Lancelot and Maria are forced. This was an unexpected event for the Kingdom of Granfram. But I am surprised and regret that I can do nothing else.

To punish Rion for creating such a situation, Rion only went to Lancelot and Maria. That was Lancelot's kindness to fulfill her strong desire to see Mary.

Of course, this content is a fabrication, but it cannot be understood by the Grand Flam Kingdom. Even if there is a suspicious person, it just ends with suspicion. Leon has left the royal capital and returned to his territory. If you are guilty of it, you can expect to not come up to the royal capital. Rion has a past that has been reluctantly rebelled, despite being a single Viscount.

The death of the two officially ended without any effect. It's just that the two who are supposed to be executed have died as scheduled.

Also, there is no time in the Grand Flam Kingdom to worry about the case forever. Post-war processing still remains.

One of them is the announcement of the final award for achievement. Achievement prize dating back to the battle with the Kingdom of Winheels. Despite the considerable effort involved in examining the war performance, I was able to manage to reach that day.

Many ministers gather during the castle audience. There are many people who can't keep up with the audience and wait in a waiting room. He calls even the last soldiers to widely realize the signs of the reconstruction of the Grand Flam Kingdom.

The name, the victory, and the contents of the award are read out one after another. In front of the throne, there was a procession to give Arnold a direct word.

It's over, and it's time for the recipients to turn into audiences. It's time to announce the greatest contributors in this turbulence.

"Lambert size, Knight of the Guards!

At the moment when the name was announced by Prime Minister Sade, there was a buzz, not a cheer, during the audience. It's a baffling noise that wasn't what everyone expected.

Lambert moves in front of the throne in that subtle atmosphere.

"Lambert. It worked so well. That's why I'm sitting on the throne thanks to your continued support."

Arnold calls out to Lambert. The content is not a lie. Lambert has been supporting Arnold as a guard.

"No, my work is not a big deal. The reconstruction of the Grand Flam Kingdom has been accomplished by His Majesty. We have only provided a few hands."

"Humility is useless. Give thanks to the royal family for a treasure sword as a sign of appreciation for your work. Also, appoint you as Commander of the Grand Knight Knights. Please "

Lambert is to sit on the commander of the Knights, who had been vacant due to Marcus's betrayal. A true loyal to Arnold was at the pinnacle of the army.

"Thank you for your happiness! I will devote even more loyalty to His Majesty in order to reward this grace!"

"I asked you."

Arnold and Lambert hold hands firmly. Those who attended finally gave loud applause and cheers.

It is then announced that the vacant Commander Knight's seat will be given to Lambert's Deputy Lieutenant. After that, what will be announced is exclusively military personnel.

Promotion promotion is also an award, but it is done for military reorganization. The reality is that no one deserves a big prize. It would be so. Most of the military service is owned by Rion.

Eventually, Rion's name was not called to the end. When that happened, the murmurs, which are more shy than at first, spread during the audience.

A feud with Arnold and Rion. The fear of this has spread to the attendees.

"Then we're going to give thanks to our allies for helping us fight."

When the award was awarded to the ministry, thanks were presented to the allies. It is a proof that the kingdom of Glanfram still refrained from the kingdoms of Ochs and Hashiu. In the past, it would have been awarded awards instead of being considered equal.

"The Highness of Prince Harry, Hashiu's presence. Please, before you."

Prince Harry was named by Prime Minister Sade. He glanced at Prince Alex of the Ox kingdom beside him, and appeared recklessly in front of Arnold.

Arnold stands up from the throne and welcomes Prince Harry. After all we are careful.

"Hr. Prince Harry. I'm sorry to come to the Royal Capital today. How much your cooperation has helped us.

"No, I didn't do it for your country."

"It is true that your country has made a significant contribution to Japan's recovery, even for its own defense. Our appreciation remains the same. From now on, more than ever, I would like to deepen our relationship and lead to the development of both countries. ''

The kingdoms of Ox and Hashiu are important to the kingdom of Grandfram, not only in military terms but also in economics. The Kingdom of Granfram, who had a glimpse of Bandu's reality, understands this fact.

"... I came here. I wanted to be informed in advance. No, I didn't confirm, this is my fault."

Prince Harry's reaction to Arnold's enthusiasm is only a puzzle. The speculation of the kingdom of Granfram, which has shown unwavering alliances with Ox and Hashiu, that it has decided to use it as a source of reassurance in the country, is completely off.

"What are your concerns?"

"I want you to tell me why Leon isn't here."

"... It's my intention"

Rion's name appears in this scene. The relationship between Rion, Ox, and Hashiu, who have been worried for a long time. Arnold internally hopes that the specifics may be understood at last.

"Can I accept that I rejected the award?"

"I've heard it's a rejection or a decline."

"So that's it……"

Listening to Arnold's reply, Prince Harry is pondering. There is too little judgment.

"What is Lion?"

Arnold does not understand the meaning of Prince Harry's question. The same goes for Arnold without the ingredients.

"... I mean, don't look for it forever, make a decision."

Prince Harry's gaze at this point is toward Prince Alex. I want to confirm Prince Alex's thoughts. On the other hand, Prince Alex thinks too. Prince Alex also did not want an answer.

A delicate time passed during the audience. Everyone is wondering what Prince Harry and Alex are thinking.

"I'm sorry to be worried. King Arnold."

In Harry, it seems that his thoughts were gathered.


"It's about presenting something, but Japan will not let it go."

"... Why? I want to tell you why."

This is an unexpected answer to Arnold. It is not calm when it comes to rejection of the award.

"I don't know what will happen to my relationship with you. I thought it was dishonest to receive your thanks from you."

A roaring noise comes from the surroundings. Prince Harry reports that he cannot promise a friendly relationship. For the Grand Flam Kingdom, this statement is a water event.

"... Is there any problem in our country?"

Not a problem in their own country, probably Rion. Arnold thinks so in his heart.

"It's not Japan's problem, it's Japan's convenience. No, it's my own convenience at this stage. I haven't confirmed my father's judgment yet."

"... I don't know. Why do you make personal remarks here?"

Arnold was once again confused by the opinions of Prince Harry, not national policies. The personal friendship between Prince Harry and Rion. I don't think it will break any relationship with the kingdom of Granfram.

"This is not a statement to your country."

"And for whom?"

"... Do you want me to speak everything?"

Also, Prince Harry's gaze turns to Prince Alex. This has shown to others that Prince Alex has the same idea as Prince Harry. The people of the kingdom of Granfram have become incomprehensible.

"I've been talking so far. Sometimes it's been replaced."

"... What do you do if you feel offended?"

"Rion is not angry about this."

The people of the kingdom of Glanfram found that Lion was still involved, although I was skeptical in the statements made so far. When this happens, the anxiety just grows.

"This is my opinion, but we believe that we should obey Lion."

I didn't believe in Alex's words, but Harry never began to explain.

"... Does Lion mean that King Granfram is worth it?"

This possibility was also in Arnold's head. Not only Ox and Hashiu, but those who are going to take on Lion will come out. But that is not what Prince Harry is saying here.

"No. Our country follows the land of Leon, the Empress Empire."

"... it's Rion's country?"

"Oh, I told you, wouldn't you really be offended?"

Ignoring Arnold's startling setback, Prince Harry asks Prince Alex with an uneasy voice.

"This is absolutely okay. The story of the Empress Empire will come. One thing I still don't know is about the Grand Flam Kingdom."

"……That's right"

After listening to Prince Alex's explanation, Prince Harry looks reassured. But at the other end of the spectrum, there are those who are full of anxiety. Everyone except Ox and Hashiu officials are here.

"Eltest ..."

The empire is unknown to Arnold.

"Ertest Empire. Originally a kingdom, but with all the subordinate powers of the Eastern Countries subordinate, it became an Empire.

"What did you say!?"

Following Arnold's astonishing voice, the biggest roaring ever rocked the audience.

"I'll tell you all this time. Rion's name is now Rion Kaiser Leibnitz. Frey's name has been abandoned. It was a long time ago, but it was a power that ruled the east, which means that it has revived. "

The history of the Grand Flam Kingdom is such a distant past that it is not mentioned.

"... According to the Empire"

"You know the strength of the Eltest Empire's army. In terms of economics, if Leon sees national affairs, it is highly likely to develop significantly. I think it is a natural choice for our neighbor, Japan. The only concern was that Lion would return to your country, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. ''

"... Is that so?"

Finally, Arnold was able to find out why Rion declined the award. At the same time, she is amazed by Rion, who has hidden such important things until the end. He thought that he opened his heart and he was still sweet.

"Did you understand?"

"You don't have to break friendship with Japan."

I first heard about the opinion of Prince Harley himself, but when I listen to the details, it seems that the situation may still be the policy of Hashiu Kingdom. In fact, nobody in the Kingdom of Hashiu will stop Prince Harry from saying anything.

"It depends on how you relate to the Empress Emperor, so you can't answer anything right now."

"I see ... surely."

The relationship between the kingdom of Glanfram and the kingdom of Hashiu depends on the connection with the kingdom of Rion, the Empress Emperor. The kingdom of Hashiu is going to be subordinate to the Empress Emperor. That's obvious.

"If possible, build a friendly relationship with the Empress Empire. We want to stay away from war a bit."

"Oh, I'll do my best"

Surprisingly, Rion may be able to meet again sooner. Arnold thought so.

"Your Majesty !? It's not such a light problem!"

As with Arnold, who had no idea what was going on, Prime Minister Seid couldn't rest. He stumbled suddenly when he tried to regain his national strength, which had been damaged by the war, and to further enhance the power of the Kingdom of Granfram.

"This is a diplomatic matter. I don't think lightly."

"For diplomacy. Leon is His Majesty's brother. It is not allowed to build a country without permission!"

Prime Minister Sade has not yet understood the facts. That's why I can say this.

"Arbitrarily ... why do you need to forgive me? When did Japan recognize Rion as a royal family?"

"It's ... no, it's not a matter of procedure, it's a fact that it's a royal family."

"I see. Then, if you officially acknowledged Leon as a royal family of the Grand Flam, what would happen if he wanted the throne?"


"It was Rion's power that captured the war, and I have to admit it. The prime minister recognized Rion as the first person in the war, and was preparing for an award."

"Your Majesty will be rewarded. Even though he is a younger brother, he is still a minister."

Saying that he is a royal family or a minion, Prime Minister Seid is busy. Arnold isn't going to be persuaded. Prime Minister Seid doesn't know that trying to force a persuasion will only bring shame to himself.

"Are you okay? Does the presidency work for such a thing?"

In addition, Arnold talks about his fears about Prime Minister Seid. I wanted to make people think that way, but I feel uneasy even in my heart.

"What do you mean? I'm talking about what is the best way for our country as Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Granfram."

"I see. Is the minister thinking about the country, not me?"


"Who should be king for our country? Are you thinking about it?"

"... Oh, that's right, but as a result I'm your Majesty."

The Grand Flam Kingdom is important, not Arnold. It cannot be assumed that such a statement was made. It's like betraying Arnold.

"But ... can Rion long for the throne and prevent it?"

"that is……"

If he were to fight Rion now, he would definitely lose Arnold. The territory rewarded to Rion is already well governed. It is the reign of the Emestial Empire, not the kingdom of Granfram.

Bandeau will almost certainly go to Rion. The eastern and southeastern regions now belong to Rion. The southern part is also quite suspicious. The southern people's appreciation should go to Rion.

And the north. I can't imagine how many aristocrats are looking for Leon.

"It seems like the Prime Minister has finally understood. It is impossible from the beginning to keep Leon in Japan. It is impossible to recognize him as a royal family.

"... No, as His Majesty says."

Now no one wants to let Leon take responsibility as the royal family of the Grand Flam. If anyone says that, it's a rebellion against Arnold. Those who must be relentlessly excluded.

"... I see. It seems to be a lot of hard work, but how much so."

Prince Harry, watching the exchange between Arnold and Prime Minister Seid, muttered with a meaningful smile. To speak a little loud.

"I'm still far from it. It's embarrassing if I keep losing ..."

As a brother, I didn't speak. Still, anyone who knows will. And from the hearts of those who knew, the anxiety had disappeared, though not completely.

The Grand Flam Kingdom has just begun. We cannot afford to lose as a minister.


When the shock facts began to spread in the Grand Flam Kingdom. The talker, Rion, had decided to return to the Empress Empire.

I do not intend to do anything about the Grand Flam Kingdom in Leon now. We want to give priority to the Eltest Empire.

Despite being an emperor, he has only war and has no interest in government. There is a lot to do, including various coordination with the other five countries.

There is also a calculation that if you leave Vincent, which is now a part of the kingdom of the Grand Flam, a natural but not the original place name, the kingdom of the Grand Flam is not in a situation where you can get it.

A herd of horses lined in front of the castle in Lars, the capital city of Vincent. Lions are waiting for their departure.

"Mom, it's late."

"Haha, slow down"

Rion is straddling the nightmare with the Frau. After coming to Lars, he spends as much time as possible staying with Frau so that he can establish a father-daughter relationship with Frau. By Ariel, though half-compelled.

"Is Alice sick?"


Aeriel is helping Alice get ready. Alice, who came to Lars, spent most of her time on bed. Rion once thought that this return should not be taken, but she couldn't help Alice's wish to stay by the last moment.

"... I'm gonna pick you up?"

"Rion, what's up?"

"... That's right. I can't help. Wait as it is."

Rion was first out because Eriel was scolded tightly for seeing her dressing as rude. Rion decides to follow Frau's advice.


Rion, who was bored, was terrified.


"Can we really follow you?"

"Would you like to stay? But I don't think you have a place in the Grand Flam Kingdom?"

Gill, who was talking to Leon, was a former Maria Guard. Behind them are other SS members, such as Matthew and Alan. Rion brought them to Lars, who had stolen and captured the eyes of the kingdom of Granfram.

"No, isn't it such a thing, isn't it a problem to hide us?"

Lion is a royal family of the Grand Flam Kingdom. Gill's perception is: He says he's worried about Leon, but he really wants to ask if he really helps them.

"Why is that a problem? No matter what I do, there is no point in being complained by the Kingdom of Granfram."

"... but if our existence is barred"

"... Oh, I forgot. I'm going to leave the kingdom of Granfram. I'm going to go to the Empress Emperor. My country in the east."


It's too important information to forget to tell.

"I'm the Emperor of the Eltest Empire. I'm taking you to my country, so I can't say anything about the kingdom of Granfram and I don't know it's there at all.

"That means ... we're not the kingdom of Granfram, but the king of Leon, the emperor of another country?"

"Yes, because of the shortage of human resources. I was fine when I was a small country, but now it is an empire that can follow five nations.

"... I can follow five countries"

Gill is heading white, as well as the others listening behind him. From heaven to hell, from hell to heaven. The fugitive, who could not escape the punishment as a companion for the rebellion, suddenly reverted to the emperor's command. This ups and downs has no head.


"No, nothing. I will gladly serve you."

"Yes, but I'll get you some compensation."

"Do you compensate? ..."

After all, knowing that it's not enough, Gill's expression becomes cloudy.

"I want you to work with the willingness to die, because the cost of this war is great. You have to pay for it with your work."

"... of course it is"

To make up for it, what was sought was taken for granted. Gil doesn't know. Rion's willingness to work is tougher than he thinks. Rion's usual work is the same as working for a normal person to die.

"Oh, it came!"

Suddenly Frau cried out. I found Airiel. When Leon understands that, he stops talking to Gil and turns his eyes toward the castle gate.

"Huh? Alone?"

One person came out of the castle gate. Rion, thinking she had something to Alice, quickly approached her.

"Aeriel ...?"

The person who came out of the castle is definitely Eriel. However, Leon sees Alice over Aeriel. Alice originally imitated Eriel. But the feeling now was different.

"As expected, but my feelings are complicated. Are you half happy and happy?"

"... Aeriel, right?"

"No, my name has changed. I am now Ealias."

"……you're kidding?"

At this time, the meaning of dare to change the name of Aeriel. Rion correctly understood the meaning of the name Aerias.

"It's the same as Leon. There are two things in me."

There are two things that Aerias says. One is Airiel and the other is Alice.

"... Why are you doing this?"

Suddenly, Aeriel and Alice are said to be united, and Leon has no idea what.

"I promised before. Alice gives Aeriel enough power to protect Rion's back. Instead, Aeriel provides Alice with a place to stay with Rion."

Rion's power is outstanding. Only Alice with equal strength can really protect her back. Eriel was once stolen and regretted.

On the other hand, Alice was jealous of Aeriel being on Rion's side after her disappearance.

They asked each other for their places.

"... I see. It's the first time I met."

The night when Ariel and Alice meet for the first time and become a shambles. While Rion was facing Charlotte, Aeriel and Alice were talking alone. I couldn't be taught for a long time, now I understand the content.

"Yes, are you happy?"

"It's a bit complicated, because you love Aeriel and Alice at the same time, right?"


"It's different. I don't mean that, I'm going to be in contact with you ... no, this is not the case."

Feelings for Aeriel and feelings for Alice. The contents are different even for the same likes. That said, it is clearly wrong to treat one of the beings, Aerias, with the feelings of one or the other. Airiel and not Airiel. Rion has no idea how to treat Alice but not Alice.

"I think more simply."


"I love Aerias from the beginning, and I'd love it twice more than before."


There is no difference in starting a relationship from scratch. However, Rion would find it more difficult to love a woman who added Aeriel and Alice than to conquer this world.

"Are you dissatisfied?"

"No way. I just wondered what to do to be a good guy for Aerias."

"What did you come up with?"

"That's right. Will you try to conquer the world for the time being? な け れ ば If it's not enough, think again."

I don't want to win the world. However, with Aerias, I just wanted to walk to the heights because everything was fine. The harder it is, the stronger the connection between them. Leon thinks like this.

"I like it. I can do anything ... if the end is a happy ending."

Aerias also wants to be able to spend her time with Leon. However, I don't want them to lose their loved ones and be happy as they can.

"I'm happy enough?"

"I'm not yet. Why is Aerias just born?-Rion, try to capture me!"

Aerias puts his hand on his waist and speaks out dignifiedly. Remembering the time he met Aeriel, and looking at her appearance, Rion became somewhat asexually fun.

"Yes. I'll bet all of my life and make Aerias happy."


A new story of Rion and Aerias begins. It is a love story and a heroic tale. At the end, there must be a happy ending. Because no two people are loved by this world.