Another Frontier Online

[]/(n, vs) settlement/

Hayat was watching the battle of Ash from the roof of the fort.

I don't know what's going on in the fight, but Hayato understood that Ash was strong.Simply put, Ash stopped the assault by herself.

When the opponent first attacked, there was no one around Ash to intercept.The nearest Regiment member to Ash was in a critical condition.

Even if it was a strategy aimed solely at destroying Clanstones, there is no reason not to defeat only one enemy in front of us.And nine to one. The opposing clan tried to attack Ash with all of them.

However, Ash uses Wild Swing, a technique called Weapon Skill, to sniff his opponent's nose.

Wild Swing is a technique that can be used with both hands of a sword.This toon deals little damage but has the ability to slightly retract an opponent named Knockback with a range attack that targets multiple targets.The knockback also had the ability to cancel the opponent's attack.

Even though the opponent was attacked with a lump of nine people, there were only three rows next to each other.When the first three were knocked back, the back three were knocked back, so it was chained and all nine were knocked back to cancel the attack.

In other words, Ash stopped the enemy's assault with a single hit.In the meantime, the members of the team, who had spread out in a row, were successful in rushing to Ash.

Hayato was impressed by the explanation given by Esha.


"I'm sorry, but this is common sense.I was impressed by the overaction, so I thought I'd been fooled on the contrary.Remember to keep my fingers on the trigger of the gun. "

"Don't be afraid, okay?I'm not making a fool of you.I was watching everyone fight in my previous clan, but I don't really know the details.I think the previous member said that if we used the knockback attack properly, we would have won the battle. "

"That's not a mistake.It is definitely effective to crush the opponent's moves before activating them. "

I see. Speaking of which, everyone said they wanted a knockback disabled armor.It doesn't mean you don't want to retreat, it means you don't want to be crushed. "

"It's a bit of a drag to your husband, who doesn't even know that.Or rather, we have all the knockback disabling armor that can only be made with random effects, which is quite a drag.The level at which ants beat elephants with Tyman. "

Having such a conversation, Hayato and the others look at Ash's battle again.

Ash and the others dominate anyway.One person and the other member disappear as particles of light.And nobody's going down here.

"The mercenary regiment led by Ash is strong.Nobody's going down. "

"In any case, I think it's the performance of the protective equipment your husband made?

"No, I don't think so.The opponent has a good armor.That leader is equipped with Orihalcon armor.It's inferior to Adamantite, but it's a pretty good piece of equipment.I have prepared it because it is made of iron, even if it is of high quality.They're better equipped anyway. "

"If so, the quality of the opponent's equipment must be one star.The difference in materials is filled with quality.And not all of them, but some of the equipment your husband provided has a powerful effect.It's going to affect that area, too. "

Quality is one star?While it's true that low-quality equipment is weak and good in materials, do you want to participate in Clan Wars with Star Gear or something?

"You must have participated.Look closely, the mercenaries are doing less damage.It seems like I'm just drinking a potion that is not resilient.I didn't even drink potion with Ash-sama.By the way, MP is completely satisfied, but can I drink melon juice?Even after work, melon juice is exceptional. "

Ignoring the taste of melon juice, Hayato began to think a lot.

(Ash's Dragon Eater recovers HP with the effect of Bloodweapon.Didn't you even need a potion?But now I know.Ash and the others, or the NPCs, can fight.More than a player. I thought this might help you get to the top of the leaderboard.Clan wars have to be fought five times, including this time.In the future, choose matches that you can fight against your top clan instead of random matches.If you win, you should be able to raise your rank all at once)

"But Ash-sama seems to be holding back a lot.I don't think there's a problem with that kind of opponent, Mr. Ash. "

"That's too much, isn't it?That's right, we can't do one-to-nine - oh, yeah, I'm asking you not to use the physical invalidity of the set bonus with your armor as much as possible.I want it to be used to fight higher clans. "

"Sometimes that's what happened.But that's not what I'm talking about - it looks like the enemy has escaped. "

In response to Esha's words, Hayato looks at the field again.

There were five men turning back to the enemy.Hayato sees the disadvantage and decides whether to return to the fort when the four are killed.

But Hayato had something to worry about.The Regiment members left Ash on the spot and began to retreat.

"What kind of tactic is that?I thought you were going after him, but he's coming back.Is this common sense, too?

"That's common sense. If you stay there, you'll get caught up."

"Involved? To what?

Hayat looked at Esha and asked a question.In contrast, Esha points to the area where Ash is with her left index finger and says, "There it is."

Hayato looked at you, and somehow there was a golden dragon.An upright dragon with thick hind legs and small front legs.

After the dragon had spread its wings wide, he put his forefoot on the ground and opened his mouth wide, dressed like he was crawling on all fours.Then, something like energy between the upper jaw and the lower jaw starts to visualize and create an effect that looks like it's gathering.

"Oh, what? Uh, what?Some kind of Summoner? Maybe Ash was a summoner?You didn't have that kind of skill. "

Summoners are generic names of those who summon monsters, spirits, demons, and more to fight.Hayat thought Ash had summoned the dragon.But when I heard that, Esha said, "What are you talking about?".

"Well, I don't know why you look like that, but I didn't really see it.Why was that summoned?Something?

"I don't think so, but does your husband know Ash?

"Huh? No, I know.You're the leader of a mercenary regiment called the Beast of the Moon, right?

"This Esha Crown is the best drawer of the day.The level at which the sun rises from the west. "

"What do you mean?

"That dragon is Ash.Dragon that kills the dragon, Dead Dragon Ash Brandle.Brandle's brother and sister are famous enough for dragons to run barefoot. "


The screams of the players who fled to the enemy reached Hayato's ears.A dragon about ten meters long.If it shows up all of a sudden, it will certainly scream.Besides, it's under attack anyway.If we don't get to the fort, it's an attack motion that makes us think we're going to win in an instant.

And just before the enemy players arrived at the fort, something like a giant laser was thrown from the dragon.Instead of the ball level of light shot by Esha, thick and long rays are fanned from left to right.

Enemy players were wiped out by the light before arriving at the fort and disappeared as particles of light.

A paper blizzard attested to winning the Clan War with Fanfare.And the fireworks rise behind Hayato.

"Congratulations. That's my husband."

Hayato's ears do not hear the words of Esha.Hayat had stopped thinking.

No matter how many times Esha waved her hand in front of Hayato, she was standing still until she was transferred from the fort to her stronghold, the log house.