An Accident in Broad Daylight

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"Accident day" Author: high-tree color


Wake up the day, madness. 1V1, HE, year

Easy X Xu Tang Cheng

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Xu Ru pushed in, and saw that the thunder did not move, he did not move his body.

"You are deliberately in my face, showing your body?" Xu is a volt, a volley, smiling, "I heard that the Russian will hold a naked running competition to celebrate Reware, you will rely on you for the country! "

I don't care about him, concentrate on the spirit, and do every push-ups very standard.

Xu Wei joke, began to enjoy the muscles of the muscles, and ask you "you cold" everyday. After getting a "not cold", Xu Yan immediately started to feel the aesthetic fatigue, screaming "boring", sitting in the table, looking at the email.

"I rely!"

There are three today's goals. Easy to be a shock, and finally looked up at him - after all, Xu Ri this person usually worry, but it is hard to explode.

Ok, I didn't have any following in this sound, until I got up, grabbed a clothes set, and he told Barba: "How to do ..."

"What do you mean?"

"My Goddess ... My goddess is like ... I have explained with me ..."


Xu Yu took his hand and took his own thigh: "I will sweep an eye, I haven't seen it carefully. I can't do it, I have to prepare for a while."

A sound of "" interrupted Xu Yu trembles "preparation."

"Easy, you have an email, let's take a look! I ... I drink the water to put the emotions."

Easy to look at Xu Ru, I only feel that this is looking for it. It is a "" word.

For a few months, there are only two types of email received - spam and from Zhao Yifan, and yesterday, Zhao Weiwu took the green pepper with green peppers with green pepper, but also made a sweet mouth. It is easy to think that she should not send an email today. It's too lazy to see, you can remind him, he has to sit before sitting in the computer and plan to clean the mailbox.

But after the mailbox window is maximized, it is easy to hold the mouse, but the email is not a name. Although he doesn't know this non-mainstream name with a strange symbol, it is clear, This is not a spam.

Mail Topic: Notice.

The content is only a short line - "ISLA let me tell you, she is dead."

For a while, there is no reaction to this "isla".

I finally understood this email. The heat that just picked up in the body seems to be flat, and the cooling work is in the blink of an eye.

He stared at the email for a minute, and he slowly swallowed the red cross.

Easy, I don't pay attention to Xu Yu, I don't stop breathing, and give myself on two clothes, mechanically put on a thick jacket, put on the hat mask, open the door.

There is still no sunlight outside.

He walked forward, there is no light, and it is always low. The snow that is uncorrimbed all year round has been stepped on, and the wind is hitting the nerves of his numbness.

Are you finally wish?

I don't know how far, the wind suddenly became bigger, and it turned a shake, squinted, looking at the snow and ice of the trend in the wind. His body becomes tilted, but I don't know who is with anyone, he insists on step forward. Until the right foot seems to go, the feeling of weight is spread throughout the body, and it is easy to open, watching the world in the field of view.

On the 17th day of the Antarctic Night, it is easy to find that he may finally suffer from the polar T3 syndrome in the mouth - the thoughts of the brain become slow, and the perception of the surrounding perception, the emotions are falling into the deep cliff , How to deep breathing, I feel that there is no sufficient oxygen.

At the moment when the head is in contact with the ice, it is easy to look at the air of the black cave, the feeling of death, is it just like this.

Before closed, he was finally seen, or Xu Tang Cheng - That night he stood there to give a cup to make a cup, thank you, let's turn, Xu Tang Chengzheng is comfortable to rest on the back of the chair. Put it on the legs, slightly, and laugh at him.

The lamp red wine brightens on his eyes, and in the center, it is his easy.

When I came back, I heard the snoring of the mountain. Xu Yu's eye, first saw him, immediately shouted. Waiting for the past, standing in front of the mountains, and smashed the face of the face.

"Your mother is suspected of search and rescue team, isn't there? Take a look! You look! People are fucking! It is not allowed to leave the station without arrival! Do you understand people? You Do you know how long have you been out? "

It is easy to cough and have a sorcerer: "Sorry."

"Don't say that he is sorry to tell me!" He went to you. He suddenly saw it, and only felt that the fire in the body was a few feet. "Do you fuck in the pit?"

It is easy to look low, didn't speak.

"I feel that my life is not!"

Xu Yu quickly hugged the mountain: "Teacher brother, it's okay, is this not safe to come back?"

After finishing, I will give the mountain brother. "His mood is not good, the mood is not good."

The mountain brother looked at the few people who came around because of curiosity, and they went to calm for a while, shouted: "Write check! 8 thousand!"

Check for eight thousand words is impossible to He sat in front of the table and looked at the paved white paper.

"Don't write, wait for the brothers to survive, I will find that there are two words." Xu Yu said in bed.

Easy to take a while, in addition to "check" two words, fart did not hold out. He doesn't know how to explain his own behavior, even he doesn't know, the emotional collapse is because of what.

Easy to get up, I plan to sleep first. Get off the clothes, hear the sound of Xu Yu "". The top of the top is also covered with a head. It suddenly feels that it will turn around. After the reaction, I will find it, I am went upon.

"Operation!" Easy to pull out clothes, swear, "Crazy, you!"

Xu Yu is easy to say, after all, it is still very hard. If you just finish the same, two people fell together. It is easy to say that it is helplessly looked at Xu Rynch, and people who are pressed against them are still stupid.

"My goddess told me, I love you." Xu Ruo looked at him with his head and laughed to show a big white tooth.

People in love are fools. Easy to decide not to be with a fool, pushing the head of Xu Yan: "Get up, I don't have a man with another man."

Xu Ru is immersed in the "I love you", did not hear the information in this sentence. He pressureless does not let him move, pull his hand to his chest: "You touch, my heart must jump out."

It's not interesting to have a hand: "First Love?"

"Well! The first time someone told me, I love you, or I like a long time!" Xu Yu happy to bed, "I think I am going crazy! I want to have a naked! You People who heard the favorite said that I love you, and so? "

I heard the words, I looked at the ceiling, Xu Yan's removing sound was around the ear. After a while, I suddenly dried out a sentence: "No."

Xu Wei did not respond: "Ah?"

He didn't tell me, thinking about it.

Perhaps because the loss on the face is too obvious, however, I don't understand what is going on, but I don't dare to rush for a while. He is still thinking, and it is easy to push him, stand up.

Until the two people were washed, lying in bed, Xu Yu was turned over a few times, and the darkness was called.

Easy. "


Xu Yu asked carefully: "Are you not a mood?"

Nothing to talk.

"You all stay for nine months, in this closed environment, people are easy to fall, depressed, I have been a bit can't stand it for five months."

Laughing, laughing: "I didn't see your low depression."

"I am open, you are not the same, you see you don't love to talk." Xu is stopped and said, "" You can't go out today, it is really dangerous, search and rescue team When people say dangerous, the brothers are red. Really, next time I don't think so, I want to go out, I will accompany you, or at least I said. "

"Well, I will not have it later. Today ... is a bit special."

I want to explain it, I really don't know what to say. Fortunately, Xu Yu is also considerate, but also comforts a few words, saying: "It's okay, you are still a bad mood, just go to the psychological counseling, I will talk about it, I can't bear it here."


When Xu Wei thought that today's conversation, he had already reported that it was ever asked: "Are you with your goddess?"

Xu Yu was shocked. He came to the Antarctic to live with the Easy. Although two people usually talk about chat, they will always take the initiative, and they will never care about his personal problems.

"I am together!" Xu Yu said that this is becoming excited. "I am really like a dream, I have never dare to confess her, I always feel that I can't help it, I didn't expect that she actually confession with me. "

It is easy to silence for two seconds: "Can you unless?"

"Well, mortal and fairy gaps."

"That congratulations." Easy question again, "Why is her goddess?"

Xu Yu also said that it is easy to see today, he said: "You don't have to say it, people are particularly good, we are a college classmate, I think she is particularly good, once I participate in the speech contest She is sitting below, I am particularly nervous, then I will forget, she will laugh, raise my hand gently applaud, especially gentle. "

Xu Yu said a lot, listening patiently, occasionally, should be a few times and ask a question. Finally, Xu is asked: "What about you? Do you seem to have a girlfriend, but is there a person who likes?"

Easy: "How do you know?"

"I have never seen your girlfriend, but you often stay again, I still watch my mobile phone for a long time, I am not careful, really accidentally, I am watching the photo album, but I didn't see clear It seems to be a side face. "

"Well," Easy is silent, it should be, "there is a very favorite person."

Xu Yu didn't know if the next words, it would be rare, and it is easy to open a little bit of his heart in this night. He closed his eyes, and he thought about it.

"Are you with you?"


"That is now ... separated?"

Easy side is lying, open your eyes, and you will go to touch your pillow.

Holding the cool card in your hand, silent halfway, he slowly said: "No, it is not separate."

Unlike together, it's not separated? Xu Wei has grown for a long time, I feel that there should be a long story in this. He did not continue to ask, but he sighed in a quiet place, saying that this roommate never close to others: "I am so curious, what kind of people can make you like."

Perhaps because of this sentence of Xu Rynch, for a long time, it is easy to dream of Xu Tang Cheng, which is finally seen in this evening. At first, he still looked at him with a focus. Later, the picture suddenly changed, turned into Xu Tangcheng a hand to pull his collar, and he was close to him, and the drunken eyes smiled and asked: "Do you want?"

Both people's breathing is hot, mixed into a group, and lose the inch.

Easy line of sight has passed the eyes of Tangcheng, the nose, and finally the mouth. He is rolling, dumb, squeezed out: "Are you drunk?"

Xu Tang Cheng smiled, and it was more close to him. This made the big brain faint, and it is full of merits.

"Easy, today ... After this village, there is no such store."

He couldn't wait to kiss him in the dream, with the eagerness, love and enthusiasm of the young people. Inch of the original.

In the dark, wake up, lid your heart with your hand.

At the 264th day of the Antarctic, I think of you, the heart will still be jumped dramatically.