Akuyaku Reijo Ni Koi Wo Shite

Suddenly murder is too heavy

When I woke up, there was a night sky with many stars blinking in front of me.

It's my first time to see such a beautiful night sky-this excitement disappeared in an instant. Due to the intense off-flavor that you don't know anything floating around.

I tried to leave this place unbearably, but the next one came with severe pain running across my body. He rolled down the ground with a moaning sound, which made the pain worse.

Clench your teeth and endure the pain.

I didn't pull it out, but I felt a little softened. He calmed down and looked at his condition and found that it was not a wound but a pain like a bruise.

I wondered why this happened-I thought I was drunk and had a fight, but I don't remember drinking. I remember clearly that I got on the bus straight from the nearest station on my way home. And-.

"Hey. How long are you going to leave me alone?"

My thoughts are cut off by the voice that I heard suddenly.

When I turned my gaze in the direction of the voice, I forgot the pain.

It was a white boy with a blond blue eyes and a slightly red cheek. This sounds like a pretty boy, but the boy is plump and full of fat, and his glance at it looks cheeky, so he doesn't seem cute at all.

Not only that, but the outfit is a white shirt with lots of frills and a red bow tie. They are dressed in navy blue shorts on white tights and the typical stupid aristocrat from the comics.

"You are?"

"You? What is you? Is it rude !?"

In some ways, the answer returned is as expected. My head became more and more confused.

"Well good. I finally met someone who could listen. I'll show you the greatness here."

A boy who doesn't know what he or she doesn't usually want to do, but he's the only one who can ask. I can't afford to get rid of it.

"Where is this?"

I wanted to ask the boy the question, and I thought I would return it in my head.

"Outside of the shantytown in the back town"

What came out of my mouth was a completely different word.

"People's Street ... it's gone"

You can easily see that the boy's face is pale even in the dark. This reaction seems like a lost child. However, what is more worrisome is what is the favela.

The answer is: Favela on the far north of the Grand City of the Grand Flam.

The name of a country I had never heard of somehow came to my mind.

Something is wrong. My face, now bloody, will be as pale as a boy.

"Hey, you. I want to get out on the main street. Can you get directions?"

"... I can, but I can't"

This time, I thought out of my head and put out the words that came out.

I have knowledge that I do not know. This is a word that came to my mind, but I don't understand its meaning.

"What can you do but you can't ?!

The boy was talking impatiently and his thoughts were interrupted again. It seems like the first thing to do is deal with this situation.

"... I can't move because of injury"

"Injury? Oh, yeah. Wait a minute."

I wondered if he would call in, but contrary to that expectation, the boy does not move from this place. She is muttering something with a serious expression.

"... Give me healing power."

This was what I heard and heard.

"Healing, the healing wind"

The wind strokes my whole body slightly behind the boy's words.

A slight wind. It's a little, but certainly the wind. I was astonished to understand the meaning of the boy's behavior.

"How is it?"

The boy bravely asked. No doubt it means that the injury has healed.

Move your body gently and watch.


Voice leaks unintentionally. I felt a little lessened, but the pain did not go away.

"... I'm still a child. The bigger I can use it better."

The result may have been understood by his own reaction. The boy has made an excuse. But this is no doubt. The boy tried to cure his injuries magically.

"The pain has eased. I can do it as much as walking."

"That's right? I'll guide you."

Rather than for a boy, he wanted to leave early, a clearly dangerous place, and managed to get up with a still aching body.

There is pain, but not enough to be immobile. At first it seems that the boy's magic is working.


In addition, information of the place floats in my head without permission. I don't know why, but it works.

It is assumed that this information is correct, but there is no doubt in doubt. You have to go to a safer place anyway and check the situation with a boy or someone who is more likely to talk.

so. This is dangerous. For myself and for the boy.

Feelings naturally spontaneously rise up to the fear that springs up.

But his foot had to stop immediately.

"Yeah, are you still alive?"

By the man who appeared in front of me.

I know this guy. My injury is due to this man's violence. That is not all. It's been a terrible match many times.

There are things that people can't tell. No matter how much you hate, there is no hate.

That is this man.

"Well, that's good. Now there's a need for the back kid."

Sure enough, the man's interest is for the boy who is following him.

Obviously a boy like a rich bonbon. A good game for those who live in this city. After sending me to some extent, I was going to take away the gold stuff-not me, I'm thinking about this.

"I'll give you that gaki here. It's an unbelievable prey to Temee."

At most, it is best to take away the belongings of the boy. However, this guy could threaten his parents and get a ransom. Certainly it is not for me-why do such thoughts come to mind? I do not know.

"Boo, rude person! Who do you think I am!"

"Do you know! Anyone can be rich if they are rich!"

"I'm Vincent Woodville! I'm from Winheels!"

"What did you say!?"

Anyone can be rich. The man said, but there are limits.

The Winheels are famous aristocrats who know me, exactly, someone inside me. It is one of the three Hou families who support this country. There is no place in this country to be glared at the House of the Three Hou.

It is normal to think this way, but the man's response was not. Approaching the boy with a wide smile. I know, this guy seems like a stupid thing-do you agree with this? It is.

"If you're a marquis kid, it doesn't matter how much you request. You can play and live forever."

"If you don't think stupid,"

"I'm not stupid!"

It would be stupid anyway. It doesn't matter if a man is stupid. But the problem is your safety. How do people around you see this situation?

Do you see me deceiving a boy and handing it over to a man?

If so, my life is over. It's a good life, but dying without any good is a bit of a tantrum-it's not. I don't want to die for this. If it's a dream, wake up early.

I am shouting in myself. I'm not sure who I am now.

"If you're calm, don't see any painful eyes. If you get the money, I'll go home safely."


Apparently the boy is also stupid. The kidnapper who has seen his face cannot live alive.

And if the boy does not return, the Marquis will use all of its power for retaliation. There is no doubt that they will be killed if they are caught. I don't think I can escape. I have no escape or escape funds to escape.

No options are left. You have to decide.

"Be good and follow me quietly"

"... I don't like it. Take me home. Thank you."

"So you say you'll get it back if you get the money?"

"Well, because ..."

The man seems to be trying to get things done comfortably first, trying to calm the boy hard. There is no consciousness here.

Can you do it? There is no choice but to do. Another person in my heart is trying to stop. Push that consciousness into the back and take action.

Slowly, approaching the man's back unnoticed. Take out the hidden knife. It is one of the weapons collected for this day. The rest was all taken up by the man a few hours ago.

This time you will never fail.

A man holding both boys' arms. Thanks to the squatting down, the man's occiput is immediately visible. Raise his arm to stab a knife in the man's neck.

I saw the boy look at himself-an idiot.

I noticed a man behind me from the boy's point of view and looked back.

"Temee! What are you doing!"

"Wow ah ah ah!"

He shouted his arms at the man's face, screaming at the rising fear.


Unpleasant feel left in hand. I can't afford to worry about that.

Pull out the knife pierced into the man's mouth and swing it down on the man's face.

A knife penetrates deeply into the man's right eye.

Still. The man is trying to shout something.

"Die yeah!"

Furthermore, a knife is swung down on the face.

No words leaked from the man's mouth. A man who slowly falls down.

"Ha, ha, ha!"

I have difficulty breathing and my heart beats so hard that my chest hurts.

"Oh, you ..."

"……Run away"

"Well, run away?"

"Follow me! Run away in a hurry!"

"Oh, oh!"

I run hard on the road to the main street. He tries to throw away a bloody knife, but his hand is stiff and can't release the knife. Shaking his arm several times, the knife that was firmly grasped did not leave.

"Hey! Hey! Wait! A little more slowly!"

A boy shouts from behind. I can't just leave it alone, so relax my feet as I was told.

Boys are important money for me. You have to get a good deal of money in favor of your help.

That will be the funds to escape from the royal capital.

"... Did you die?"

"……I do not understand"

"You killed a person?"

"If you didn't kill, you would have been killed."


So the boy silenced again. There is resistance to killing people, but it's better than killing me. He seems to have such a mind.

Killed a person. I realized that because of the boy's words.

Suddenly my hand began to tremble. A knife that couldn't be released until now, slipped out of my hand. The tremor spread throughout the body, and the legs could not move.

"Hey? What happened?"

I can't answer boys' questions.

"Hey? Are you okay?

I know that. The man killed. But men have friends. If you don't leave the favela, it's time to kill me.

I know, but my body doesn't move. It is not a place where the body does not move. The consciousness gradually became stunned, and the boy's voice became inaudible.

“…… !! ………! …… Where ?!”

I have no idea what I'm talking about. I have no power to think about it.

And my consciousness sank in deep darkness.


I woke up and saw the wood grain ceiling. Apparently she was sleeping on the bed.

It was a dream-I thought, but realized that the ceiling in front of me was a ceiling I didn't know.

When I hurriedly wake up, the place where the bed was placed was a Western-style room with heavy furniture that also felt a bit retro.

When I turned my gaze to the right, I noticed that another person was in this room. I noticed and was very depressed.

The person is approaching the bed.

"It looks like you've awakened. I'll be reporting and leave the room a little bit.

Blue eyes with brown hair. The woman in a maid outfit told her with a calm voice, and went out of the room.

I haven't woke up from my dream yet. If you are awake, this is-.

I decided to calm down and think.

What is this world-there was no answer to this.

What a country this is-the sure answer comes to mind, the kingdom of Granfram.

Who am I-Moriya, Ryo, my name comes to mind. No wonder.

But there is another self within me. There's no mistake. How can I know myself?

I was born-the answer is Tokyo.

It just doesn't work. Is it no use listening to me while I am now? Before I fainted, I was another. If I had more information on my mind at that time.

I thought about useless things. I have no choice but to try what I can do now.

Where are the homes in this city-not the address that comes to mind, but the ragged ones, even the ragged ones. That space is my bed. At first there are various things on the ground.

It's a successful way to ask questions.

Parents in this world-asked the question because they knew the answer. As expected, there are no parents. But the answer is the same even if you are not yourself. There are no parents.

Who killed the man-Dan comes up. He knows his name. And I hate that Dan very much. Another man hates a man he does not know.

Why?-I immediately regretted having this question in my head. Several memories come to mind. As always, you can be abusive and get violent. That is not all. A man named Dan ... raped himself. You are a boy.

When the humiliation came to my mind, I shook my body with anger, just like myself.

so. It's about you.

By this time, I noticed that my body was getting smaller. The color of long growing hairs remains the same, but the skin color appears to be fairly white.

Perhaps you did not become a child, but you entered one another. I don't know if it's possession or reincarnation, but that's what it is.

I am in a different world from where I was born and raised. I'm probably dead in my original world.

I will try to get the memories after getting on the bus. I remembered that the inside of the bus became strangely bright after entering the bypass road, a short distance from the station. Not the light of reincarnation. I clearly recognize that some light is illuminating the interior of the car.

No matter how much you try to remember, you can't remember anything.

If you imagine from now on, it is a place where you will die immediately in a collision accident. It would have been nice if I didn't sit in that seat. I should have been standing because I was young. You might not have died.

There is no point in thinking about this.

We have to think about the future.

Another self is calling for escape from the royal capital. I'm afraid that that man's companion will retaliate. I agree with this. I do not want to die myself.

But the problem is that I'm an orphan now, no one can rely on me, I'm a man who lived somehow in a sparsely populated town and didn't have the money, the skills, or anything she needed to escape. .

That's not it. Before that I had to think.

where is here?

Did I escape?

Maybe I'm already caught by someone who shouldn't be caught?

Get off the bed in a hurry and rush to the window. The outside view from the window is blue sky. A beautiful garden can be seen below. The third floor. Escape from the window is impossible.

Approach the door at the exit of the room and listen to outside noises. The woman's voice came as if I had timed it.

"Aeriel! Don't! Don't approach the room!"

Needless to listen. He heard it clearly, understood what the word meant, and rushed back to bed.

It is almost at the same time that you jump into the bed and the door of the room opens. He slowly turned his face toward the door and found a girl, now with the same blond blue eyes as the boy he met in the favela.

The girl is not fat and the hanging eyes give a slightly tough impression, but overall she has a pretty face.

As the girl approached, she began to look at herself with carelessness.

The speech of the girl who opened her mouth.

"Well, yes, the pet you picked up by your brother."

It was a rude word.

I take it back. I thought she was just a saucy little girl who wasn't cute, but I found another word that worried about the girl's dialogue.

"Is your brother picked up?"

"Yeah," that "brother picked up your little dirty guy."

Dirty child is superfluous, but I'm not complaining about it.

"... what about picking up?"

"It seems that" that "older brother has helped you who fell in the favela."

"He is carrying ..."

I'm worried about putting on that one thing, but it seems certain that the boy carried me.

"that's right"

"In other words, this house?"

"Oh, didn't you hear that? This is the residence of the Marquis of Winheels!"

For some reason, the girl was so excited and said the girl. The attitude is strangely cute and smiles involuntarily. Perhaps it is because he knew that he was a boy's house and felt relaxed.

"What are you laughing at?"

The girl talked to me smiling.

"I think it was helpful"


The girl is staring at her reply with a grumpy expression.

"What's wrong?"

"... It's so clever. It's rude to have a pet."

"Pets ..."

"I'm a Marquis. You're not such a good person to talk about."

"It's ... I'm sorry."

This was my selfishness. The girl is an aristocrat and she is a commoner, probably a human who lived in the poorest favela.

This world is different from the original world, it is a world strict with the status system.

"Oh, can you talk properly?"

"Just a little bit"

"Well, I just need to discipline that little by little."

Discipline. I am just like a pet among girls.

"I'm dressed before that. My hair is ragged and it's something ... smell."

"Do you smell?"

"I smell. It smells so bad."

"……Excuse me"

To be clear, it's really hurt, but the girl doesn't seem to mind this feeling at all.



The girl's call was answered by a woman dressed as a maid who was behind her. She is actually a maid.

"Clean this up. Brush your body, trim your hair, and give your brother's pet, a legitimate child of the Marquis of Winheels, the right outfit."

"Yes. I understand."

Is pet handling decided?

"I'll come to see you when it's beautiful."


"I'm coming to see you"

"... I look forward to it."


Apparently it was correct. The girl left the room with a clear face.

What remained was myself and the maid.


The maid encouraged her to follow her with a cold face rather than clear. Apparently not welcome. No problem. Not a long-term partner.

The immediate crisis is gone. The next challenge is to get a reward and get a chance to escape from the capital. What must be done for that? I think too much and my head is going to go flat.

Still I have to think. I can't do anything except thinking now.