Another Frontier Online

AI protection and cooking preparation

Hayat broke up after telling me where the log house was based in Ash.

Ash is about to return home and come to the log house, the base, with the ingredients.At the moment, there are enough materials to try 10 times, so I want you to work on it immediately.

Hayato has no reason to refuse.I used a teleportable item to get back to my base immediately.

Hayato, who does not have magic skills, cannot use Teleport magic.But there's a production job there.The number of times you use it is called Charge, but you can create items that use magic without magic skills.

Items that can use Attack Magic are also available, but Damage depends on Magic Skills.Hayato didn't make it because he couldn't damage it even if he could use it.

Using such a disposable item, the Transfer Ring, I returned to my base in an instant.

When you open the door and enter the log house, your maid Asha welcomes you.

"Ohaerina Ha, Goshuhinhima"

"After you finish eating... I don't have all the food in the shop, can you explain what that means?

Esha chewed a lot with the mog, then snorted her throat and swallowed what she was eating.Then use the handkerchief to plug your mouth and stretch your spine.You look even cleaner.

"Thank you very much.I have to say, Master. "

"All right, here's the return.Hire another maid. "

"Please wait. There is a word for temper: loss.Listening to this, it is clear that there is nothing wrong with me.Listen to me first. "

"... go on"

"Don't worry. Even if you put your hands on the product, it was done after you paid properly.I paid for all the dishes in this shop.It would not be an exaggeration to say that you made a huge contribution to sales.You may say you are a good customer.Don't you have a customer discount?Or store clerk discount "

Hayato checked the store's sales and found that the money had indeed been transferred.I didn't know the total price of the cooking relationship, but I stroked my chest to say that it would be this much.

But I also wondered.

(Can NPC buy products on its own?

Selling items to NPC stores is a good practice, but it was the first time Hayato knew that NPC would buy a player's product.NPC has never come to buy a store that was used by the previous clan but only by the player.

"Um, can you buy a player's product called NPC?

"Um, what did you say?I didn't hear you very well...?

Can't you hear me? Is that what happened to the AI...?Ah, no, AI protection security)

The AI in this game is said to be high performance, and the AI doesn't think of itself as AI.Also, for AI, the world of games is everything, so it is forbidden to say that this world is a game or an AI so that AI awareness and self-contradiction do not occur.

(Was that written in the rules at the start of the game?Perhaps the words NPC and player were filtered and not passed on to Esha... well, even if this is the world of games, it's a reality for NPC and the others.And it would be strange to ask because the NPC acted unknowingly.I think that's what it is and accept it.)

"No, it's nothing.Just, if you're buying a product from the store, would you let me through?The fact that there are products makes it a guest's pleasure.I want to avoid selling out some items as much as possible because I think they have a lot of things and they will buy me and increase the number of repeat customers. "

"Is there such a reason?I see. We don't buy only low-quality dishes.High-quality food is mine. "

"You don't know anything, do you?

"By the way, Master.How about the food you asked for instead?My stomach is on the verge of runaway.Stampede, the day before. "

"Don't treat me like that.And a stampede, that's where a lot of monsters come into town, right?I don't want to know what happens if I fail to defend myself. "

"I'll just say it's gonna be a big deal."

"I really want to return it to the maid guild.I bought the ingredients, so I'll try them now.I'll make it in my room, so can you keep the store number?Besides, I'd appreciate it if you could take care of the customer. "

"Don't worry. Let me show you how this Esha Crown works perfectly."

(Anxiety only)

Though I thought so, I had no choice but to ask, so I left the shop to Esha and Hayato moved to her room upstairs.

Get ready to cook as soon as you get back to your room.Preparing is just replacing the equipment.

Essentially, the success rate when producing depends on the skill value.In the case of Hayato, it is the best of 100.

However, the success rate can also be increased by various corrections from that state.In the first place, depending on the item being produced, the success rate may not be 100% even if the skill is 100.In order to bring it closer to 100, it must be raised by correction.

First DEX in status. Dexterity stands for dexterity.

For cooking, DEX is corrected by 1% every 10 minutes.Maximum status is 100.Hayato, of course, shakes the DEX by 100, so it has a 10% correction in elemental.

However, stats are more than 100 different from skills.It improves your stats with equipment and cooking.This effect allows you to increase your stats by up to 150.

Hayato increased his DEX by a total of 30 with his equipment.This brings the total DEX to 130.

Afterwards, they ate the dish "Salt-grilled Sanma".It's a dish that raises DEX by 20.Fish-based dishes are the dishes of producers who are told to always eat when making something that raises DEX.

This brings the total DEX to 150.Received a 15% correction for status alone, but Hayato also retrieves the equipment.I have some equipment that only improves my cooking success rate.

Let's start with "chef's hat".Headgear with +20% chance of success.

And "pastry chef's apron".This is also a waist gear with a 20% chance of success.

Finally, "Sushi Craftsman's Waste".For some reason, it's a foot gear with a 5% chance of success.

(Perhaps this is the best way to increase the success rate.Hundreds of pieces that have been made to show a random effect. Even a dragon steak with a 100% chance of success is said to be impossible with 100% stat and equipment.Selling equipment would be a fortune, but I can't sell it.Besides, these are just memories of how many times I went with everybody to get the materials.It won't sell, even if it's expensive.And this...)

Hayato took out his favorite knife and equipped it."Adamantite's Knife Pole."

This knife does not compensate for cooking success.However, it has the same detrimental effect as the crystal dragon pendant shown to the mercenary Ash.

The effect is to "reduce the probability of one and two stars and count them on the three stars."It is not listed in the item up to its lowering width, but its effect is 100.

In other words, this knife can't cook one or two stars.The lowest quality comes from the three stars.

(Seeing this, nature spills a smile.Like that pendant, it should be a rare item with fewer people.The clan didn't seem to understand the value of this either.Well, maybe they weren't interested in fighting monsters.And they all had weapons of unparalleled strength in a battle called legendary weapons, so they might be inferior to each other.)

Hayato looked at the knife and remembered the old days, but he switched his head.

(Now, will you cook the dish that Asha wants?But don't get excited about cooking for the first time.I am also concerned about the effects of cooking.I appreciate the effect it seems to sell.)

Hayato started cooking by putting the ingredients in an item bag.