Another Frontier Online

NPC skill configuration is strange

"Um, Hayato.Are you listening to me?

"Huh? Oh, what is it?

Hayato finally realized that his maid Asha had told him.I've been thinking about who to make friends with.

"That's what makes me a part of the Clan War, but if you let me eat this dish, I'll join."

"Um, is it written on this paper?

Hayat received the paper given to Esha.

"Manga meat, star five, bucket pudding, star five, super-eclair, star five."

(... what is this?

Hayato leans his neck.I have cooked many dishes to improve my cooking skills, but I have never seen or heard of the dishes written on this paper.I've never heard of updates being made.

Hayato understands the word "five stars".Every item has a quality from one star to five stars, and the five stars are of the highest quality.But if you don't know the item itself, it doesn't make sense to know the quality.

"Do you have this kind of food?This is the first dish I've ever heard of.

Really?Then I'll give you the recipe. "

(Recipe? Isn't this game cookable from the beginning?

When cooking in this game, the menu is displayed by using cooking items, such as a knife or frying pan.That's how cooking and ingredients are displayed.And with ingredients, you can cook simply by selecting a dish from the menu.

In other words, you can't cook food that doesn't appear on the menu.That is the common sense of this game.

Esha wrote something on the paper she took out and gave it to Hayato.

The three sheets of paper contain the ingredients for each dish.Hayato looked through it and the paper disappeared.

(Can you cook now?

Hayato takes out his favorite dish item, "Adamantite's Knife/Pole", and displays the menu.There were three additional dishes written in the recipe.

(Whoa, this is a game that I've been playing for quite a long time, but I've never heard of such a thing.This information should not be on the Internet.Could it be the system that started with the Clan War update?

Prior to the Clan War, there was a lot of information online as part of the game strategy.However, when the Clan War began, the information was hidden and no longer available online.

Adding cooking menus with recipes.Hayat concluded that it may have been a system introduced at the same time as the Clan War was introduced, as it was information that had not existed before the Clan War.

(It's a bit regrettable for me to call myself a Production Jazz that I didn't know there was such a thing.But this dish is not for sale and should not be used.Maybe I got this recipe for the first time in this game?I'd be glad to.)

"Master Hayato? How about that?Can you make it?

"I can make it, but it's hard to make a good number when it's five stars.And the ingredients are bitter. I hope you can buy it at auctions and in stores. "

Hayato checks ingredients for manga meat from the food menu.

(For manga meat, the only ingredient is boned dragon meat, which is quite expensive.Normal quality can be made at 100%, but the likelihood of making the highest quality is about 25%.You have to challenge quite a few times.)

Next, I checked the bucket pudding.

(For bucket pudding, milk, sugar, water, dragon eggs, and buckets.Only dragon eggs are quite expensive.However, there is a 50% chance of making the highest quality, which is not a bad chance, but it will have to be challenged multiple times)

And finally, ultra-eclair.

(I already have the dough, chocolate and custard cream.But does that mean it's too big?It consumes a lot of material to make one.Can you make it with your own ingredients twice or three times?Top quality is 50% too, if you can't handle it, it will be a hassle to prepare the ingredients)

Having looked at each ingredient and the highest quality success rate, Hayato determined that it would cost money to align.That's what I have to think about.

(Esha is a maid.I asked you for confirmation, would it make sense for you to participate in the Clan War in the first place?If you can't fight like me even if you're in a clan war, it doesn't make sense.)

Hayato ate a parfait and gazed at the delightful shade.

"What's wrong?Is it a bit of a gaze - and is it okay if I change my eyes?Rest assured, I'm still hungry. "

"No, it's not. Um, I wonder if Esha will be able to fight in the Clan War.I'm a little confused because the ingredients for cooking are expensive. "

"Wait a minute!My stomach is already decided to eat that food!

"Have you decided?But it's not good to use valuable clan frames to bring in a child who won't be able to fight.I thought, "I have a mercenary guild, and I can hire a mercenary if I don't have to pay for it."

There are Adventurer Alliances, Mercenary Alliances, and Assassin Alliances in addition to Made Alliances.Hayato realized that if we could negotiate well, we could hire those members.

"Please wait, Hayato!No, Master!


"I didn't say anything about this Esha Crown that I couldn't fight.It's really helpful!So please! Let me eat those three!

"Please don't hold your breasts.My HP is slightly reduced.I'm dying because I don't assign much status to my HP. "

"Then choose whether you want to die like this or cook!Recommended dishes!

"That's a threat, right?!Just let go of my hand!Your HP is too low and you're getting an alarm!

Hayat was finally liberated.Take a deep breath, then remove the potion and drink.HP recovered.

(Why is it negotiated by AI?No, it's not a negotiation, it's a threat.But you can fight, right?I don't think you're going to tell a lie, but without any evidence - well, if you look at the skill set, you can handle it.Even so, can you see NPC's skill structure?

Skill configurations can be shown to players with permission from clan members and opponents.However, we have not seen NPC's skill structure until now.At least Hayato never heard of it.

"Can you show me the skill structure?That's what I want to decide. "

"Skill Configuration?Well, if that's how I can fight.I see. Check it out. "

(Seriously? Maybe this is the first time I've seen NPC's skill set?Don't get excited about the composition)

Hayato saw the composition of Esha's skills.

And stunned.

-What is this? Skill over 100?You're kidding? Any skill should have a maximum of 100.And you have 200 sniper skills?What the hell am I supposed to do?

Players have a maximum of 100 skills per skill.It will not be higher than that.However, as you can see from Asha's skill composition, there are three skills that exceed 100.200 snipers, animal knowledge, and magic.

(No, wait. Skill Negative...?

Hayato's skills, which exceeded 100, had taken her eyes off him, but there was another value she couldn't attend to.It is a negative skill.

Cooking, sewing, and animal training skills were all minus 100.

Hayato was even more confused.I don't understand what's going on at the root of the game.

However, I change my mind that it may be wrong to think the NPC and the player the same.Monsters are said to have a different skill structure than players.I thought it natural that the NPC might be different from the player.

"Um, are you sure?How about that? I'm proud to be pretty strong. "

"Can I ask you something first?Why do you have more than 100 skills?And what's negative?

"Come on? Negative is like a birth defect or a weakness.No matter how hard you try, it's not going to go up, because you're over 100. "

(Does that mean she doesn't know it either?If there is a negative element, there is a mechanism in the NPC that can release the upper limit.But maybe I can lift the cap, too?With more than 100 production skills, if you can do that, your dream will spread.... (If that's okay, let's start with Asha)

Hayato thinks further.

(As far as Asha's skill composition is concerned, it is likely that Ranged Attacks are the main focus.I thought you said a long-range attacker.Even though it's tough just to be Esha, it turns out we can send NPCs to Clan War.Hiring short-range attackers, shields, and healer NPCs is no problem.Besides, it seems tough to have nine NPCs from now on.)

"I know I can fight, so I'll try to arrange some food.But I can't make it right away. Can you hold on a second?

"Of course, thank you.I'll wait for you while you call the store number. "

When I saw Esha holding her hands up and gazzling, I wondered if Hayato was really AI.But I can't afford to think about it.We must gather our allies before the Clan War.

Hayato left the shop number to Esha to prepare the ingredients for his meal.