"Ha, ha, ha"

"It's almost a goal. Come on, Tifa."

The only nation in the continent of Crewell, the Trion. In its capital, Alto, the jogging appearance of a strange combination of a large man with a forged flesh and a young girl who had no blood connection at all or any other feeling was becoming a specialty of the early mornings of recent times.

"All right, here's the goal"

"... Ha, ha, ha..."

He said he was running just the same distance, but at the time he reached Alto Central Park, which is a goal, the man is not sweating one.

Although it is more normal than being an adult and a child, there seems to be an isolated difference in physical strength between men and girls.

"A new record of distance has been achieved. Well done."

"... Ha, ha, ha..."

Girl smiling happily with her breath disturbed by the man's words. Disturbed and sticky long blonde hair doesn't seem to bother me now either.

The man's name is Yu Brown. New American adventurer from a different continent from here. Twenty-five years old who quit the Knights, who were promoted to positions there after all, and came all the way to the continent of Crewell to become adventurers. Speaking of as the name suggests, Dark Brown's vain, seemingly willy eyes strike me, the man there.

The girl's name is Tifa Baker. The only bakery daughter in the village next to Alto, as if her name represented her body. Former privileged student of the Alto School of Magic, the highest school in the Trion, as an educational institution that trains magicians and magicians. An eight-year-old born with extreme great magic but thus welcomed as a privileged student, incompatible with the Magic College curriculum because of the special nature of his magic, and deprived of his privileged student credentials because of his poor grades.

She is a beautiful girl with a delicate and neat appearance whose purple eyes are reminiscent of her blonde hair and amethyst, and who is very excited about her future growth.

What these two relationships are like, it feels like a so-called master, and Yu is teaching Tifa 'magic'.

Most of all, no one would believe me if I told that story to someone I didn't know.

Anyway, Yu is going to Tifa because the status quo is more than 90% physical or martial arts instruction, so honestly, if you look at it, it just looks like misguided training.

"Now, when your breath is ready, we'll move on to caning training."


Tifa follows Yu's instructions vigorously and receives the offered wand. Moving on to the audition of the light meeting, thoroughly through the underlying mould as it is.

Even so, the interpretation is Tifa, the smaller one, even as an eight-year-old. Moreover, I have not worked out my arm strength or muscle strength until now, even if I have made strength. Leg strength is becoming unbeatable to boys his age due to the results of the run in, but he doesn't have the ability to meet properly and beat down a large adult.

It is only a training to protect yourself when you are approached by your enemies until the time of the White Soldier Battle, and it is something you are doing as part of building your strength.

but you get it even with that content, so you have the ability to be polished...

"Not yet, but you're starting to feel better."

"I think I'm just able to react because Mr. Yu makes it easy for me to understand and perform preliminary motions. Maybe if it moves a little more seriously, it won't even look good in response."

"I tried it on other new Americans and young adventurers before, and it caught my eye."


"Well, it seemed like they weren't playing a lot of interpersonal games, and the one called wand technique is minor as an adventurer's skill. It seems normal not to know what the preliminary motion is."

"Is that what it is?

"That's what it looks like"

Yu and Tifa continue to talk such a silly story as they continue their meetings. Yu's training achievements, or Tifa these days, are starting to react normally, even if something flies from a place that feels like a dead end for the price.

However, even if the reflex nerve is good, the motor nerve is still not there, so even if the response is in time, the minute is worse than the quintile.

"Well, for this minute, it looks like it's time to move on to the next step."

"Next Step!?"

"Oh. If this is all getting better, it's time for something other than magic to be sensible. That, I teach you how to move something other than magic"

"Something other than magic, is it"

"Oh. Sometimes it's called 'chi' in the genre I've learned and 'plana' or 'chakra' in some genres. Well, to put it bluntly, it's like life energy."

"Maybe if we applied the way we handled it to the treatment of magic?

"No, in Tifa's case, we need another idea. Whatever it is, you can start with the basics, and we won't even talk about it until we get to the bottom of it."

"Okay! I'll do my best!"

Tifa shines her face at hearing Yu explain and finally seeing the treatment of the magic of the memorial.

They have no particular doubts about the fact that martial arts need to be somewhat extreme in order to handle magic.

"Nevertheless, at last..."

"Oh, finally, yeah"

"If it works like this and the magic can be handled, will Mr. Yu continue to be my master?

"If you think that you will no longer be able to teach anything to that extent if you continue, there is more to it than you are doing. At least five years, you'll never reach half a serving."

Tifa looks happy when she does it to Yu's harsh, or smashing words like hope and complacency.

Seeing that, Yu unexpectedly looks far away.

(Although, it is difficult to say to what extent it is reasonable to plant it. Well, it's something my body's been able to do, and I'll beat it in thoroughly for a while)

(Yay! I can be Mr. Yu's apprentice for another five years!

While each of them had an honest feeling about the current situation and the future, they were two people who put their thoughts on how it was going to be in the current relationship.