Hayat has arrived at the Black Stone Fort, the base of the clan "Black Dragon".

I thought it might be disgusting to go right after the clan lost, but the way they lost was a complete match, so I came to check on the situation.

A perfect match is a way to win when an ally destroys an opponent without being defeated.In this case, the reverse is true.No one was defeated and an ally was defeated.It is a rare result of the battle between A-Ranks.

Having a full game doesn't mean anything in particular.No titles, no items, no prizes, nothing like that, just information about how you won.

Hayato is also winning the complete match this time.He destroyed the opponent without defeating a single one.In other words, victory in the complete match.But in order to do it, you have to have a difference in strength with your opponent.In the case of Hayato, there was a difference between the strength of his allies and that of his enemies, but he was killed for the first time.

A first-time homicide is a battle in which the opponent is unable to take countermeasures due to a tactic that is shown for the first time.

Ash's extensive dragon bracelet. I would say this is the first time we've missed each other.I have measures. There are ways to keep Ash out of the way and cancel the attack with a knockback, but the first person to see it doesn't know it.If you don't know, you will eat almost nothing.

This time Hayato was able to play the full game.But the Black Dragon is in A rank.It is true that the A ranking is lower, but even if the opponent is ranked first, losing in the complete match is not enough.

(We may have been killed for the first time, but we're all cautious.There are a lot of the highest quality potions, so we start with a tactic to find out where they're coming from in close proximity to the base.It won't be that easy, and I don't think there are enough tactics to be able to kill a Rank A for the first time at this time.And as long as there's that sword, I don't think anyone can defeat it.)

Hayat knocked on the door with that in mind.

"Hayato. Can you open it?"

From the other side of the door, "Ha, Hayat!?I heard a voice saying,Hayat decided from the voice that it was Ney, the clan leader.And I heard the voice of a man that Hayato could not hear.

"Why don't you come in?I've already talked about it, so I don't mind. "

After a few seconds, the door keys open.Nay looked at her face with a sense of surprise.I guess Hayato had something on Nai, who looked a little tired.

"Ha, Hayato, well, why are you here?

"I saw the consequences of the Clan War.I'm getting a little worried.Well, there are other reasons.Are you expecting customers?

Ah, ahh, a customer…

"Please don't go in there.I want to thank Hayato. "

What are you talking about?Is that what I know?

Hayat walked through the door, wondering, and stepped inside.

For the first time in a month, Hayato was nostalgic.The interior was completely unchanged a month ago.

Imagine a dark medieval cafeteria with only a candle chandelier on the ceiling.In the middle, a long wooden desk was covered with a white tablecloth, and the same wooden chair had five legs on each side of the desk, with furniture that matched them along the walls.

All the interiors were made by Hayato with his woodworking skills.If Hayato is too obsessed, the memories of his companions laughing bitterly come back and he smiles a little.

After a little immersion in memory, Hayat saw someone inside.Two men and one woman.

A woman in a white dress was sitting on the right, focusing on a man in knight-like gear, and on the left was a Mohikan man in a lizard shoulder pat who was about to end the century.

I don't know him, but who is he?

The knight man smiled back at Hayato's strange face.And encourage Hayato to sit on the chair like his own house.I was a little irritated by the attitude, but Hayato sat on the chair as he was told.And Ney sat next to Hayato in the same way.

"Let's introduce ourselves first.My name is Leon, and I'm a clan leader in A-Rank Clan "The Goddess of Doom."

A man stood up from his chair and lowered his head.Courtesy was right, but Hayat seemed to have it all figured out.

The Goddess of Doom? That's the name of the team that played the whole game, right?Why is the enemy team here?And a sword pointing to my waist.Why do you have it...?No, should we talk first?)

"It's Hayato. Nice to meet you.By the way, did you hear about thanking me?

"Yes, I can say it's thanks to Hayato that I won the Black Dragon this time.That passage was helpful.Thank you very much. "

"... may I ask why?

"Thanks to you getting out of the Black Dragon, we won.Black Dragon Clan Leader will realize that adding untrustworthy opponents to your clan is dangerous.I think it's been a good study. "

Nay looks down at the words with regret.Hayat saw it with a horizontal view, but decided to leave it for now.

"Can you be a little more specific?

"I don't mind.The members who came in after you left were operatives, or spies.Well, you're an expert in craftsmanship that has nothing to do with our clan.Before the Clan War, I was contacted by that person and they betrayed me.It was a good price, but it's cheap if you can win. "

(I've heard that there is someone doing that, but it was really there.In other words, you fought clan wars nine to eleven.In Clan War, it hurts just to lose one person.And if one of them turns to the enemy, he won't win.But that doesn't explain why you have that sword.)

"I understand the situation, but I want to ask you one more question.Why do you have that sword?Do you think that's the sword I made for my people?

"Oh, is this it?It was indeed made by Hayato.No, it's great. Excalibur Replica.I'm surprised to be able to make this weapon, the strongest part of a single sword, with five stars. "

"Is that the answer to your question?"

"Excuse me. To put it simply, I got it in Clan War."

"Did you get it? Was it a betting match?

A betting match is a so-called betting match.A match where you bet on items and more from each other in a Clan War and the winner gets them.

If you're betting on something, it's mostly used by subordinate clans to fight against higher clans because they're free to choose which clan is betting on something in the same way.If we give each other permission to fight, it will be a clear match.

However, it is said that if you win a clan war, you will earn a prize in the real world, so even if you choose an opponent to prevent 800 years, there will be a lot of judgment to recognize it.It is said that the real-world connection cannot be followed, but it is judged by the connections between players in the game, their performance to date, and various factors.

"No, it's not a betting match.You said you got it, but it was stolen during the Clan War, to be exact. "

- You stole it? You mean theft skills?But that won't be possible.The theft skill can only be stolen from the opponent's item bag.You can't steal what you're armed with.The sword is Nay's main equipment.You didn't remove your gear during the Clan War... no, did you remove it to avoid destruction due to its reduced durability?

Hayato has many thoughts.As she tried to think further, Ney, sitting next to her, pulled her body a little closer to Hayato.

"The spy kept the sword in his bag all the time... as soon as the battle started, he ran to the enemy and made them steal it at the opponent's fort... I'm sorry, everyone gathered the materials and made it for Hayato..."

Nay said such a thing with a mosquito-like voice.

Hayat hears and understands the words.

A clan can optionally set an item as a clan shared item.Clan members will be able to use items for everyone and will return to a common item box called Clan Warehouse each time they log out.

You cannot sell or give clan shared items to anyone.Leaving with it will return you to the Clan Warehouse, and if you disband your clan, you will return to your original owner, so you can't steal it even if you become a clan member.

But you can have your opponent steal it in Clan Wars.

Players who were spies enter Clan Wars without logging out after Nay logs out and puts an Excalibur replica in the item bag.And I let them steal it.

Though speculative, Hayato thought so.

(I told Nay to make it a unique item because I gave it to her, but she was stubborn enough to share it with her clan.I know the situation, but I don't know why they're here.)

"I understand the general situation.So what are they doing here, Mr. Leon?Are you telling me you're here to give it back?

"Yeah, that's right."

(Seriously... no, that's not true.There's no way a spy would do such a thing.So, what's the deal?

"I will return this sword.However, I have something I want, and I want you to exchange it for me.I came to the negotiation.Well, you understood immediately. "

"What do you want me to exchange?Can I ask you something?

"This is the base. This is a prime location close to King's Landing.There will be more than a hundred million prices now.And this sword comes at a similar price.It's called equivalent exchange. "

(You have a sense of equivalence or joke about what you stole... no, wait.Did you get it?Did you say yes?

"Ney, did you agree to the exchange?

"... the base is also important, but only the sword must be returned.It's an important sword that everybody made for me.I've got permission from the members, so I'm going to give it back in return for transferring the fort. "

"You idiot."


Um, Mr. Leon?Sorry, there is no exchange of swords and bases. "

"What do you mean?Hayato has left this clan in the first place.I don't think you have the authority to make that decision.

"I'm afraid so.I built this base.Remember that after you leave your clan.I was hoping you'd return this base today.If you want this base, you have to negotiate with me. "

(I don't want to stick my neck in trouble... but I can't allow you to do weird things with something I made, or let my friends get fucked.We have to do something about it.)

Hayato turned his head to think of a way to retrieve the sword.