Hayat was prompted by a man to reach the table in the Mercenary Guild's cafeteria.

To check, the man is a mercenary looking for the highest quality elixir.I thought I'd ask him if I could get it ready.Even if you don't have the highest quality, there are enough elixirs for the three stars.There was also an intention to hire depending on the negotiations.

The man sits in front of Hayato and smiles.He's handsome around the age of 20.

If a man like this smiles in reality, most women may blush their cheeks.Hayato thanked him for his good game.Because in reality, we have no choice but to hope for misfortune.

"My name is Ash Brandle.Call me Ash. "

"I'm Hayato.You can call me Hayato. "

"I'll let you do that.So, I was just talking about work, is it possible to get the highest quality elixir?

Ash turned away from his smile and turned to Hayato with a serious face.Without the table in between, we would have been approached pretty close.

"Suddenly. I'm sorry, but I don't have it.I have a few stars. "

"... I see.No, I can't do it with the stars.It has to be the highest quality five stars. "

"May I ask why?

From the player's point of view, it is only a reduction in cool time, such as the quality of the elixir.30 minutes for star three.Clan War is an hour-long battle, so it can be used twice depending on the timing of Stars 3.And the second time, I don't mind a lower quality elixir.Therefore, there is considerable demand even for low quality, but Hayato confirmed whether NPC is different.

"My sister is sick. No, I don't know. I think I should call it a curse."

Ash told Hayat about the situation.

Ash is the leader of a mercenary regiment called the "Beast of the Moon".

A group of mercenaries who earn their living mainly by hunting monsters, defeated dragons about a year ago.The attack by the dragon at that time, called the curse, cursed the sister in the same mercenary regiment.

The curse is weak. I influenced the surroundings as well as myself.The powerful curse of halving the status meant that the mercenaries could not act together and were alone in a distant house.

"Originally my sister was a magician, and she knew about curses.My sister did a lot of research on her own and found out that if she was the highest quality elixir, she could lift the curse.That's why I want it. "

I see.

(The elixir recovers even if it is of low quality, but the NPC may be a little different.Or is it a quest like that?

Having thought so, Ash sighed.

"It's not a curse with a different status to life.But as it is, my sister remains alone.That's how pity works.My sister laughed and said, "Isn't it funny that a magician is cursed?I'm saying, "

Ash said that with a laugh, but it was a selfish laugh anyway.

(I wonder if it would be a good idea to swallow the situation, but it would be hard if it were true.It's a game, so I don't want to get so emotional, but I think the situation is the only one that I want to do something about.Besides, it looks kind of like a brother and sister to me, the only one.My sister-in-law... I want to do something about it.But the cost of the ingredients)

"Hayato, you look like a production job, don't you?Can you make the highest quality elixir?

"I don't know what you saw and thought it was a production job, but you're right.I have pharmaceutical skills, so I can make elixirs. "

"Really!? What are your skills?What are the chances of creating the highest quality elixir!?

"Close. Let go of me a little.Pharmaceutical skills are 100.If it's of the highest quality, it's 2%. "


Ash hears Hayat's words and wrinkles between his eyebrows.And I saw Hayato with an obviously discouraged face.

"Are you sure you have 100 pharmaceutical skills?

"Of course, but why are you so disappointed?

"Hayato, don't lie about Skill 100.If you had 100 pharmaceutical skills, you'd know.Elixir's highest quality is less than 1% in Skill 100.It could be between 0.1 and 1.0% with various adjustments. It can't be 2%. "

(Oh, is that so?Yeah, I guess so.Normally, it would be at most 1%.But I'm not.I made this with everyone in my clan.I'm proud to have only a few of them in this game... it's dangerous to show them here, but I'll brag about it.)

Gear of God. It is used as a word to refer to things whose gear performance is degrading.

Items with the same name perform differently in this game.Armor and other equipment are random in performance within a certain range.Basically, armor is said to be as strong as high-quality ones, but its random elements can beat the performance of even four stars and five stars.

Hayato took out a crystal pendant on the table.

"This is a crystal dragon pendant.Uh, can you see the information on the item?

"Crystal Dragon...?I can see the information about the item, but what's wrong with it?

"Take a look. But you don't have to say anything else."

Ash stares at the pendant.And at the next moment, I opened my eyes.

"Double the highest quality probability of pharmaceuticals!?― ― Mug

"Hey, it's loud!

Hayat held Ash's mouth by his hand.And look around. Seeing that no one was looking at us, he didn't seem to ask.Hayato was relieved to think so.

They often ask me to sell my god's gear, and this game has the skills of theft.There are various conditions, but it is also possible to steal items from others.Hayato, of course, is doing the same thing, but he's vigilant because he doesn't know if he can prevent it altogether.

After both of them settled down, Hayat let go of Ash's mouth.

"I'm sorry.I was surprised because it was so incredible. "

"I know how you feel. When I made this, I was too surprised to scream.My clan members' eyes hurt... for some reason I didn't really understand the value of this. "

Equipment created may have a special effect, in addition to random elements of performance.A sword that is strong against undead and armor that cuts a few % of the damage of the flame.

Hayato's Crystal Dragon Pendant rarely has the effect of increasing the chance of creation success.I made pendants with this effect over and over again.

The elixir alone, though, is only up 1%.It is subtle how valuable the rise is.However, it can be said that it has risen unusually in the sense of producing the highest quality pharmaceuticals.

Pharmaceuticals made with pharmaceutical skills other than elixirs have less cool times to achieve the highest quality.There is a medicine called potion with low HP recovery, but when it is of the highest quality, the cool time is 0.If you can consume it continuously, it's much more valuable than a recovery medicine.

Even that potion has a 5% success rate of the highest quality, but if it doubles to 10%, then it's not a mistake to call it god gear.

"Well, that's why the elixir's top quality is 2%.Even so, the probability is low and the range of errors is probably high.You'll lose to the lucky ones. "

"Do you think it's bad luck to build such equipment?

"I don't know, I guess I ran out of luck when I made this?

Hayato laughed mockingly at the fact that his clan had been kicked out.

But Ash stares at Hayato with a serious face.

"Hey, Hayato, can you make me an elixir?As for me, I'd like to ask Hayato. "

"I want to make you feel good, but there's no chance that you can make it with your own aim, right?

"Everyone has the same probability of not being able to aim for it.But I want to bet on Hayato, who has the equipment. "

"But I don't have enough money to get the ingredients.The probability is, even if you create 50 times, the probability that you can do that is about 60%.It would be cheaper to wait for it to be auctioned. "

"Don't worry about the ingredients.I'll get it together.I still have some, so Hayato just needs to make it for me.I won't complain even if I can't.How about that?

"Well, then... there's a possibility that you can't even do it a hundred times?

"I don't mind. Even a low-quality elixir would sell a lot."

Hayato remembered the reason why he came here.

"I can't give you the highest quality elixir at the moment.I'm not sure I can make it, Ash, but can you join the Clan War?I'm in trouble because I don't have a member. "

"Is that why you wanted to hire me?Of course I don't mind. So, what's the deal?

"Oh, it's a deal."

Hayat stood up and put out his right hand.Ash also stood up and gripped his right hand with a smile.

Thus Hayato was able to welcome the first member.