On the way back, the two of them didn't say anything. In silence, only Lin Yu in the driver's seat kept flushing, his eyes flashing crazily.

Yu Lan secretly glanced at the man next to him several times, only to see the corners of the other's lips, he quickly retracted his gaze, and quietly raised his lips.

The hands shook between the two never let go.

After returning home, Uncle Liu and Aunt Jiang had already rested, and the man took him by the hand again and went upstairs.

The closer you are to the room, the more tension and anticipation in Yu Lan's heart.

However, at the door of his room, the man stopped and said, "As for your agent, you can tell him directly that my business is okay. If you have a job in the future, let him come here to pick you up."

Yu Lan almost didn't react, and said dazedly: "Oh, good."

The man released his hand and said with a light smile: "Okay, go back to the room and rest early."

"..." Yu Lan was a little lost, said nerdy, "Well, good night, Mr. Shao."

Shao Mingyu looked at the young man's expression, smiling, he took a step closer.

The young man raised his head subconsciously.

And Shao Mingyu leaned down slightly and dropped a kiss on the young man's forehead.

Yu Lan froze.

The man leaned into the young man's ear and said with a low smile: "Good night, little grape."


After Yu Lan entered the room, he closed the door and squatted directly on the ground, covering his face.

The heart beats so fast, the whole person is hot.

Mr. Shao... Mr. Shao!


Yu Lan doesn't need to go to the milk tea shop, it just so happens that his class with Teacher Bai has also ended.

Because Yu Lan no longer needs to run to the outside world to adapt to the outside world, the next teacher, Mr. Shao, directly invited him to the manor.

Fang Pingping contacted him again, saying that he had prepared a formal contract, and asked Yu Lan if he wanted to sign it now.

Yu Lan naturally agreed, and according to what Mr. Shao said, directly let Fang Pingping come to the manor to find him.

When Fang Pingping arrived at the manor, he was truly shocked.

This is simply living in a paradise???

The big guy is indeed a big guy, I really admire him.

When he was introduced into the villa by Uncle Liu, the young man was squatting by the window and playing with the sheepdog and raising his paw.

The youth wears a set of home clothes, which are simple and clean.

Aunt Jiang murmured when she passed by: "Alan, your hair is a bit long. Let the barber come in two days."

The young man touched his hair and obediently said, "Okay."

Fang Pingping felt mixed.

That day, when he first realized that the relationship between the boss and Yu Lan was unusual, Fang Pingping was worried.

He thinks that Yu Lan can become a superstar, but would a person like Shao Mingyu really mind if the person he wants goes out?

He was worried that Shao Mingyu would interfere with Yu Lan's work excessively and that Shao Mingyu would raise Yu Lan as a canary.

However, it did not.

It can even be said that the big brother's love for Yulan is beyond his imagination.

Big bosses provide financial support without interfering in their work.

He didn't intend to squeeze a lot of resources into the entertainment industry like a gold master and lover. Instead, he planned to let Yu Lan and his ordinary agent, Fang Pingping, grow up slowly.

As for Yu Lan's safety, he also considered the extreme.

No matter what Yu Lan has encountered before, at least in the future, he will definitely be happy.

Seeing Fang Pingping, Yu Lan asked him to sit down on the sofa.

Regarding the hair matter, Fang Pingping still exhorted, saying that he would be responsible for the styling, and then took out a contract that had been reviewed by the boss’s subordinates. Yu Lan read it seriously and signed it. Good word.

After signing the sign, Fang Ping calmed down and said, "Alan, I have made arrangements for the next few days. There should be no problem with your milk tea shop, right?"

"Yeah." Yu Lan nodded.

Mr. Shao also said that the daytime study can be adjusted to suit his work.

"Then I will come to pick you up tomorrow. Didn't the former editor-in-chief of "V" say that he wants to see you? Tomorrow we will meet her first, and then take your first inner page over there!" Speaking of this, Fang Pingping said The tone became excited again, "Although we haven't had time for training, this opportunity is here, we can't help but seize it!"

Yu Lan agreed with this point, so he continued nodding.

"In addition, after your cover was posted, you should have known it yourself. You caused a lot of topics." Fang Pingping hesitated and said, "Alan, I think you should open an account on a social network platform. Now, let everyone know you more and understand you. But—"

Yu Lan looked at him suspiciously.

Fang Pingping cautiously said: "There are all kinds of people on the Internet. In an anonymous environment, many people speak too much and are very hostile. But as long as they are concerned, they will basically experience this kind of thing. If you don’t want to read it, you can just give me your account number. Look at...how?"

Yu Lan thought for a while. He was not completely ignorant of what Fang Pingping said. Although he didn't have much interest in the online world, he couldn't completely avoid the Internet in normal life.

At the beginning, after the incident in the clubhouse, Mr. Shao comforted him, and after Yulan's head was sober, he used a more peaceful mind to understand the Yinyue clan, and was also insulting, neutral, and comforting by netizens. The view of the clan has reached a very objective balance.

In the process, he has seen a lot of hostility.

He also understood that he appeared in the eyes of everyone as a Silver Moon Clan, and he would definitely encounter attacks that other Silver Moon Clan had encountered.

But for Yu Lan, everything seems to be more understanding and peaceful.

He said: "Then I will open it first. I will manage the account by myself temporarily."

Fang Ping sighed in relief.

Just do what you say, and the two got together and opened an account on Xingbo, the largest social network platform.

The name is Yu Lan, the brief description is "model", and the avatar is the cover.

After everything was settled, Fang Pingping posted the first star blog for Yu Lan, which was regarded as a self-introduction and greeting, and then said: "Post more photos, selfies, etc., share your daily life and other things with everyone. Send less."

Fang Pingping exhorted a bunch, Yu Lan almost had a concept.

Because Yu Lan has always been behaved, Fang Pingping was also relieved, and left after nagging.

Yu Lan brushed it on Xingbo.

He knew that his cover caused repercussions. When he was working in a milk tea shop, he was almost recognized. Fang Pingping also said that many people were inquiring about him, but they had to be steady and take their time.

On Xingbo, the response was even more intuitive.

Under the official blog on the day that the magazine "V" was launched-

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it to be read so well, awsl!"

"Why did my little brother never see it before? Did he just debut?"

"Is it possible to be on the cover of "V" as soon as I debut??? Is there any background?"

"Passers-by, please know that the top five can't be on the background. And this time the cover was originally X someone, but it was temporarily replaced when something went wrong. I just want to say thank X someone..."

"Thank X someone for +1!"

"This model's surname is Yu, from the Yinyue clan? The Yinyue clan really looks good, kneeling."

"It's the Yinyue Clan making his debut with a face..."

"V" has also begun to fall in love with the Yinyue Clan? Don't make it cheaper!"

"It's okay to have "V" on this face. It's annoying to talk about the Yinyue Clan. It's cheap, your mother!

"Seeking Xingbo!!! Doesn't the little brother have Xingbo?! Can't find it!"


Yu Lan looked at it roughly, and at this moment, he seemed to have gained a lot of fans.

He clicked on the news and found that Fang Pingping and his studio @, attracted a wave of fans to pay attention to the news.

Fans still shouted for him to take selfies under his first Star Expo.

Yu Lan thought for a while, tried to take a selfie with her mobile phone obediently, slapped herself dumbly, and posted on Xingbo.

"Fuck this selfie??"

"??? So honest, not to mention editing, even completely useless filters???"

"Is this taken directly with the front lens of the XX phone?"

"Hahahahahahaha, I don't know why I want to laugh! This expression is so dumb!"

"Little brother is so cute, ah, I'm dead!"

"What about the agent!! The selfie of your baby is too casual!!"

"Damn it's fascinating to take pictures with the front lens of XX mobile phone, my screen is wet!"

When Yu Lan saw these comments, she was dazed again.

Ah, is it necessary to use a filter to post a selfie on the Internet?

He carefully learned about it online, and for the first time felt that the process of being a "celebrity" was too complicated.

When driving to the middle of the road and randomly looking for a restaurant to pad his stomach, Fang Pingping brushed the turquoise blue selfie: "Puff!"

He squirted out the drink and wiped his mouth quickly, this child, there are too many things to train!

On the other end, Yu Lan hurriedly checked the Internet for a while, and suddenly received a text message when asked by Aunt Jiang to try dim sum.

It was from Yu Yi.

Yu Lan stopped, frowned, read the content of the message clearly, his face was stunned.


Shao Mingyu knew that Yulan opened Xingbo after a meeting.

He looked at the silly selfie and chuckled.

The attendees who followed him out of the conference room exchanged their eyes frantically, and they kept turning around on Shao Mingyu's ring finger ring.

Damn it!!Big news!!

The top single Han Shao always has a master!!!

On this day, Xingyu Group was completely crazy about this news.

When Shao Mingyu returned to the manor, the TV in the living room was playing.

Little Mars looked seriously, heard the sound, turned his head to look at the late owner, and flung his tail happily.

The young man did not respond, only a small head was exposed, leaning on the side, probably asleep.

Shao Mingyu walked over, and the young man huddled in the corner, hugging a pillow, sleeping soundly.

Shao Mingyu raised his lips, he reached out his hand to stroke the young man's head, and whispered: "Alan, wake up."

The young man's eyelashes quivered, then opened his eyes slightly, and there was a dazed sleepiness in those deep blue eyes.

"Mr. Shao..." The voice was slightly hoarse and soft.

Shao Mingyu leaned over and wanted to carry the young man upstairs, but the young man stretched out his arms earlier, hooked his neck, and pulled him down.

Shao Mingyu paused, put his hands on the sofa, and looked at the young man deeply.

Yu Lan stared at the man dumbfounded, his eyes painted the man's facial features, every detail.

Shao Mingyu's Adam's apple rolled, he asked softly, "What are you looking at?"

Yu Lan hesitated: "...Brother?"

Shao Mingyu's voice became hoarse with a slight force on the finger joints: "Little grape, do you know what you are doing?"

Yu Lan was stunned for a while, and then cautiously asked: "Mr. Shao, are you not my real brother?"

Shao Mingyu: "......?"