After the laboratory, Xu Tangcheng is already a little bit when driving back home. He played a yawn, and he smashed the eyes of tears, and the steering wheel went to find the parking space. The old community is this bad, no one, add more and more people who buy cars these years, the original parking spaces are already not enough, some people see sewing, especially waiting for everyone. After all "homing", even the two sides of the small road in the community are full of cars.

Xu Tangcheng was in a half-day power to move the car to a small empty direction, stopped the car, he felt that he was like a self-examination of the second, or all passed.

He called a breath and touched his pocket and wanted to take a root smoke. In order to rush to go home today, he booked two days in the laboratory, watching the computer to see a scales, a tobacco taste into the body is relaxed.

It's been very late, this time, almost all the windows have already darkered the lights, and the humid hot summer night is quiet to become a beach water, and the warmth of the warmth flows into the hearts of people. Xu Tang Cheng slowly slammed his step, one side, found that the strand cat next to the fitness equipment did not know where to take a break.

He didn't expect to see a person who didn't sleep at this time.

Easy squatted on the table of the small flower pool, wearing a black short sleeve, wearing a black baseball cap, in front of the back with a white cheerful black cat. He bowed his back, bowed his head, and he was feeding the cat.

One cat is one person, it seems to be perfectly adapted to this huge shady.

Xu Tangcheng looked at the head of the teenager, and smoked the smoke and called.

Easy. "

I heard the sound and looked back. When I saw the Qing people, I stunned: "Tang Chengge."

He stood up and stretched his legs jumped from the table. The black cat appeared to be scared. He went two steps behind, staring around his eyes and stared at a black white.

"You come back?" Asked.

He did not go forward, Xu Tang Cheng still captured two green purple in his eyes and lips, he frowned and walked toward him.

"Don't sleep so late?" I didn't wait to answer, Xu Tang Cheng used the hand of the hand with the hand without capping, and he was a eye, "fight?"

Easy to dodge, did not escape. He fixed his sight on the small cigarette head of Xu Tangcheng, lipped, and a few words "um".

On the side of the black cat, I don't know what the angle is confirmed, and the people are harmless. After returning, I will continue to eat the fish ham.

Thus, I have leaving it, Xu Tangcheng found that the injury of the eye angle is somewhat serious, and there is a cracking wound in the place where the eyes are close.

"Do you have to check your eyes? Your eyes have bleeding."

Xu Tangcheng said that it is easy to release his hand, and it is very fast, and he shakes his head to say "no use".

Because of the sudden standing straight, Xu Tang Chengcai found that he should have not seen it for a long time.

In this way, the teenager in front of you seems to grow taller. He slams the past, and it can only see his mouth. The hair is also growing, the cut, the hat is pressed, and there is already broken hair covered his eyes.

Xu Tang Cheng saw several hair on the wound, and the eyebrows were shaped.

Easy to stiffly, suddenly asked: "How do you come back so late?"

"Well, the school is doing."

I want to say that if you have any questions, you have to come back so late.

"I started school tomorrow, I promised Tang Tuan to send her." Xu Tang became again.

Still not saying. I think so, I kicked the stone under the foot.

Two people walked toward the front, passing through the trash can, Xu Tang Cheng stopped, and finally sucked a smoke and then knitted.

When he looked up, I found that it was looking at him, a pair of good eyes trapped in the shadow of the hat.

"what's happenin?"

Easy to shake, did not speak, follow him to continue.

"You come in with me, even if you don't want to go to the hospital, you should also simply handle it." Xu Tang Cheng raised his hand, pointing his eyes, "I am dangerous here."

Easy hands just touched the pocket, clael the cool key. He looked opposite the door and shake his head: "No."

"It doesn't matter, they all slept."

Easy to shook his head.

Xu Tang Cheng did not barely, but whispered: "Then you go in and wait for me, I will give you some medicine."

Easy to hold the key to standing there, the light of the corridor is off, he is not enough, no sound.

"Why don't you go in?" Xu Tang Cheng took medicine and asked strangely. Afterwards, it is very fast: "Is it at home to aunt?"

Nodped out.

"Wipe the white, add green," Xu Tang Cheng handed the bag in his hand to the easy turn, "Give you a cotton swab, put the mirror with a cotton swab, you will be careful, don't get your eyes."

"Well," Easy took over, slammed the bag, and said after two seconds, "Thank you Tang Cheng Ge."

Xu Tang Cheng looked at the people in front of the lower head, and his lips moved, but did not say anything.

Sometimes he feels that it is like it. It is in that summer. Others are coming, and they have a lot of dust, and the light of all colors, only him, will never be low, and who is all Nothing relationship.

In the early morning, the alarm clock only sounded, and he was taken away by Xu Tang. He opened the quilt and kicked the sluggish and started to wash, make breakfast. When he came out of breakfast, he saw Xu Tangwei wearing neatly, and he was waiting next to the table.

"Brother, you are back!" Xu Tang smiled and bend, "What time do you get?"


Xu Tang Wei likes to eat fried eggs, especially the kind of heart. Xu Tangcheng feels that the fire is just the fire today, so when I picked up the chopsticks in Xu Tang, I stretched with fried eggs, he was rare, no order, she first eaten, eating eggs.

Xu Tang Tao is satisfied, and the movements of the opening doors are light. You can open the door, but the two people heard a sharp female voice. The opposite door is open, the distance of the two doors, Xu Tangcheng can clearly see the worse living room - the clothes throw it everywhere, and even the couch pad has been miserable to the ground.

"It's fucking to find the key to find the key, is your brain? Is your brain? The morning is a big morning."

Xu Tangcheng can only hear the voice, but it can't see people. He took the book bag of Tang Tang and touched her shoulder and showed that she continued to go. I took a few steps, Xu Tang stopped, looking back.

"Let's go, it's late."

Xu Tang cheered his tone, took the first order step: "I am ."

Xu Tang Chengjia and Easy Home are the door, but it is a pity that they do not have the neighborhood relationship that is close to the harbor. More specifically, in this six-story residential building that has already been mottled, everyone is still going, only except for the Easy Home - not because of nothing, just because there is a very thin The provocationful mother has a sin of each household. Xu Tang Cheng's mother is because she "should die for a small sickness of death", thoroughly renounced her, breaking, and no longer take care of it as before.

Easy to enter his house, never have to go to other homes.

Xu Tang Tuan has never understood that it is so beautiful to aunt, but forty years old is not old, it is so enviable innate condition, why don't you talk so hard?

"Do you fight again?"

"The mother can't make a fart in half a day, and a virtue of the death, a poor acid phase of a face.

Xu Tang Cheng heard this, stopped, looking at the stairs, because he had turned down the stairs, he could only see a narrow door.

"Brother?" Xu Tang saw him, standing on the front of the front.

The door upstairs was suddenly closed by "", and there is no voice of the woman singing the monk.

This is the first day of Xu Tang Tuan to enhance the high school. Before she got off the bus, Xu Tang Cheng was still not relieved, she took her arms: "Just started, if you want to clean your health, you want ..."

"To explain with the teacher, contact you or Mom, don't succeed, hurry home to rest." Xu Tang Taoi said, then a mile, very helpless, Tang Tang Cheng, "I Brother, you and my mother have already said eight hundred times, you are too exaggerated. "

"So I said, let me go directly to you with your teacher, so you have no thoughtful place."

"No," Xu Tang did refused, "I can."

Xu Tang Cheng nodded, released his hand, and finally asked: "Is the spray tested?"

"Bring." Xu Tang nodded.

"That you should be careful."

Xu Tang smiled and agreed. When I closed the door, I still had a ghost face and waved.

Xu Tangcheng looked at her into the school and turned back. Driving to the neutral door, far away, just seeing the ease of riding a red mountain bike.

The juvenile set of school uniforms, picking up the hat, and there is also a headset that never leaves. He rides the car quickly, and the people and the car are tilted. They have a very beautiful curvature, and the headphones are a circle, and a ray of sunshine.

Xu Tang Cheng flashed a god when he was shocked, and he looked at the yellow bar in the juvenile uniform.