After half an hour, everyone was there.

Although Mr. Shao's grandfather has gray hair, he looks very energetic, just a little more majestic.

But when you talk to Yu Lan, you smile very kindly.

Mr. Shao’s father... is called Shao Jing and he is rather cold. When meeting with Mr. Shao’s mother, the former couple’s way of getting along is like colleagues, generous but not close.

Mr. Shao's stepdad is much gentler.

The old man took the lead and gave Yu Lan a red envelope. Yu Lan was at a loss. Shao Mingyu chuckled and said, "Just accept the red envelope given by the adult."

Yu Lan took it quickly and said, "Thank you, grandpa."

The old man said happily: "Good, good."

The old man gave it, and Luo Mingjia also took out a red envelope and said lightly: "We will have a better time with Ming Yu."

"Good." Yu Lan said cleverly, "Thank you mom."

Shao Jing kept frowning, waited until the group of people walked over to the restaurant, and asked Luo Mingjia: "So you agree?"

"Otherwise? Dad agreed. What's the point of my disagreement?" Luo Mingjia asked back.

Her current husband patted her on the back and said warmly, "I think this child is fine."

"...Hmm." Luo Mingjia answered uncomfortably.

If Luo Mingjia is in charge of the house, she shouldn't let her son marry a Yinyue clan... at least not so soon.

But the reality is that this family is far from her turn to call the shots.

At the last family dinner, her father's rhetorical question made her feel ashamed.

Luo Mingjia admitted that Shao Mingyu had never participated in her growth.

At the beginning, I was busy with the divorce with Shao Jing. After the divorce, I wanted to reorganize my business. Later, I met my current husband and later had a daughter.

Luo Mingjia's life always seems to be filled with all kinds of things, so she has no time to pay attention to her eldest son.

And she always felt that with her dad's help, Shao Mingyu herself was a child who didn't need to worry much, so she could focus on other things, and it was okay.

……until now.

She discovered for the first time that she initially gave up participating in the life of her eldest son, and now it has become very difficult for her to participate again.

Luo Mingjia felt embarrassed, regretted, and ashamed.

She reflected on herself, but it was useless to reflect on herself. The past cannot be changed.

Fortunately, the child Yulan is indeed much better than she expected.

Her dad said before that Ming Yu’s vision is much better than hers, but she still doesn’t believe it, now she has to admit--

"You don't need to worry about Ming Yu, but your son is looking for him. You have to be careful." Luo Mingjia reminded Shao Yuan lightly.

She was very angry when she talked about it.

Ming Yu and Jian's family tore their faces, this incident initially made her very embarrassed and angry.

The Jane’s family got angry with her, and she also suffered, but after decades of friendship, she also thought of a way to try to help the Jane’s family, but she didn’t expect that not long after the incident, Jian Ling and Shao Yuan’s marriage news suddenly Came out.

——She has no complaints about her ex-husband, but she really hates the son he later gave birth to.

For so many years, she has been good to Jian Ling. Jian Ling knows all her preferences and naturally knows that she hates Shao Yuan's child.

In front of her, Jian Ling also showed his dislike for Shao Yuan.

So when she first heard the news, she couldn't figure it out. Even if the Jian family had to get through this crisis through marriage, why did she have to choose Shao Yuan?

Where is Jian Ling?This child is probably being forced by the family too, is it a must?

So she persuaded Jian's family over there to contact Jian Ling, but after a busy day, Jian Ling seemed to be impatient and suddenly had a showdown with her.

"Auntie, Shao Yuan and I have known each other for many years. The relationship has always been very good. Shao Yuan...likes me very much." Jian Ling smiled lightly, "Now I respond to him, and he is also very happy. Our marriage It will be very happy, don’t worry."

"It's hard work." Jian Ling said slowly, "He must not want to see me, but unfortunately, he will never be able to get rid of me."

Ming Yu and Jian Jia had their faces torn apart, and Jian Ling hated her from love... it was not impossible.

But in the phone call, the particularly unfamiliar tone and tone made Luo Mingjia understand that it was not Jian Ling's "change", it was Jian Ling's "original appearance".

The child Jian Ling was wearing a mask in front of her.

The appearance of Jian Ling that she likes is his disguise.

It took Luo Mingjia a few days to digest this shocking fact. Later, when she thought that she wanted to match Ming Yu and Jian Ling at the beginning, she felt suffocated, and fortunately...her eldest son really had a better vision than her. Up.

Shao Jing thought of Jian Ling, and didn't take it seriously: "I didn't know that A Yuan had been in contact with this kid from the Jian family, and he secretly liked people and didn't dare to say, heh, I got a certificate recently, but he's a lot better. Anyway, he wants Just let him ask, and the Jane’s kid can’t make any storms. If he has been peaceful, let him keep it. If it’s restless--" Shao Jing smiled.

Luo Mingjia glanced at him, twitched the corners of her lips, smiling somewhat ironically.

Yeah, this man is like that.

Her vision is not as good as Ming Yu.

But Jian Ling thought he had taken a smart step, but it was just a joke.

The meal was harmonious beyond Yulan's imagination.

The old man drank a lot of alcohol, laughed and asked them to stay here for one night before leaving. Shao Mingyu and Yu Lan looked at each other and said helplessly, "I see, Grandpa, you drink less."

After dinner, a few people sat on the sofa and chatted. The butler walked to Yu Lan's side and said that the old man wanted to chat with him alone.

Yu Lan was stunned for a moment and looked at Shao Mingyu. Shao Mingyu said warmly: "It's okay, go."

Yu Lan nodded and left with the housekeeper.

The old man was sitting on the balcony on the second floor.

Seeing Yu Lan, he nodded the chair beside him, smiled and said, "Come, sit down and talk."

"Good." Yu Lan sat down obediently.

The housekeeper poured a cup of tea for Yu Lan and then withdrew. The old man smiled and said, "You child is indeed better-looking than the magazine, no wonder Ran Ran sees you talking a lot."

Yu Lan smiled embarrassedly.

The old man said again: "You and your mother are also very similar."

Yu Lan was startled and surprised: "You also know my mother?"

"Yiyanzhiyuan, in the ward." The old man paused and said, "I heard Ming Yu said, your memory has recovered a bit, right?"


The old man lit his pipe, smoked for a while, and exclaimed: "There is indeed a fate between you and Ming Yu."

"The first time I heard him mention your name, I was surprised. This kid was just like a little adult. I didn't know that he would hide and play in the playground's game console center for more than an hour. I met you as a little brother. , I really didn’t understand it at the time... I hope you don’t mind what I said. I didn’t understand at the time, how could such a short contact make him spend so much effort to help your mother find you."

Yu Lan stared at the old man, listening quietly, without interrupting.

The old man sighed and said, "I think about it later, it has something to do with his state at that time."

He didn't know that Ming Yu would stay in the playground, he didn't know that Ming Yu would play with a strange little boy for more than an hour, he didn't know that Ming Yu would spend so much energy looking for a boy for this peaceful meeting. .

There are many things he doesn't know about Ming Yu.

Luo Mingjia didn't know more.

In this world, who knows this kid enough?

And the attention that a child of that age deserves should not be like this.

The old man also vaguely remembered that the whole family was very happy that summer when he was born slowly.

And Ming Yu?

At that time, even he didn't pay much attention to the child's emotions.

And on that summer day, Ming Yu and the child in front of him met.

The old man couldn't tell how he felt.

For Ming Yu, they are all owed.

But for Ming Yu's encounter with the child in front of him, the old man felt very good.

——Of course, he only figured out these later.

When he first knew what Ming Yu was doing, he couldn't understand it, and he reprimanded it.

He asked Ming Yu to concentrate on his studies and hand over the finding of people to the police. Song Ze's father would go all out to search when he found out. For other things, Ming Yu could not help at all.

Later he understood, so he arranged for Yu Lan's mother to be hospitalized and gave her the best medical resources.

The woman lost her child and was tortured by illness, but she was still gentle.

She would ask about Ming Yu's study and life. When Ming Yu frowned and talked to her about the progress of finding someone, after the silence, she would smile and touch Ming Yu's head, and in turn comfort him.

She would cut apples for Ming Yu, and when she was energetic, she would also wear sweaters to Ming Yu.

All her gentleness made Ming Yu sit on the chair in the hospital corridor several times, head hanging in a daze.

"Ming Yu's father is not a competent father, and his mother is not a competent mother," the old man said slowly, "I am not a competent grandfather either, because I had a choice at the beginning."

At the last family dinner, he said harsh words, and he also asked Luo Mingjia to reflect on himself.

But these things he should have done many years ago, right?

But he didn't.

He thought that Ming Yu did not have his mother to take care of, and he was enough.

He also felt that Ming Yu was not an ordinary child and did not need too much care and attention from his family.

But sometimes, discipline and attention also represent love.

And which child does not need love?

Even though he later understood these things through Yu Lan's mother, he still didn't realize what to do, and when he really wanted to understand, Ming Yu had grown up.

Yu Lan listened, retracted his gaze, lowered his head, and pursed his lips.

The old man was silent for a moment and said: "We owe him a lot. I am very can return to him and fall in love with him."

After so many years, when Yu Lan’s mother passed away, he helped arrange the funeral. Later, when Ming Yu was fourteen years old, he went to the red light district to find Yu Lan and almost got into trouble. That time, he scolded Ming violently. After a while, Ming Yu never mentioned the "Yulan" thing again.

He thought Ming Yu had put it down, and he had forgotten it, but... Ming Yu actually did not forget it.

Now, sixteen years later, he has found the child back, which is simply a miracle.


The word "grateful" surprised Yu Lan.

The old man smiled at him: "Ming Yu's mother... is rather old-fashioned, maybe you can feel that she doesn't like you that much. But she is already working hard to change and hope you can give her some time. Other than that, no matter what It's me, Ran Ran, or Ran Ran's dad, I welcome you to join our family."

The old man patted his hand and said, "Your mother is fine, and you are fine. From now on, you and Ming Yu will live on well."


When only the old man was left on the balcony on the second floor, the butler walked over.

The old man smoked a pipe and looked at the starry sky. The butler said, "I am a good boy."

The old man nodded and said, "Send Ran Ran the photos taken during the meal, so she can fix it."

The butler smiled.

The old man also smiled and said: "There are too many gossips on the Internet, and I am not used to it. It should be quiet and quiet. This is inconvenient to do, so let Ran Ran do it." The old man slowly breathed out smoke. Angrily, squinted his eyes: "This waist, our Luo family must support it."

When Yu Lan went downstairs, her mood was mixed.

The man waited for him and asked, "How is it?"

"Grandpa told me something about the past." Yu Lan paused, and suddenly said, "If my mother is still there, she will be very happy to know that we are together."

Shao Mingyu smiled and said, "Well, she liked me a lot back then, so she should be very happy that I am her'son-in-law'."

Yu Lan was still a little sad, but was amused by the man's answer.

He hugged the man's arm and asked curiously: "My mother really gave you a sweater?"

"I hit it, and after wearing it for two years, I couldn't wear it anymore."

Yu Lan nodded and said, "I want to learn how to make sweaters when I have time."

Shao Mingyu leaned over and kissed Yulan's lips and asked, "I'll get the certificate tomorrow, okay?"

"Hmm...Is it time for tomorrow?"

"It's too late."

Obtaining the certificate is first, and other things can be done later.

Shao Mingyu naturally has a bedroom here, and the butler also prepared a guest room for Yu Lan-preparation is still necessary. As for how to sleep in the end, it is the two little masters' own business.

Speaking of which, the old gentleman thought that they hadn't made a permanent mark before taking a break.

The housekeeper shook his head and laughed, and the old man was also anxious to hug his great-grandson.

At nine o'clock in the evening, Yu Lan was already taking a shower and lying on the bed. She was a little excited thinking about getting married with Mr. Shao tomorrow.

After thinking about it, after rolling on the bed twice, Yulan stopped, and suddenly noticed something strange——

He touched the glands, straightened up suddenly, stupid.

After Shao Mingyu took a shower, he received a call from Lin Yu, saying that he had brought a custom-made ring. He happened to be passing by here, and gave him the ring by the way.

Shao Mingyu went downstairs, and after waiting a while, a car stopped and the window was lowered. Lin Yu handed over the small gift bag, and the thief said, "Mr. Shao, come on tomorrow!"

"Tomorrow is going to get the certificate, what do you think you are going to do?" Shao Mingyu glanced at him and said with a smile in a good mood.

"Come on no matter what!" Lin Yu shook a fist.

Shao Mingyu raised his lips and returned to the upstairs with the gift bag. As soon as he opened the door of the room, he noticed something was wrong.

The grape smell and fruity aroma of the house.

On the bed, the quilt bulged up a small hill.

Hearing the door opening, the quilt was suddenly opened. The young man sat up with a blushing face and stammered: "Mr. Shao, I, I'm in heat!"