A very simple male ring with a small diamond on the white gold ring.

In fact, the price is not very expensive, but it is also the best men's ring that Yu Lan can buy with existing funds.

Yulan did hesitate when choosing the ring.

When he heard the ring last night, he wanted to bend it, so he stayed there and forgot to answer, but he was not sure if Mr. Shao meant it in that respect.

I want to give this gift, on the one hand to eliminate the embarrassment of silence last night, on the other hand, it is also for the selfishness he secretly poked.

——Regardless of whether Mr. Shao means in that respect, at least when he gave out the ring, he did.

Of course, it's not that Yu Lan couldn't feel the ambiguity between him and Mr. Shao, but it was the first time he experienced feelings and was full of uncertainty about everything.

Therefore, he could not see Mr. Shao's thoughts clearly.

Therefore, his selfishness is hidden.

Therefore, he also thought that if his feeling went wrong, someday when Mr. Shao realized what the ring meant to him, would the ring he gave out be an inappropriate existence?

But all the hesitation was broken by feelings.

Yu Lan wanted to be bolder. He wanted to give a gift that represented his love.

But it was originally hidden, and after I finished talking about the topic just now, when the gift was given, it didn't seem to be so hidden!

Shao Mingyu raised his eyes and saw the young man panicked and his breathing slowed down.

He clenched the ring box tightly and suddenly said, "Alan, how are you in the store recently?"

Yu Lan's heart was beating wildly, waiting nervously for the reaction of the man next to him. He didn't expect the other party to suddenly mention this, and said, "What?"

Shao Mingyu said: "Wang Jialin?"

Yu Lan was stunned.

After regaining his senses, he put down his hand and said in surprise: "Mr. Shao, you know?"

The man looked at him quietly.

Yu Lan remembered something, and quickly said, "I wanted to tell you, but I forgot yesterday! Mr. Shao, I remember everything you said!"

He looked at the man nervously, afraid that he would be angry.

And when Shao Mingyu heard the second half of his sentence, he broke his skills and couldn't help but laugh.

Seeing Mr. Shao smiled again, Yu Lan heaved a sigh of relief, and said: "Mr. Shao, I wanted to tell you the day it happened, but considering that you were still on a business trip, the matter itself was not very urgent, so I want to wait until you come back."

"So considerate of me?" Shao Mingyu raised his eyebrows.

Yu Lan cautiously said: "Should I...should not do this?"

Shao Mingyu sighed, put his hand on the young man's head, and said softly: "Alan, think about yourself, I will be happier."

Yulan bowed his head.

Shao Mingyu glanced at the ring in his hand.

When he raised his eyes again, his hand slid down on the young man's cheek and lifted his face.

He gently rubbed Yu Lan's cheeks with his fingers, and this unusually ambiguous behavior made Yu Lan tremble.

From the place where Mr. Shao rubbed, his skin became hot.

"Do you know who did it?" he asked in a low voice.

Yulan whispered: "... Jane, Mr. Jane?"

Among the people Yu Lan had contacted, he was the only one who had the greatest possibility, so it was him that Yu Lan suspected for the first time.

"Yes, but don't worry." Shao Mingyu said slowly, "He has no energy to think about other things."

Yu Lan was surprised.

In the driver's seat, I didn't see any gift from Yu Lan at all, only judging from the conversation between the two of them that this gift must be extraordinary. Lin Yu, who was desperately eating melons, felt very complicated when he heard this.

After the boss came back from the Luo family more than half a month ago, he asked him to deal with the Jane family.

For that omega, Lin Yu thought he might have a better understanding than the boss.

There are many people who admire the boss, and it is impossible for the boss to pay attention to them one by one, but at the beginning, Lin Yu realized that Jian Ling was definitely a messenger, but there was no one around the boss before, so he couldn't get it started.

And when Yu Lan appeared next to the boss, the speed of this person's movements exceeded Lin Yu's expectations.

But now that it has moved, it is impossible to slip away.

The omega should have anticipated the consequences when he first acted.

The accident happened during the day today.

The model agent named Fang Pingping said something they didn't know.

Yu Lan met the "enemy", but because Yu Lan didn't say much, Fang Pingping didn't know who the "enemy" was.

There is no need to ask too much. Combining Fang Pingping’s words and thinking carefully can set the target on Wang Jialin. Lin Yu sent someone to take advantage of the other party’s part-time job and took the person into the car to "ask." Only then did I know that this happened before.

Jian Ling's design company was exposed to a problem. After knowing who did it, he went to a bar to get drunk late at night and met Wang Jialin.I don't know how the two of them talked, anyway, it turned out that Jian Ling had a ridiculous deal with Wang Jialin after being drunk.

It's really ridiculous.

Under the eyes of the boss, he didn't dare to really do anything, but he was unwilling to admit defeat, so he spent money to let a college student take on such a ridiculous "task"-he probably also guessed that getting a boss is impossible Staring at Yulan's life for fourteen hours, but what's the point of doing so?

It's ridiculous, but it's sad.

He may have never thought about it, just because people harass Yu Lan, their entire Jane family will be over.

Lin Yu constricted, recalling what happened after he finished his report in the afternoon.

The man standing at the window was silent for a second and gave him another command.

Lin Yu hesitated: "Mr. Shao, in this case, the entire Jian family..."

If the previous action is considered a "warning", then the man's command at this moment is to completely tear it apart from the Jian family.

Although according to his knowledge, the Jian family is not innocent.After they knew what had happened this time, they tried to blame the boss, but unfortunately the boss didn't answer a single call.While they are helping Jian Ling clean up the mess, they have also faintly tried to attack Yu Lan in recent days, but they are tightly watched by the boss and unable to act, but it seems that they don't intend to give up.

And as soon as the boss's decision was made and certain things were exposed, the Jane family was really over.

By then, let’s not say how Mr. Shao’s mother would react when he had been close to the Jian family. The entire upper class society would pay attention to this matter. This is tantamount to telling everyone that the Jian family had offended Shao Mingyu because of what happened. , Is not to be offended at all.

But after Lin Yu hesitated, he soon figured it out.

The boss was borrowing Jane's house to warn everyone else who was watching in the dark.

So far, how many people have learned of Yulan's existence, and how many people have some thoughts in their hearts. This man does not want to bother.

It is impossible for him to monitor Yu Lan's life, and it is impossible for him to protect him as a dodder, so the easiest way is -

Warn everyone that they cannot offend that young man.

Yu Lan didn't know what the man did, but he could faintly feel that something very important must have happened.

He believed in Mr. Shao, so he would not ask about any decision Mr. Shao made. He hesitated and said: "Mr. Shao, the store manager told me not to go to work tomorrow, so I will never see Wang Jialin again. Before, I went to work after learning about Wang Jialin because I was afraid that it would be difficult for the store manager, and Wang Jialin also—"

The man interrupted him and said gently: "I know your considerations, Alan, you are 22 years old, you have the ability to think independently, and you are very obedient, so I will not question your judgment at will."

When Yu Lan heard it, she nodded obediently.

He now has a sense of measure. He knows what he can carry on his own and what he cannot.

The man said again: "But there is still something I have to ask. Since you can guess that it is Jian Ling, what should have happened before. Was it the day they came to the manor as a guest? Did he tell you before leaving? what?"

Yu Lan said honestly: "He asked me to think about my affairs with Mr. Chi..."

"Did he cause the headache that day?"

Yu Lan paused, tangled: "He mentioned the Silver Moon Clan. I thought about it and it hurt."

"Why didn't you tell me what he said to you?" the man asked again.

Yu Lan hesitated: "I, I think he is your friend..."

Shao Mingyu slowly said: "I have known him since I was a child, but didn't have much friendship with him. In other words, Alan, even in the future, Song Ze or Chi Yan have said to you something that makes you feel excessive. , You can also tell me."

Yulan startled.

"Don't think about me, do it for yourself, okay?" Shao Mingyu stared at him and said, "I hope you can live a little more selfishly."

Yu Lan's eyes widened.

Shao Mingyu knows that young people are very obedient, and he is constantly changing.

In fact, young people are growing at an alarming rate.

Therefore, before, Shao Mingyu would tell the youth that if the youth suffers the pain alone, he will be angry, and at this moment, Shao Mingyu will no longer question the judgment of the youth.

The little guy just needs some subtle guidance.

He wanted to peel away the shell of the opponent layer by layer, so that he could learn to lean on him.

Shao Mingyu touched the ring box in his hand and said, "Little Grape, do you know what the ring represents?"

Yu Lan panicked, his eyes dodged with guilty conscience, and his cheeks were hot.

Of course he, he knows, so I thought about it last night.

Mr. Shao asks this now, is it true that he didn’t know when he gave the gift last night...

Shao Mingyu smiled and said, "Is it clear after watching so many TV shows?"

So the reaction was so sluggish last night, so I chose this gift today.

Yulan buried her head nervously.

A series of recent events made Shao Mingyu make a decision at some point in the afternoon today.

The best way to protect is not to take care of the beloved, but to let everyone know that this is the person he takes seriously by Shao Mingyu.

So it's almost there.

He often feels uncertain due to the dullness of the youth, but it is often the youth that gives him a clearer signal.

The temptation is enough.

He could feel that the youth still had some worries, but it didn't matter, they could take their time, there was only one thing that had to be done.

Shao Mingyu asked: "Then know which finger you should wear this ring on?"

At this moment, Yu Lan clearly understood what a man meant.

His brain was blank for a moment, and after he recovered, he glanced at the man in amazement.

And the man's eyes were in silence, with something that he had longed for for a long time.

He swallowed and his heart beat faster.

Before buying the ring, Yu Lan... really didn't think about this development.

This gift may be ambiguous, but he has always subconsciously thought that certain things may take a while to become clear.

And in his heart, he actually faintly hoped that he could stand taller, taller, and walk up to the man's side.

So despite looking forward to and looking forward to the man, Yu Lan is not in a hurry, and he still has some hesitation and uncertainty in his own heart.

This is a very contradictory feeling. I probably just want it but dare not want it.

But the man showed his attitude so unexpectedly.

Yulan was a little dazed, like a dream, "buzzing" in his head.

But it was also at this moment, the calmness in the man's eyes quickly calmed all the consternation, unreality, and worry in his heart.

He loves Mr. Shao.

Mr. Shao took this step.

He backed down without reason.

Shao Mingyu held the young man's hand, handed the ring box out, and said, "Alan, help me put it on?"

Yulan lowered his eyes and fixed his eyes on the ring box.

Taking a deep breath, he tremblingly raised his hand, took out the ring, and took the man's hand.

Mr. Shao’s palms are large, his fingertips are slightly cool, and his palms are warm.

He looked at the man again, his heart trembling: "Mr. Shao..."

The man watched him tenderly, waiting for him.

It is a silent encouragement.

Yu Lan pursed her lips, settled, and slowly pushed this simple ring to the man's ring finger.

Push to the end.

Perfect fit.

Put it on...

Yu Lan stared blankly.

The man laughed lowly: "The size is right."

Yu Lan was embarrassed and shocked-when he picked the ring, he seemed to subconsciously press Mr. Shao's ring finger!And it's not bad...

It's really embarrassing now.

He wanted to shrink his hand in annoyance, but the man clasped his hand, embedded it, and intertwined his fingers.

"Mr. Shao..." Yulan sounded like a mosquito.

The cold ring of the man's hand touched him, and was soon warmed by the temperature of the two.

"Next time you get paid, don't buy such an expensive gift again, save yourself some." The man's words were full of joy.

Yu Lan's heart was beating now, as if he was about to float to the sky.

He said softly: "Then, then I don't need to buy such an expensive one."

Shao Mingyu thought for a while, smiled and said, "You can give me a gift without buying it."

The two looked at each other.

He joked: "You can give yourself to me."

Yu Lan: "!!!"