Another Frontier Online

Goddess of Doom

It was just a week before the Clan War.

As Hayato suggested, "The Goddess of Doom" came on a betting match.The matching was officially acknowledged today.From the operation, it was judged that there was no 800 chief in this battle.

(But they really only bet on one knife.Well, I told you.You don't think you're going to lose, but you don't think you're going to take extra risks.Seeing as a cautious person, seeing as a cautious person, or whether this is a provocation in itself - it doesn't make sense where I know that)

You can now fight the opponent you want to fight.I also think about measures.So far so good, but Hayato had one last problem.

(The question is whether that Leon will be equipped with a sword.When I think about the performance, I think it will definitely be equipped first, but there is also the possibility that they won't bring it after realizing our goal.However, the skills available to players today will never be stolen, and even if they have a cautious personality, they will be fine.)

Basically, the curse magic that lowers STR is said to be capped at 20%.Therefore, there was a suggestion that equipment with equipment conditions of STR81 or higher could not be worn as a measure to force the release of equipment.There are other measures, but there are many players who mainly do this.This is because you can't force it off in any state.

Excalibur Replica, a sword to be reclaimed, must be equipped with STR60 or higher.Knowledge previously held by players can be considered a weapon in a safe zone that can never be stolen.

(No one should know that Len has an unlikely effect skill called Dragon Cars.Then, even if it was a careful opponent, I'd like to equip it...Besides, it's the first clan war that can test that sword in interpersonal combat.And the opponent is inferior. It should be more likely to be equipped)

Excalibur Replica is a weapon for interpersonal combat.The effect is Ignore the opponent's Defense.Although the base damage is set to low, the ability to completely ignore the opponent's Defense reduces the player's HP by as much as 10%.Originally ineffective against defenseless Wizard players, but a threat to Warrior players.

A weapon like that. Hayato thinks he should try it on his junior clan opponents rather than using it on them for the first time.

(No matter how much I think about it, there is nothing I can do anymore.Let's leave the rest to luck.Next check the enemy's strength and tactics)

Hayat thought so, and left the fortress of the base, and went to the establishment in King's Landing.

Hayat has arrived at a facility where he can apply for clan relations.

The purpose is not to apply.Here you can see the results of the Clan War, or you can watch a video of the Clan War.That was Hayato's purpose.

Nevertheless, only the top clan confrontations, and only those picked up by the operation, are available.You only know the appearance of the player's equipment, but there are many players who browse mainly to study tactics.

All videos picked up remain, including past clan wars.Hayato came to see if there were any videos of the Goddess of Doom fighting.

Fish past videos from the bulletin board menu to find the desired video.

(I don't know the criteria for picking up, but I wonder if you have chosen a good match.Speaking of which, the Black Dragon was never picked up)

Having thought about that, Hayato found the desired video as he searched.I just started watching the video and checking.

Hayato thinks after watching the video.

(I see, is the Goddess of Doom referring to the woman in the white dress?Was it originally a clan that the woman started?

Hayat was walking towards the base fort with that in mind.

Clan "Goddess of Destruction" tactics were mainly due to the woman's attacks.It is a tactic of launching the magic "MeteosWarm".

Meteor Swarm is magic that drops a random meteorite on an enemy team and lasts 10 seconds.The difficulty is that it takes time to activate, MP consumption is high, and magic players can't use it unless they are in the opponent's ranks.

If it is used in solo, it is not practical to put it clearly.Because we can afford to defeat it before it triggers.However, if you protect one of your magic allies until they activate, it's a pretty good way to attack.This is because meteorites are on the verge of dying if hit three times and killing if hit four times.

The only way to survive that magic in Clan War is to stand in a fortress.It is possible to attack the field from the fort, but not from the field into the fort.The inside of the fort is out of magic attack range.Does not take any damage.

Hayato saw a woman in such a magical dress in the video, but it seemed to me that she was wearing equipment that would shorten the activation time.Because magic took five minutes to activate, but it was activated sooner.

(I don't think the magic power is raised, but the equipment is meant for continuous shooting.If they do it from the beginning, players who cannot return to the fort will soon die.If they suck, they'll do it.Besides, if you can't attack the opponent even if you're standing in a fort, you lose with total damage.All we have to do is jump out in one or eight.Are you done with the interception?If it's Ney, it's definitely a crushed attack for all of us.

If the players are not defeated by each other in Clan Wars and the Clan Stones are not broken, the amount of damage dealt by each other determines victory and defeat.The higher the total amount of damage, the better.Even if you can't defeat an opponent with the Meteor Warm, the damage is high.And the dimension is that if you shoot magic in a row to keep it from coming out of the fort, you can win.

(We have Esha here so we can attack from the fort.However, the Meteor Warm cannot be used without the opponent's team.Then we'll be within range.But you'll be defended no matter what you think.That Mohikan is probably the shield.Prevent ranged attacks on women in dresses)

In the video, Mohican and several players stood up to protect the woman in the dress.Hayato wonders if it is arranged to interfere with players who come to stop magic.

(And Leon's role is to protect the Cranstone of the fort?I suppose you ignore the woman in the dress and interrupt the players who came to the fort.Only a few of them will make it through the enemy line, and they will almost die if they do.So you can win alone?Elixir or something, but there are enemies heading to the fort, and the Mohicans aren't staying, they're going to help Leon.)

As far as Leon's movements were concerned, it was not a form of defense in the fort, but a move to step into his field and disturb him according to his opponent's movements.The Mohicans are changing their behavior subtly accordingly.The basic tactics remain intact and adapted.

(That's A rank.I don't see much of a gap.And we have a lot of conditions.I just want to win, but that's not going to happen.)

At the opening, Ash's bracelet could defeat the woman in the dress.However, if the Meteor Warm is activated first, Ash, who has become a dragon and grown up, is more likely to hit a meteorite and cannot survive.And even if the dragon brace was activated first, there's no point in getting Leon involved and knocking him down.We need Leon alive until he takes the sword.

And theft skills are more likely to fail if there are players in the way.Speaking of lust, I want Leon to use his stealing skills alone.

(As far as Relic's combat skills are concerned, he has 100 combat skills.Bare hand attacks have a variety of stat changes, but have low Attack Rating.One Leon was forced to disarm by Dragon Curse, but it would be bad if there were enemies around)

Fighting skills are bare hands and kicks, so they are much lower than weapon damage.But the moves are diverse.

"Blade" that permanently disables the opponent's attacks once, "Low Kick" that temporarily disables them, "Stomach Break" that temporarily neutralizes cooking effects, and more.Nonetheless, every attack is more of an auxiliary act than a defeat.

Leon with the same bare hands could overwhelm us, but Hayato thinks it's dangerous to have enemies with weapons around him.

(Too many conditions for A-rank clan opponents.I told you I was going to do it, so I can't help it... why don't you talk to everybody?)

Hayat contacted everyone to gather at the base.

Hayat explains his thoughts to everyone gathered at the base.However, it seemed that everyone was concerned about the sky.

"Um, what's wrong with everybody?I'm right, but is there anything I need to know?I mean, why is everybody looking at Sha?

Hayat conveyed all the information he knew as information sharing.And I asked them how to fight, but for some reason they didn't listen.

The butler relic called out, "Is it okay?"

"Of course. Is there a problem?

"No, I didn't have a problem - no, is that a problem?I would like to confirm that the name of the other clan is definitely "Goddess of Doom"?

"That's right. Is that it?Didn't I tell you?

"I've never heard of it, but are you all the same?

Asha nodded to Relic's question.

"Oh, did you tell Asha?I've been busy preparing, so I don't really remember who I told and who I didn't. "

"No, I've never heard that before.Really? The opponent's clan name is "Goddess of Destruction"?That's my husband.I didn't expect you to say that at this point in time. "

"What do you got?

"Shamefully, this Esha Crown was formerly called 'The Goddess of Destruction'.Personally, I was glad it was just a free goddess. "

"Oh... eh?Destroy the goddess anyway?

"Is that a declaration of war against me?May I show you my power, now called the Goddess of Destruction?Seriously, Destro. "


"Please accept my apology.I don't know how many clans they have, but I'll try to make sure they inherit their names in Clan Wars.The more I inherit those two names, the more I name them the goddess of free.Goddess Esha Crown, it sounds good. "

"You call yourself a goddess?Well, I'm glad you're motivated, but please don't destroy me until I get my sword back. "

Though somewhat anxious, Hayato thought of a plan with everyone.