Before leaving, Fang Pingping rushed over.

He didn't know what happened, only that something happened to Yulan. Seeing that he seemed to have recovered at the moment, he was relieved and did not dare to ask more.

In fact, Yu Lan knew that if it weren't for Mr. Shao to be with him, he might not have been able to calm down so quickly. After realizing that his memory had been drastically tampered with by human traffickers, his emotions broke down a bit. .

"That's right." Before leaving, Fang Pingping hesitated and asked, "The studio is planning to buy an apartment for the model. Would you like to keep one for you?"

Yu Lan was stunned.

Fang Pingping felt that Yu Lan lived well in the manor’s manor, and he didn't need an apartment, but he just asked about it.

Unexpectedly, Yu Lan really thought about it seriously.

Fang Pingping was shocked: "Do you really want to move out?"

Yu Lan was also surprised: "Didn't you ask me?"

"..." Fang Pingping wiped his face, "Then, then do you want it?"

"I think about it, after I go back, I will tell you again, okay?" Yu Lan asked.

What can Fang Pingping say, he can only say: "...Okay, then you can tell me if you think about it."

After leaving the ward, he regretted his excessive talk, hesitating to tell the boss, and finally slipped away.

——Maybe Yulan said not to go back.

Before Yu Lan and Shao Mingyu officially set off, the doctor gave Yu Lan the first memory treatment and erased all the memories of the orphanage in Yu Lan's mind.

"Clearing" does not mean to completely delete those memories from Yu Lan's mind, but to let his brain fully understand that this part of the memory is a foreign existence such as "novels" and "movies", not Yu Lan itself. The past experienced.

When the treatment was over, it happened to be the afternoon of this planet, and the sky was gloomy and there was thunder.

Shao Mingyu subconsciously took the people around him into his arms, but found that the young man was watching the lightning in the sky with no fear on his face.

After a pause, Shao Mingyu let go.

However, the youth took the initiative to hug him and rubbed his shoulder.

"Alan?" Shao Mingyu's voice was low and soft.

Yu Lan said softly: "They add the memory of the orphanage to us, just to shock us."

And that memory, for these omegas, is undoubtedly a shadowy existence.

The man put his arms around his shoulders and said, "They won't have a chance to come out again."

"But there are many traffickers in this world."

They fled between the stars wantonly.

The vastness of the universe has become their umbrella.

"But some people have never given up." The man said.

The two looked at each other.

Yu Lan suddenly said: "I love you, Mr. Shao."

Shao Mingyu was slightly startled.

"I love you, Brother Shao." In the young man's dark blue eyes, only the figure of a man was reflected.

Shao Mingyu's eyes darkened and his breathing became heavy. He lifted his turquoise chin, kissed his lips, and said dumbly: "I love you too, Alan."


After the departure, Yu Lan was also completely refreshed.

Mr. Shao said that he and his mother originally lived on a planet in the secondary star field.

During the summer vacation when Mr. Shao was ten years old, he lived with his grandpa in the house on that planet for a period of time. That is why he met Yulan in the playground of that planet.

Yu Lan tried hard to recall the day sixteen years ago, and looked at the man curiously.

The man raised his eyebrows slightly: "What are you looking at?"

"Mr. Shao, you loved to play when you were a kid!" Yu Lan vaguely remembers that day, when he took his mother's hand into the game console center, Mr. Shao, who was still a boy at the time, was already playing with a machine. , "There were two bodyguards with you that day, right?"

"You remember more and more?" The man chuckled and rubbed his head.

"Mr. Shao, you are completely different now from when you were a kid!" Yu Lan leaned in front of the man and looked at him carefully.

Today, Mr. Shao is mature and stable. Just looking at his current appearance, I am afraid that no one can think of Mr. Shao's side when he was a child.

Shao Mingyu laughed, thought about it, and said: "Compared with when you were a child, you have not changed much."

The experience in the hands of the traffickers added a haze to the youth, but it did not completely conceal the youth's sunshine and innocence.

The two talked and laughed somehow.

Yu Lan asked, "Mr. Shao, did your primary school classmates know which side you had?"

"I don't know." The man said slowly, "I don't like to show that side in front of people I don't know."

Yulan's lips curled up: "But I saw Mr. Shao's side!"

Mr. Shao who is capricious and childish.

Shao Mingyu also smiled.

Shao Mingyu took Yu Lan to the building where he and his mother once lived.

Sixteen years later, the buildings that were very rudimentary at that time are now even more dilapidated, and it seems that few families still live in them.

Yu Lan stood outside the building, counting the floors in a daze.

The first floor, the second floor, the third floor, the fourth floor...Ah, he remembered it, he and his mother seemed to live on the fifth floor, the the east.

The turquoise eyes fixed on the rust-proof window with a hole.

He vaguely remembered that in the past years, when he returned home countless times, he could see the clothes hanging there.

They went upstairs and went into the house to see.

One room and two halls, empty, with cobwebs in the corners, I don't know how long no one has lived in.

But Yu Lan can also vaguely remember that there is always a small dolphin doll that his mother caught from the claw machine hanging in the hallway. On the opposite wall, there was originally a small beige sofa facing the TV.

There are a few pots of his mother's favorite flowers and grasses by the bay window, and Yulan always likes to put his little turtles by the window to bask in the sun.

and also……

Shao Mingyu walked to the wall near the bedroom and said, "There used to be a lot of photos hanging here."

Yu Lan also walked over.

"After your mother was hospitalized, I sent someone to help her clean up all the things here and withdraw the rent." Shao Mingyu whispered, "Those things are still in the manor now."

Yu Lan was surprised: "In the manor?"

"Yeah." Shao Mingyu smiled, "It's kept in a warehouse at the back."

"Mr. Shao..." Yulan's nose was sour again.

"Are you going to become a little crying bag?" Shao Mingyu scratched his blue nose.

Yu Lan whispered: "I really didn't like to cry before."

"Of course I know."

As a child, Alan would not cry even if he fell on the ground, but would just get up immediately, as if nothing had happened before, ran towards him excitedly and shouted: "Big brother, Big brother, let's play that!"

Thinking of that summer, Shao Mingyu's eyes softened even more.

Yu Lan went to the room of herself and his mother again, feeling mixed.

He knew that a lot of his memories would have to be retrieved slowly, and he was impatient, but he always felt that a piece was missing in his heart.

He asked: "Mr. Shao, what disease did my mother later get sick with?"

Shao Mingyu was silent for a moment, and said: "...Cancer, in fact, the day I met you, she already had symptoms."

This was what the woman murmured to tell him when she was sitting on the bedside after the diagnosis.

During that time, she always felt backache and stomach upset.

That summer, shortly after bidding farewell to Shao Mingyu when she was a child, her stomach hurt again.

She thought it was because she ate ice cream with the two children. When the symptoms appeared, she broke out in cold sweat, and her head was a little dizzy. After entering the toilet, she vomited.

Before that, she hurriedly said to Yu Lan, waiting for her mother outside the toilet.

But when she went out, the child was gone.

Yu Lan was speechless.

It was uncomfortable in his heart, but he couldn't even remember what happened in the short moment when they separated.

He grabbed Shao Mingyu's shirt.

Shao Mingyu's eyes were filled with pity, and he stroked his face and kissed him.

And when the two of them stood at the playground where they had met, time seemed to go back 16 years.

Yu Lan looked at the flower bed not far away, and could almost imagine his mother sitting there in a long skirt in despair.

And he stood there for a long time, watching the woman on the other side of the torrent of time.

If there were no traffickers, what would the mother and son be like?

His mother is a model, but she is also an unfamiliar model. In order to pursue her dream, she will come from the third-level star domain to the second-level star domain. Unfortunately, the realization of her dream is too difficult. After giving birth to Yulan, she The work is less.

But if Yu Lan is not captured by the traffickers, will she still have a chance to realize her dream after everything has stabilized?

And her illness.

If Yu Lan was not captured by the traffickers, would she realize sooner that she should go to the hospital quickly, would she be able to actively engage in treatment, and would she survive with advanced medical technology?

Unfortunately, there is no if.

Finally, in the cemetery, looking at the tombstone, and on the tombstone, the woman smiling in the small picture, Yulan wiped her tears, and muttered: "Mr. Shao, I like the way I am now. Me. I want to go on..."

This is the road his mother once loved.

Inadvertently, their mother and son had been separated for sixteen years and then came back together again.

Yu Lan wanted to go, and if he went, maybe he could realize his mother's unfinished dream.

In front of the tombstone, the man held his hand tightly.


After returning to the manor, Yulan quickly underwent a second memory treatment.

Uncle Liu and Aunt Jiang thoroughly understood Yulan's situation, and they both felt distressed.

It was only then that they understood what had been stored in the warehouse at the back, and hurriedly shouted to rearrange them.

Although it is not messy there, it is not often cleaned, there is always some dust accumulated.

Yu Lan couldn't laugh or cry, not in a hurry.

He felt that it would be good for him to organize it slowly when he can free up time.

After resting for two days in the manor and recovering completely, Yu Lan and Fang Pingping went to see You Qing once and signed the contract.

The show in the next quarter is still a bit far away, but some filming work will begin soon.

After making an appointment, You Qing looked at Yulan and said, "I feel like you are a little different from the previous time?"

It is hard to say that it is different, but it can be clearly felt that some changes have taken place in the youth.

-More attractive changes.

Yu Lan thought for a while and smiled: "Well, I just became more determined on this path."

You Qing blinked: "Trust me, this road is for you."

Youqing wasn't the only one who noticed that Yu Lan had changed.

"V" held a fashion dinner, and the editor-in-chief invited Yu Lan over, and when he met him, he sighed like You Qing.

The issue of "V", which happened to be on the inside page of Yu Lan, was just released. His newcomer in the fashion circle once again aroused strong discussions on the Internet, and won the attention of many people at the dinner.

Today he was wearing a formal suit that Mr. Shao later asked the designer to tailor for him. All his hair was wiped back, revealing a smooth forehead. The advantages of this face became more obvious.

It is the first time that Yu Lan has used this hairstyle, and always feels a bit awkward, but Fang Pingping keeps saying: "It's very beautiful, very handsome! Keep your chest up!"

Yu Lan is also not very good at this kind of scene, and has been hiding in the corner for drinking, but it is a pity that no matter where he hides, his eyes seem to follow him.

He also ran into Wen Qiong. Wen Qiong was still the same as the last time he met, smiling and asking him: "Really not interested in the entertainment industry? Your face is an absolute advantage in the industry."

Yu Lan didn't know why Wen Qiong would persevere to him, shook his head and refused: "Sorry, I still want to be a model first."

Wen Qiong shrugged, and suddenly said, "How are you and Mr. Shao?"

Yu Lan was shocked, before he had time to speak, a tall man walked over and took Wen Qiong's shoulders.

Wen Qiong paused and showed a gentle smile when he looked at each other.

The other party also looked down at him and curled his lips.

Everyone noticed the ambiguity between the two.

Wen Qiong smiled apologetically to Yu Lan: "Sorry, let's talk next time." After speaking, she turned and left with the man.

Yu Lan suddenly remembered that he had mistaken Wen Qiong for his love rival before, but the last time he met in the restaurant, although he was drunk, he vaguely remembered Mr. Shao’s attitude towards Wen Qiong, or even seemed to be somewhat indifferent. disgusting.

But Wen Qiong looks like...

"Why does Wen Qiong seem to be interested in you?" Fang Pingping muttered.

Yulan frowned.

Fang Pingping didn't think much, and whispered in Yu Lan's ear: "Speaking of which, Wenqiong has been circulating in the circle that there is a gold master, but he did not expect it to be..."

The alpha that was holding Wen Qiong's shoulder just now?

Yu Lan asked puzzledly: "Who is that person?"

Fang Pingping started to gossip about "Balabara". He is the boss of a certain group and the young master of the top wealthy. His level of wealth is comparable to that of Mr. Shao...

Fang Pingping said, feeling a little complicated.

Compared to the newcomer Yu Lan, although Wen Qiong is the top performer in the entertainment industry and is considered to be the group at the top of the pyramid, Fang Pingping always felt that Yu Lan was more fortunate.

As Yu Lan listened, there was some subtlety in his heart. He looked back at Wen Qiong and saw that the time was almost up, so he said goodbye to the editor in chief and walked out of the venue.

Today it happened that Mr. Shao was eating out with the client, and he decided to stay in this hotel, just above them.

Before the dinner, Mr. Shao said that he would send a message when he was ready.

After Yu Lan sent the message, a nervous voice suddenly came from behind: "Please wait!"

He turned his head subconsciously, a large cluster of roses squeezed in front of him, startled him, and took a step back.

Some people passing by around looked over, Fang Pingping reacted, and immediately stood in front of Yulan, but the man desperately wanted to squeeze through, blushing and said: "The flowers and flowers were just bought by my assistant. , Please accept it, and associate with me, Yulan!"

Some people in the venue noticed the movement at the door, Fang Pingping was a little crazy, and shouted to Yu Lan: "You go first, you go first!"

Yu Lan recognized that this man seemed to be in the evening banquet hall today, and vaguely remembered that this man had been watching him several times, but he did not expect that he would leave. The other party would suddenly come out, nodded and turned to run. It happened to ran into the man and Assistant Lin who were walking down the stairs.

Lin Yu was surprised: "Mr. Yu!"

"Mr. Shao! Lin Zhu!" Yu Lan hurried over.

Shao Mingyu squinted at the man holding the rose not far away, his face was dark, and he hooked his turquoise waist.

And the man holding the rose saw Shao Mingyu's face and his movements clearly, dumbfounded.

Yu Lan pushed Shao Mingyu: "Mr. Shao, go go!"

The man stared at a short distance without expression, until the other person took the rose back in horror and hid it behind him, then turned and left with Yulan.

Yu Lan's heart was lingering, and when she recovered, she found that the man's face was not right, even Lin Zhu's face was very subtle!

Yu Lan tugged at the man's sleeve and asked in a low voice, "Mr. Shao, what's wrong with you? I'm angry? I don't even know him or talk to him!"

There is no need to be so angry.

It just so happened that they had already reached the car in the underground parking lot.

Lin Yu looked at the boss awkwardly, but the boss did not respond.

Lin Yu looked at Yulan again, Yulan was even more confused, and there were three question marks on his head.

Lin Yu sighed and opened the back seat door for them.

Blunt walked over blankly, and then stopped in front of the car door.

... In the back seat, there was a bunch of super big red roses quietly.

Yulan: "..."