Another Frontier Online

Battle begins

On the day of the Clan War, the Hayats were transferred to a fortress in the Battlefield thirty minutes before the start time.

Battlefield is an isolated field for clan warfare.There are only members of your own Clan and Enemy Clan, and there are no monsters here, not just other players.All that remains is a stronghold for our allies and enemies.

Battlefield is defined as a kilometer square, but its terrain is randomly determined on the same day.In this case, a simple grassland area.The more dangerous the gimmick is as the clan's rank rises, but this time it was a normal place with no eccentricity due to the battle between F ranks.

Hayat looks out at all his members in his stronghold.

And the maid Esha, and Ash the mercenary, and the seven men of the mercenary army led by Ash.A companion to win this Clan War.Even if it is an NPC, it is no different from a regular player for Hayato.

In the past three weeks, Hayato has been involved with many NPCs, including Esha.The thought may be AI, but Hayato only seemed normal to me.And it's the same as Hayato's knife.Even if the NPC is just a program or data, Hayato already has some memories.

Um, well, thank you all very much.

Hayato lowered his head and somehow laughed from around him.

"Hayat, you're the leader of this clan, so tell me something that will give us some morale."

"No, even if they say that... okay.There's only one thing I can do.If I win, I promise I'll make a good armor for everyone.Of course, I'll have the ingredients ready. "

The mercenary regiment cheered.

"I see. So you're saying you're going to let me eat the highest quality sweets?

"Oh, I see.All right, let's get you the best quality.If you have a request, I'll ask you later. "

Esha raised her right hand in silence and played a guzzle pose.

Ash, who was watching such an exchange, turned from a smiling face into a serious face.

"Hayato, I'm sure you basically leave me in charge of the fight."

"Of course. I've been watching clan wars, but I can't be in charge.I will contact you if I have any concerns, but basically Ash will take care of everything. "

"I've been entrusted. Then Hayato and Esha will defend the Cranstone in this fortress.I'm not going to let them intrude, but I can't say for sure. "

"Leave it to me. I will not bring my enemies near here either.We are committed to protecting the Clan Stones.And your husband, too. "

"Don't talk to me like that, okay?Cranstone is more important than me, of course. "

Cranstone. A huge blue stone on the roof of the fort.Destroying this in Clan Wars loses.

There are two conditions for losing clan wars.It's time to destroy the Clan Stone or defeat all members.

Normally, players with zero HP will be revived at nodes, churches, shrines, and more.However, once defeated during the Clan War, you will not be able to return.So it's more important not to defeat enemies than not to defeat them.

And Hayato is a production position with no combat power.Rather, it is Cranstone who protects them.

"Are you tired of hanging out with Asha's jokes?Then let's get you in position.I'll see you later. "

Ash took members of the mercenary regiment and left the fort.

"Now, Master, let's go to the roof of the fort with the Cranstone.If you're there, I can help Ash-sama. "

Yeah, I'll take care of that.

Hayat said so, and went with Esha to the roof.

Hayat and Esha look across from the roof of the fort.The front half of all fields is self-defense and the back half is enemy.Players can be anywhere within their ranks before Clan War begins.Clan warfare begins at that location.

"Ash-sama and the others seem to see how they came out first.We will intercept them in a row in the middle of our own battle. "

"That would be the best.It's a team that can handle any attack. "

"By the way, how do you think they're going to come out?

"It is highly likely that the other person is licking me thinking that I am a beginner.Maybe all ten of them will break through the center.So-called instant killing. I think it's just a plan to target the Clanstones.A tactic that beginners can't handle. "

Hayato's predicted instant kill is a battle in which all of his clans start in one chunk and attack shortly afterwards.Place all of them in front of the opponent's faction and destroy them with the aim of destroying only the Clan Stones, blinding the opponent at the start.If this assault is successful, it will end the Clan War in less than a minute, so it's called instant kill.

The higher clan naturally has the countermeasure, so it is almost impossible to succeed.But the beginner clan is different.I don't know how to deal with it, and I could lose without doing anything.

(Beginner hunting... not a compliment.But even if it wasn't intentional, what I'm doing is similar.Even though they kicked me out, I was originally in the upper clan.If the opponent was really a beginner clan, I could draw attention, but this opponent wouldn't have to be shy.)

Hayato thought so and the countdown began.

And the battle begins.

"Excellent work, Master.The opponent seems to have broken through the center as expected. "

The opponent's players are visualized at the start.The opponent appeared at the critical juncture between themselves and the enemy.Then they move toward us in one chunk.

Ash and the others intercepted it, but there was only Ash in the middle, and the sideliners began to move quickly to the center.

"No, unfortunately it's not.Looks like there's only nine in the middle.I think that one's hiding somewhere in the cage.They don't seem to be at the other fort, and they're hiding somewhere in the field, heading this way - oh, over there.They're all moving around the end of the field, near the center. "

From Hayato's point of view, there was a player moving fast at the right end of the field.Hayat thinks that not only a central breach, but even if it fails, another solo player will destroy the Cranstone.

Now, when I wondered what was going on, Esha stepped forward.

"I'll take care of this.Apparently, the opponent has a skill configuration that increases mobility.I saw low defense.Then you can do it for me. "

Esha's skills have somehow exceeded 100.One of them is magic.Hayato thought that he would probably use powerful magic.But I doubt it.

(Speaking of which, I've never seen Esha's weapon.If it's a magical subject, I think it's equipped with canes and books.)

Aside from Hayat's doubts, Esha approached the place where the railing of the fort was located.Esha puts her right foot on the handrail.The pose revealed a black long boot made of leather from a maid's dress long skirt.

But Hayato doesn't see it.Others took my eyes off me.

I don't know when I took it out, but whatever Esha has, it's a gun.A rifle with a long barrel.

Esha put the trigger on her right index finger and supported the barrel with her left hand.Then peek at the scope on the rifle.

"Critical Shot"

When Esha says so, a small magical formation unfolds at the mouth of the gun.And the moment the fireworks burst, the ball of light was emitted from the magic circle at high speed.The sphere of light penetrates the player that was coming towards us.

The penetrated opponent disappeared as particles of light in an instant.This is proof that the opponent's HP has dropped to zero.Esha defeated the opponent in a single blow.

With her finger on the trigger, Esha took her stance off and put the barrel on her right shoulder.Then remove the melon juice with your left hand and drink it at once.

It is very wild to drink a bottle with melon juice almost perpendicular and keep your throat up.Hayato was staring at Sha with such thoughts in his head.

But soon after, Hayat regains his mind.

"Uh-oh! Hey, uh, yeah!Worldwide view! Make it more important!

"What did you say?What do you care? More than that, melon juice was delicious.Always extraordinary after work. "

(Perhaps the word "world view" is subject to AI protection?Why? No, this is better than that, right?Guns - no, they look like magical formations, so this isn't gunpowder?And Esha drank melon juice.I mean, is your MP down?You mean a gun that shoots with an MP?

"Um, what is that weapon?

"Is this it? This is Belzeve 666 EC Custom.Incidentally, EC is Esha Crown. "

"I don't care what your name is.That's a gun, right?Isn't that funny? Tell me something's wrong. "

"Sure, it's called a magic gun, but is that strange?It hasn't gone around much, but it's not strange.Rather, I want you to say it's cute.This ribbon is the Charm Point "

(I don't really understand the world view of this game.But in the first place, carrot meat is the same.I don't think there are cartoons in this world.It doesn't make any sense to focus too much, but isn't it weird?Maybe it's a game of management and development?

"Master, it looks like Ash and the others are about to fight."

(Can't help thinking about it.I'll leave it for now.The goal is to win this Clan War and see how much everyone in the NPC can fight.I knew Esha could fight.Next is Ash and the others.

Hayat, who was somewhat unconvinced, decided to look towards Ash and the others.