Another Frontier Online

Make NPC one of us.

"Huh? Just production skills?You're not in my clan. "

Hey, I wonder if there's any reason I could trade you for someone in my clan.

"I'm going to let another clan in."

"Where are you laughing?

These were the words Hayato returned from the voiced players a week after leaving the clan.I'm talking to more players, but I'm getting pretty much the same answer.

That should be it. Every clan wants to win as much as possible.If you can win a monthly prize, it's only natural to aim for victory, even if you're not in the top of the rankings.

This game is billable.Just playing games will cost you about 1,000 yen a month.If we win a Clan War, we could get it for free and a prize that would cost us a month of living if we cut it down.

There is no need to clan with non-combatant players with production skills alone.

Of course, some players are enjoying the game without trying to win money.Such a player does not belong to a clan.Because there is a penalty that if you lose a Clan War, the clan will win all the in-game currencies shared by the clan.

For these reasons, Hayat never entered an existing clan, nor did anyone enter the clan he created.

And it's been a week without any change.

In the morning, Hayato logged in and woke up on the second floor of a newly built log house.

Hayato gets out of bed, sits on a chair, and drinks coffee.There is no special effect as an item, but I like the smell and taste, so it is a coffee that I often drink when I am worried.

I drank all the coffee and put the cup on the desk.

(Shit, it's been a week.Your clan's opponent will be decided in about two weeks, and if you don't gather your members by then, you'll definitely lose clan wars.Was it too reckless... to disband and bet next time?

If you dissolve your clan at this time, you will no longer belong and you will not need to participate in Clan Wars.However, if you dissolve a clan, you will have to spend about a month building your next clan.

Hayat was worried about whether to join the next Clan War or disband once.

But there's no answer.

It was when I stood up for another cup of coffee.

The chime of the house rang and told him of someone's visit.

I'm from a maid's guild.Is Hayato home?

"Oh, yes. I'll open it now."

A maid guild. It is a union that dispatches maids.There were several unions in the game, and the maid guild was one of them.

Hayato needed someone to do some of the work he had been working on, and he was asking the Maid Alliance to do it shortly after he kicked his clan out.

When I opened the door, a 20-year-old woman in maid clothes stood there.

They have long, black hair tied together behind them and are about 160 in height.Though somewhat sharp, Hayato thought it would not be an exaggeration to say beautiful.

"Nice to meet you. I'm from the maid's guild, Esha Crown."

"Um, yes. It's Hayato."

"First of all, I apologize. I'm sorry, sir.I couldn't help but be late for the right maid. "

"No, I said I couldn't, so don't worry."

"It would be helpful if you could say so."

Hayato stared seriously at Esha, holding her skirt a little and lowering her head.

Because this maid is an NPC, non-player character.

This character is moving with AI, not people.It's a program, but it's a character who thinks and acts on his own.

(Wow. I didn't know much because I had little involvement with NPC so far, but I really think I can answer any question)

Hayato also knew that NPC AI was abnormally well made.

It's not just a character who talks about the same things that come out of a regular game.The contents change every time, and if you don't think you are working at the store, the place is different.

In addition, each character seems to have a favorable sensitivity, and if they get along well, they may give you information.Conversely, they are ignored if they get along poorly, and sometimes they call guards in town in bad times.

I had this conversation.

Previously, there were players who hired several maids to live in the house.I can't be a game harasser, but I played like Harlem.

As a result, they've been blacklisted from the Maid Alliance and can't hire a Maid again.And they hated each other, so the player couldn't get into any town.

This game does not allow the creation of different characters by the same account or the possession of multiple accounts.You can only create characters per lifetime using biometrics, and you can't recreate characters.

As a result, the player who did it got stuck in this game.Since players can't fight each other outside of Clan War, they can't role-play bandits or bandits, and they retire after all.

Hayat remembers it and decides to do it right.

"Um, you've been staring at me for a while now, what...?

"Oh, I'm sorry.I've never hired a maid before, so I just stared.Well, let's talk about work.Is 100,000 a month good enough?That's what I've been contacted about.

"Yes, the price is fine.Please pay in advance.Also, please note that termination on the way will not result in a refund. "

"I've heard that, too.Okay, here we go. "

Hayat gave the money to Esha.

Money doesn't have coins as an item, it's just a data exchange.In this game, the concept of money is encrypted by magic and can be handed over by each person.The unit is G (Gold).

"Yes, I did.Thank you for a month. "

"Yeah, nice to meet you. May I ask you for a job?I want you to give me the store number. "

Hayat said that and invited Esha into the log house.

On the first floor of the log house, there is a small counter, several merchandise cases, and a variety of armour hanging on the wall.What is placed is an item made by Hayato with his production skills.

The second floor of the log house was a residence, but the first floor was like a shop selling goods.Buying and selling goods is based on direct interaction between players, but it can also be sold in stores.But to do that, we need the store number.

In the previous clan, Hayato was selling items with a store number, but I can't afford to do that in the current situation.So I asked the maid guild to give me the store number.

"Store number? Wouldn't it have been better to ask the Merchant's Guild instead of the Made To Measure Guild?

"That's a good point, but it's expensive, the Merchant's Guild."

Hayato also tried to hire the Merchant Guild at first, but gave up asking about the price.At the moment, there are few earnings, so it is the result of trying to cut it down well.

"You might think it's not a maid's job, but I'm sure you can do it.That's why I asked someone who could read and write letters and calculate amounts. "

Is that what this is all about?I was wondering because there were a lot of detailed conditions at the time of the request... I see.In that case, I will give you the store number.Here's what you're selling... "

"Yeah, that's right. Well, thank you. - What's wrong?

After requesting the store number, I tried to think again about what to do with my clan, but I was surprised to hear that Esha stopped moving.

But there was no response from Esha.

(It's not a bug, is it?I've never heard such a story.)

This game is famous for being free of bugs.There are updates due to additional features, but there have never been updates or maintenance due to bug fixes.

Hayat moved in front of Esha with wonder.And I'm surprised.

Esha was drooling her mouth and staring at a point.

A cartoon or animated expression is such an uncomfortable act of salivation, but it is quite scary that it is also a real salivation.At the tip of the arrow I thought it might be a serious bug, Esha looked at Hayato with her mouth drooling.

"Dear Hayato, will this food be sold too?

The item that Esha pointed to was a chocolate parfait made with cooking skills.

Sweet food gradually restores HP and MP, making it a popular food for magical swordsman fighters.Even if the cooking skill is 100 of MAX, the success rate is 50%. The higher the quality, the longer the effect time, and the parfait sold here is the highest quality star five.

Esha drowned when she saw such a parfait.

"I'm going to sell it, but do you want to eat it?

"No, that's not it."

"I'm drooling.

"Where does that come from?

"It's progressive, isn't it?

After such an exchange, Esha wiped her mouth with a handkerchief.Then, after removing the handkerchief, make a spatula with both hands and slap it against the counter.

Even so, the counter didn't break, but there was a fairly loud sound.

"Because I want to eat! Top quality chocolate parfait!This is Mirakuru!

"Ah, yeah. You can eat it as a sign of your proximity."

Eyeshadows that look completely different from the first image.Surprised by the gap, Hayato felt a little scared and decided to offer him a parfait.

Esha raised her face.And gaze at Hayato with anticipated eyes.

"You think I can eat for free?

"... go ahead."

The best parfait is priced at around 5000G, but it is a dish that can only be made with the ingredients sold by NPC.Since the difficulty of collecting materials is low, Hayato does not spare much.

Esha takes the parfait in her hand and raises it with both hands before laughing.Then he put the parfait at the counter and took the spoon out of somewhere and sat on the chair.Whenever I ate a bite, my left hand was pressed against my cheek and I was delighted.

(NPC also eats food.And how happy she looks to eat it)

Hayato, who has been playing this game for over a year, has never encountered such a situation before.Essentially, the NPC only seemed to exist to sell items or give information.

And Hayat saw the actions of Esha, and one thought flashed.

(Can the NPC participate in Clan Wars?I've heard that Tamer is able to bring his monsters into Clan Wars.Monsters are also like AI, can you do NPC?

"I'm sorry about the meal, but can I have a word?

"Yes, what is it?This Esha Crown, if you let me eat parfait every day, I swear to Hayato I will be more loyal. "

"I don't mind that much, but I'll do that later.Actually, I need to ask you something.Uh, clan war, you know?And is it possible for my clan to participate?

I have no idea what I intend to do with my maid in a Clan War.It was simply a confirmation that the NPC could participate in Clan Wars.

Esha listens to it and thinks only a little.And he smiled and stared at Hayato.

"Yeah, I don't mind.However, there are quite a few conditions for me to participate. "

Hayato played a guzzle in his heart.Because I felt like I saw a little light.

(NPC if the player is no good.Win a Clan War by drawing as many NPCs as you can into your clan.Maybe the NPC had a legendary swordsman or a wizard?And there were heroes and demon kings?

Hayat began to think seriously about which NPC to join.