Hayato, Esha, and Ash were sitting in their chairs and drinking coffee on the ground floor of the base log house, in the shop section.

Sitting chairs and surrounding tables are furniture made by Hayato with woodworking skills.Quality doesn't change the appearance, but it's a dedicated production job.Everything is made up of the highest quality stars.

Surrounded by such high-quality furniture, Hayato told them about the situation.

Nevertheless, since there is AI protection security, we are not talking about hiring NPCs or about winning clan wars because of prizes.Simply saying that you left your clan because you were no longer a productive job, and that you were looking for someone to fight with even if you were a productive job.

I will also explain that there are now only three of them: Esha, Ash, and Hayat.

"I see, considering the ingredients of the equipment you showed me earlier, I thought it was a clan with a fairly powerful member, but they kicked me out."

"They kicked me out, or I passed out."

"Really? Sure, that might be the case considering they gave you the money or the items, but it would be the same to say they kicked you out if you saw them?

"I think so too, even though I'm arrogant.I didn't want it, so I threw it away. "

"Think more.Because it hurts. But as the previous clan leader told me, I have no fighting power at all.It was my clan's luggage, so I'm pretty sure they kicked me out. "

Esha and Ash sighed almost simultaneously.

I'm not mocking Hayato.He looks like, "What are you talking about?"

"Hayato may not have the strength to fight.But your luggage is misrated.Speaking clearly, I don't think that clan can do it anymore. "

"What's wrong?

"That clan wants to be in the top, right?You want me to throw Hayato out and put him in the fight?From the point of view of being the leader of the mercenary regiment, it is evil in the wrong hands. "

Ash's explanation was that suddenly changing members and working together could not be successful, and whether the person who suddenly welcomed them could be trusted.

Clan warfare is a team battle by ten to ten.A single weight occupied the battle.It's not always a one-on-one battle, it's basically a maneuver that always creates an advantage and fights.In such a battle, the whole team won't get stronger by putting in a guy who doesn't know why, even if he's strong.

"But, as I said earlier,Recent battles have made me and my enemies one-on-one.The clan was really close to winning. "

"It's worse to leave Hayato alone in the production job."

"Hmm....? If you mean to escort me, isn't that what keeps me at bay?

"That's true.But winning or losing isn't just an hour during the Clan War.Fighting is important from that preparation.I heard Hayato had a lot of preparations before the battle, right?You were preparing medicine, cooking, maintaining your equipment, and investigating your opponents, right?

"Well, I guess that's what I was doing.When the Clan War starts, it won't help because I won't be able to fight. "

"We should think more about whether it helps in Clan Wars as a whole.Besides, you said you were close to winning, but you knew someone who originally made up the undercover skill structure, didn't you?Didn't you have something to defeat from the beginning?

"I don't know. I certainly had an amulet for you.I didn't want to use it. "

Items used are self-destructing items for discarding.An item that deals damage to the opponent's health.Of course, it was mitigated by the opponent's defenses, but Hayato was prepared in advance if he was an infiltration player who valued his lightness and determined that he had no defenses.

The idea is in the middle. Hayato has barely shaken his HP as a production job, which is the lowest 25.But it's the same with the other guy.The opponent is equipped with low defense.It ended in the form of a match.

However, when it comes to suicide bomber items, the items that can be damaged regardless of skill are expensive and the materials are inevitably expensive.Hayato didn't have to use it if he had the power.

"Was Hayato the missing clan" Black Dragon "?I'm sorry, but I don't think it's possible to go up the ranks.Clan members' horizons are too narrow. "

"It's a different project for your husband.You can't have three meals. "

"... hey, both of you.You may be comforting me, but please don't say anything bad about your former clan members?I may have been kicked out, but I'm still one of them. "

Hayato placed "Adamantite's Knife Pole" on the table.Esha and Ash are amazed at the performance of the item.

"The knife in front of you is just data."

"I'm sorry, it's just, what?Didn't you hear me?

(Ah, AI protection.If you think about it carefully, you can't use the word "data"... can you just use it as an item?

"Well, this knife is just an item.It certainly has incredible performance, but I am not willing to sell it even if it is loaded with billions of Gs.Besides performance, there are memories of this. "

You'll need rare items to make this knife.

Adamantite, a rare and valuable ore, behemoth horns and kraken ink that can only be taken from rare monsters, and the first branches of a world tree to be acquired by doing elf quests over and over again.It is rarely sold, and it takes a lot of time just to collect materials.

"I've made this knife many times because I wanted to know how it works, but I was able to collect the ingredients thanks to my previous clan members.You don't know what it's worth, but you're working hard for me.When I found Rare Monsters, I stuck around for hours.Besides, there were other people who were after me, and I had a relationship with them. "

Now I wonder why I did such a hard thing, but it's a pleasant memory for Hayato.They did kick me out of my clan.That's not why the memories of those days fade.

"I've decided to split up, but I still think I'm one of them.So please don't say it too bad.Of course, I'm glad you're taking care of me. "

Hayato said that, I think.

(What am I saying to my NPC counterpart?Doesn't it sound like you're talking about something?Well, there is also a reason why I could say it because it is NPC... but it has become very irritating)

When Hayat thought about what to do during this time, Ash stood up and lowered his head.

"I'm sorry. You don't feel bad about your buddies.I apologize. That's right, I want you to forgive me. "

"No, no, no, you don't have to do that!Raise your head!Forgive me, I forgive you!

Hayato was in a hurry, not expecting to be apologized in such a way.

And Ash hears the word, and lifts his head.

"There is certainly something similar in the mercenary regiment.If we get out of the mercenary regiment, we won't be friends anymore.We saved each other's lives.I don't want to be humiliated. "

"Well, that's how it feels.So you don't have to apologize anymore. "

"Okay. From now on, I'd like to ask you to join me.Let me do my best. "

Ash said that with a smile and sat back in the chair.

(It feels pure.And youthful)

Esha stares at Hayato who is thinking about such a thing.

"This Esha Crown is impressed by the depth of your husband's pocket and the size of his vessel.That's my husband. "

"I don't remember being your husband, but I'm glad you think so."

"Yes, and I love the friendship between Ash-sama and the man - hiding something."

"Keep that kind of stuff hidden.And don't raise your thumb, will you?Well, that's why I'm going to ask you again. "

Nod with Ash and Ash.

Hayato was pleased to have a good NPC with him.But there are still two of them.We have renewed our determination that we need to keep NPCs strong.