Another Frontier Online

The two of us.

The day after the Clan War, Hayat decided to summon Esha and Ash to the log house.

The reason is, of course, to hear about them from my own mouth.

After that, Hayato, who was transferred to the log house, logged out in a state of alarm.After that, I was reassured for a while, but I will send an email to the management.

The question is, is it problematic for the NPC in the clan to use a gun or be a dragon?

Hayato thinks there are many traps in this game.It's systematically possible, but it's a different story whether we can do it or not.

It was discovered in the Maid Harlem case.If you actually do it because you can do it, you may not be able to play the game.

In this game, it is said that operations do not suspend the account.But if you do something wrong in the game, you're pushed into a situation where you can't play.In the real world, even without blame, such as account suspension, you end up in a similar situation in the game.

Hayato read the email in the morning and received a reply from the management.Here's what it says.

"Everything possible in the game is acceptable at your own risk."

I didn't want to hear that answer, but it turns out it wasn't a bug or a fraud.However, if you want to do it, do it at your own risk.

Hayato was in trouble. Because I couldn't determine if using NPC like this could cause gaming jams.I have another concern.

Hayato certainly wanted a strong NPC.But that's a foul play.The level at which riots are likely to occur if other players find out about it.This is not an ordinary game, it's a winning game.If there is too much unfair combat power, it can be said to be a burning case.

Esha's gun is still acceptable.There will be less criticism about something super powerful crossbow.And if there's a chance that players will get it, it's the opposite.

But Ash is different.Obviously over spec. Hayat thinks it's subtle, or almost out, whether he can use his clan's quota to be an ally.

(You can't think of it as a monster tamer.I've never heard of such a powerful monster.It's like a giant monster in a massive battle occurring at an event, so naturally it's no good.)

Events occur regularly in this game.One of them was called a massive battle.

A massive monster called Stampede is an event where players fight in groups to destroy what's coming to town and a huge monster in one.It is said to be a large-scale battle to fight in groups of hundreds and thousands.

Hayato has never joined as a producer, but he knew there would be powerful monsters.Friend monsters in such a massive battle.To be clear, it's a cheat.

Hayato thinks his allies are more dangerous than his enemies.I called them up and logged into the game to hear what they were like.

Thirty minutes later, Esha and Ash came to the log house.

Sandwich the table, Hayat sits in front of Ash and Esha.After confirming that the two had sat down, the coffee was placed in front of them.

"Thank you both for yesterday.Thanks to you, I was able to win the Clan War.I want to thank you first. "

Hayato lowered his head while sitting down.They said, "Never mind." "It's only natural because I'm one of them."

Lift your head and stare at both of you.

"That's it, I want to ask you something.That's... "

"I know you won't tell anyone.It's a celebration. Please give me a five-star wedding cake as a reward.I just want to eat, so don't get me wrong. "

"Can I call my sister for the celebration?He wants to thank Hayato directly.It was healed, too, but somehow I learned the switch passive skill, the Dragon Curse, and I wanted to thank you for it. "

"Will you guys just shut up for a second?That's not what I want to hear. "

Hayato exhaled a little before staring at the two of them.

"I want to know about you two.I put the two of them in my clan, but I was worried if I could stay like this.Don't you think they're both disliked by the city dwellers?Anything you can't get in or out of here?

Hayato's biggest fear is that the residents of the town, the NPCs, hate him.It will definitely be packed in this game.Instead of going into town, we may be able to put them in jail, so we need to check their situation.Because you can't deny the possibility of seeing yourself like them by making them your allies.

"Don't worry. I am mostly off-limits at famous restaurants in King's Landing."

"What makes you feel safe?But to that extent. "

"I won't do that.The dragons hate me.Still, it's just tough dragons.Rest assured, moderate dragons don't hate you. "

"What kind of hard-line dragon is that?Those dragons hate you, but it's weird to feel safe, right?

Hayato decided that it would be OK if it was enough.But Hayat feels like they're hiding something.Now I decided to ask each of them who they were.

Hayat saw Ash.

"Ash, for now, Ash is a dragon, right?

"Really now.Yes, Death Dragon Ash Brandle... I've been told to remember the name of my king before, but don't you really know it?

"I have no idea."

"Well, I thought it was pretty famous, but it doesn't look like it either... but I feel like I was able to sign up without being surprised by the Mercenary Alliance."

"Why are you killing dragons in the first place?Looks like there's a faction, but you're one of them, aren't you a compatriot?

"There are many things about dragon neighborhoods.Divided into dragons who want to dominate humans and factions who want to coexist, my sister and I are moderates who want to coexist.That's why they're hunting dragons from hostile factions.And one day, my father will be in my hands... "

"Ah, that's fine.I know why Ash killed the dragon. That's enough. "

"... I see.It's a good place to start. "

Hayat doesn't want to put his neck in as much trouble as possible.And Hayato is a producer.I have truncated all the main stories and quests that make me fight.I rounded up such a quest this time anyway.

"So, Ash. I'm sorry, but don't do as much as you can with that dragon.Even if you do, it's only when I tell you to. "

"I don't mind, but may I ask why?

"Too strong. It is not strange to be said to use it to win a Clan War.I mean, I feel like I can win all the clan wars from now on just by doing that. "

"I don't think that's possible.Even the lower clan should be able to stop it.I showed you yesterday because they ran away?In the first place, it will take a long time to activate.If you knock back in the meantime, it ends without activation. "

Hayato wondered if such a giant would knock back from a player's attack, but he changed his mind about whether it was possible because it was a game.

"It gets my side in it, and it's not easy to use.I was able to do it yesterday because I had all kinds of conditions, not every time. "

"Is that what it is?"

"Besides, during Clan War, the MP decreases depending on whether you are dealing with dragons or not.I checked yesterday, but when it reaches zero, it looks like you're back in shape. "

"I see. Powerful, but quite restrictive.I don't think that's a problem. "

Hayat stroked his chest down.Because I thought there would be fewer complaints from players if there were such disadvantages.Of course, there is no point in saying that the disadvantages are not known as well-known facts.

Hayat then moved his gaze from Ash to Esha.

"Asha, next I want to know about you.You're not a free maid, are you?

"Did you notice?It's not a free maid, it's a beautiful maid. "

All right, fire him.

"Please wait. I was tearfully told by the maid's guild to hire me again next month, so I don't want to be fired."

"What kind of situation would that be?

"You may not have noticed, but this Esha Crown has no maid skills at all."

All right, fire him.

"So please wait. That's why I was never sent anywhere to eat free meals in a maid's guild.That was delicious, but at that time Hayato asked me to be a "cute maid who can read, write and calculate letters," so I was dispatched to meet the conditions. "

"I didn't ask you to be cute.Besides, I didn't say I didn't need a maid's skill. "

"Well, that's like an error.I have been able to work without any particular problems for the next three weeks, so I am very supportive from the maid's guild.By the way, Hayato is a hero in a made-up guild.They want me to give them a thank-you note and send them to the maid's guild. When will you pick them up?

(I don't need it... and this one's off the hook.In the first place, yes. Ash, who was a dragon, was surprised to hear Asha's name.There's no ordinary maid)

"Asha, tell me the truth about the Maid Alliance.Is Esha really a maid?When Ash came here, I was surprised to hear Asha's name.I didn't really care at the time, but if Ash was a dragon, that's fine.That's not normal, is it?

"Speaking of which, yes.But there is no doubt that it is a maid.It's just a little famous - okay.Talk about it because you could be kicked out of your maid's guild if you don't get hired.But it's really not a big deal.

Esha stared at Hayato.

"I'm actually a member of a clan that won the Clan War three years ago.That's when my name came to my attention.But when you invite me to the Clan War without knowing anything about me or Ash - I must say, Master. "

Hayato swore to herself that she would take a good look at the main story of the game.