It's over.

Yu Lan didn't know why it was "finished", just thinking about it--it was finished.

He fled back to his room in one breath, closed the door, slid and sat down, panting, his heart beating hard.

Mr. Shao's pheromone was agitated in his body. Because it was not a temporary mark, it quickly spilled out, resulting in a faint woody fragrance in the entire room.

Yulan's head was still dizzy, she didn't have any strength, and she was still weak.

He suddenly heard footsteps outside the door, his body trembled, and the blush on his face became heavier, as if he was drunk.

Shao, Mr. Shao...

Yulan's breathing was hot.

The footsteps stopped behind him, across a door.

Yulan licked her lips subconsciously, and her Adam's apple rolled.

The man slowly said outside the door: "The trial will be tomorrow. Do you want to go with me?"

Yu Lan was startled.

The trial of the few human traffickers?

After a moment of silence, Yu Lan spoke, her voice terribly dumb: "Not going anymore."

He didn't want to see those people again.

"I see." The man said in a low voice, "then rest early."

"Mr. Shao!" Yu Lan called.

The door was quiet, and the man seemed to be waiting for him to speak.

Yulan blushed and said, "Then, get that bunch of roses back for me, I, I want."

Then he heard a light laugh outside the door.

Yu Lan covered his face.


Yu Lan called Wen Zicheng for help.

At the beginning of his speech, Wen Zicheng guessed something and shouted: "What's the matter? What's the matter? You slept with your Mr. Shao?!"

"Yes, not yet!" Yu Lan said, covering his face.

In fact, he was really ready for what happened to Mr. Shao... If Mr. Shao really wanted to mark it permanently, he and he would not be able to speed up the progress of learning... But the kiss just now made Yu Lan realize , Mr. Shao is not so gentle all the time!

He was really scared!

Yu Lan was too embarrassed to tell Wen Zicheng so clearly, but he said it in pieces, and the old driver Wen Zicheng still understood, and said meaningfully: "Oh, I was scared."

"Yeah..." Yu Lan nodded and whispered, "Mr. Shao has never been so'fierce'."

"Do you hate it then?"

"I don't hate it..." Yu Lan continued to whisper.

...But also a little scared.

"How long has passed since he kissed you?"

"One, an hour..."

"For an hour, I haven't calmed down yet, so I still have to call me." Wen Zicheng paused, and smiled evilly, "Alan, you seem to be memorable?"

Yu Lan: "!!!"

He panicked: "How can I!"

"Have you taken a bath?" Wen Zicheng asked slowly.

Yu Lan looked at her well-worn clothes at a loss.

"Sit on the bed? Or a chair? Or the ground?"

Yu Lan quickly got up from the ground.

"It's been an hour. If you haven't gone to take a shower, you just sit on the floor and think stupidly now, what is this aftertaste?" Wen Zicheng let out the old driver's laughter, "I think you regret running away now. Are you back?"

"The store manager!!!" Yulan frowned.

He circled around in the room, neither sitting nor sitting, his face flushed, and he felt weak.

"Hahahahahaha!" Wen Zicheng laughed wildly.

When he finished laughing, he graciously said: "You, do you really think alpha is such a gentle creature?"

Yulan's footsteps must be.

"Your Mr. Shao has always been so gentle to you, he loves you, but as long as he loves you enough, he will have the most essential possessiveness of alpha to you." Wen Zicheng lowered his voice, and his tone was particularly rippling, "This This kind of possessiveness is very fierce. If it is not fierce, how could it be possible to break the set in the process of forming a knot of love?"

Yulan retracted back to the ground again, bleeding from the tips of her ears.

"However, you don't need to be afraid. I think your Mr. Shao shouldn't lose his sense of measure to hurt you, but you have to adapt to the most primitive side of alpha. After you adapt..." Wen Zicheng happily said , "In fact, it's much cooler than the gentle hanging one!"

Yulan: "..."

He didn't know what to say anymore, and there were many discordant images in his head.

After a long time, Yu Lan squeezed out: "If the set breaks...I, should I take medicine?"

"...Puff!" Wen Zicheng couldn't help it.

Yu Lan: "...Manager!"

Wen Zicheng: "Puff...haha...have you already thought of this step?!"

Yu Lan blushed: "Otherwise!"

Permanent marking requires so much consideration!

"Your current career has just begun. Getting pregnant too early will always have an impact. Which side do you think is more important?"

Yu Lan hesitated and touched her belly.

If it is Mr. Shao... he thinks he is not afraid of getting pregnant, but he really has to consider his career.Even if you don't want him, you have to think about the uncle.

"However, I don't think you need to worry too much about this. Your Mr. Shao should pay attention to this." Wen Zicheng said helplessly.

"Not the store manager, you said...alpha would be better...can't help it?" Yu Lan gritted his teeth.

"Yes, but in order to love someone, I have to restrain it." Wen Zicheng smiled thiefly, "Who calls them alpha? Let them worry about it!"

Yu Lan and Wen Zicheng talked for a long time, and finally calmed down slowly.

Wen Zicheng also reminded: "Permanent marking can be done anytime, but no matter what, you must do it again during the estrus, because the permanent marking is the deepest during the estrus, so you will have less pain in the estrus later. a little."

In fact, once the permanent mark is made, every time after the alpha, it will not help but form a knot, which is to continuously deepen the permanent mark and continuously deepen the relationship with their omega.

The permanent mark made during the estrus period is definitely the most profound. It is the mark made in the most extreme state. This is also when alpha wants to mark a certain omega, it will become eager for the omega during the estrus period. the reason.

It's all instinct.

Yu Lan endured the situation, listened carefully, then hung up the phone.

At this time, it was already time for Mr. Shao to kiss him, and two hours had passed.

Yu Lan sat on the ground, leaning against the bed, and dumbly thought about the fierce kiss in the car just now, and after thinking about it for a long time he recovered... He jumped up annoyed and ran to the bathroom!


Yu Lan had a dream all night, fighting with Mr. Shao's fairies in the dream, and even felt a little collapsed when she got up the next morning.

After washing, he took a deep breath, opened the door, and saw the bouquet of roses at his door.

Yu Lan raised the corners of her lips and hugged the roses, intending to find a vase to keep them for a few more days, but went downstairs happily, but found that Mr. Shao had already left, she was immediately a little disappointed.

There is still shooting work today, but this time it is in another magazine.

During the shooting, Yu Lan noticed that some of the gazes around him were a little subtle, so he thought about it and asked Fang Pingping: "Did something happen?"

"Don't you know?" Fang Pingping was a little surprised.

Yu Lan usually thinks that some software pushes too much, so he shuts down the push, and he hasn't developed the habit of using Xingbo in the morning.

But now he remembered it. In the morning he saw Wen Zicheng's message and asked him "Are you okay?"

He thought that the store manager was talking about the same thing last night, and he left it out after he answered "It's okay". Now he realized that it might not be the case.

He reached out to Fang Pingping for his mobile phone. Fang Pingping struggled a bit and said, "Alan, I don't think you need to care too much about these things. You are now a public figure and also of the Silver Moon clan. It is normal for you to criticize. You don’t know how bad Wen Qiong was scolded when he first received the actor award..."

Yu Lan said helplessly: "But, what happened to me, I have to know, don't worry, uncle, I am not that vulnerable."

When he decided to take this path seriously and try it out, Mr. Shao also asked him if he could bear the countless negative information brought by the current online world.

It is definitely not just a simple quarrel between Kuroko and fans. In countless extreme disputes, something more will definitely appear.

But Yu Lan knew that once in the wider world, Mr. Shao would not be able to completely protect him.

However, it is impossible for him to stay in the arms of Mr. Shao, like a child.

Fang Pingping sighed, and finally handed over the phone.

The incident broke out in the middle of the night, and now the online remarks are the result of a wave of cleanups sent by the big brothers, but some people still inevitably abuse it.

He thought that Yu Lan had already seen it after getting up in the morning. When meeting Yu Lan, he was quite normal. He also thought about Yu Lan's mental quality. He didn't expect that this child would not even know what happened. What happened.

Didn't the boss remind him?

Fang Pingping was puzzled.

Yu Lan took a look at Xingbo and realized that the cause of the incident was that the jeweler of a certain jewelry brand reposted the photos of the inside pages of his latest issue of the magazine, expressing his love and appreciation. This behavior immediately caused strong dissatisfaction.

The spokespersons of this brand have always been actresses in the style of virgin women. The brand image has distinctive features, and the big young man himself has an outstanding appearance and a high sense of presence in the public, so there are also a large number of female fans.

After he expressed his favor to Yu Lan, the fans who didn't understand Yu Lan climbed to check Yu Lan's information, and those who knew Yu Lan were already scolding.

"The spokesperson won't be replaced by him?"

"Looking for the endorsement of Yinyue clan? Is the brand image gone?"

"Hey, hey, my husband is fond of little fairies!"

"The taste is getting more and more vulgar!"

"Boycott the Yinyue clan! The Yinyue clan is nothing on the table. If you dare to let this Yinyue clan endorse, I will never buy your things again!"

"Boycott +1!"


Yu Lan scanned these remarks without any expression on her face.

Fang Pingping was a little nervous on the side.

After Yulan's issue of the magazine was photographed yesterday, his fans skyrocketed, but relatively speaking, more people hated him.

Speaking of it, although Yu Lan has already signed the endorsement contract for Yuan, Fang Pingping will inevitably become worried after the incident in the middle of the night.

In the entertainment and fashion circles, there are many Yinyue people, but few can reach the top.

Although Wen Qiong won the actor award, the traffic is also top, but it is still not "top", he can't get into some areas in the circle.

The same is true in the fashion circle. There are well-known Silvermoon models, but several major blue blood brands have never used Silvermoon models as endorsements because the current Silvermoon models are really not good, or fans resist, or these blue blood brands. The blood brand doesn't look down on Yinyue at all, which is a problem.

Although Fang Pingping felt that Yu Lan could become a superstar, these problems would also become a stone lying in front of Yu Lan, and it would be very difficult to cross over.

Yu Lan saw someone scolding, why did the photos with good photos be harmonized, and the next group of people echoed, Yu Lan was a little confused, and then flipped down to find out that someone should have posted his photos in the red light district. It means "roll back to the red light district when it's a silver moon, don't come out to pollute the vision of others".

Yulan was a little surprised.

There are so many people on the Internet who are irrational.

But he is not being scolded one-sidedly, and there are many people who are helping him to scold him back.

Yu Nian, who had cooperated with him once, scolded very harshly and stunned some sunspots. You Qing even forwarded Xingbo to support Yulan in the first time and released some signals, which was shocked. A group of people.

Among the two, Yu Nian and Yu Lan did not exchange contact information at all, but the other party was willing to do it for him, and You Qing also "do good deeds without leaving a name", and supported Yu Lan on the Internet, but did not mention it with Yu Lan in private. Yu Lan is very grateful for the matter.

And his new fans are fighting fiercely.

As for why the photos are harmonized...

Yu Lan sent a private message to Yu Nian and You Qing directly on Xingbo to express his gratitude, and then hid in the corner and secretly called the man.

The call was quickly connected.

Neither of them spoke for a while.

Still Yu Lan said slyly: "Shao, Mr. Shao, have you seen things on the Internet?"

Before the man had time to speak, Yu Lan had a strong desire for survival and said: "What big son of that jewelry brand, I don't know... You, don't be jealous..."

The man paused and laughed: "You just want to say this?"

Yu Lan was stunned, and cautiously said: "Otherwise?"

"Aren't you angry? Aren't you sad?" The man whispered, "Alan, can you bear this?"

Yu Lan suddenly realized that Mr. Shao didn't mention the matter with him, but waited for him to take the initiative to call, perhaps to let him fully understand what he would encounter after embarking on this path.

That is no longer an imaginary abuse.

It is something that exists in reality, naked, distorted, scary, and dark.

Mr. Shao hopes that he can really think clearly.

However, Yu Lan only raised the corners of her lips.

Obviously, he scolded so badly on the Internet, but at this moment, he only felt the attention and love of men all the time.

"Mr. Shao, at that time, my mother was a lot harder to walk than I am now." Yu Lan said warmly.

Shao Mingyu was silent.

In fact, everyone knows that until now, some Silver Moon tribes who have tried hard to follow the right path have had a hard time walking.

People of the same race watched indifferently from behind, and countless people from the outside pointed at them in front, disgusting and contemptuous.

But if you want to be afraid, you will really stay where you are and cannot move forward.

Yu Lan whispered: "These things are not that scary. I want to make some changes more than I am afraid."

Whether it's changing the outside world's opinion, changing the path that more Yinyue people choose, or something else... Yu Lan only knows that he wants to make a "change".

But this is just an idea at the moment, and it needs to be considered for implementation. Yu Lan put the matter down first and chuckled: "Mr. Shao, you helped me with things online, right?"

Listening to the tone of the youth, it seems that it is really not affected. Shao Mingyu feels relieved, but also said: "But those remarks cannot be completely eliminated."

"Well, it doesn't matter, those remarks can't hurt me." Yu Lan is still very happy, "I love you, Brother Shao!"

The man had a meal and jokingly said: "It seems that it has been relieved?"

Yu Lan didn't react at once, and when he realized that the man was talking about the kiss last night, his face turned red again, and his mouth hesitated to respond.

The man's voice is low and magnetic: "Ikehiko is going to have a party tonight, are you going to have fun?"

"You, if you go, I'll go..." Yu Lan blushed honestly.

When he put down the phone, Yu Lan ran into Fang Pingping's very complicated eyes.

Just after watching the online scolding war, I can chat with my boyfriend casually when I look back, and I also talked about the newcomer with pink bubbles. This is also the first one.


After the shooting, Yu Lan got in the car sent by Mr. Shao to pick him up and drove all the way to the suburbs. In the evening, he arrived at a villa.

There are many people in the villa, all young men and women, dressed very beautifully, eating, drinking, and dancing to the music. It is very lively.

Yu Lan was at a loss at first, but fortunately someone came over and asked with a smile: "Hello, is this Mr. Yu?"

Yu Lan quickly said: "I am."

"Please follow me." The person who looks like a butler said politely, "Mr. Shao and Mr. Chi are both inside."

On the balcony on the second floor of the villa, a few people were sitting there chatting.

One of them smiled and said, "Speaking of which, Mr. Shao still has a manor. We haven't even gone in to see it. Isn't it lonely to live in such a big manor?

The man lowered his eyes and smoked, Chi Yan sat beside him with Erlang's legs tilted, and said with a smile: "Hid a little angel inside, what a deserted one!"

Several people were taken aback for a moment, staring at each other.

This means...

By coincidence, Yu Lan followed the butler up.

Chi Yan saw it and poked the man next to him with his elbow: "Little angel is here."

The man twitched his cigarette and curled his lips.