Another Frontier Online

Production jobs are not a force for war.

Two people were confronted in a room surrounded by black bricks.

The other name is Hayato.

A 20-year-old man with short black hair wearing a black and green camouflage bandana and a black fabric outfit with low defense.

And the other name is Ney.

A blue-eyed woman with silver plate armor that strengthens her body and ponytails her blonde hair.

"Hayato, I'm sorry, but I need you to quit your clan."


Hayato logged into the game early in the morning and was summoned by his clan leader, Nay.

The game you logged in to is Full Dive VRMMORPG "Analyzer Frontier Online".It is a virtual reality game that can synchronize the five senses almost completely by wearing headgear.

This game has a system of clans of players.Black Dragon is one of many clans.It was an incident at a fort made of black bricks that served as the base.

I want my clan to quit.As for the Hayato I was told, it is not water in my sleep ears.This is due to a major update that took place six months ago.The update started a fight between clans called Clan Wars.

The world's first VRMMORPG has made this game popular for a long time, but the start of clan wars has made it even more popular.And winning clan wars is a big goal for most players.

In this game, the player's strength is determined by his/her skill composition and physical abilities.

Skills have a value of 0 to 100 per skill with a point system and must be configured from a total of 1000 points cap.Because there is a perception that the half-configuration is weak, it is mainly composed of 10 skills of point 100.

Hayato's skill mix consisted exclusively of production skills or ancillary skills.

Hayato doesn't have the skills to attack with weapons, use magic, or summon or use monsters.In other words, clan warfare does not have any power at all.

So far, so good.I was just adventuring the world of games with relaxed friends, so I didn't have any problems without fighting power, and my ability to create something was invaluable and I was able to contribute to this clan.

However, in clans where winning clan wars has been a major goal, players with no combat ability can only play with their hands and feet.

Hayat was told by his clan members to change his current skill composition and learn combat skills for the past six months, but he hasn't changed his skill composition at all.

These circumstances require Hayat to leave his clan.

"I'm sorry, but this is the clan's idea."

"I'm a member of my clan, but that's the general idea."

While saying such a dumb thing, Hayato gave up early enough.

Clan leaders have the authority to force members to leave.Even if Hayato is wasting his time here, he can withdraw without saying anything.

(You said you wanted me to leave because the penalty for forcing me to leave is too large.In case of forced withdrawal, the player can no longer belong to any clan for one month.You won't be able to participate in one Clan War)

Clan Wars occur once a month.Being unable to belong to any clan for a month means you cannot participate in clan wars.It is a problem for Hayato today.

(Did you think it would be a bad idea to force me to leave because I told you I couldn't lose the Clan War?They'll kick you out, so it's similar anyway, but you should think this is kind.Besides, it's selfish of me not to change the skill structure.If I can't help it, can I?)

"Hayato took care of me, and I grew this clan because of Hayato.However, this clan needs strength to reach a higher rank.I wouldn't say this if I had combat skills.... "

"I know. I've been told time and again that it's selfish of me to configure only my production skills.Because of that, I almost lost my previous clan war. "

In the clan war that took place three days ago, one of the enemy clans broke into the place to defend and took Hayat on the horse.Hayato, who does not have combat skills, managed to defeat them by using valuable items, but it was lucky that he was really close to winning.

The opponent seemed to be comprised of infiltration skills, and Hayato would not have been difficult to defeat if he had combat skills.I was never blamed for using a precious item, but it definitely became subtle air.

Hayato exhaled heavily.

"Okay. Leave the clan.I'll move on to another clan. "

"I see! Oh, no, I'm sorry.You don't have to be happy... "

"Well, I can't help it.The atmosphere will get worse even if it stays like this, and it will get cleaner.But are you sure I'm okay with cooking, medicine, and restoring my armor?

"That's okay.Everyone has one productive skill as a sub.If we all have the skills, we can replace Hayato. "

"That's what I miss - yes, what would you say instead of going out, but can I take something useful to produce?That's how hard it is to leave your body alone. "

"Of course. Take whatever you need with your Clan Sharing items.I just want you to leave your legendary armor behind.... "

"I don't need it because I can't use it even if I take it.What I want is a convenient item for production. "

"Is there such a thing?I'm not familiar with the area, but of course I don't mind.And take half the money you share with your clan.I don't know if I'm going to join another clan or create a new one, but what's the use?

"I don't want to be kicked out, but I appreciate that.Then I'll fix some before I leave.Thank you for everything. "

"That's my line.But you're leaving right now?Even after I say hello to everybody... "

"No, it's okay.All I have to do is write greetings on my clan's board.Is that why you don't like me?The clan will be separated, but it's not a quarrel.It's not like we're never gonna see each other again. That's enough. "

I see. I'd like you to throw me out, but I want you to come and visit me when you settle down.You're always welcome. "

"Oh, I come to see you sometimes.But make sure you don't lose your rank if I leave.If that happens, I'll laugh.

"If that happens, you're a laugher.I'll do my best not to. "

Hayat then left the base building with the necessary items and left the clan.Then I shake hands with the clan leader who dropped me off and all the members of the base before walking towards the nearby town.

Having lost sight of his base, Hayat shrugged off his shoulders.

Hayato's mind was in danger, even though he had left without any deterioration.

(Shit. I was expelled as soon as I thought it would be okay for another six months.If we don't make it possible to win clan wars as soon as possible, things will get worse.)

Why are you in such a hurry?That's because winning a Clan War is important to Hayat.You can say it involves life and death.

The game "Analyzer Frontier Online" has features that no other game has.It began when the Clan War system was introduced.

A feature not found in other games, is that you get a prize.Naturally, there are conditions for winning a prize.

It's about winning clan wars.

And recently, Hayato left his company.

Simply put, Hayato has no other source of income than this game.

(I have some storage, but I don't know how long it will last.We need to create a clan that can win right away.Plus, get 100 million yen in the 1st Anniversary of Clan War if you climb to the top in the final ranking in six months.We have to aim for it!

There was an announcement from the game management company that the top five team members would each receive a prize of about 100 million yen in Japanese yen in the ranking six months later.Because of this, every clan is struggling to increase their combat power.

100 million yen. Taxes take some money, and it's not enough to spend the rest of your life playing around, but it's a price worth it.

(We have to do it. It's not going to be the first reversal of my life, but if I can get the prize, I'll be enough to master the coffee shop I dreamed of.But if I don't get into the leaderboard in six months... no, I won't let anybody use me anymore.Definitely get the prize)

Hayat left the scene with such determination.

A week after that decision, Hayat had only one head in his newly created clan base.