Another Frontier Online

Confirm the strength of allies

The day after completing Relic's challenge, Hayato confirmed his allies' strength.

I'm ready to get my sword back.But there's one more thing I have to think about.Whether or not you can beat the Goddess of Destruction in Clan Wars.

Even if you take back your sword, if you lose the Clan War, you will be robbed of your base.That makes no sense. It is Hayat's victory to get his sword back and his base safe.

Clan "Goddess of Doom" is ranked A.Hayato thinks he's stronger than his last beginner clan.

There was a spy, but the Goddess of Destruction beat the Black Dragon completely.Even if it wasn't for Nay's Excalibur replica, it would be unusual.

There may be some reason, but Hayat thought it was necessary to find out the strength of his allies first.

Esha, Ash, and the Mercenary Regiment are largely known.What I hardly know is Ash's sister, Len, and a relic who has 100 burglary skills but doesn't know if they're effective or not.

Sometimes, the Ashs decided to follow the mercenaries to the hunting ground to exterminate the monster.To see how strong Len is.Hayato also wanted to know more about Dragon Curse.Regarding relics, Esha said she could fight, so I put it behind.

(I'm worried about the other team, but first I'm on my side.I have heard that fighting in a higher clan is better at dealing with an ally's tactics than dealing with the opponent's tactics.In other words, it's better to push the tactics.I'll leave the basic tactics to Ash, but I have to study a lot for when I'm in a hurry... so I'm cool in a military position.)

Hayat moved to the hunting grounds with Ash and the others with that in mind.

The hunting grounds where Ash and the others are based are home to a large number of dragons called "Boboda Mountains."

This place is often a hunting ground for players.Dragon materials are often expensive.If it's strong enough to hunt dragons, we'll definitely make it a hunting ground first.

Nevertheless, there are some nasty monsters here.Rare dragons appear every two hours.This dragon boasts immense strength and won't win a few parties first.In other words, if this dragon leaves, we must retreat from the hunting grounds.After about an hour, the dragon will go somewhere, so it is the implicit understanding of the players that they will not hunt until they are gone.

"Rare dragons don't mean Ash, do they?

"I'm not going to attack a human.That's a tough dragon.Tyrannosaurus Agresberion. He was called the father's right arm. "

"Ah, that's fine."

"... is that so?This is the best place to start.Can I ask you a few questions?The battle between the Pluto and the Thunderdragon... "

"Oniichan's story is a long story, so you should not listen to it.Let's talk about the curse more than that!What is Hayato's favorite cursed doll!?Is it the type of hair that grows!?

"... the type with a round neck...?

"I knew Hayato-san knew it!

(I don't want to know)

Having said that, Hayato and the others set out to hunt.

A few minutes later, Hayato was surprised.

Ash and the others hunt dragons unusually fast.

The best reason would be the performance of Ash's sword.A sword called the Dragon Eater has the unlikely ability to deal five times as much damage to a dragon.The dragon that was attacked was taking considerable damage in one blow.

The next reason is Len's curse.My Dragon Curse skill is said to be my first operation this time, so I can't say I use it very effectively.But the curse is different.There is a magic curse that deals damage periodically, but the damage is irreversible.Steal the Dragon's HP.

"The five-dimensional nails Hayato made are the best!Damage from the Curse has been incredibly high!Uhihihi.... "

"... it was worth the effort.But it's not because of me that the damage is high, but because of Ren-chan's collection.This whole body is a miserable piece of equipment, but that's what happened just now?- Oh, no? Is that vegetarian?

Hayato made a five-dimensional nail for Len.Five-dimensional nails made of Orihalcon as Asha advised.

Hayato, who was a craftsman, did not want to make much of anything but things.And now we have Len's "Orihalcon Five Dimensions Nail."

The performance was not so different from normal, but only one had a special effect.It was "The more you wear the cursed equipment, the more powerful the curse is."

A cursed outfit is a type of outfit that combines advantages and disadvantages.The greater the disadvantage, the greater the benefit, and if the disadvantage is severe, the benefit of ordinary equipment is far exceeded.Some players prefer to use that equipment.

Ren was the collector of the item.

Len looked at Hayato's five-dimensional nails and equiped his collection here.Until now, it was just a collection, but the five-dimensional nails made it more practical.As a result, the damage of the curse is jumping.

However, because of that cursed gear, Ren's stats are all reduced except Magic Magic Magic.HP was similarly low and MP was gradually decreasing.This MP reduction is offset by a chocolate parfait healing effect.

This was also the first time that the cursed equipment and Oriharkon's five-dimensional nails were operated, but Ren was very pleased to see that she could stand up well.

(This game is said to have more firepower than balance.It certainly seems stronger to have a specialized configuration.And I'm not doing it solo.I'm with my friends, so even if I can't do anything other than specialize, there won't be any problem.)

Hayat was looking at the battle of Ash and the others with that in mind.

"It's about time we pulled out of the hunting grounds because of the bad guys."

After defeating the thirtieth dragon, Ash said so.

Did you just say "Tyrannosaurus"?

"Exactly. This member will not be able to defeat it.You can defeat me as a dragon, but you can't destroy him completely, so it's useless to fight. "

(I don't know much about it, but I think that's the setting.I'm sure we can defeat that dragon... and it'll be back in two hours, so you're saying it can't be completely extinguished)

"And for some reason, there are lots of loot today.There's plenty of stuff in the bag, so let's go back to our base and share it. "

"I think a lot of loot is influenced by my demolition knowledge skills."

"Hayato had skills other than production skills?

"There are only seven Production Skills, and the rest are Knowledge Skills.It's a supplementary skill for some of the production skills, and I don't think we can raise it. "

Hayato's Dismantling Knowledge Skill is used as an adjunct to cooking skills.Not all dishes are affected, but mainly the success rate when cooking fish based dishes.It also has the effect of increasing the number of items dropped by monsters and making it easier to drop rare items.Rather, it is a skill that uses the latter's performance as its main function.

"Maybe we should bring Hayato to the hunt from now on.It must be quite effective because it changes so much with your body feeling. "

"If you have time, I don't mind.As the Clan War gets closer, I'm too busy preparing for it.And I want you to understand that it's not going to be a force at all. "

"There's nothing wrong with not being a fighter.Instead, you don't have to worry about the durability of cooking, medicine, or equipment at all.I think it was more efficient than usual to fight without a break. "

Hayato used his production skills to make things he couldn't fight.That made it possible to engage in a series of battles.

"Thank you for saying that.Let's go home. "

Hayato said so, and Len raised her hand.

"Hayato, the cooking has expired.MP has expired and cannot move.Chocolate parfait, please. "

"I'm leaving now, so why don't you get rid of the curse and reduce my MP?... eh? Guess what?Yeah, that's all you want to do.Okay, here we go. That's all for today. "

Hayato teleported all of them to the base using the ring of transition, hoping that he would need a lot of chocolate parfaits from now on.