Another Frontier Online

Auctions and Mercenary Alliances

Hayat came to the nearest town from his base.

The name of the town is "Grand Belle".

It's not a big town, but Hayato is a treasure because of the facilities on the street.

There are few players because they are somewhat borderline.This is because most players live and adventure near large towns called kingdoms and empires.You won't come here unless you need anything in particular.

Hayato also wanted to build a house near a town with more players, but there is no such land at the moment.

(The previous clan base was in a good location.I don't know if you'll give it to me, but I might have preferred a clan base.It was the base I built in the first place.Well, now)

Hayato's clan stronghold was right next to King's Landing, along a path where players often pass.

There is a system of product search functionality in store selling, so players can know the product and price wherever they are.Besides, there is no particular problem regardless of where the store is because I can teleport.However, customers who peek at the store's products also contribute to sales.

This time Hayato built a log house around the border.There would only be players who would come to buy the product in pinpoint, and they gave up.

(It won't be a hassle for me to come by teleport, but it is troublesome so I have to buy it nearby.Like a convenience store. About 10% is deducted from the quote, but will you come and buy it?Production jobs don't start without money, so they don't make any money.But I feel like it's packed with stuff... I still work - no, I don't want to work)

With that in mind, Hayat walks the town.And I came to the facility I was looking for.

This is a facility that can use auction systems.

It looks like a small colloquium, and the circular building only has reception desks at equal intervals.Each of those points of contact has the function of performing the auction procedure.

Seller sets items, minimum amount and maximum amount.Then specify another time.The time is often 24 hours, but can be set to a maximum of 72 hours.I mean, three days at the most.

The player who sets the highest amount after the specified amount of time wins the bid, but paying the maximum amount set by the seller wins the bid without waiting for time.

(If there is no bid, the auction will only be charged a fee, so there should be a lot of price settings that can be guaranteed to sell the maximum amount.Let's check here before the store sells)

Hayato moved to the reception.

Then display the auction menu and search for boned dragon meat.

(At least $15,000, $25,000 for summary execution... expensive.It's a ingredient for dragon steak and I thought it was.Thankfully, the same player is offering some at the same price)

Cooking in this game has a temporary positive effect.Some things are ineffective like coffee, but most of them work in the player's favor.

Meat dishes are preferred by warrior players as an attack enhancing dish.Among them, dragon steaks boast a high rate of breakdown.It is said that whether or not you can prepare this in Clan Wars will change your chances of winning.

The boned dragon meat, which is the ingredient of such cooking, was quite expensive because it was difficult to obtain.

(If I was a former clan member, I could defeat a dragon, but now I'm the only one who can win.I'm sure you can help me, but they're busy preparing for the Clan War over there... we'll have to settle it with money)

Hayato cut off the initial investment and bought four boned dragon meats instantly.Pay 100,000 G in total.

(If the star five is 25%, you can make about one if you make it four times.Sometimes it can't be done four times, but I want to believe in my luck.Even if you can't, if your Attack Rate is higher, your Rarity will increase and you may be able to sell it for a good price.I would sell it because I am a good Rare Item Collector at least)

Likewise, buy four dragon eggs.I paid another 100,000 G because it was the same price.

Hayato buys more fine ingredients at the NPC store and brings all the ingredients together.

Now that we have achieved our goal, we have decided to go to the Mercenary Alliance's facilities.

If we found out that the NPC could go to Clan War, we could hire mercenaries.

The Mercenary Alliance is a place to receive quests for escorts.

A quest is a request from an NPC that you do to earn money and items.Until now, I thought it was the only place to receive such a quest.

Hayato thought so, of course, but not now.

(If the NPC requests an escort, we may be able to request an escort from the NPC.I think there is a good chance that you will participate in Clan Wars)

After walking toward the center of town, I saw a Mercenary Guild building.

It is a three-storey brick building, which is quite new in appearance.The entrance seemed to be filled with NPCs believed to be mercenaries, and there were many strong faces, but Hayato seemed to rely on them.

The first floor of the building looked like a cafeteria, with reception at the back counter and several receptionists sitting.

Hayato approaches and calls out to one of the receptionists.

"Excuse me, are you hosting here?

"Welcome to the Mercenary Alliance.How can I help you today?

"Well, how do I hire a mercenary?

"You hire mercenaries?If so, please check out this menu.Lists who you can hire today and the price.Incidentally, the price is for a day. "

"Thank you."

(Can you employ it normally?I was told it was a place for escort quests... no, mercenaries and adventurers could have been hired.I've heard that you can pay me to go get the materials.That's not what I want to hire, but whether or not you'll fight in Clan War.I'll check it out just in case)

"Is it possible for mercenaries here to participate in clan wars?

"Yes, it is possible.However, in the case of clan warfare, the fee structure is different.Also, if your clan doesn't have a slot available, you can't hire it in the first place, but is it okay there?

"It's okay. May I see the pricing structure?

The receptionist said, "Here you go," and handed the paper to Hayato.

Having seen the contents, Hayato pulled his face.

(You're kidding, at least a million for one trip?I can't afford to pay for it at the moment, but if I hire many people, I'll lose my money.If we survive this, we'll be destroyed in the next Clan War... oh, what is this?Free?)

"Is this person on the list free?

"Well, that person is a mercenary who can be hired under special conditions.You're looking for the highest quality elixir.It seems to be free if you can give it away. "

Elixir, the most powerful medicine in this game, also known as all-purpose healing medicine.Fully restores HP and MP as well as any status anomalies.If I give you the problem, I will not be able to use it continuously.

Magic and items have time to limit reuse, called recast time or cool time.You cannot use the same magic or items in a row for a short period of time.

For items, the higher the quality, the less time.For the highest quality elixir, reuse time is five minutes.Considering that the reuse time of the lowest quality elixir is one hour, it is unbeatable performance.

(I have some Elixirs, but they are not of the highest quality.That's because even if you maximize your skills and equip them with auxiliary items for production, the probability of the highest quality is 2%... I think it's a natural probability that you won't lose a Clan War if you mass-produce something like that.)

In addition, Elixir materials are often rare.Hayato gave up early because it would be bankrupt if it could be made to the highest quality even if the ingredients were available at the auction.

(The highest quality elixir will sell 10 million at auction.I'll sell it if I can make it.)

It was right after Hayato thought so.

"Hey, I hear you're free, but are you hiring me?

Hayato, shouted from behind, turned around.

There stood a blonde man with a large sword on his back and a black armor.