Uncle, uncle?

This vocabulary was very unfamiliar to Yu Lan, and it took him two or three seconds to react.

And the woman next to the man who claimed to be his uncle also stood up, looked at him carefully, covered her lips with red eyes and said, "Alan..."

Yu Lan looked at a loss, he took a step back and said, "You... have you found the wrong person?"

"How could you find the wrong person! By the way, you...you haven't seen us for more than ten years. It's normal if you don't remember us." The man quickly took out the phone from his pocket, turned out a photo, and handed it over. To Yu Lan, "Look, this is a photo of you when you were a kid, taken with your mother!"

Yu Lan felt inexplicable and wanted to say that not only did he not meet with them for "more than ten years", he grew up in an orphanage, and even if there were photos of him with his mother as a baby, he would not recognize him. My self at that time.

But when he glanced over the photo on the man's phone, Yu Lan was stunned.

In the photo, it is not a "baby" at all, but a boy.

Wearing a red and white short sleeve and shorts, wearing a red baseball cap, happily holding the hand of the woman beside him.

Neither of them looked at the camera, but the camera captured their faces clearly.

The boy has dark blue eyes.

And the woman, wearing a long dress and a straw hat...just like the woman that Yu Lanmeng has ever seen.

He had dreamed several times...he never saw a woman's face clearly, but the skirt swaying in the wind, the straw hat that was almost blown away by the wind, he saw clearly.

He always felt that the woman in his dream was smiling at him, and the woman in the photo was smiling beautifully.

In an instant, the goose bumps spread, and the chill went straight to his back.

what is this?

Yu Lan looked at the little boy again in astonishment.

Although his appearance was childish, he looked very different from what he is now, but those eyes almost confirmed Yu Lan that this was him.

But didn’t he grow up in an orphanage?The boy in this photo is five or six years old...

How is this going……

Yulan was stiff.

"Mr. Yu?" The bartender recalled his thoughts.

The man and the woman warned: "You...know?"

The bartender looked at Yu Lan, and Yu Lan glanced at him dullly.

The fingers were stiff, the headache started to recur, and the cold sweat came out. I shouldn't ask any more, I should leave the couple immediately.

He wanted to return to Mr. Shao.

However, the couple didn't see them answer, looked at each other anxiously, and pulled Yulan to one corner.

The bartender frowned, beckoned to the waiter, and whispered a few words.

When the man saw this, he wanted to take Yu Lan out of the bar, but Yu Lan had already slowed down, staying on the spot, and wanted to pull his hand back, stiffly saying: "Sorry, you should really find the wrong person."

"How could you find the wrong person!" The man grabbed him violently and said, "When you were six years old, you went to the amusement park with your mother and you were taken away by a trafficker! We waited for the police and waited for so many years. , I didn’t expect you to be in a fashion magazine suddenly! When did you come back? Where do you live now?"

Yulan was in a trance.

At six years old?


There is a picture that almost came out of my mind, but it was covered by a cloud of black.

Yulan's head stabbed, he covered his forehead and slipped down.

The man and the woman were stunned: "What are you doing?"

"Mr. Yu!" The waiter and bartender wanted to come over.

The man said angrily: "What are you bother about?! This is our housework! Go away!"

He stood in front of Yu Lan.

The few remaining guests in the bar looked over when they heard the sound, and someone got up and left immediately.

The bartender and the waiter didn't dare to approach easily, after all, Yu Lan was still in their hands, and although the two were beta, they were big and round, and they didn't look sensible.

However, at the same time, several security-like alphas walked into the venue and fixed their eyes on them.

The man's eyes fell sullen, and he glanced at the woman. He pulled Yulan up hard and said, "Don't say anything, come with us!"

"Who are you..." Yu Lan gritted her teeth, enduring a headache, trying to get her hands back.

"Your mother is my sister!" The man quickly said, "Your mother passed away, you will live with us in the future, we will treat you well, don't be a model! At the beginning, your mother had to be a model, she had to go The big cities are raging, but you are born after you are unmarried. In the end, neither you nor she can keep it! I won’t let you go the same way! Go!"

Yulan had a splitting headache, and his nerves jumped suddenly.

While his vision was shaking, he saw the woman draw out an injection.

The injection was filled with yellow liquid.

The turquoise pupils shrank suddenly, a chill in his heart.

Just when the woman wanted to sneak the needle into his thigh, Yulan tightened her body, slammed the man's hand, swept his leg, and fell him to the ground!

The woman was startled, and the injection was exposed to everyone's vision. Yu Lan panted, staggered a step closer, stared at her coldly and said: "Are you traffickers?"

That kind of yellow liquid medicine, Yulan has been injected dozens of times, and it is already very familiar. It is a drug.

The woman's face changed drastically: "I, we..."

"Mr. Yu!" The security guards had already rushed forward. The woman turned around and wanted to escape, but couldn't escape at all. She was rushed to the ground by the security guards!

"What are you doing in the bar! Why are you—" the man was also suppressed on the ground and roared.

The cold sweat on Yu Lan's body has wetted his T-shirt. The next second, he heard rapid footsteps and the man's gloomy voice: "Why? Just because this is my bar."

Yu Lan turned his head, and the man strode in with a few bodyguards.

Yulan's face was pale: "Mr. Shao..."

"Mr. Shao!" the bartender quickly said.

The man apparently hurried over after hearing the news, pulled Yu Lan into his arms and looked at his face, his breath was freezing cold.

"Mr. Shao, my head hurts..." Yu Lan was shaking.

Shao Mingyu calmed him with pheromone, and said to the bartender: "Call the police and prepare the car."

"Yes!" The bartender ran out quickly.

Seeing Shao Mingyu's face clearly, the man froze and did not dare to believe: "It's you?! It's you who are raising Yulan?!"

"When you arrive at the police station, you'd better explain clearly how you got the picture." Shao Mingyu said coldly.

On the way, the bartender had told him everything he had seen and heard.

After speaking, he directly hugged Yulan up.

Seeing that they were about to leave and fall into the hands of Shao Mingyu, he would not be better afterwards. The man's expression changed several times, and finally he broke the jar and cursed: "Shao Mingyu, what do you mean? Sixteen years ago, you took more care. Nosy, you will intervene in sixteen years! What does your Shao family have to do with our family?! Yulan is our child, not yours!" He was slammed on the ground and hit his nose with a nosebleed. Kuangyong, staring at the gold star, but still vaguely shouted: "Or do you also like Yulan?! Ha, think he is good-looking! Where is there so many innocent kindness in this world! You just treat Yulan as your lover? Are you raising it?!"

Before Shao Mingyu could speak, Yu Lan was already supporting his shoulders, panting, and said dumbly to the group of bodyguards: "Let him shut up."

The bodyguards were startled, and immediately said, "Yes!"

Originally worried about Mr. Yu not daring to make heavy moves, but now Mr. Yu has spoken, they are much easier to handle.

Soon, the man could only make a "woooooo" call, and could no longer speak.

Shao Mingyu said in a complicated tone: "Alan, sorry, I have many things--"

Yu Lan leaned on the man's arms, his physical strength had reached his limit, he interrupted the man, and whispered: "I said I would believe you, Mr. Shao, no matter what."

Shao Mingyu took a deep breath and walked out of the bar, holding the young man into a car.


Yulan was given a medicine.

But this time, neither the drugs nor the men's pheromones could make Yulan's situation any better.

His head was about to split, something crazily wanted to break through his mind, Yu Lan wanted to hold it back, but couldn't help it, a low pain continuously spilled out of his lips.

Shao Mingyu's face was hard to see the extreme.

Before arriving at the hospital, Yu Lan fainted.

He fell into a dream, but there was a mess in the dream.

——There is a carousel, a pirate ship.

A woman in a long dress and a straw hat held hands with him, and he shouted, "Mom, I want to eat ice cream!"

The woman said helplessly: "If you continue to eat, you will have diarrhea again!"

He coquettishly said: "Mom!"

——There is an orphanage.

In front of him was the dean with a whip. He clenched his fists, his body was stiff like a stone, and he looked up, but he couldn't see the dean's face.

——There is endless darkness, and the cage that locks him.

The fat beta son of the trafficker couple crouched in front of the cage, staring at them silently, day after day.

All the pictures were mixed together, and suddenly exploded again, exploding a hole, causing Yu Lan to fall into deeper darkness.


When Song Ze arrived at the hospital, Shao Mingyu was standing on the terrace at the end of the corridor, looking down at the photos on the phone and smoking.

Song Ze glanced at the photo on the phone of the couple and sighed.

Presumably before the couple was taken to the police station, the man's bodyguard had already asked some basic information.

The couple was indeed Yu Lan's uncle and aunt, and indeed a pair of human traffickers.

Shao Mingyu is the most clear-these two so-called Yulan relatives have never seen Yulan before, and don't know what Yulan looks like, or even what Yulan's name is.

That year, Yu Lan's mother died, and Yu Lan had been abducted.

The couple came for the inheritance, and after realizing that it was unprofitable, they left in a hurry. At that time, they had not yet begun to engage in trafficking.

They don't care about their relatives, nor their kidnapped children, and there is no news after they leave.

It’s okay to keep going like this, anyway, Yu Lan’s future life will have nothing to do with them-when Yu Lan came back, and he tried to find the contact information of the couple, but failed. Song Ze was relieved.

Unexpectedly, the fundamental reason for not being able to find contact information was that shortly after the couple left that year, they engaged in illegal activities and disappeared automatically.

They also found that photo accidentally from the hands of fellow human traffickers.

——That was the photo secretly taken in the playground when the pair of human traffickers who captured Yu Lan and stared at him.

They recognized Yu Lan's mother, and naturally understood that it was her child she was holding, and they knew that the child's name was "Yu Lan".

However, the traffickers who had captured Yu Lan were right in front of them, but they did not dare to pursue the investigation. It was enough to see that the couple did not have the slightest affection for Yu Lan.

Those turquoise eyes are unique in this world.

From childhood to adulthood, he has opened up, his childishness has faded, and many changes have taken place, but his eyes seem to have never changed.

And after many years, the couple who had the picture in their hands, the moment they saw Yulan in the magazine, they recognized him with these eyes and his name.

It was also at that moment that they, who had recently been in trouble, moved their minds.

Song Ze stepped forward and asked, "What did the doctor say?"

Shao Mingyu breathed out smoke slowly, did not answer, but said: "After going back and forth, I intend to start him receiving memory recovery treatment."

Three months have come, and the young man's physical condition has been adjusted to the best condition. After two days of relaxation, he will begin the treatment of memory recovery.

It will be a long and painful process.

But Shao Mingyu will be by his side and stay with him.

However, the appearance of the couple disrupted everything.

Song Ze also knows how bad this situation is.

This batch of omega memories abducted by human traffickers have been processed. Once the fragmented memory fragments in their minds are roughly awakened, they will realize that their memory has a very serious problem. They are likely to experience emotional breakdown and memory disorders. Wait for symptoms, and eventually fall into a coma.

This is why they only told the situation to the people who are currently taking care of these omegas.

These omegas are temporarily unable to know, and it will take about three months before their bodies, which have been mutilated by human traffickers for a long time, return to their best condition before they can begin memory therapy and slowly repair their memories.

But no one expected the appearance of the couple!

"You didn't know that they had the photo in their hands and recognized Yulan, and you didn't know that they would get Yulan's idea so soon." Song Ze sighed, "Many things are unexpected."

Just like the previously unintentionally leaked news-many of these omegas have been taken away by families from all over, and those people are actually relatives of omegas.

They couldn't tell the truth about these omegas until the omegas' memories were restored. However, the accident still occurred. Some omegas knew about it. They were crazy, unconscious, and urgently treated. After waking up, they accidentally revealed the news.

As for Yu Lan, not only Shao Mingyu, but Song Ze also thought that the couple would only become strangers with Yu Lan.

Shao Mingyu let Yulan take the road of modeling, hoping to let young people grow up and live freely.

Who would have thought that when young people appear in front of the public, they will attract mice that have disappeared for more than ten years and should not have known young people in their cognition.

Shao Ming said coldly, "Has this case been handed over to you?"

"Yes, so don't worry." Song Ze paused and said, "Also, the previous trial of the traffickers will be next week."

At this moment, someone came over and said, "Mr. Shao, Mr. Yu is awake!"


Yu Lan felt like she had slept for a long time.

When he was conscious, he knew that something had changed.

The chaotic picture in his mind slowly became clear.

Although not much, it is enough to make Yu Lan clear that there have been major problems in his memory.

He always thought that the woman in the long skirt and straw hat was just a dream of him, but it wasn't.

That was the person who did exist in his memory, his "mother".

So how about the voice of that immature boy who appeared in his dream several times?

In a trance, Yu Lan still remembered that Song Ze asked him three months ago when he was taking notes in the spacecraft.

"How did your aircraft lose control, remember?"

"I pressed a set of buttons." Yu Lan honestly reported the button combination.

"It's you?" Song Ze was stunned for a moment. "How do you know that set of buttons?"

Yu Lan hesitated.

Finally, he said: "I just pressed it casually. I didn't expect that this set of buttons would make the aircraft lose control."

Song Ze looked at him for a moment and recorded it, but said: "This group of buttons is a bug only in old aircraft, but not many people know about it."

Yulan tightened his hands.

The fact is that he did not press that group of buttons "randomly."

But that is unexplainable.

——In countless dreams in the past dark years, there was a childish male voice beside him, telling him time and time again: "Just press like this and the entire aircraft system will collapse. This is a bug of the old aircraft. No aircraft on the market now has this problem."

And the little one in the dream also seemed to understand, and sighed again and again: "Brother, you are amazing!"

"Then do you understand?"

"Understood!" Yulan replied briskly, "Also remember!"

He remembered.

He remembered.

Therefore, in that aircraft, when the traffickers and couple in the front seat were a little sleepy because of the long voyage, Yu Lan quietly opened his eyes in the back seat, found the emergency control panel window in the corner, and opened it.

The couple thought he was in a coma, but the drug hadn't had such a strong effect on him, and he stayed awake all the way.

He was awake and remembered what the boy said in his dream.

For no reason, there was an instinct in his heart that prompted him to press the set of buttons again and again according to what the boy in the dream taught him.

The next second, the aircraft lost control, rotated, and hovered.

Yu Lan's life also had a pause here.

He knew that this was his only chance to change his future.

And this opportunity was given to him by the boy in the dream.

That boy, just like the woman in the dream, had truly appeared in his memory, in his life.

When Yu Lan opened her eyes, tears slipped from the corners of her eyes.

The man leaned down and looked at him by the bed, frowning: "Alan?"

Yulan spoke, his voice was dry, and he choked up: "Brother, I remember it all."