Fayed the swordsman, an excellent offender and a leader who binds the party due to his charisma.

Mayle, a genius sorcerer who graduated from one of the highest magic schools in the country with the highest grades in history.

Former Chief of the Strongest Knights, Heavy Knight Roig, also regarded as the shield of the kingdom.

Quera, the youngest yet miraculous Virgin and the prestigious Supreme Cleric.

And the party baggage, Tamer's me, Rand.

Certainly compared to the four talented people, I'm afraid the average person was a good place too.

Just because Fayed's childhood is familiar takes the form of being at a party, and I knew very well myself that and the limits were close already.

"Fayed! How long are you going to keep him spoiled!

Roig's rough voice echoes from the next room.

There are always 3 rooms in the accommodation. Fayed and Roig in the men's room. Mail and Quella in the women's room. And the other is stables and storage huts, my room.

By the nature of Tamer, the user demon always sticks with him. In the beginning I was provided with a bed too, but at some point my treatment became the same as that of the user demon.

"Well that's good, but this is how they stopped calling me until all four of us were gathered in one room, I miss you"


Ray the One-Horned Wolf was licking me to comfort me.

Usually he's the best partner out there buying a party member's luggage and a wall role with me on it in battle.

I still didn't fail to be on my perimeter alert, enough to skip directions to the werewolf demons that were nearby.

"Wow, wow, wow, wow"

"Look, look! That dog's so loud, we can't even go to bed!

It doesn't seem to convey this meaning to Roig at all.

"Even I want to do something..."

What followed was Fayed's voice.

I knew Fayed didn't think much of me anymore either.

Still, the two women at the party have a big opinion not to kick me out of the party.

"Mr. Rand is doing the best he can. Unilaterally kicking out is still..."

"... Rand is a good one. It gives me rice."

Quera and Mail say respectively.

As for Mail, it was a little bit of an assessment that people who give me food are good people because there are places like animals.

In short, it was by Quera's merciful heart that I could be here right now.

"Damn...... okay. We're going to bed today."

"Oh, tomorrow is finally a dungeon of divine annihilation"

"A dungeon that also destroys God...... so. Let's get you in the mood!

"... Fun"

I hear people moving next door.

"Hey! Rand! You're hearing me! The next time you rattle that dog, it's just not gonna happen!

Roig was screaming this way.

"Because. Ray."


Tonight's vigilance seemed necessary without company.

Since when has this happened?

It's been a while since I was told about the party luggage, but I think I've done quite a bit of work. Enemy, alert, luggage carrying, scouts...... Thanks to Tame, I can do a lot.

I had intended to contribute as a convenience store for that matter, but for that matter, pure combat ability was preventing me from keeping up with the four. It seemed like I was the only one who thought so, because the experience I could get would be different.

"I don't know what else to do."


Only Ray who forgives his heart was licking my cheek to comfort him.

When the next dungeon was over, I somehow knew I couldn't be at this party anymore.