Another Frontier Online

Prepare for battle

Two weeks have passed since Hayat made Esha and Ash his friends.

Ten members can belong to the clan.Hayat tried to gather the remaining seven, but unfortunately it failed.Mercenaries were too expensive to negotiate with a potent NPC.

But the problem was solved.

Seven members of Ash's mercenary regiment will join the Clan War.Ash, who knew about Hayato's situation, wanted to prove that Hayato wasn't clumsy.

As for Hayato, it didn't matter whether he was tight or not, but he took the suggestion.Clan War members must be decided a week before the battle.After that, you will not be able to participate in Clan Wars even if you put someone in your clan.You cannot leave your clan, and you will fight with its members.

After the opponent is chosen, you have one week left to think about what to do.It is time to think about collaboration and maneuvers with members if the player is mainly a fighter, but Hayato is in the production position.Preparing items before clan warfare begins is the main task.

Start with cooking. Basically, players' stats and skills are often the best solution.The difference is between cooking that improves the player's physical abilities, gear, and abilities.

Dragon steak is a staple food for warriors.This toon has +50% Attack for 30 minutes.The higher clan definitely has this.Hayato is able to make manga meat that increases his Attack Rating and still has three.But I decided not to use it this time.

Hayato's newly created clan is naturally new, so its rank is the lowest F rank.There are several matching formats, but this time we have selected a random match, so the opponent has the same F-rank.

I plan to check with the opponent in the future, but Hayato thinks there is no way that F Rank can prepare dragon steaks in the first place.

Therefore, we decided to prepare "Rock Bird Skewer Grill", which can be cooked with inexpensive ingredients.

Rockbirds are difficult to defeat with giant bird monsters, but they can be obtained cheaply due to the massive drop of the ingredient "Rockbird Meat".Sometimes they are thrown to sell because they squeeze a knocked out player's item bag or base warehouse.

Hayato thought it would be enough to increase Attack by 20% for 30 minutes.

And the melon juice that maid Esha wants.It is a juicy dish that instantly restores MP, but the ingredient melon is expensive.Even with orange juice, the effect is the same, but because Esha asked me to, Hayato prepared the ingredients to cry.

Nevertheless, Hayato doesn't hate it that much.Because the addition of recipes and even the fact that it is a high-performance dish means thank you.But Hayato swore to himself that he would use orange juice next time.

The next thing we need to prepare is equipment.Nevertheless, Esha and Ash have their own equipment, as do the members of the mercenary regiment participating in it.

Hayato did not need to prepare new equipment, but wondered if it would be durable.

The equipment in this game basically has the value of durability.Every time you fight, it decreases, and when it reaches 0, any equipment breaks.Even if it was a high-performance rare piece of equipment.Some material remains when broken, but the remaining material alone cannot be recycled.So we need repairs to restore durability before it breaks.

Having finished cooking, Hayato moved to the first floor of the log house.Because it was time for Ash to bring Elixir's ingredients.

"Great, did Ash come just now?I want Ash and Ash to fix it. If you have the equipment, please give it to me.I'll do it. "

"I see. Take off your clothes.Sexual harassment. "

"No, that kind of reaction really bothers me.I'm trying to fix my gear, so please don't. "

(What happens if my account is suspended due to harassment?No. Am I being sexually harassed?Which one?)

"Hey, don't bother Hayato.You know, you're kidding me, right?

"My husband has a good reaction so he makes fun of me, right?I have to say, "That's my husband."

"Why aren't you happy at all?So, it's not sexual harassment, but what do we do?Sewing skills and blacksmithing skills are 100 of MAX, so you can perfectly fix clothes and armor. "

"Rest assured, Master.My made-to-measure clothes are self-repairing so they look brand new after a day.The same goes for this white brim and maid apron.It's one of the craftsmen's products. "

"I feel like I can say it's a waste of craftsmanship.Self-repair is a very rare effect, but is it attached to the maid's clothes?I mean, who made it?

A self-healing effect that is said to be random when creating an item.The likelihood is said to be less than 1%.Even if it has a self-healing effect, it will break if its durability is reduced to 0 in one day, but if you remove the equipment before it breaks, it won't lose its durability, so it's a treasured effect.

"I don't need any special repairs to my gear.Because it has a special effect, it hardly reduces durability. "

No, I guess not.

(A complete armor of Dragon Eaters and Dead Dragons.Sure, that won't reduce the durability.)

Hayat was shown Ash's status a few days ago.At that time, they showed me all the equipment.

Ash was a normal skill structure, unlike Esha.It has to be the same configuration as a regular player.But the equipment is different.Obviously superior to high-performance Legendary Armor.

The Great Sword, called the Dragon Eater, deals five times as much damage to the Dragon, but also has the effect of a Bloodweapon, which absorbs a portion of the damage dealt and restores HP.It was also a cheat weapon that restored the durability of equipment as well as HP.Hayato has seen the effect with his eyes rubbed many times.

And the armor of the Dead Dragon.Ash wore Death Dragon named armor on his upper body, lower body, arms, feet, and all four places.Each performance is said to be a high performance armor, but equipping all four of them gives you an additional set bonus.

A set bonus is a mechanism that triggers hidden effects by equipping related equipment.

The set bonus gained from the Death Dragon Armor Series is physically invalid.This has the effect of not accepting any physical attacks for an optional minute.They take damage from non-physical attacks, such as flame attacks, but some of them become invincible for a minute. This was also a cheat gear.

(If you don't take damage, it won't reduce durability.Even though there's enough cool time, it's unlikely to work.But this could be said to be a deep hand.Would you mind not using it in this Clan War?Use when fighting top clans)

"But, Hayato, I don't need maintenance on my gear, but I need to ask you something else."


"Would you be so kind as to equip your members of the mercenary regiment?They've got their own gear, but they're pretty run-down with poor maintenance.Of course, I'll prepare the ingredients here. "

"What, is that so?Of course I don't mind. If you give me the ingredients, I'll get right to it. "

"Thank you. I'll bring it right away."

With regard to the equipment, as soon as the ingredients arrived, Ash received only Elixir's ingredients and Hayato returned to his room.

This time to prepare the medicine.

The Elixir we're making to help Ash's sister is not yet of the highest quality, as you can see from the ingredients we just received from Ash.But since most of them can be created with the Stars, Ash is happy to just give them to him.

The elixir, but in Clan Wars, you can prepare as many of the top clans as the dragon steak.However, Hayato often prepared the highest quality potions in his previous clan.

That's because when the cool time goes to zero, the probability is 10%.Mass production of potions that can be consecutively drunk.Hayato will not fight, but he definitely thinks he is strong.The evidence also had a good reputation from previous clan members.

Is your clan okay over there?I need this pendant to produce the highest quality potions in bulk.Maybe I should have explained it properly.Well, I left it behind, and is it as good as this Clan War?)

Hayato entered the mass production of potions with some anxiety.