It's okay." The little assistant began to paint on Yu Lan's face. Before painting, he thought about it, put a little blue on the back of Yu Lan's hand, raised his head and smiled, "This is what I plan to paint on your face. The color is also the color of your eyes."

Yu Lan couldn't help but look down.

It is dark blue.

It's not that Yu Lan hasn't looked in the mirror, but this is indeed the first time he has looked at the color of his own eyes so seriously.

It looks like the color of the deep sky, but also like the color of the sea in the imagination.

"It's a very free color." The little assistant drew on Yulan's face intently, and said softly, "It's also a very positive and sunny color."

Yulan pursed his lips.

The person who gave him this name... loves him?

Intellectually, Yu Lan knew that what Lu Zhengzheng said was impossible.

But don't know why, he couldn't help thinking about this sentence repeatedly.

No one in the orphanage should love him.

In the past, who on earth gave him this name?

Yu Lan tried to recall... the headache that hadn’t happened for a long time came again. As soon as there was a sign, Yu Lan immediately gave up thinking about it. It was also at this moment that he was stunned to discover that there were many details in the orphanage. Can't remember.

It is strange that Yu Lan is almost certainly the person in the orphanage who named him, but who is the person who named him?

Did he ask this question?Has anyone answered him?

The heart began to beat faster.

In the dark, it seemed that something was about to emerge in my mind, but it sank again in a flash.

But at that moment, Yu Lan did feel something.

It is a warm, sour emotion.

Could it be... Has there really been such a person who loved him?

Yu Lan was a little at a loss, a little nervous, and even a trace of hope for no reason.

Obviously it was a very absurd idea, but there seemed to be some temptation to think about it.

If there is such a person as Lu Zhengzheng said, what was he thinking when that person named him?When "he" looked into his eyes, what kind of person did he hope "Yu Lan" could become?

Yu Lan stared at the blue on the back of his hand for a long time.

The sky, the sea.

Free and sunny.

Yulan's heart trembled.

Inexplicably, heavier sorrow and sorrow filled his heart, his nose and eye sockets.

After another half an hour.

Seeing the young man sitting down in the position arranged by Lu Zhengzheng, and the filming officially started, Fang Pingping hurriedly walked over to see the young man's state.

After all, it’s the first time to shoot, and I’m shooting directly at my face. I feel awkward, unnatural, and stiff, and my eyes have no strength, which is normal.The most important thing is that Lu Zhengzheng actually has no patience. Once the model is not strong, it is easy to get irritable.At that time, in order to protect Yu Lan, he will definitely stop that violent guy...

Fang Pingping was thinking this way, walked to Lu Zhengzheng, wanted to speak, and was stunned when he saw Yulan's state.

Lu Zhengzheng opened his mouth with a smile.

He asked: "My kid, what are you thinking about now?"

Yu Lan sat behind the props and looked directly at the camera.

When he spoke, his voice was slightly hoarse: "If the person you are talking about really exists—"

If there really is the person Lu Zhengzheng said.

No matter who that person is, what role did "he" play in the past, and where is he now.

Yu Lan hopes that after the twenty-two years of darkness ends, he will eventually become the one that "that person", strong, fearless, and able to rush towards the future..."Yu Lan" .

-Become a truly brilliant blue.


"Wait, what did you say?!"

The whole process of shooting was shorter than Yulan expected.

He was guided by Lu Zhengzheng to think about his life, and was illuminated by the light again. He received a "crackling" photo from the camera. At this moment, he was in a trance, removing makeup and washing his face, when he heard Fang Pingping's madness coming from outside. shouting.

Yulan washed her face, wiped it with a tissue, and went out.

Fang Pingping didn’t notice him, and shook his shoulders and shouted, “Did you just say that Lao Lin urged you to take photos?! Why did you change your mind, ah?!”

"...How do I know." Lu Zheng was shaking, with a mobile phone in his hand. Obviously he had just contacted him. He recovered and said angrily, "It must be a PY deal with which little fairy. Ghost, this is not the first time he did this, every time it was because someone climbed his bed again!"

Yu Lan walked over, and the two noticed him, and their expressions suddenly became extremely guilty.

"Yu, Yulan..." Fang Pingping's voice was weakened, "This is how things are, just..."

"I've heard it all." Yu Lan interrupted him gently.

In fact, Yu Lan didn't feel particularly disappointed. After all, he didn't have any big expectations for exploding or becoming a supermodel.In fact, Yu Lan is already very happy to know a photographer like Lu Zhengzheng.

He said to Lu Zhengzheng, "Can you send me a copy of the photo?"

"Of course it can." Lu Zhengzheng said, annoyed, "Lao Lin guy..."

At the end of the shooting just now, no matter it was him, his two assistants, or Fang Pingping, they all saw surprise and excitement in the eyes of each other.

This photo is definitely the most perfect work Fang Pingping has taken so far.

At the end of the shooting, Lu Zheng clearly realized that the young man in front of him will definitely make a huge wave in the fashion circle in the future.

His heart was surging, and he was splashed with cold water when he looked back.

That old Lin was lazy to even look at the photos...Of course, it's not that you can't contact the other person after a while, wait until the other person is curious, and then see if you like it or not, but-tut, forget it, since the other person is so. Perfunctory, then it is meaningless to give the photo of Yulan to the other party.

But for such a result, Lu Zhengzheng was naturally unwilling.

Flicking his brows, he thought for a while, and the other party calmly said: "Wait for two days, I'll try again."

"Do you want to try other magazines?" Fang Pingping's brows also tightened.

Lu Zhengzheng has a long-term cooperation magazine, except for a high-end fashion magazine, "BM", nothing else.

From a utilitarian point of view, Fang Pingping naturally hopes that the higher the starting point of Yulan, the better, but...

"Forget it, then you can try it first, tell me before you are done." Fang Pingping said depressed.

Lu Zhengzheng waved his hand, and Fang Pingping left with Yulan.

Fang Pingping looked very disappointed, but Yu Lan comforted him a few words, and finally the two separated, Yu Lan found the driver, got in the car and returned to the manor.

For the next two days, Fang Pingping did not contact Yu Lan temporarily, and Yu Lan went to class and work step by step.

Wang Jialin... still works in a milk tea shop.

Facing Yu Lan's guarded gaze, he didn't care.

Anyway, his identity has been seen through by Yu Lan, and he doesn't need to pretend. From that day on, he has been a pure and authentic college student. As for whether Yu Lan should tell Wen Zicheng about the two of them...Look at Yu Lan's decision.

But Yu Lan hesitated several times, and finally gave up.

He knew that it was not easy for Wen Zicheng to find a stable clerk. Although Wang Jialin came to the milk tea shop with a purpose, but apart from the tasks, the rest of the time was indeed working seriously.

As long as Wang Jialin didn't intend to destroy the milk tea shop business, he wouldn't have any more thoughts... Then, Yu Lan can live in harmony with Wang Jialin in disguise for Wen Zicheng.

On the sixth day of Mr. Shao’s business trip and the third day of the end of photography, Yu Lan received a call from Fang Pingping as soon as he left the milk tea shop.

Fang Pingping screamed excitedly on the other side of the phone: "Alan, it's done, it's done! Guess which magazine wants your photo—"

Fang Pingping babbled on the phone, Yu Lan was surprised when he heard it, why is it so sudden?

Fang Ping breathed a sigh of relief and said, "But this time it is a special situation that will temporarily use your photos. There will be an urgent reprint tonight, and these magazines will be listed tomorrow."


In the universe, on a spaceship.

The man came out of the auction hall on the top floor. Several business people followed him and joked: "Why is Mr. Shao interested in taking that gem? Is it for a beauty?"

The man curled his lips: "Yeah."

A few people just asked casually. After all, Shao Mingyu is famous for his lack of interest in love. He is always indifferent to both men and women. They asked so, but they knew that this gem was mostly given to him. The elders, I didn't expect the man to really respond.

Several people were immediately stunned, staring at each other.

After the reaction, everyone was surprised.

"President Shao... are you in love?"

"Is this something good?"

"Which young lady...or master?"

Lin Yu helped to block, explaining that Mr. Shao would have a conference call soon and he had to go upstairs quickly.

After blocking the person, Lin Yu followed, and the thief said: "Mr. Shao, do you propose a ring?"

Shao Mingyu glanced at him and said with a smile: "It's too exaggerated to make a ring."

Oh, too, after all, he also saw that gem, super-large!Lin Yu thought.

The boss really loves Xiao O, and I don’t know these past few days... Is it like a man in a normal relationship, thinking about going home every day?

Lin Yu's small eyes fluttered.

And the man walking in front of him had dark eyes.


I can go back tomorrow.