Another Frontier Online

Explanation of circumstances

In the evening, Hayat summoned Esha and Ash to a new base near King's Landing.To explain the situation.

They show up without waiting in particular.

They looked surprised that Hayato had a large fortress base, unlike the previous log house, but sat on the chair without saying anything in particular.

Hayato explains the situation after placing coffee for the number of people on the table.

Having finished explaining, Hayato finally took a breath of his own coffee.

"I was impressed by this Esha Crown, your husband's arm.I have to say, the best. "

"Oh, I see.I'm sure it was nice of you to lure me into a clan war. "

"Please be modest. It's just a fake.You tricked the clan that kicked your husband out and took this base?This behavior while telling us that the previous clan members were allies.To deceive your enemies, you must be on your side.I've never understood the meaning of this word before. "

"Did you hear what I said?They're going to feed on this base and take back the sword.If it works, give back your sword and base to Ney. "

"Again, I know you won't tell anyone.Will you take the base and give it back even if you take the sword?That's my husband.What a terrific, terrible job. "

"That's why I'm not."

"Hayato, I don't think that's a human being."

(The AI asked me if I was a human being.How about that as a person?

Hayato is somewhat shocked but disagrees.

"It's not like that, I'm really going to do it.This base is temporary, so don't soil or destroy it. "

"... are you sure you just rented a base to get your sword back?

That's right.

"... really?

"... seriously"

Esha sighed heavily.Then he glanced at Hayato and sighed again.The best sigh Hayato has ever seen.

"You're a terrible husband.How sweet is it?Is that it? Are you the kind of person that would die if everyone didn't like you?I hope you don't get mad at me for doing so much, and I can't help saying that you're a raw garbage bastard and you're going back to your opponent because of your clan's deserved problems.

"I'm gonna get hurt. Could you wrap it in oblate a little bit more?

"I see... is your husband stupid?

"That oblate is torn, isn't it?

Nevertheless, I do think Hayato is sweet.

(But I don't know, two and a half years after the game started.I'm a member of the team who's had a lot of fun.I don't think it's all going to turn angry when they kick your clan out.I didn't get kicked out without saying anything... is that sweet to think about it?)

"Asha, don't blame Hayato too much.Hayato is a good type of person to take care of.Besides, there's no way I could hire you without that kind of guy.Except Hayato, you're fired in a day.

"It was a blind spot.That's true, isn't it?Master is the best. "

"Yeah, let's get a little more emotional.But, well, I think it's a little sweet myself. "

"Hey? It's the sweetness of honey on sugar.But I'm glad you preached to all your former clan members.I still think it's sweet. "

Hayato summoned the members of the Black Dragon after negotiating with the Goddess of Destruction.and communicate the situation. So Hayat preached to the members.

The circumstances expulsion Hayato from his clan.

Black Dragon has a low ranking within the same rank, but there is an A rank.In clan wars where you get a prize, some people praise the top clan, while others expose you to jealousy, distortion, jealousy, obsession, and a variety of negative words.

Especially in the monster hunting grounds.Originally, the hunting grounds had priority over the first arrivals.With so many parties, I have to go home.Depending on the player, he may be angry at his wasted steps and shout at the party he was at earlier as if he hated it.

The Black Dragon received the phrase "the equipment is first-class, but the members are third-class clans" several times.

You can ignore such a word, but the clan members took it seriously.Hayato's equipment, items, dishes and medicines were certainly of the highest quality.

At such times, players who often come together at the hunting grounds suggest it.If Hayato wins the Clan War with Hayat out of it, I wonder if I can dispel the criticism.

We initially denied that Hayato could not be pulled out of the clan, but in the final battle it was decided that Hayato had taken his enemies and defeated them.

Not only did they rely on Hayato's production skills, but they also believed that they could be protected from the defenceless Hayato themselves.I also thought Hayato's inability to develop his combat skills was to protect himself with all kinds of production skills.

And Hayato is the best player, but they shift to the idea of third class.

Unfortunately, Nay, the clan leader, can't stop thinking about it.He tried to win the Clan War by throwing Hayat out of the mysterious theory that he had to prove himself to be top class in order to line up with Hayato's clan.

And if he could win the Clan War without Hayato, he would have come back.

Hayato's chest was terrible when he heard that.

(How much do you trust me?Even if I had been in another clan, I would have believed that I would definitely return.I'm a little scared, but... well, there's a good chance he's back.)

Having told Hayato to learn his combat skills since the start of the Clan War meant he wanted Hayato to be more free.The fact that Hayato did not explain the circumstances of eviction was that Hayato evicted him with the spirit that he might come to support him in an invisible way if he knew the circumstances because he was gentle.

Having heard that, Hayato preached to the members that they should say such things properly.And then I told Nay not to run wild.

(I don't say I'm an adult, but they're still kids, right?This game has been popular since before the Clan War, and headgear is cheap.It can be said that the threshold for young people to start was low.When the Clan War began, many adults, but also bad adults, increased thanks to the prize money.Until the Clan War begins, you don't have to worry about things like that.)

The more people, the worse the security.The same goes for games. And it costs money.It's no wonder no one treats you in bad faith.

The player who taught me to win without Hayato was the spy who stole the sword and gave it to the opponent.Instead of Hayato, he offered to enter the Black Dragon once and join the Clan War.In other words, he was instigating members to sneak into the Black Dragon from the beginning.

(You can say that the Black Dragon lost to him alone.It was not a battle, but a conversation.It's not a compliment, but it's full of enemies.However, I'm glad to receive the prize, but Clan War has done more)

After various discussions, the Black Dragon was to be dissolved.

Members did not participate in clan wars because they wanted money.Hayato said he couldn't lose, so he worked hard for it.However, Hayat has created a clan that is likely to beat the A-rank clan.Then the Black Dragon broke up and decided not to take part in the Clan War, just to play in the game.

Hayato, who also knew the situation, said, "It doesn't matter if the members are first-class or third-class, I just wanted to play with you guys in this game." Later, he said a line that made him feel embarrassed and angry, which has had little effect on the dissolution.

And Hayat did not dispute the decision to dissolve.

Black Dragon members didn't think it was a good fit for an event called Clan War.All members do not compete with others in the first place.Systems such as shared items that can be used when teaming up with a clan will be unavailable, but it will be a little inconvenient and there will be no particular problem.So Nay dissolved without any particular effort.

While looking at it, Hayat thought it would be light to easily disband a clan that lasted for more than two years, but he changed his mind that it doesn't matter because he is conscious that he is a friend or companion even if he is not tied to a system called a clan.

And Nay said, "You can play with me anymore!"He smiled so much that he took everyone and left the base.

Remembering that time, Hayato laughed a little while you thought you should reflect more.

On the contrary, Esha sighs.

"We will disband the banished clan, steal the base, fight the top clan, and steal the leaderboard.Even though the result is perfect, I will tell you that your husband is too frustrated and disappointed.If your husband was evil, I would have gone from a maid to an evil executive position. "

"I still feel that way.

"I like Hayato's behavior.Men are so cool that they don't care about details. "

"It would be helpful if you said so.Now that I've explained the situation, I'd like to decide what to do. "

"Surely you want my sister's help?

"That's right.To take back the sword, you will need to force it to disarm.I want you to check if you can use the effect of the curse I have heard before.If possible, I want you to participate in the next clan war. "

"Okay. I'll bring my sister here tomorrow.I don't know much about skills, so I'd better ask myself. "

"Please. Anyone else know a hundred burglary skills?If you can't steal it even if you're not equipped, it's pointless. "

Hayat's words silenced them.But Ash turned to Asha with a strange look.

"You're not gonna tell me?

"What are you talking about?

"No, I thought you'd know someone like that if you were Asha."

No, I don't remember.

"Asha, do you know anybody with 100 burglary skills?I'd really like you to introduce me... if you introduce me, I'll prepare the five stars wedding cake I wanted. "

"You're a pretty good negotiator.Actually, there are people like that in the old days, but I don't want to introduce them because it's a lot of trouble. "


"You could call me my natural enemy."

Hayato lowers his head.

"Ash, even if Ash's sister doesn't have the skills I want, I'll force her off in another way.I just need someone with the best burglary skills anyway.I want you to introduce him. "

When Esha stared at Hayato, she exhaled because she didn't know how many times it would be today.

"I see. Tomorrow, before Ash's sister arrives, I'll just take her to where she is... and tell her that she's just blinded by the wedding cake."

The next day, the maid Esha guided Hayat to a building with the King's City Butler Guild.