Seeing that the man's expression became strange, Yu Lan finally awoke a little bit, sat upright in a weird manner, and put down his hand.

Shao Mingyu didn't move, but raised his eyebrows slightly and asked, "Why do you ask?"

"..." Yu Lan wandered around awkwardly.

Shao Mingyu lowered his head and said with a low smile: "If we are brothers, what kind of relationship are we now?" The man's lips were pressed to his ears, and he paused: "Incest?"

"!!!" Yu Lan shrank his neck and turned a big red, he whispered: "Mr. Shao, you, you sit down first..."

He was trapped in the corner of the sofa by Mr. Shao!Maintaining such a close distance, he simply couldn't think well!Yulan thought with hot cheeks.

Shao Mingyu took a deep look at him, stood up straight, and let him go.

He breathed a sigh of relief, swallowed, and Yu Lan hesitated and said, "I received a text message from Yu Yi today."

Shao Mingyu frowned upon hearing this.

The day Yu Yi resigned was the last time Yu Lan saw him.

Of course, he hasn't blocked the concept of contacts, so when he received Yu Yi's text message after more than a month, he didn't react for a while-but after reading the text message just now, he had already blocked Yu Yi.

Yu Yi's letter was naturally unfriendly, and the content really surprised Yu Lan.

But instead of asking Yu Yi, he chose to trust Mr. Shao.

He raised his head and said: "Mr. Shao, he said that many of the omegas rescued from the traffickers were taken away by families from all over the world. He said that those who took them away seemed to be the families of those omegas... "

Yu Lan didn't know whether it was true or not, because as far as he knew, these omegas should be orphans, children abandoned by their parents since their infancy.

They were paid by various orphanages and sold to traffickers by those orphanages.

Those families abandoned them in the first place, but now after so many years, after they were rescued from the traffickers, they have begun to welcome them back home?

And Yu Yi told him this news, obviously not good intentions.

What Yu Yi meant was that Mr. Shao would be willing to take him back to the manor, probably because Mr. Shao was also his family, perhaps his brother.

He fell in love with his brother and was incest.

Yu Lan didn't know if Yu Yi was really gloating, anyway, he didn't really believe it, after all, he and Mr. Shao... don't look alike at all.

If Mr. Shao is really his elder brother, it is impossible to accept his ring.

It's just that if what Yu Yi said about other omegas is true, then it is indeed a bit strange.

The number of omegas that were picked up is so large that it does not seem to be accidental.

Yu Lan was really confused.

Therefore, even though he knew that he and Mr. Shao were unlikely to be brothers, they couldn't help but ask just now.

I didn't wake up, my head is a little short circuited...

Shao Mingyu narrowed his eyes slightly when he heard the words.

Yu Lan's heart began to feel a little uneasy, and he muttered, "Mr. Shao, is what Yu Yi said is true? If it is their family members who picked up those omegas, then I..." Yu Lan paused, and then again. Said: "I found many things in the orphanage before, and I can't remember it. I don't remember who gave me the name'Yulan'. I feel that I should be from the orphanage, but it doesn't look like it. , My head hurts when I think about it."

After that shooting, Yu Lan tried to think back several times, but gave up several times because of headaches.

"After receiving Yu Yi's text message just now, I tried again, but it still doesn't work..."

He wanted to confirm whether he was also swaddled and was left at the door of the orphanage.

He wanted to confirm whether the parents who abandoned him in his imagination had any hidden feelings.

Is it possible, like taking away those omega families, come to see him in the future.

However, regarding his being abandoned at the entrance of the orphanage, he obviously felt that someone had told him before, but now he can't remember who it was.

Everything seems a little strange.

As for Mr. Shao, why did Mr. Shao first bring him back to this manor?

He looked at the man helplessly, and the man stood silently for a moment and asked: "Alan, do you believe me?"

Yu Lan nodded immediately.

Of course he believed Mr. Shao!No matter what Mr. Shao brought him back to the manor, he believed that Mr. Shao would not hurt him!

The man stretched out his hand, stroked his cheek, and said, "Then don't think about it."

Yulan was taken aback.

Shao Mingyu sighed: "Of course I have no blood relationship with you, but I know your mother."

Yu Lan was stunned, Mr. Shao... Know his mother?!

His head suddenly stabbed, and his turquoise face turned pale, and the familiar alpha pheromone immediately enveloped him, alleviating the pain.

The man leaned in and hugged him, rubbed the back of his head lightly, and whispered: "Be obedient, don't think about it."

Yulan trembling slightly, slowly took a deep breath.

The man said solemnly: "I don't know where Yu Yi got the news. I will go to Song Ze to confirm this matter."

"However, I do know your mother, so I brought you back directly after I recognized you that day."

While Yu Lan eased his headache, he suddenly remembered that when he bumped into Mr. Shao that day, Mr. Shao had indeed confirmed his name.

"Mr. Shao...Have you seen me before I was sent to the orphanage?" Yu Lan was a little confused, "But--"

But there is still a problem-when he was a baby, Mr. Shao was only a child, how could he recognize his appearance when he grew up?Could it be that only a name confirms his identity?

Ah, not right—

He suddenly said, "Mr. Song also sent someone to draw my blood. Was it confirmed by genetic testing?"

Shao Mingyu paused, and simply responded: "Yeah."

"But Mr. Shao, you take me back to the manor without waiting for the results, aren't you afraid of admitting the wrong person?" Yu Lan is still puzzled.

The man said firmly in his ear: "You won't admit it."

Yu Lan was still confused, he hesitated again, and asked cautiously: "Then...what about my mother..."

Let alone the existence of his father and even other relatives, since Mr. Shao knows his mother, why hasn't the other party appeared until now, and Mr. Shao has never mentioned it?

It was his mother who insisted on abandoning him and forgot his existence long ago. Mr. Shao took him back on his own initiative, or said...

The man was silent for a moment.

Yulan expected something, stiffened a bit and lowered his eyes.

The man said: "She has passed away."

Yulan pursed his lips.

Shao Mingyu's eyes were dim, and he said, "Alan, there are some things I can't tell you now, so I haven't mentioned it to you before. If you believe me, just listen to me, don't think about it again, wait until another paragraph Time, you will know all the truth." He let go of his hand and looked at the young man and said, "Can it be done?"

Yu Lan perceives sensitively that this may have something to do with his headache. Although there are countless doubts in his heart, after listening to Mr. Shao's words, there is also some loss.

But he trusted Mr. Shao without any conditions.

So he nodded, suppressed all the confusion, and said obediently: "Okay."

Shao Mingyu's eyes were complicated, his heart seemed to be pinched gently, and pity arose. He said, "But there is one thing, I can tell you very clearly now."

"What?" Yulan was blank.

"Your mother loves you very much." Shao Mingyu's fingertips gently stroked Yu Lan's eyes, and he said, "She didn't abandon you. She also took the name'Yu Lan'."

Yu Lan's eyes widened.


late at night.

Yu Lan was taken back to the room by the man.

He knew that Mr. Shao should be worried that he was sleeping alone tonight, and he was a little confused for a while, so he obediently followed, and after washing, he was held in his arms by the man.

Yu Lan was very obedient, didn't try to think back, suppressed all the confusion in her heart, just kept turning two words in her heart.


The eyes became sour for no reason.

Yu Lan kept reading these two words in her heart.

This is a vocabulary that has almost nothing to do with him in his 22 years of life.

Yu Lan never thought that he could have such an existence.

In the darkness, he tightened his arms holding the man's waist, and the man silently opened his eyes and hugged him.

When I got up the next day, Yu Lan's spirit would inevitably be a little unhelpful.

Shao Mingyu put on his clothes and frowned when he saw the young man's flickering.

Yu Lan was about to go out, but was suddenly dragged back by the man.

Lulan turned blankly, the man looked at him and asked, "Is it all right?"

Yu Lan shook his head.

The man looked at him for a while, lowered his head, and kissed him on the forehead.

Yulan trembled.

But this time, it wasn't just a kiss on the forehead.

After the man's lips left his forehead, Ruoruuo slipped down the bridge of his nose, and kissed the tip of his nose again.

Yulan squeezed his hands tightly, swallowed, and suddenly all the faintness disappeared, and the whole person became energetic, and his heart beat wildly.

Shao...Mr. Shao...

The man’s lips continued to drop, and when he was about to reach his turquoise lips...

Yulan's legs softened, and the man embraced his waist.

With wet blue eyes and blushing cheeks, he looked at the man in panic and shame.

Shao Mingyu smiled and jokingly said: "Are you cheering up? Little Grape?"

Yu Lan covered his face: "...Mr. Shao!"

……Mr. Shao has achieved such a level, how could he still not be able to beat himself up!

Shao Mingyu smiled lightly, took the person upright, and adjusted his collar for the young man. He constricted slightly and said, "Alan, this is your future home."

Yulan startled.

The man said: "So don't be sad, you still have your family."


Fang Pingping arrived very early, and he was no longer driving the mini car last time. The configuration was significantly upgraded. When sitting in the driver's seat and holding the steering wheel, he was even so energetic.

On this day, Yulan walked earlier than Shao Mingyu.

When the car left, the man stood on the balcony on the second floor.

When the car was out of sight, he made a call, and when the other end was connected, he slowly asked: "Have you tracked the follow-up of those omegas? Three months have not come yet, why the news has leaked out? ?"


After being disturbed by Mr. Shao's "Good Morning Kiss", Yu Lan really didn't struggle anymore.

He unconditionally believes in Mr. Shao, and then he will know everything until he can know it, and after he knows it, let go of those complicated emotions.

Fang Pingping took him to the group building where "V" magazine was located, and met the editor-in-chief of "V" on the top floor, an elegant woman.

When she saw Yulan, she almost made no secret of her appreciation.

Fang Pingping was so excited that his moustaches quivered. The three chatted for a while. When the time was almost up, Fang Pingping took Yu Lan downstairs to the shooting scene today.

After all, Yu Lan is a newcomer and hasn't received training yet. In order to seize this opportunity, he is very bold.

Fang Pingping urged all the way, when he arrived at the scene, Yu Lan was shocked by the scene.

The staff coming and going have several times more equipment than Lu Zhengzheng's studio, and the scene looks very busy.

Although Yu Lan is a newcomer, as soon as the cover of that issue was released, at least he has received a lot of attention in the circle.

Therefore, as soon as he arrived at the scene, many eyes gathered.

The photographer in charge of this event even looked at Yu Lan, thoughtfully.

Fang Pingping was more nervous than Yulan, and while nervous, he comforted: "Don't be nervous, just play like that when shooting with Lu Zhengzheng!"

In fact, he still has confidence in Yulan. The last shooting made him confirm Yulan's potential. In the absence of system training, Yulan may be able to display his own characteristics.

If it is really a messy newcomer, he would definitely not dare to bring the other person to such a scene.

Yulan nodded and took a deep breath.

Soon someone took Yulan collar away and took Yulan to dress up.

Fang Pingping was shaking his legs on the side, waited for a long time, and finally waited for someone. He turned his head to look, and was immediately stunned.

-Then, his eyes widened!