Another Frontier Online

Relationship between NPCs

"... it's done."

Hayato made three dishes that Maid Escha wanted, all with the highest quality star five.However, it is the result of exhausting all the materials.There are no expensive ingredients left, and all the ingredients I have made and stored are gone.

It is the result of asking yourself whether luck is good or bad, and whether it is right to make Asha a companion in the first place, but as Hayato, it is not wrong to say that it is a satisfactory result.

This is because the recipe from Esha was a poor cooking performance even with the quality of the star three.

Although manga meat is less effective than dragon steaks, it gains far more Attack.Dragon Steak increases Attack by 50%, Manga Meat by 75%, and STR by 30.

Bucket pudding slowly restores HP and MP because it is a sweet dish, but the amount of recovery at that second interval exceeds the effect of all sweets. It both heals 5 every 3 seconds, but it lasts 30 minutes.

And ultra-eclair. Despite being a sweet dish, it doesn't restore HP or MP.However, it had the unlikely effect of state abnormality being invalid.

(If you sell this stuff at the store, even a million G won't be quick.But selling this also means contributing to a clan that may become enemies.As long as there's a Clan War, I can't sell it if I want to.And they're going to ask me how I got it.)

Effects are bad. However, if you use it yourself, it is dangerous to sell it if it is likely to become a nose scream if the enemy uses it.Hayato thought it couldn't be sold until it was at least normally distributed.

(I wonder if there are other people who can make it.But I can't sell anything like this.It's no wonder I've never known this dish before.Nevertheless, some players are not participating in Clan Wars.I think those people will sell it with pride... but I still think this recipe system is quite rare)

Hayato puts his cooking gear in his closet and leaves the room to give the cooked food to Esha.

On the first floor, Esha stood inside the counter and gave the shop number properly.The shadow looks at Hayato with anticipation.And I drooling.

"Good work, Master.How about the neck and tail?

Though polite in his words, Hayato put the three dishes he had made on the counter, even though he felt that his subordinates were the opposite.

"It's what you want.Now you're going to join the Clan War, right?

Esha's eyes are wide open.I turned my eyes towards cooking that could damage me with just my eyes.And I try to cook with trembling hands.

But Hayato quickly put the dish in his item bag.


"Asha, this is just a word, but I want to hear it from you.Are you sure you want to join the Clan War?I'm really going to get angry if I don't join on the day, or if I imitate that I'm going to be lazy even if I do. "

"Master, this Esha Crown has never broken a promise involving cooking.If you're going to get the food, be sure to show it to the Clan War. "

(Liar. I'm a little worried about seeing Esha's behavior, even though I don't think AI deceives people.If it's a lie, what can I do if I tell the operation...?Nevertheless, you have to believe it now)

"Okay. Believe it.Then eat whatever you want. "

Hayato put three dishes at the counter.

Then Asha picked up the dish at an unexpected speed and put it in her own item bag.

"It's quite a mistress to play teasing.Rest assured. It will definitely help you in Clan Wars.But could you do me a favor?I need something to prepare before the Clan War begins. "

"Do you still have it? You don't have to pay for it.

"I don't think it would cost a lot of money if it were your husband.I would like you to make a large amount of juice dishes.In my case, I can't do anything when the MP expires, so I want a drink that can instantly recover the MP.By the way, I want melon juice. "

"Oh, that's right.I can take responsibility for that.You're good at preparing before the battle begins.But the melon is expensive, so it's orange.Oranges are grown in the garden, and there's plenty of them. "

"... please use melon juice"

"... because the taste is different and the effect is the same"

"I think the flavour is important."

"Money is important."

After such a killing, the loghouse chime rang.

Ash. Is Hayato here?

Hayat cut off the conversation with Asha and opened the door to the entrance.There stands the mercenary Ash.I smiled when I saw Hayato.

"Hey, I just brought the ingredients.But is this the base?I have such equipment, and I don't think Hayato's clan would be surprised to build a bigger base. "

"Well, there's a lot going on.Don't hesitate to come in. "

Well, I'll be in your way.

When Ash stepped into the house, Esha bowed.

Welcome, customer.

"Oh, thank you for bothering me."

Handsome and beautiful. Hayato felt so moody that he didn't want to become a painting.It's a combination I don't want to see in reality.

"My name is Esha Crown.I'll see you later. "

"My name is Ash Brandle, and I'd like to welcome you - Esha Crown!?

Ash opened his eyes to surprise.And seriously, I look at the shade.

Hayat called out to Ash, staring at Asha in silence.

"What's wrong?

"Oh, no, really?


"Apparently Ash-sama knows me.You must have been surprised because it's a little famous. "

"How many names do you have?No, more than that, why are you here?What are you doing in the first place?

"I'm a maid. What is it?

"... maid? You're doing something interesting."

"What are you doing here?From your name, I saw you as the brother and sister of the famous brand. "

Do you know us?

"Yes, I know your sister is about to retire from the dragon curse."

I'm familiar with it. Exactly.We're going to have Hayato make the best elixir to avoid that.Instead, I'm willing to participate in a Clan War. "

"I see, there was such a connection.Thank you for telling me that you belong to the same clan as me. "

"... really.Is he with you? "

NPCs are thriving with each other, but Hayato can't talk about it outside the mosquito net.Hayato is not familiar with the main story of this game in the first place.I know that there are brave men and demon kings, but I don't know how the world is formed and what kind of situation it is.

(Maybe they're both important characters in the story?You think I can be one of them?If you join a clan, the main story will become impossible to progress, right?

"Well, you two know each other?

"No, but I only know his name."

I don't have a name, either.

It's okay to have the same clan, isn't it?I don't want to be with him anymore. "

"Don't worry. That's not true - but I'll just say I can't give up melon juice."

"Don't worry about me... melon juice?

(It seems somehow disturbing, but are you okay...?I should have done the main story instead of just producing it... well, first we aim to win a Clan War.But it's just the two of us.We need more of them.)

"By the way, do you have any other clan members?These three aren't the only ones, are they?I'd like you to introduce me. "

"No, I didn't say that... yes, I should have said that."

Hayat decided to explain the situation because he was one of them, even though he didn't think it was necessary to say so.