Blurred and alarmed, Fang Pingping was taken to the city's landmark building, the top floor of the three spires, in a cafe that looked very high-end.

There are windows in the compartments, so you can get the view of almost the entire city at a glance.

This is where Fang Pingping's income was the highest and he could not afford it.

The legendary man was sitting by the window, looking out the window and drinking coffee.

A haute couture suit, wrapped in a slender body, looks elegant, handsome and abstinent.

Fang Pingping jumped nervously.

Shao Mingyu, although he was born into a wealthy family, founded the Xingyu Group with his own strength at a young age. Now, no one knows the Xingyu Group, from planetary real estate to interstellar energy development, super new technology, and even super-complex fields. This group has brushed up on the sense of existence, and how much value Shao Mingyu represents is simply incalculable.

This is a genius and definitely a true legend.

And this person turned out to be Yu Lan's enemy.

Looking back on the way, the assistant surnamed Lin even smiled and said that Shao Mingyu and Yu Lan had a good relationship, and Fang Pingping wanted to wipe a tear.

It's too difficult, Alan, it's really too difficult.

Enemies who can say such things are very cruel people.

When he was seated, the man looked back, his dark eyes scrutinizing.

Lin Yu sat down beside Shao Mingyu, smiled and handed out a document, saying: "Hello Mr. Fang, let's talk about investing in your studio first."

Fang Pingping supported his sunglasses, his hands trembling slightly.

He came, the capitalist came with the money, and he didn't hesitate to spend so much money in order to make Yulan.

He didn't wait for Lin Yu to say more, adhering to the attitude of struggling to the end for Yulan no matter what, he said deeply: "Sorry, my studio does not require investment."

Lin Yu had a meal and smiled: "No need?"

"Yes, my studio is on my own and does not need help from others." Fang Pingping tried his best not to look at the contract and the sinful document!

"..." Lin Yu glanced at the boss next to him, and saw that the boss was still looking at the man, and then continued to smile, "Well, Mr. Fang, let me explain first, we Shao always want to do this for Mr. Yu. investment."

"To put it bluntly, if you don't plan to accept investment, Shao will never let Mr. Yu stay with you. If Mr. Yu is interested in the fashion industry, Mr. Shao can help him sign the largest model. Brokerage company. The reason why I will come to you to talk about investment is because you can meet Mr. Yu... after all, it is a fate."

Fang Pingping was stunned.

Wait, what?

He suddenly took off his sunglasses, his eyes widened and said, "You and Alan are not enemies?"

"Fun, enemy?" Lin Yu's mouth twitched.

Although it can be seen from the collected data that this uncle is not very reliable, he did not expect this uncle to be so unreliable.

Lin Yu was about to speak, the man beside him moved, staring at Fang Pingping and said, "What's the matter with the'enemy'?"

Fang Ping swallowed.


After nearly an hour, Fang Pingping went crazy!

Xingyu Group boss Shao Mingyu is not Yu Lan’s enemy, but the one who takes care of Yu Lan and takes in Yu Lan!!

Not only that, Fang Pingping thought that his eyes were good, and soon realized that this big man seemed to have something else for Alan!!

Big guys like Yulan!!

The kind of A to O!!

It was only then that he discovered that when he met Yu Lan for the second time, he smelled a bit of alpha on Yu Lan's body. Now I smell it carefully. The smell at the time was not the same as that of the big guy in front of him. Pheromone taste!

Taking back the signed documents, Lin Yu said to Shao Mingyu: "Then Mr. Shao, I will go down first. What happened over there...I will confirm again."

After Shao Mingyu nodded, Lin Yu left, only Fang Pingping and him were left in the compartment.

Fang Pingping died of excitement right now. He never expected to hook up with Yulan, and he also included a big boss. He was really going to transfer at the end of this year!!!

And what Yu Lan said about the "enemies" did not seem to be what he imagined.

In the conversation just now, they exchanged information with each other.

It seems that Yu Lan hasn't told the boss yet, but maybe even Yu Lan doesn't know it, the boss has already been--

Shao Mingyu once again set his sights on the person in front of him.

Before coming, he had read this person's information.

Although he was employed by a well-known model agency and brought two supermodels who are now in the top ten of the supermodel list, the latter two did not rise in his hands. He also did not work in that model agency. Did not stay for a long time and did not have any results.

All in all...I am a model agent with a very ordinary resume.

No work, no fault.

Of course, Shao Mingyu didn't care much about these.

After all, Yu Lan first entered this field, everything is still uncertain.

No one knows how long the interest will last, whether it will change the mind.

The transfer of Yu Lan to a large model agency is not what Shao Mingyu would choose. He also understands that this is not a choice Yu Lan would like. What Lin Yu said just now was just a rhetoric.

Therefore, Shao Mingyu does not care about Fang Pingping's past resume.

What he cares about is whether or not he can get the most comfortable environment when the kid at home enters a new field, no matter how long he will stay in that field.

And when he prepared the environment, the model agent in front of him who hadn't done much in the past——

Shao Mingyu tapped the table with his fingertips and looked at Fang Pingping and said, "In terms of business, do I need someone to help?"

Fang Ping was awe-inspiring, knowing that this was a big man looking at his abilities.

He also guessed that if the boss could find him directly, he must have been thoroughly investigated.

Fang Pingping admitted that because of various reasons, he was a little worse every time. In the end, he couldn't even get a decent grade... On Yulan's side, he actually exaggerated the grade with a cheeky, a little ashamed.

He knew he was not so good.

But now the big man has given him a boost, and it is too unreasonable if he can't achieve results.Even if Yu Lan stays in his studio by then, it will have nothing to do with him.

It must not be like that!

Already in his thirties, Fang Pingping himself couldn't stand it anymore.

He wanted to spell out a way.

Fang Pingping gritted his teeth and said: "No, don't worry, I will definitely bring Alan out of grades!"

Shao Mingyu looked at him for a few seconds, nodded, and said, "Then I won't intervene in business matters for the time being. You don't need to talk to Alan for the moment we meet today."

Fang Pingping nodded quickly.

"In addition, about what you said to me just now about the'enemy'--" Shao Ming narrowed his eyes.


Yu Lan picked a gift that was bold for him.

While choosing the gift, he couldn't help but think of the last gift he gave, a dark gray tie.

Of course Mr. Shao couldn’t really ask him to help tie his tie every morning, but the man obviously didn’t forget that sentence, so like this morning, when the two were together, the man still gave the tie in his hand with a smile. .

At this moment, Yu Lan looked at the gift box in his hand, his cheeks burning.

When he arrived at the milk tea shop, there was still no verbal communication between him and Wang Jialin, and they changed shifts directly.

Before Wang Jialin left, he glanced at the young man's back with complicated eyes, sighed, and turned to leave.

The store manager didn’t read the magazine, but didn’t know that Yu Lan was on the cover of the magazine once, and through Fang Pingping’s mouth and the Internet, after knowing how much discussion this issue of "V" has attracted online, he thought about being in Milk Tea The store continues to work part-time to repay the inconvenience.

He didn't expect to have such results the first time he cooperated with Fang Pingping, but now he is afraid of causing trouble to Wen Zicheng.

I wanted to find a chance to have a chat with Wen Zicheng today, but I didn't expect that Wen Zicheng's face was not so good. Not long after Yu Lan went to work, Wen Zicheng went directly into the changing room and vomited in the trash can.

There can’t be no one in front of the store, Yu Lan can’t walk away, and shouted worriedly: "Manager, are you okay?"

Wen Zicheng didn't reply, still holding the trash can.

After a while, Yu Lan worried: "Manager? If you feel unwell, go home first, here I can be alone."

After Wen Zicheng vomited, he rinsed his mouth and wiped his tears. His face was pale and his eyes were red.

He hesitated, and whispered to Yu Lan: "I'm pregnant."

Yu Lan was taken aback and forced to say: "Pregnant, pregnant?"

Wen Zicheng nodded and said weakly: "I found out yesterday. It has been a month. I have been vomiting very badly in the past two days."

Yu Lan looked at Wen Zicheng's belly in shock.

The manager turned out to be... pregnant!!!

Wen Zicheng originally wanted to complain. Seeing that Yu Lan was so shocked that he couldn't recover, he knocked on his head speechlessly, and said amusedly: "Why are you so shocked? It makes it seem like I am pregnant. I'll get pregnant too!"

Yulan swallowed.

I understand the truth, but...for the first time a man around me is really pregnant, Yu Lan still feels amazing.

Speaking of it, when he first met, he noticed the alpha pheromone in the store manager, and later learned that the store manager had a boyfriend, and the alpha pheromone in the store manager had not faded, so Yu Lan realized The store manager made a permanent mark with her boyfriend.

I just didn’t expect to get pregnant so soon.

He cautiously said: "Can I touch it?"

"..." Wen Zicheng said helplessly, "The belly is still flat, what can you touch?"

Seeing Yu Lan's look eager, he said: "Just do it, just touch it."

He straightened his flat stomach.

Yu Lan reached out in surprise and touched...

There is a little life here!

Wen Zicheng looked at the young man in front of him, and couldn't help feeling that the other party was really a child, and he was depressed because of morning sickness, so he just wanted to laugh now.

"After you become pregnant by yourself, you can feel enough." Wen Zicheng vomited, "I tell you, this kind of thing is very fast! Even if safety measures are taken, o and A are easy to get pregnant. "

Yulan blushed, opened his eyes and looked at him, "Why is this?"

Wen Zicheng paused, leaned to his ear, and said evilly: "Because if you decide you want to be with the other party, it must be the sooner you make a permanent mark, the better. After all, this will make you feel much better in estrus later."

"But if you want to be permanently marked, you must form a knot, and the love to form a knot is always fierce. The set is too easy to break... Even if it is not broken this time, it is not pregnant. Once there is a permanent mark, every future love , Alpha can't help but form a knot, it can't help but it will be so intense every time..."

Yu Lan flushed and pushed Wen Zicheng away, Wen Zicheng laughed.

When Wen Zicheng felt uncomfortable, teasing this little guy was really happy. He hooked his shoulders and said, "How are you and Mr. Shao? If it's almost the same, I can teach you those things, the manager. Which brand of sets has the best quality, I can also tell you..."


Wen Zicheng's laughter reached the street.

When he had enough teasing, he looked at the night outside and sighed: "It's my current physical condition. Maybe I can't do it anymore. My boyfriend asked me to rest at home. We also want to cancel the wedding as soon as possible. ."

Yulan was taken aback.

Wen Zicheng rubbed his head and said, "It's estimated that this store is going to be changed hands. You - you and Wang Jialin don't get along well, right?"

Yu Lan was stunned.

He didn't expect Wen Zicheng to find out about it.

"When I'm so stupid, I can't see the weird atmosphere between you?" Wen Zicheng raised an eyebrow, "I just don't bother to worry about the personal affairs between you! I guess the store will be transferred to others to continue making milk tea, if you want to stay If I come down, I can talk to the other person, if I don’t want to stay—"

Yu Lan hesitated and said, "The manager."

Wen Zicheng stopped and listened to him.

Yu Lan seriously said: "There is another way, I want to try."

Wen Zicheng raised his lips and said, "That's good. I wish you success, Alan."


Shao Mingyu ate a meal with the client and picked up Yulan, who happened to be off work.

Before leaving, the little guy waved to the young store manager before getting into the car with a complicated expression.

"What's wrong?" Shao Mingyu asked.

Yu Lan said: "The manager is pregnant, this milk tea shop should be transferred soon."

Shao Mingyu was silent.

After Yu Lan finished speaking, he didn't realize that the man beside him didn't seem to be surprised, he just subconsciously touched his belly.

Shao Mingyu saw Yu Lan's movements, then slightly curled his lips and said: "Why, does Little Grape want a baby too?"

In the driver's seat, Lin Yu, who is still the driver today, pricked his ears when he heard this.

Yu Lan shook his head quickly and whispered: "The manager vomited many times today, and he vomited before leaving get off work just now. I think... it's hard to get pregnant."

His face is blue.

Yu Lan was afraid.

Is pregnancy affected so much?

If he becomes pregnant in the future, what will happen?

Shao Mingyu had a meal and pityed again.

Pregnancy is indeed a very difficult task for both women and men in omega.

He felt that the little guy who touched his belly, as if imagining his future pregnancy, was very cute.

But if this incident scares the other party--

Shao Mingyu's voice is low and judo: "You are too young to think about this kind of thing so early."

I am a child.

Yu Lan blinked when he heard the words.

He remembered what the store manager had said after vomiting.

"Although it's quite uncomfortable, but when I think this is the child of my loved one." The store manager touched his stomach, looked at Yulan, smiled, "This kind of happiness, I am afraid you have not yet Dharma experience."

Yu Lan felt that perhaps it was not impossible to appreciate.

He looked at the man in front of him, just to think about it, there was an indescribable and wonderful sense of satisfaction that filled his whole body.

And that kind of wonderful and bold imagination drove Yulan even more, and said impulsively: "Actually-it's not that terrible!"

Shao Mingyu had a meal.

Yu Lan returned to his senses, blushing and dodged his eyes, and whispered: "Well, it depends on people."

Shao Mingyu's eyes darkened.

Yu Lan was panicked and regretful. In order to relieve this nervous and embarrassing emotion, he quickly took out the small gift box he had kept all day and handed it out: "Mr. Shao, I got paid today. This is yesterday. Good gift for late!"

Shao Mingyu cast his eyes on the gift box in Yu Lan's hand.

It was a velvet box similar to the one he sent out last night.

He took it, and asked with a smile: "What is the gift?"

Yu Lan was about to speak, but suddenly stopped again.

He seemed to think of something, with a strange expression on his face.

It was ashamed, as if he was hesitant to speak, and as if he wanted to take the gift box back.

Shao Mingyu's eyes flickered, and before the little guy could say the next sentence, he opened the gift box without leaving any room.

Then he was stunned.

Yu Lan had already covered his face and didn't want to speak.

Just finished talking about topics like "pregnancy" and "baby" and gave out this gift again. It felt so strange, as if it was implying something!

He obviously took out the gift now to ease the atmosphere, but why did he make the atmosphere even stranger!

Shao Mingyu looked at the man's ring in the velvet box, his apple was rolling, he laughed in a dumb voice: "Alan?"