Another Frontier Online

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It's been a week since we met the butler, Relic, and Ash's sister, Len.

And Hayato has been bothering his head for so long.

That's because I'm not sure which "heartless ornament" I'd like Relic to help me with.

If it's a regular game, you can prepare a lot of items like that and give them one by one.If you can't give it to me, you can give me another item, which means you can try again and again until you get the right answer.

However, in this case, the target is a high-performance AI.It is highly likely that the promise will be broken in the first place when the wrong item is delivered.Hayato's artisanal pride is not good enough.

Hayato is naturally thinking of a special strike.Prepare what they want with a single offer.

I have refrained from the next Clan War, so I would not be doing that if I were you, but I have a little leftover items from the previous Clan War that I can afford.

That's why Hayato has been reviewing the items he's given over the past week.

(It is not simply expensive.It's not like it has good performance or special effects.In the first place, Mr. Relic said he liked beautiful things.If it doesn't have any effect, it should be beautiful.But the beauty criterion... I've made a single item to improve my craftsmanship skills.All we have to do is remember and build from that.However, it was hell to improve your productivity skills.Honestly, I don't want to remember)

Hayato says hell. That means it's tough to make a skill 100.

Essentially, skills increase in value by being used many times.If you want to improve your swordsmanship skills, fight with your sword. If you want to improve your magic skills, use magic. By using it, you can judge your skill increase. If you succeed in judging, you can improve your skill.

However, every skill becomes more judgmental after 90.The probability of ascending is said to be less than or equal to 0.1%, and the probability of ascending is increased or not by using the ability a thousand times.In addition, there is a determination of difficulty in skill development, and a challenge at a level commensurate with the value of the skill is necessary.

Combat skills would still be easier.The odds are low, but if you repeat the fight, the skill increases naturally. Even if the odds are less than 0.1%, just fight the monster.Of course, just fighting weak monsters gets caught up in difficulty checks and doesn't go up at all.

And the skills of the production system improve by creating something.You don't have to fight monsters, but you have to gather ingredients and make them many times.If you make things with few ingredients over and over again, it won't be that much trouble.However, things with fewer materials have less difficulty and can only improve their skills up to a certain value.So you have to create an item that matches the skill value.

It gets tougher after Skill 90.Items commensurate with skills are abundant in materials and are even more difficult to obtain.Money is spent collecting large or rare materials, and the rate of increase is low in the first place.It will take a lot of effort and money to increase your production skills to 100.

In the case of Hayato, the clan members gathered the ingredients, so it wasn't that expensive, but it was still very difficult.

(The price of the ingredients is high, and the products made are not bought for more than the price of the ingredients.And if it fails to create, the material itself is lost.I don't have a deficit.Solo is definitely impossible.)

Hayato's persistence in releasing his productive skills has also had a lot of impact.The total of all skills is capped at 1000.We have to do things in it.You can't change the Production Skills you've been through into Combat Skills.

(Well, it was painful in the past.Now you can earn money without having to fight monsters, and you can make strong NPCs your ally.Complete Relic's challenges to help you in the next Clan War)

Hayato thought so and narrowed down his suggestions for what to make.

"Master, are you still worried?All you have to do is give me what you made from one end.He said he'd hit one of them. "

Esha came into Hayato's room on the second floor of the fort without knocking.

"This is a battle of taste.I just want you to give me one thing to convince Relic. "

"You have a troublesome personality.I suppose that's not what you're saying, because it's about taking back the sword. "

"That's true... yes, which one of these do you think is the most beautiful?

Hayat put some candidates on the table.Quite a demanding skill.

"Well done on making these high-performance objects, in a material sense... oh, Nei and the others?"

The ingredients used to make it were provided by former Black Dragon clan members, Nai and others.I brought all the ingredients to Hayato because I couldn't make them well for some reason.In addition, in the future, I am supposed to bring things that will become ingredients on a regular basis.Hayato was willing to accept the offer, even though he was told to make his own equipment later.

"Giving ingredients to a girl... it's not evil, it's spiders.Or an external passage. "

"I'm not mistaken, can you think of a way to put it?

While doing so, Esha grabbed the object on the table and looked at it.I am examining one by one, but the reaction is not good.

"None of them are beautiful.Not when you can't eat first. "

"Asha told me I was an idiot."

"It's a joke. But actually, I remember seeing these."

Esha's story was about the time of the Relic bandits.

During the bandit era, Relic stole items with a notice, but Esha remembered the trend.

"Is it simple?"

"I think there were a lot of small rings and bracelets.It seems that there was something quite expensive in the Mansion where Relic stole it, but I don't think it was very eye-catching.Besides, it seems he deliberately stole it from a case where the alarm sounds magical.I've heard that you didn't touch something that wasn't in the case. "

"Could it be something like this?It's just a ring with no freaks, but it's a star five. "

It has no effect and does not increase its stats.It's really just a ring.However, this is a fairly rare item used in materials and is so difficult that you can increase your skill to 100.

"I think it's beautiful, but I don't know.Why do you have an ineffective ring in the first place?I don't think rings that aren't working are going to help.And I can't eat it. "

"That's right.This was just created when the craftsmanship skill reached 100.That's why it's a commemoration. "

Every time Hayato sees this, he remembers the joy of turning 100 craftsmanship skills.I can't sell or throw it away, even if it's useless.

Oh, souvenirs?

"Nevertheless, I can't give you this.Do you make the same thing until it reaches five stars?All right, I'll bet on Esha. "

Really? Well, if you succeed, thank me with food, not words.I'm scared all the time, and I'm scared of hot tea. "

"You can shake me once in a while.Well, I'll get to work, and I'll see you later... "

"Oh, yeah, I remember why I came here.I'll return this. "

Esha gave Hayato a box that activated a poison needle flying trap when opened.A box Hayato made to improve his woodworking skills.Nothing in particular souvenirs.

"Why did you open it?

"I thought there was something delicious hidden there.Please give me another disinfectant potion.My health is in danger. "

"Have you forgotten why?"

Hayato gave away the poison potion in awe of Esha.He then made a five-star ring and headed for the Butler Guild.

When I called Relic in the Butler Guild, I was taken to the reception room I used the other day.

A few minutes later, Relic appears in the reception room.

"Dear Hayato, Sorry to keep you waiting."

"No, I'm asking you not to.I brought you what I promised you today. "

"Actually, I've been looking forward to it for the past week.Can I see what you've got for me?

Yes, this way.

Hayato put a simple ring on his palm and made it look relic.Relic says, "I'll take a look." He grabs the ring and looks at it.

(Mr. Relic, it's serious to take out even the monocle.The object itself is a star five, but what about it?)

Relic, looking at the ring, returned it to Hayato.

"It's a stunning piece that captures exactly what I like."

Well then...

"But it's not enough to take away your heart.It's a good thing, but you don't want to steal it.This ring has failed.Yes, you can challenge me many times.I look forward to the next one. "

(Was it bad?But you want to steal it? You want me to steal it, right?Speaking of which, I think Esha said something - yes, she said she didn't steal anything that wasn't in the case.So you're saying you can't steal it easily?Then...)

Hayato put the commemorative ring in a box where the poison needle trap worked.Give it to Relic.

"It's a different ring, but I put it in a box with a trap.How about this one?Wouldn't Mr. Relic want to steal it?

Relic looked a little surprised, but immediately smiled.

"Excellent, I was hoping I could help you find the right answer so quickly.Yes, nothing takes away my heart more than something protected.I thought I'd call you a few more times from today's tips, but you're doing great, Hayato. "

"No, no, it's a coincidence.Now, may I ask you a favor about this Clan War?

"Yes, of course.I will steal the sword and show it to you. "

Hayato and Relic had a hard handshake.

(I'm sure Esha knew the answer.I have to go home and prepare the best quality manju and tea)

Hayato left the Butler Alliance behind with that in mind.