Another Frontier Online

Beginner Hunting

The day before the Clan War, Hayat was thinking while generating an elixir on the second floor of the log house.Rather than thinking, worries caused by unexpected events would have dominated.

During the week of preparation, Hayato prepared various items for the production role.It is not a mistake to say that it does not fall out.The problem is with the other clan.

The opponent was also disappointed at the lack of information due to the fact that it was a new clan.It was only a short while ago that I got some definite information.

(Nearly certainly a beginner hunter.A clan that can aim for higher ranks, but remains low and unbeatable against beginners and weaker players.Have you saved too much money for clan sharing?)

There are several ways to decide who to fight against in clan warfare.Hayato chose a random match this time.It's a random form of picking a random opponent from a clan of the same rank.However, even if it is random, it has been decided to some extent.

It is not clear that such an announcement was made by the game management company.However, there were rumors that in random matches, clan shareholders were chosen from similar clans.

Winners in clan wars can get the money from losers.Personal ownership of clan shared money prior to matching, leaving it at 0 will almost eliminate the risk of losing.And if you say you can win, you can get the money in return.

The countermeasure is said to balance risk and return by matching clans with closer holdings.

This game wins clan wars to earn prizes.The prize is variable.The mechanism by which clan share money is reflected in the amount of the prize.In addition, the rank determines the maximum amount of the prize.

Hayat made the clan share money available for a maximum rank prize.That must have come out the back.The clan thought to be a beginner hunter had the same settings, and it matched beautifully.

(I screwed up. The clan leader did that in the previous clan, so I made a proper decision.Besides, I guess I didn't lose my senses when I was in the upper clan.There was no beginner hunting clan in the corner of my head just now)

This time, Hayato had the feeling that it was a trial.I was trying to figure out how much the NPC could fight, but I hit a strong enemy besides what I thought.Besides, I think they're beginners, so they don't cook well.When I realized it, I couldn't buy the boned meat of the dragon at the auction.

(There are three stars of carrot meat made for Asha.However, the effect time is fifteen minutes.Not all of us, not even an hour alone.Sometimes they lick us and don't use dragon steaks... and expect it)

The rainbow-coloured light flooded Hayato's hand.It is a performance when the highest quality can be achieved.

"Oh, really?At a time like this?

When the rainbow light subsided, Hayato's hands were filled with the highest quality elixirs.

(Did you finally subtract 2%?Nevertheless, I haven't tried it 50 times, so I guess I was lucky.Because I attracted a strange opponent in the Clan War, it feels like Plummy Zero.Let's call Ash first.And we need to talk a little about tomorrow.)

Hayat contacted Ash and asked him to come to the log house.

Ash visits the log house enough.

Hayat didn't tell him what was going on to surprise Ash.I just called you to talk about the Clan War.

The time is 8 pm.On the first floor, Hayato, Esha, and Ash sat in their chairs and surrounded the table.Hayato serves his favorite coffee and puts it in front of the table with him.

"We both have good and bad reports. Which one do you want to hear?

Hayato was satisfied with the line he wanted to say for the first time.This is an unexpected and bad situation.However, there was nothing I could do about it, so I reopened it and took care of it.

"Good report... I mean, to cultivate tomorrow's wisdom, you can eat all you want today?Then, first of all, I'd like to ask you a favor from Amito. "

"No, it's not."

If so, isn't the bad report all-you-can-eat?Let me say I'm in a bit of a mood. "

"Stay away from all-you-can-eat.I'll just give you some sweets later. "

Hayato decided to get down to business with his hands up and letting go of the shade of gat pose.

"Let's start with a bad report.My opponent fights tomorrow, but my clan is said to be hunting beginners.Probably ranking from B to C.You will be quite a strong opponent.My expectations were F rank, so I'm only prepared for that.Sorry about that. "

Ash leaned his neck at the words.

"I was shown items used in Clan Wars in the Warehouse. Was that in preparation for the F-Rank criteria?

Hayato wondered at Ash's strange voice.

"Yes, but...

"Hayato may not know because he is a production job, but I wondered which A rank I would fight?It's a little strange to have so much food and medicine. "


"I think so, too.What are you thinking of making hundreds of melon juices?I can't even drink it all out. "

"No, I took a safety margin."

"Let's just say your stomach ruptures even in that half."

(I don't think it will burst because it's a game, but if I drink too much, it will cause a strange condition?

"That's true.Even rock chicken skewers are 50, right?Eight people, including me, will eat, but one or two will be enough.And how many of those five-star potions are there?What kind of giant monster are we going to crush?

"No, no one can use healing magic this time, so the only way to heal is with medicine, right?That's why I made more than usual. "

"Too many. Thirty bottles per person was the number you could hold.

"Don't you have at least 20 bottles per person?That's why I made it 30. "

Ash and Esha are sadly looking at Hayat.Hayato couldn't stand the gaze, so he tried to cover it up after coughing up.

"Well, that's fine.Because the more you have, the more likely you are to win.Regardless of the potion, they are more likely to prepare something better for cooking.I want you to pay attention to that.I'm sure they have all the equipment and stuff.Ash and the others who fight directly want to be especially careful. "

Hayato blew his mouth off quickly, but Ash looked at Hayato with even more regrettable eyes.

"It's a set of gear you've prepared for me."

"Ah, ah, was that okay?I would have liked to have something even more effective with Quality Five, but I didn't have time to do that.Some of them worked, so I don't think they're so bad... maybe they're bad reputations?

"On the contrary. Why did you give me such a good thing?Now, the Mercenaries say they want to join the next Clan War if they can make this.At the very least, I didn't expect that it would be of the same quality as the Sun Sam, and that it would be effective.One or two stars would have been enough. "

"I see.I thought it was quite inferior to Ash's gear and that of the previous clan members. "

"Everyone was wearing legendary gear?You've often kicked Hayato out in such a state - oh, no, I'm not making fun of Hayato's people.I'm just saying, do you think the general values are skewed?

Basically Hayat has never fought a player in Clan Wars.Only before the suicide bombing.I've never even fought a monster before.I went hunting monsters with members of my clan.However, what we did was not part of the fight to cook food or medicine a little further away or to improve the quality of drop items by benefiting from our skills.

Hayat has never partied with anyone other than his clan members to fight, so it would be a mistake to say that the values around him are quite skewed.

"Well, I'm going to fix the value gap.So, is tomorrow's fight gonna be okay?

"If you can't win this, it's not Hayato's fault.It's our responsibility. "

"That's right. Master has done more work than necessary, so we'll be all set."

Hayato stroked his chest to the surprise that there was no problem, but he was still not relieved.I still have time until Clan War tomorrow, so I can call Ash when I think about getting something ready.

"By the way, what's a good report?This was a bad report for Hayato, wasn't it?

"Oh, yeah, I forgot.I just got the highest quality elixir.Give it to your sister. "

Hayat laid a five-star elixir before Ash.I thought you'd be happy, but Hayato was worried because Ash didn't move.

"What? That's what you wanted, isn't it?Don't tell me you're not an elixir now.

When Hayat said so, Ash suddenly stood up and hugged Hayat, who was sitting.

"Thank you....! Thank you, Hayato!This will save my sister!

It hurts, it hurts, it hurts. Let go of me.

"Ah... I'm sorry, are you okay?

"It's okay. Well, from now on, be careful.I hate the eyes of Asha watching it rather than being hugged and damaged. "

"I see.Um, sorry to bother you, but can I take it to my sister?

"Of course. Cure him up quickly.It's not a substitute, but I'm looking forward to it tomorrow. "

"Ah, I'll show you something stronger than usual.See you tomorrow!

(I don't know the strength of the usual Ash, but are you glad you don't know such a thing?At this time, you're going to run out of production jobs.)

When Ash took Elixir, he lowered his head to Hayat only once before leaving the log house.

And only Hayato and Esha remain in the store.

Esha put her elbows around the table and tied her fingers around her forehead.And exhale loudly.

"I don't want to hear it, but what's the matter?

"A stunning performance that held my thumbs down.Tomorrow's motivation has increased.Let's just say it's 50 percent stronger than usual. "

"Oh, yeah. Well, can you come home today?Good day. "

I gave him the sweet potatoes, and then I sent him out of the log house to kick out Esha.And lock it.

Hayato decided to think positively that it was good that they were motivated, even though they felt like they had suffered mental damage in the end.And I had to log out of the game early today for tomorrow.