Hayat was carrying his legs to the king's capital, Anhemdal.

The most prosperous of the six kingdoms, the King's Capital, is also known for its large number of players.The best reason for players to gather is to have good access to the hunting grounds.

Even if you can use instantaneous movement magic such as telereports, it doesn't mean you can go anywhere.It's just a registered place.This is where players return when they are defeated, i.e. clan strongholds, churches, shrines, etc.

For this reason, you have to travel on foot or by car to places like hunting monsters.And this "Anhemdal" has easy access to everywhere.

The reason Hayat is in such a place is to go to the clan's base where he used to belong.

Hayat belonged to a clan based right next to King's Landing.Hayat was on his way to his stronghold once he was transferred to the temple of King's Landing.

Having listened to Ash and Esha, Hayato decided that she needed to review the main story, but she didn't feel like proceeding with the main story quest from the beginning.Hayato cannot advance the main story in the first place.

Most quests require combat.And Hayato has no fighting power at all.And because STR, the status required to equip the armor, has barely shaken its strength, it cannot equip most of the armor.

The stats have the same total value as the skill.The production specialist Hayato has a dexterity of 100 DEX, so the STR of muscle strength and the MAG of magic are the lowest.In addition, the HP and MP are also low in conjunction with that value.

(Attacking with a knife can do up to 1 damage.And I can do it as soon as I get hit back.There are ways to proceed with a quest with someone, but it's definitely going to be a solo quest somewhere.It seems easy, but I can't.)

Solo Quests can only be fought by one person.It makes no sense to have strong allies if they can't join the fight.

Hayato's answer, which derives from these circumstances.It's about asking someone about the main story.

Previously, there was a site that was compiling stories, but it disappeared when the Clan War began.I don't know what the reason is, but Hayat speculates that they were also supposed to be information for winning clan wars.

For that reason, I decided to talk to a former clan member who was doing the main story.

(I heard that I put in a replacement before the preparation period, and if it's just the strength, it's better than when I was there.I don't think it's okay to go because I don't think I've lost.But if I lose, does it mean that I went laughing because I hate it...?Should I look at the consequences of the Clan War?)

Hayat stopped heading to his stronghold and turned to the facility where the clan wars could be seen.

The facility is a large four-story building made of brick.Many people enter and leave the entrance.

Hayato, who is not good at crowding, doesn't want to get too close because he is quite crowded immediately after the Clan War.But today I had no choice but to step into the facility.

As Hayato expected, the facility was overrun by many people.This is also the place to apply for a new clan, so Hayato came here only once when he left the clan, but it seemed like a crowd that could not be compared to it.

Quickly, Hayat approached the bulletin board to see the outcome of the Clan War, but at that time he said, "Don't be ridiculous!The loud voice echoes through the facility.

The player and the reception NPC seemed to be at odds, but it was a situation where the player was unilaterally angry.I couldn't hear the details because there were crowds, but Hayato also knew that there was a problem.

Hayato lost his curiosity even though he didn't want to get involved in any trouble.Call out to players dressed like barbarians nearby.

"What happened?

"Hmm? Oh, it looks like I kind of submitted an application for a new clan, but it was rejected.I'm not convinced of the penalty and it seems like I'm making a scene. "

"Yeah? Is that what happened?I can't build a new clan. "

"People around me say that the player who submitted the application belonged to a beginner hunting clan.Look, a beginner hunting clan will maintain its F-rank by repeating the creation and dissolution of clans without changing its members.Disbanded clan leaders can't create a new clan for a month, but they can enter another clan, and members can create clans.Looks like the members were always turning into new clans as they played clan leaders, but they told me it was fraud. "

(Beginner hunting? Could that be yesterday's opponent?

The loud player at the reception seemed to be one of those who fought yesterday.I recognized the Orihalcon armor I was wearing.

"Apparently, if you may be abusing the clan's mechanisms, the clan will be vetted by the NPC.Rebuilding clans more than necessary, forcing members out more often, replacing more members, etc., seems to be subject to review. "

"Is it an abuse of mechanism?But sometimes you have to do something like that, right?Is all of that punishable?

"I don't know, but maybe that's why the NPC is reviewing it.It seems that if we judge and find fraud, we won't be able to create a clan.Yes, as I heard earlier, if you want to lift the penalty for not creating a clan, the receptionist told you to pay 100 million G "

"One hundred million!? The top clan might have it, but regular players can't do that."

"That's right. In addition, I was told to pay a fine of one million G per month for the same six months as the period of fraud.And if they don't pay, they'll confiscate the items and equipment. "

"... that's amazing.I feel a little sympathetic. "

"That's right. But beginner hunting isn't much of a compliment.Sometimes that's unavoidable, but they deserve it because they earned the prize intentionally.It's hard to tell if the penalty is light or heavy. "

Hayat nods at the words.

(This is it. Even if it is systematically possible, it can result in penalties.In that case, I think we should try not to do it systematically from the beginning, but is it difficult to play the game programmatically?The game is also linked to the NPC AI, so it may not be easy to fix)

"Oh, yeah, that's what I was talking about."

"Funny story?

"Everything seems to have been lasered out by the appearance of huge dragons in Clan Wars.You complained that it wasn't illegal. "

"... heh"

"It's rumored that maybe the opponent is a clan to destroy the unauthorized clan and the operation has prepared it.Well, given the operations so far, it's unlikely that he's intervening. "

"Perhaps.By the way, what did the receptionist say about the dragon?Is that cheating, too?

"No, you didn't say that.What's wrong with that? It was an answer.Well, it's only natural that Tamer and Summoners use monsters to participate in Clan Wars.I don't know what that dragon is, but it looks like they're looking for it.I thought you said it was a dragon that can be shaped like a human being in gold.You know what?

It's my first time hearing that.

I see. Well, then, it's time I went.The Clan War is over, and I'd like to have a normal adventure for a while. "

"Ah, yes. Thank you very much."

The player waved lightly before leaving the facility.

Players who were arguing about reception were also told by reception to "call a guard" and retreated.The disappearance of that player will naturally eliminate the crowd.And now there was a crowd on the bulletin board where the results of the Clan War were posted.

(Ash seems to be fine, but there are a lot of things that should not be done.It doesn't seem to be a problem to get NPC into the clan itself, but I'm afraid it'll be a little soft someday.For example, if you have a Demon King in your clan, you may not enter the town hostile to humans.From now on, we will properly review it before entering the clan.)

With that in mind, Hayat searched for information about his clan's victory and defeat, which was his original purpose.

The clan "Black Dragon" is ranked A, but the ranking is lower among them.Therefore, Hayato will confirm the victory and defeat of rank A one by one from the bottom of the ranking.

And I found out, and Hayato was surprised at the result.

(Whoa, you're kidding.Did you lose the whole game?Did everyone get killed without defeating them?A-Rank fights?

The bulletin board had LOSE next to "Black Dragon", and the opponent had the letters WIN and PERFECT red letters stacked diagonally to indicate a complete match win.