During the day, when Shao Mingyu was seated at the trial site, there was no sound around him. Everyone was waiting quietly. The atmosphere was beyond words.

The police dug at both ends along the line of the traffickers and dug up a lot of things.

For example, the "customer" of a human trafficker also includes the businessman who bought Yulan.

The reputation is not small, in the eyes of the outside world, he is also a successful entrepreneur and kind philanthropist. However, several omega corpses were buried in the back mountain of the house, and there were two scarred omegas locked in the basement.

People have been arrested a long time ago, but the news has not spread, so there are not many people who know yet...but it is only temporarily.

For example, orphanages-yes, most of the orphanages in the minds of omegas do not exist, but not all of them. It is true that some omegas are sold by individual orphanages. This is probably also the "inspiration for the traffickers to tamper with the memory of the omegas." source".

Numerous information was presented throughout the court trial, and when Shao Mingyu walked down the steps of the court, he received a call from the youth.

On the other side of the phone, the young man’s tone was brisk and his voice was slightly sweet, but what Shao Mingyu recalled in his mind was the dark and dirty cage, the blood-stained walls, and the discarded branches in the corner of the used inhibitors. , Mystery Potion, and the federal contraband that has been used for an unknown number of times-some memory modifiers still sold in the interstellar underground black market.

In fact, he always wanted to ask Yulan how many times he was drugged before he became resistant to drugs.

He also wanted to ask Yulan how many times he struggled before letting traffickers inject him with drugs again and again.

However, these questions were suppressed by him at the very beginning. After that, he should continue to keep these questions in his heart.

At this moment, in the grove--

After listening to the young man's words, Shao Mingyu couldn't help but still kissed the opponent's forehead, brow bone, nose tip, and lips, full of pity.

Yu Lan closed his eyes, felt the man's kiss, and seemed to be able to feel the man's emotions. He muttered: "Mr. Shao, it really doesn't matter..."

The man kissed tightly behind his ear, and slowly said, "I feel bad."

Yulan's eyes were sore, and he hugged the man silently.

Shao Mingyu has been looking for this child for 16 years, but in fact, afterwards, the child almost became what he imagined.

Is Yu Lan really still in this world?

do not know.

He only knew that this child had dark blue eyes, the pheromone was grape-flavored, and his favorite dessert taste was also grape-flavored. He liked small animals and admired his mother.

After really seeing this child and bringing this child home, "Yu Lan" changed from fantasy to reality, but Shao Mingyu had been at a loss for a while.

I don't know how to get along with him, nor how to arrange his future.

But now, he just thought about how good it would be if he could give this child more love earlier, earlier, and he felt distressed.

Shao Mingyu suddenly said: "Alan, let's get married."

Yu Lan widened her eyes in astonishment.

The man let go of him with a calm expression, not as if he was joking: "Find a time to meet my family, and then go get the certificate."

Yu Lan stammered: "Yes, will it be too fast? And I said, I want to be better, and then marry Mr. Shao..." In the last half of the sentence, Yu Lan said very weakly.

Shao Mingyu chuckled and said, "I remember everything you said, but I still can't help it. What should I do?"

Can't help but want to love him better, want to give him everything.

He rubbed his fingers against the blue cheeks, and said warmly: "You don't need to be nervous, I'm just asking you to marry me. If you still don't want to, you can refuse me."

Yulan swallowed.


At this moment, there was movement behind him. The man looked back and said, "Let's go, go home."


Along the way, Yu Lan was secretly staring at the man, her small face full of entanglement.

Shao Mingyu noticed, but didn't say anything, his lips were slightly raised.

When he returned to the room, Yu Lan was in a daze again, and subconsciously wanted to call the store manager, but when he saw that it was a bit late, he withdrew his hand. He couldn't think of a reason, so he had to take a bath and sleep in a daze.

There was nothing on the second day. After the class, Yu Lan took the little Mars for a walk, emptied his brain, and after returning, he thought about it and called Lu Zheng.

Since that shooting, the two have not had much contact. Yu Lan only learned from Fang Pingping that although Lu Zhengzheng has not started much work recently, he is in a good mood.

Lu Zhengzheng was surprised when he received Yu Lan's call. When asked about something, Yu Lan said, "I want to take a group of photos."

Lu Zhengzheng hesitated and said, "...you thought it yourself?"

"Well, I haven't discussed it with the uncle, it's my own idea."

Lu Zhengzheng pondered for a moment, and asked, "What is the subject?"

Yu Lan spoke.

After listening to Lu Zheng, he got excited, and said enthusiastically, "You kid, you're pretty brave. But where is this shooting location?"

"I..." Yu Lan hesitated and said, "I want to think about it again."

In the evening, Yu Lan went out, had a meal with Fang Pingping, and discussed the matter.

Fang Pingping was also surprised by his thoughts, wondering whether to let Yu Lan do such a bold thing.

Yu Lan only said: "Uncle, I want to make some changes."

And this is the beginning.

Fang Pingping looked at him for a few seconds before losing the battle, thinking about it carefully, and saying, "Okay, I support you!"

Yu Lan smiled happily.

After eating, Yu Lan hesitated and called Mr. Shao again.

Tonight, the man didn’t return to the manor because he wanted to eat with others. It was almost nine o’clock now, so it should be almost...

When the phone was connected, the background sound was still slightly noisy, and Yu Lan asked with a blushing face: "Mr. Shao, are you over there? I just finished dinner with the uncle, do you want to go back together?"

"Okay." The man chuckles, "You come and pick me up."

The man sent the address and box. Half an hour later, Yu Lan arrived. As soon as he reached the third floor of the hotel, he saw a group of people walking out of the corner.

The man walked in the middle, holding his jacket around his arms and opening a button on his collar, which seemed a bit casual.

Lin Yu followed him.

Seeing Yu Lan, Shao Mingyu said hello to his colleagues and walked towards Yu Lan.

Before Yu Lan could speak, the man walked up and kissed him with his head down.

Lin Yu: "!"

Yulan: "!"

Yulan's little heart was beating wildly, and he took a closer look at the man's expression, and said, "Mr. Shao, you have drunk too much!"

He found out that Mr. Shao's alcohol intake is actually not very good. Of course, he will not get too drunk every time, but after being slightly drunk, he will still be different from usual!

Shao Mingyu smiled and did not refute.

Lin Yu's lips trembled slightly with excitement, and his eyes lighted: "Mr. Yu, you have to hold Mr. Shao well. Mr. Shao drank too much. If you don't hold it, you will fall!"

Shao Mingyu glanced at Lin Yu, who stared at his boss with innocent and sincere eyes.

Shao Mingyu hooked his lips and held Yulan's shoulders and said, "Let's go."

Yu Lan grabbed the man's hand, listened very much to Lin Yu's words, took the man's arm with a serious face, and walked down.

Shao Mingyu smiled and teased him: "Is Little Grape also afraid of me falling?"

"Otherwise..." Yu Lan whispered, "Mr. Shao, you have to drink less in the future!"

"Well, all right." Shao Mingyu paused and said with a low smile, "I listen to my wife."

"!!!" Yulan's face became flushed.

The man leaned in his ear and asked softly: "Do you like me calling you that way?"

Yu Lan shrank her neck, flushed her face, tightened the man's hand, staring at the road under her feet, without saying a word.

The man did not get an answer, nor was he upset, and continued to ask with great interest: "Little Grape, why didn't you call me'brother'?"

Yu Lan simply wanted Mr. Shao to prohibit alcohol.

If you make a request to Mr. Shao as a "wife", will Mr. Shao agree to it?

Yu Lan thought seriously.

Just after thinking about it, the man rubbed the tip of his nose against him, motioning him to answer this question.

Yulan blushed and quickly called out: "Big Brother."

The man raised his eyebrows slightly.

Big brother?

It is nowhere near as good as "Brother Shao".

Yu Lan was hot from the sight of the man, and said in a low voice: "Go back and call again..."

Lin Zhu is still there!

The man chuckled, and then said: "Okay, go back and call me again."

Yulan: "..."

Why is there always a weird feeling?

Is it his problem?Or is it Mr. Shao's problem?

With the driver here, Lin Yu had to regret going home.

The way back was very quiet. Not long after the man sat down, he fell asleep leaning against the car window a little tired.

After Yu Lan noticed it, he carefully hugged the man's head and leaned it against his shoulder.

After a while, he picked up the blanket on the side and helped the man cover it tightly.

The driver in the front seat saw it and thought to himself, although it is already November, it is not cold enough yet.

There is really a kind of cold, called "My wife thinks you are cold"...

The driver sighed vicissitudes of life in his heart. He wanted to have some supper, but his stomach was no longer hungry.

When the man fell asleep, Yu Lan watched him seriously.

Mr. Shao really looks good.

You look good when you fall asleep.

Working so hard every day must be very tired.

In Yu Lan's heart, Mr. Shao's image has always been tall and omnipotent.

But Mr. Shao is just an ordinary person.

On that summer 16 years ago, Mr. Shao played with him on a game console for more than an hour.

Who knows that Mr. Shao has another side?

Except for Song Ze and the others, Mr. Shao's friends, only he knew.

And what about Mr. Shao's side at this moment?

Was he the only one who saw this side?

Yu Lan's heart also has possessiveness.

He hopes so.

He hoped that in the future, all the special appearances of Mr. Shao will be seen by him alone.

He didn't want to share it with anyone else.

Yu Lan sighed helplessly.

He gently leaned on the man's head and closed his eyes.

Actually Mr. Shao is really cunning...

When they arrived at the manor, the two woke up.

The man's eyebrows were vaguely tired, and he got out of the car.

No words were spoken during the process.

To the third floor quietly, in front of the blue room, Shao Mingyu stopped, turned around, just about to speak, the young man took a step forward, took the initiative to hug him, and buried his face in his chest.

Shao Mingyu was slightly startled.

The young man in his arms said: "Brother Shao."

Recalling the appointment in the hotel, a smile appeared in Shao Mingyu's eyes.

But I didn't expect that the young man's words were not finished.

He softly said: "I promised your marriage proposal."

Shao Mingyu's pupils shrank sharply. After a while, he completely raised the corners of his lips and said with a low smile: "Alan."

——Mr. Shao is really cunning.

Yu Lan thought in her heart.

Because Mr. Shao knows clearly that no matter how many worries and thoughts he has, they will disappear after receiving his marriage proposal.

How could he refuse?