"Kill Matt and they took the test the first" Author: NINE


After killing Matt girl through the world of cultivating immortals, she is wearing it again!

Having passed the rebellious period of Secondary Two, she decided that the prodigal son would change his head and change his face!study hard, improve every day!Fight for socialist construction!

Campus Forum: Surprised!That killer Matt has entered the top ten of grade!

That killer Matt crushed Xueba!

That killer Matt became a learning god!

That killed Matt, she got the first place again!

Content tags: Travel through time and space, inspirational life, cool text on campus

Search keywords: Protagonist: Su Xingchen┃ Supporting roles: Cheng Kangyao, Chu Yunzhi, Zhao Moqin, Su Xingyue, Su Xingyang┃ Others: Kill Matt, Rebirth, and the supporting roles are all written in a few blind spots

Brief comment on works:

This is an advocacy article with realistic themes. The heroine is a product of domestic cold violence and patriarchy, in order to resist cold violence and injustice, and to attract the attention of her family, she became a killer in the second phase of Rebellion. Especially, after wearing the world of cultivating immortals, the hostess wore it back again, knowing that rebellion has no effect except wasting her own life. She no longer needs any attention, and she learns to make progress every day, and finally looks at her family's contemptuous eyes. , Grow into a great scientist who is famous all over the world.This article started with a group of killers in the rebellious period, led a group of killers to work hard, and finally found their own ideals in life. The angle is novel, but there is no lack of coolness and storytelling. The characters in the book are full, family, friendship, Love is intertwined with all kinds of emotions, the complex is inspirational and full of positive energy, there are smiles and tears, it is worth reading.