Having had a relic meeting with the Butler Guild, Hayato and Esha were returning to their current stronghold, Fort Blackstone.I'm going to see Ash's sister after this.

Hayat thinks that her sister is the key to this operation.

There are a number of steps you'll need to take back your weapon.The important thing in that procedure is to force the opponent to disarm.If we can't do this, we can't take the weapon in the first place.Because there is a game specification that only items in an item bag can be stolen from the opponent in an interpersonal match.

Equipment conditions exist in the armor.It is often determined by the STR and DEX values that represent muscle strength and dexterity in status.The equipment cannot be equipped unless its value is greater than the value determined for each piece of equipment.If for any reason your status drops, you will not be able to meet the gear requirements and your gear will be removed and returned to your item bag.

Intentionally causing this is one of the tactics of players who prefer weak magic, known in the game as forced disarming.

Having disarmed this gear, Hayato's plan is to steal the weapon using his stealing skills.

What is at stake here is the equipment conditions for the stolen sword, the Excalibur Replica.This can be equipped with over 60 STRs.In other words, the opponent's STR cannot be forced to disarm the equipment unless it is lowered to 59.The opponent is almost certainly a warrior player.The STR is 100 no matter what you think.

Hayato's known Enhanced Magic effects are reduced by up to 20%.And the same weakening effect does not overlap.If the opponent's STR is 100, it can only be dropped to 80.

So the key is Ash's sister.

The effect of Dragon Curse's Bud stat was to cut his stat in half, regardless of himself or his surrounding enemy allies.The curse was cured by Hayato's highest-quality elixir, but Hayato remembered Ash's words that he learned a switch-type passive skill called Dragon Curse.

If the skill says you can halve your stats, STR of 100 will be 50 and you won't be able to qualify for an Excalibur Replica.Hayat looked at it.

(I don't know if I can really do that.Half your stats, and even if you involve yourself and your allies, it's a breakthrough performance.I could say cheat.It means you can remove most of the opponent's equipment)

Many people say that the most important factor in determining a player's strength is their skill structure.But almost everyone would agree that the second one comes with the equipment.Especially if you don't have a weapon, you'll be forced to fight bare-handed, so you won't be able to deal any damage without a combat skill.

The damage done by bare hands was originally low, but as the skill improves, you can use the weapon skill with bare hands, so some players acquire that skill in the event of an emergency, but it is quite a minority.

(All I have to do is hope Ash's sister is a cheat.)

Hayat thought so and waited for Ash and the others to come.

At 2 p.m., Ash and the others arrived at the base.

Hayat, Esha, Ash, and Ash's sister meet face to face in the cafeteria in the fort.

Ash's sister's name is Len Brandle.

She looks fifteen years old and has the same blonde blue eyes as Ash.Straight hairstyle up to the waist, dressed in black robes.My sister was talking to a magician, Hayato, but it looked like a typical wizard.

(This is Ash's sister?I feel young, but you look like you're going to be beautiful in the future.I don't know if the NPC will get old.And this kid is a dragon, too.Would you be able to transform into a dragon and exhale like Ash?)

Hayato looks at Len with such thoughts.And Len stared back at Hayato with a smile.

"Hayato made me feel better.Thank you very much. "

"I'm glad you're feeling better.But I think we should thank Ash and the Mercenaries.I just made an elixir, and it was Ash and the others who made the ingredients. "

"Of course I'm grateful.But after all, it's hard to make an elixir.Hayato is the one to thank most. "

I didn't feel like Hayato was being politely thanked.Hayato is in a production position and thinks this is the best time for someone to be happy with what he makes.

Also, Len feels very favorable at the moment.It was only a first impression, but Len looked decent.What a personality the women around Hayato are.I have nothing to say to the person, but I am tired of speaking clearly.

"Master, can you explain why you sighed at me?More than 1,000 characters. "

"Do you know what I have to say?Can you give me three days to put this together?I promise I'll make it a big one. "

(Nevertheless, this kind of interaction is not bad.I'm glad you don't have to worry about it... how about you care about the NPC in the first place?

Hayat thought about it, but it was time to get down to business.There is still time until Clan War, but there are many things to do.And if Len can't handle it with his skills, we have to think of another hand.

"Um, can I call you Len?

"Yes, I don't mind.Everyone in the mercenary regiment says so. "

"I'm going to ask Asha-sama to do it now."

"Just shut up for a second because you can eat this mizumi.So, Ren-chan, I heard from Ash that he learned a switch-type passive skill called Dragon Curse. Could you tell me how that works?

A switched passive skill is a skill that allows you to arbitrarily switch a passive skill, or a passive skill, to another effect.

"Stand" passive skills that can be remembered for improving swordsmanship skills are switched passive skills that can have the effect of either attacking or guarding.Attack type can increase Attack by 10% and Defense type can increase Defense by 10%, but can only gain one effect.It can be switched depending on the situation.Warrior players are said to need to use this well.

"Dragon Curse has the effect of halving your stats.However, instead of engaging allies or lowering all stats like the previous curse, you now have the option to choose from STR, DEX, or MAG.And only one person. "

"There's only one, and there's only one, right?If only one person could halve the STR, that would be enough. "

Hayat felt like he saw the light.This will force you to disarm the Excalibur Replica.

"Ash, can we get Ren-chan into the next clan war?I'd really like to ask you something. "

"If I hadn't, I wouldn't have brought you here in the first place.But just ask Len.If I decide on my own, I'll get angry later. "

Hayato moved his gaze towards Len, thinking that he had been angry before.

"Ren-chan, I'd like you to join me in the next clan war. Can you understand that?

"Yes, of course.Oniichan has told me a lot about it.I'll repay you for your help!

Len gripped her hands with her chest and her nose became rough and fluffy.

"Thank you. All right, then..."

I thought it would be better to prepare decorations that would take away the butler Relic's heart, and Len raised her right hand a little bit.

Ren-chan, do you have any questions?

"Ah, you know, Hayato has a lot of production skills, right?

"Well, that's right.I have 100 skills in cooking, blacksmithing, woodworking, pharmacy, sewing and craftsmanship.It was quite a struggle. "

"If so, can Hayato-san make me a five-dimensional nail...?

"Gou....? Um...

"Ah, of course, I will prepare the ingredients here.It is not a condition to participate in this Clan War.I thought I needed new equipment because my nail broke a little bit ago.Ah, well, if you don't mind, I'd like a doll too.... "

Len dyes her cheeks and says modestly, but Hayato is confused by what she says.

"Sorry, I don't know the ingredients.Is that what you call a five-pointed nail?Isn't that some kind of curse killing magic charging item?

"You didn't know, did you?Then I'll give you how to make it and what the ingredients are. "

Len writes something on paper and gives it to Hayato.I somehow didn't want to receive it, but that's not why Hayato accepted it.

(Do you make five-dimensional nails with blacksmith skills and dolls with fine craftsmanship skills?But how to make a doll?If in reality they give me five dimensional nails and how to make dolls, it's nothing but fear.)

"I advise that Orihalcon is the best for five-dimensional nails.Mithrills don't increase the duration of curse damage. "

"Asha-san, you know very well!Actually, I think Oliharkon's five-dimensional nails are the best!Adamantite only increases physical attack power, so it doesn't make any sense!

"Ah, yeah, that's good information.I wonder why Esha knows, but have you ever used it?

"I've never used it, but it's a maid's taste.I'll tell you what to do when I meet my husband who doesn't give me much snack. "

"... let's prepare a five-star chocolate parfait for today's snack.And of course to Ren-chan. "

Esha and Len both raise their hands simultaneously and play a guzzle pose.

Hayato started making chocolate parfaits, hopefully.