The Butler Guild is a guild for hiring butlers.

There is no commitment between the Made and Butler Guilds on the face of it, but it is said that they have similar alliances, and they see each other as rivals and are fighting for hegemony.

A maid esha appeared with Hayato in such a Butler Guild.

The butlers in the Butler Guild were a little upset.

Esha takes Hayato to the reception without any concern.The receptionist had a strange face, but immediately responded with a smile.

"Welcome. How can I help you today?

"I need to see Relic Barbatos."

"... excuse me, may I ask your name?

"I'm Esha Crown. This is Hayato, whom I serve."

The receptionist looks surprised.And for some reason, I looked at Hayato and looked sad.

(I knew Esha was famous... Shit, I hadn't checked the main story.Now that I'm busy, I'll ask Nay when I get my sword back in the next fight.But why did I look so sad at this reception?

The receptionist said, "Please wait a moment."And I'll be back in about a minute.

"I hear you're going to meet me, but I can't get my hands off you right now and it's going to take a while.Can you wait in the reception room?

Esha looked at Hayato.There is no reason not to wait here.When Hayato nodded, Esha confirmed it and looked at the reception.

Well then, please.I look forward to delicious tea in the reception room. "

After the reception looked complicated, Hayato looked sad again.

(I hire Esha because she is strong.If there are other strong maids, I would like to use them.Well, if it's too maid like that, I wonder if it's okay at this level...)

Hayat followed the man's instructions with such thoughts in mind.

The reception room was about twenty tatami mats.Inside the room are tasteful furniture, desks, and leather sofas.

The receptionist asked Hayato to sit on the sofa.Coffee and tea snacks come out at the table in front of you.

When he thanked the man, he said, "Please wait."

And Esha sits next to her without saying anything and starts eating tea.

Having no reason to blame it, Hayat looked into the room while drinking coffee.Hayato looks at them and decides they are simple but tasteful.

The point of view from above is that quality is not five stars.Placement and choice of furniture were praised.I thought that I would have all the stars in this state.

Having checked the room and finished eating the tea candy, Hayato decided to listen.

"Well, is it possible that the person who comes here is a thief skilled at 100?

"Yes, that's right.I'm over seventy years old, but I'm sure I have an arm. "

"Really?But what can I do with a butler with 100 burglary skills?I don't think you'd normally hire me. "

I don't like hiring a butler with thieving skills.Hayato, of course, wouldn't want to hire him if it were normal.

"Come on? It was different when we were together in the previous clan, but for some reason I became a butler.Are you working?

(I think the shampoo is similar.Don't you know the reason for that?Maybe he was in the same clan, but he wasn't that close?

I checked the information with Asha afterwards.

His name is Relic Barbatos. Seventy-two.Male.

I was a bandit before I became a butler.Bandits are so-called thieves who steal only from vicious nobles and merchants.Also, before stealing, it was said to be a type of thief who issued a notice.I've never been caught, and now I'm retired, but I have a career that was so famous that no one knew about it during the heyday.

(I have no idea. This is the main story, you know?I don't know, but if you have a history of winning clan wars, you may be as strong as Esha.I will only do it this time, but if it is strong, I would like you to formally join the clan.)

As I thought about it, I heard a knock on the door.

Hayat stood up from his chair in a hurry and said, "Ah, yes."Esha also stood up.

And "Excuse me," the man came in.He is the same man as Esha said.

I tied my hair back with a gray hair all-back, and under my nose there was a well-organized gray beard.180cm long in butler clothes, white gloves and pinned spine.A scar from the eyebrows to the right cheek reminiscent of a warrior in battle.And if I hadn't heard of an old man over seventy, he'd be young enough to go to school in his fifties.

Hayato thought that the image of an ant butler was packed.

The old man looked at Hayato and Esha, respectively, and bowed politely.

My name is Relic Barbatos.

Hayato and Esha greet each other as they introduce Relic.Once it was over, Relic smiled softly.

"Asha, I'm surprised you called me."

"I didn't want to see you, but your husband cried and begged me, so I had no choice."

"I lowered my head, but you didn't cry, did you?

Relic looks a little surprised at the exchange.

"Master, is that you?I'm surprised you're under someone.What kind of hands did Hayato use?

"... feeding?

Silence comes to this place.But at the next moment, Relic laughed incredibly.

"Nah, I see, ok, sure, then I'll follow Esha too, kukuku."

"Master, I would like to advise you to be careful on the night road where the moon is not rising.Instead, you should be careful when the sun comes out. "

"You're saying the moon is only safe at night?

Several such conversations were repeated, and the venue finally subsided.Although the atmosphere is now free of any shards of tension, as Hayato, I would like to thank Sha a little for the situation.

And to get to the point, I looked at Relic with a serious face.

"Mr. Relic, can I get down to business?

"Of course I am, Hayato.It's not just that I came to see you, but I can tell by looking at Esha.What can I do for you?

"I'd like to check first, is there no doubt that there are 100 burglary skills?That's what Esha told me. "

"Hmm? I'm sure it's not a mistake.Banditry has already retired, but the skill itself is 100. "

"Can you help me in the next clan war?

"In the Clan War? May I ask why?

Hayato hesitated a little.I was at the NPC, but I was wondering if I could explain the situation to Relics who were not in the clan yet.

I explained that Esha and Ash are somehow trustworthy, but this is a bad story if information leaks.If the opponent is not equipped with a sword, the operation will be a blister.

"Master, Relic is not the one to divulge information.If I thought so, I wouldn't have brought him. "

"I'm surprised you trust me so much.But let's live up to that trust.Just words, but I swear I won't tell you anything here.Are you sure you want to explain the situation?

Hayat nodded and explained the situation to date.Relic listens to Hayato without interrupting it.

Although rough, the explanation was completed to a sufficient extent.

"How about that? I need Relic's skills to get my sword back."

"I understand the situation.I just want to ask you something, okay?

"Ask me anything."

"Shouldn't we make the same thing for the sword and give it to you?Certainly there are a lot of hard things to do if you collect materials, but can Hayato-sama's arm make the same thing?I think it's much easier than taking it back. "

Hayat thought the same thing himself.You don't have to force it back, you just have to make the same thing.

But the idea has already been denied in Hayato.

Nay probably won't admit it.Hayato thinks that it's decided not to like the sword everyone made before.And Hayato herself has the same idea as Ney.Even if we made the exact same thing on the data, it doesn't make sense.We must use that sword.

Well then, I don't want the same thing.I want that back. "

I want it back for emotional reasons.Even if the difficulty is high, we cannot afford not to do it.I can't help it when I can't, but I can't give up without doing anything.

Relic looked a little surprised, but soon he smiled.

I see, I can also nod that Esha likes you.

"I don't know what that means.

"No, I'm talking about this.Well, I don't mind helping you. "


"Yeah, it's true.But there are conditions. "

"Conditions? What?I don't want to be told to give me the sword I stole. "

"I won't say that.Yes - I like beautiful things. "

It's illuminating.

"Asha, I'm not talking about you.I'm not talking about people, I'm talking about jewelry and ornaments.Dear Hayato, you have high production skills.Can you make decorations that will take away my mind?I'll help you if I can get it ready. "

Hearing those words, Hayato's artisan soul was on fire.There is no way that such a thing can be pulled back.

"Yeah, let's get it ready.I will prepare and show you the decorations that will take away your heart. "

Hayato and Relic's gaze collided.

This is a battle of taste.Hayato has no power to fight.But as a craftsman, I can't afford to lose these fights.

Hayato remembered what decorations he thought he should prepare and what he had done before.