Another Frontier Online

Clan War Negotiations

The clan member felt white when Hayato's remarks seemed to have gone through and not at all.

And it's Nay who's confused.

"Wait, Hayato.Is that why you're here today?But then you can't give me back my sword - "

"Ney, come here a minute.Uh, Mr. Leon, I'm gonna leave your seat for a minute.I want to talk about the base. "

(They must have seen me claiming ownership of the site.I'll buy you some time)

Hayat took Nay to a place where Leon and the others could not hear him, to a staircase to go upstairs.Just in case, check on Leon and the others, then speak to Ney in a small voice.

"Um, how are you going to trade sites for items?You can't trade like that systematically, can you?

I can trade bases and bases.You can also trade items and items.However, we cannot systematically trade bases and items.If we do, one of us will have to give it to you first and then to you later.

"I'm supposed to have my sword traded after I give you my base - Hayato, no pain or damage, why did you chop your head off?

"I feel good. Look, where's the guy who keeps that promise?I don't suppose there's any guarantee that they'll return the sword where you handed over the base.It was good before we actually handed over the base, really. "

"Yeah? Anybody break a promise?

"I'm surprised at your answer.The spy tricked you, and you're going to trick me again.There's more to it than that. "

"... it's been a long time since Hayato told me what to do... so why are you chopping?

"If you look happy.You saw that man pointing his sword to his waist, right?I'm not putting it in an item bag, I'm equipping it.I wonder if he's going to give me back his sword.I like the performance and equip it, so I'm not going to give it back.Maybe they told me to give you the base first and give you back your sword.

"That's right."

"You really... well, you're the only one here, aren't you?Isn't that what they said?You're the only one negotiating. "

"Wow. Exactly - yes, I won't eat chops again and again.I saw it out. "

"I'm irritated by your face.It hurts a bit... is it happening right now?I don't mean to pry, but you're a Bali career woman.No matter what you think, my daughter is a student who goes to school.And in a box. "

"Chi, not at all, not at all.She can live alone in the city and serve her parents.I didn't go to my daughter's college. "

(Is that the image of a woman who can do it?And I said college.)

"If she could, she wouldn't be like this.If you want to role-play a woman you can, try harder.Well, that's good.Now is the time to get my sword back... why are you so happy?Things are worse, aren't they?

"No, I don't think Hayato can be trusted.Until then, I was very careful, but now I'm perfectly fine. "

Why did you kick me out when you trusted me?No, because it's a production job... well, if we don't think about how to get the sword back - we'll have to steal it back)

Hayato thought so, but he thought it was impossible under the circumstances.Leon is already equipped with a sword.I mean, anti-theft. We are careful not to be stolen.

In this state, it is impossible to steal, even if the theft skill is 100.In other words, we have to remove the equipment in some way.Besides, it can only be done during the Clan War.Interpersonal combat is only during clan warfare.

Two things can be considered: reducing the durability of the sword to near its limit to create a situation where it can be removed from itself, or forcing it to disarm in a situation where the condition of the equipment cannot be met.

(That sword is very durable.It will not be possible to reduce it to critical levels during clan wars.Then we will be forced to cancel. That sword must be equipped with over 60 STRs.If you're a warrior, you definitely have 100 STRs... you can't reduce STRs by more than 41.The cursed magic should have reduced it by up to 20%.It's impossible to lift the compulsory release...)

When Hayat thought so much, he remembered Ash's words.Ash's sister.

(No, did Ash's sister say she remembered the Curse Passive Skill?I don't know the effect, but I think I heard that I halved the status of the surrounding area, including myself, when I was cursed.Can we do the same thing?If the STR is halved, the equipment will definitely come off.Damn, I'd like to check, but I don't have time for such a long time.I can't help it, let's bet on it.If not, give up.)

"Hey, Hayato, what's the matter with you?Can't you just give me back my sword?

"I'm still thinking, please wait a little longer.By the way, Ney's acquaintance has 100 burglary skills. "

(No, I don't think so.Even if you can steal a sword, there is no guarantee that it will be returned to us.There is no guarantee that NPC will return it, but it is still possible.We have to find it. Then we'll have to take them to a clan war.Apparently they are targeting this base, so if we make it a bet, we will eat it.)

The claim that the base belonged to him was a lie to ruin the negotiating table, but Hayat thought about bringing it into the Clan War as bait.

"Ney, give me this base.No, let me borrow it.I really want to make that point. "

"I don't mind handing Hayato the base.Everyone will be.But without this base, the sword... "

Still saying that?If you give me the base, I won't return the sword... um, which one do you trust, me or him?

(It's so embarrassing. I wonder if this kind of thing stays in the log... well, Nay's eyes are sparkling.I thought it was a type that admired lines like this, but it would be too choroid.Better than being pulled, but this is tough.Black history confirmed)

"Of course I believe in Hayato!

"Louder. But more importantly.Then let's trade bases immediately.Don't worry, I'll give it all back when it works.It's just a temporary exchange. "

(If you don't keep the base quickly, it's dangerous because it's going to be handed over right away)

"Really?No, whatever!I believe in Hayato!

(Your future - no, I'm worried about the present.You're not caught up in a scam, are you?

Hayato and Nay selected the trade from the system menu and traded the base.In an instant, ownership of all the furniture installed with the base will be transferred, and the clan's shared warehouse will be replaced.Now this base belongs to Hayato.And the log house becomes the base of the Black Dragon.

(In the meantime, this is fine.All we have to do is feed on this and bring it into the Clan War.)

Hayato and Nay went back to the room where Leon and the others were.

Leon smiled with Nico, but the two of them looked upset.

"Have you finished?I don't think it's possible to claim ownership because you built the base in the first place. "

"I don't think it's possible to exchange stolen swords for bases."

Hayato and Leon smile at each other and are polite in their words, but they are clearly controlling each other.The surroundings were wrapped in a heavy atmosphere.

"Even if you say you stole it, it's a legitimate act in accordance with the game system.I don't suppose there's any criticism?

"Yes, of course.I'm not criticizing you.The same holds true for spies.But fraud is not good.Don't try to steal a base from the bait with a sword you're not going to give back. "

"Excuse me. I told you to exchange swords with the base."

"Can you give me your sword first?Then we'll give you the base. "

Leon gets stuck in the answer.But you thought it was bad, and I immediately opened my mouth.

"Is there a guarantee that you will give me your base after returning the sword?

"I'll give it back as it is.Do you have any guarantee that you will return the sword after handing over the base?

Hayato smiles when he says so.

(Ugh, my stomach hurts.I didn't like this kind of interaction and I quit the company.But we can't pull it here.In the meantime, we need to bring the sword in such a way that we are no longer interested in clan warfare.If they think you're interested in swords, they may not be equipped in Clan Wars.Well, there's no guarantee we'll get it back even if we bring it into the Clan War.Besides, if I succeed, my base will be taken from me.A bad bet or just recklessness would be a mistake.What am I doing in the game?

Leon looked at Nay.Though I wondered Nay, who was feeling better than before, I opened my mouth without hesitation.

"Nay, Hayato says, do you agree?You don't think I can give you the base first?

"Of course. Besides, I already gave Hayat the base, so I don't have any more authority.But if you give me back my sword, Hayato will definitely give me his base. "

Three people are surprised at the words.Because I swing my stick for a chance to reclaim the sword that I was so obsessed with and give Hayat my base.It can't be normal.

"Seriously, the owner of the base is named Hayato...."

A Mohican man looks at the information from the system menu and talks about the results.For the first time, Leon's face stopped smiling.But he immediately raised his tongue and laughed.

"The timing was bad.I wish I hadn't let you in until the trade was over. "

"I had a good time."

"I guess. Now, what do we do?Mr. Hayato, what do you say?Would you like to trade swords for strongholds?Of course, it's the shape you'll give me first. "

"I don't like Mr. Leon, even if I have a guarantee."

"You hated it.But I was in trouble. Even though I've come this far, I'm afraid I have to go home without my hands. "

(Is the prime location close to this king's capital still attractive?Can you fish then?

"That's what I'm proposing to Mr. Leon.I'll bet on this base in the next Clan War.Why don't you try it?

Leon looks at Hayato with his eyes closed.And I saw the sword glittering down my hips.

"Do you mean to challenge me with this sword?

"No, no, that sword belongs to Leon already.You don't have to bet. It would suffice to bet on a proper knife.All I want is a leaderboard. "


"The Goddess of Doom is in A rank, right?The rules of Giant Killing allow lower clans to win the ranking if they beat higher clans.I came here today to get my base because I wanted a bet to fight my top clan.If this node is the subject of a bet, would a higher clan be a reason to fight a lower clan?

It is true that I wanted a ranking, but it is a lie that I wanted a base.It makes me more trustworthy by telling lies that may suit me.

"Are you confident you can beat A-Rank?Hayato must have just left his clan.What is your clan's rank in the first place?

"It's F, but I won yesterday, so I guess E.It was a random match of the same rank, so I didn't have enough points, so I might still be an F. "

Mohican men and women in dresses laugh at Hayato's words E and F.But Leon stared at Hayato with a serious face.

"What are you up to?I don't know what kind of clan you are, but you think you can beat us?

"I thought we could do this in yesterday's battle.I want to get Anniversary's bounty.I don't know. If you're confident you can win, you'll be legally entitled to this base.If you lose, the leaderboard falls, but the sword stays the same.Besides, I think it's a lot worse than being able to make weird rumors about scams?

Leon puts his hand on his chin and thinks.

And a few seconds later, when I smiled, I put my right hand over the table.

Hayato likewise shook his right hand.

It was the moment the negotiations were concluded.