On the day of the Clan War, the Hayats were transferred to the Battlefield fort at the same time as it was 30 minutes ago.

Inside the fort were maid Esha, dragon Ash and Len, butler Relic, and five mercenaries, and Hayat.

Hayato checks Battlefield information.

The field is a grassland without shelter in clear daytime weather.There is no strange gimmick in particular, and it can be said that it is easy to fight each other.

(I wonder if this is influenced by F rank.I'm glad it's a simple field... that's why it's not so good.Anyway, the battle is at 2: 00 p.m. on weekdays.I'm good because I'm unemployed, but are they okay?Well, I don't think it's a problem because I'm supposed to say I'm on a frontier vacation at the end of the month... but when I think about it, does Leon ever come?You don't have an A rank, do you?

Analyzer Frontier Online is a famous game and the reality of its virtual reality means that no one knows it.It is also known that there is a battle for prizes, and it is said online that social workers take vacations at the end of the month.

Hayat was so worried that his clan applied for a voice chat.

During clan warfare, you can voice chat with your opponent's clan.If one of them applies and the other gives permission, it will be possible.It can also be used for verbal obfuscation, lie maneuvers, and so-called spiritual shaking, so fewer people use it, but more so than a ranked clan.

Even though Hayato didn't think it would be very beneficial, if he didn't like it, he could refuse it on the way, so he only allowed chat between leaders.

"Hello, Hayato."

"That's Leon, right? Hello."

In the meantime, the first stage was clear, and Hayato thought so.Then I pray that you will equip me with a sword.

"First of all, I wanted to express my gratitude.Thank you very much. I don't know how to thank you for giving us a base for free. "

Sudden provocation. But if I don't return anything here, I'll lose mentally.Hayat thought so and returned the provocation.

"Never mind.But thanks would be easy.I hope you lose.Yeah, but if you do that, you'll be treated like an eight-hundred and lose to each other?I can't help it, I hate bullying the weak, but this time I'll let you fight normally. "

"... haha, Hayato-san is interesting.You think you can beat us?

"I wonder if there are any elements to lose.And you don't think you can win either, do you?I've been betting on a real knife.If you're confident, you bet on something better. "

"That was Hayato's suggestion.And I thought you liked knives.Well, if you can win, add it to your collection. "

"Are you going to listen to anything I suggest?Well, then, will you do me a favor in this fight?If it's settled easily, they'll think it's eight hundred long. "

(I have a bad personality.But not only did he steal the sword through espionage, but he also tried to steal the base through fraud.It may be a possible act on the system, but it is not an act that can be respected and cannot be forgiven)

Hayato waited for Leon's answer as he thought so.

"The tone is polite, but you're a lot angry.More than just wanting a ranking, is it just revenge?

"Yes, even though it was about the ancient nest, I was about to be robbed of my sword and taken from my base.I think I'm a little angry. "

"I see. But, Hayato, you could be robbed of your base with that stolen sword.Isn't that funny?

"Equipped with stolen swords?

"Of course. Not so many swords.It's not good for monsters with a lot of HP, but if you're dealing with a player whose max HP is too high, it's a different story.It's a sword enough to point to the top of the rankings. "

Hayat rejoiced at Leon's words that conditions were now in place.

It turns out he's equipped with a sword he's going to take back.All you have to do is get your sword back.I didn't actually see it, but Hayato gripped his right knuckle.But I return my words very calmly so that they do not understand my joy.

"I'll take it as a compliment because it's a sword I made - um, do you want to keep the chat?Do you want to hang up before the battle?

"No, I'll connect you here.If you want to cut it, go ahead. "

Hayato was troubled, but she thought she could get the other party's information and decided to keep it connected.Most of them may be false information, but I thought it would be okay to assume from the outset that everything was false.

"No, I'll keep it connected.Let's do our best to each other fairly. "

"I don't agree with that."

"What do you mean?

"We couldn't send the spy in, but let's just say we bought Hayato's people.Clan War has been going on for a long time.Be careful. "

Hayat laughed in his heart whether he had acquired the NPC, but changed his mind that it might be possible to betray him.And I thought about mixing up information that I didn't know was true or false.

"Thank you for your advice. Then I'll give you the information too, but it has a special effect that doesn't appear in the sword and item fields, so you should be careful with it."

"... I can't believe it."

"Whatever. But I gave you my advice."

Leon has already brought his sword into Clan War.In this state, it can only be equipped or present in your item bag.Hayato thought it would be okay to shake the sword if there was nothing he could do now.If you get a little lost, it will be effective enough.

This will close the chat with Leon for now.

And I saw the faces of everyone in the fort.

"This battle is not only about winning, but also about getting your sword back.Honestly, it puts a considerable burden on me, but I need your help. "

Hayat said so, and Ash shook his neck vertically.

"Is this your sword?Then it's only natural to try to get it back.Besides, the more stringent the conditions, the more it burns.It means my arms are ringing. "

"That's right.I have participated in clan wars many times, but this is the first time I've ever been bought stealing technology.Let's make sure we meet that expectation and take the sword of purpose and show it to them. "

"Wow, I'll curse you too!

And the members of the mercenary regiment said they would do their best.But only Esha is silent.

"Well, isn't Esha convinced yet?

"No, that's not true.I don't dislike your husband's idea.I think it's sweet. "

"Sweetie... what are you thinking?

"How many melon juices can I drink today?And you prepared a bucket pudding, didn't you?

"I made it because you asked me to, but do you really want to eat it?

"Of course - Master Ren, where are you going?All the food in the clan warehouse belongs to me.

"No, it's everyone's.Yeah, the other leader told me he bought someone. Anyone?

There is a possibility that NPC will betray you.But Hayat believed everyone here.I don't know if the NPC has a relaxing state, but I joked and said so.

It was a joke, but Asha's gaze gathered.

Esha smiled loudly.

"Oh dear, have you been discovered?Master, if you don't want me to betray you, please give me ultra-eclair every day from now on.Quality is more than 3 stars. "

"To tell you the truth, if you lose this Clan War, you won't be able to hire Esha from next month because you'll be robbed of your base and money.

"... I'll try to die.I have a painful gaze waiting for me in the maid's guild without having to work.And it's hard to get a relocation magazine nearby. "

(Why are you doing maids?

With such doubts in mind, Hayat confirmed the operation with all of them.

Over the past week, while preparing food and medicine for clan warfare, I've been working with Ash and the others on a number of operations.

After all, since Leon should not be defeated first, the result was that he had to fight according to the opponent's situation.

Originally, it would be best to place an ally near the enemy line to prevent Meteor Warm from shooting at the opening, or to deal with a clan stone attack using instant kill tactics.But I can't do it because of a lot of circumstances.

Inevitably, you will defeat everyone but Leon.So at first, everyone stood in the fort and Esha attacked from the fort.

In other words, whether Esha can defeat the woman in the dress that emits the Meteor Warm is the liver of this time.

"Asha, I don't care how much you eat or drink, be sure to take down the woman in the dress.If possible, in a short time. "

"I can say I'm invincible for eating bucket pudding and drinking melon juice.I will show you my mysterious trick, the Goddess of Doom. "

"That's very reliable. Nice to meet you.Let's go to the rooftop. "

Everyone nods and then moves to the roof of the fort.

And as soon as I got to the rooftop, the clan war started.