Visualizes members placed in the enemy line at the start.As Hayato investigated, eight players slowly progressed to guard the woman in the dress.And behind that group is Leon.

Hayato looks at Leon.It's not a visible distance in reality, but it's a game.By enlarging my perspective, I confirmed Leon's weapon.

(Seems to be properly equipped)

Having checked the sword on Leon's waist, Hayato was relieved.I didn't feel safe listening to it until I saw it.

"Hayato, what are you doing locked up in the fort?I don't want you to think it's 800, so please come out. "

You will receive a voice chat from Leon.It is obviously provocative, but it is not Hayato who rides on such provocation.

"Sorry. I'm afraid of the Meteor Warm, so I'll be waiting here for a while.The day the meteorite falls, don't go out, they often say, so you should remember. "

While we were talking about it, the woman in the dress came into Hayato's ranks.And soon, I started using magic.

It doesn't matter now that the other person is in the field.It is important that this tactic nails the opponent into the fort.Naturally, if the opponent doesn't show up in the field at all, it won't be damaged and eventually it will be a draw, but that's all it takes to change the way things are done.It turns into a way for a few Leons to enter the fort directly.Leons who are confident in their individual combat abilities will be the only way to fight.

Hayato started counting time as soon as magic was used.If Ash can't handle it, Ash and the others will have to attack.To check the magic activation time and see how safe it is.

"It's been a long time. Can I do it now?

I'm counting on time. Wait a minute.

Intercept Esha's words and measure time.Three minutes after the exercise of magic, the Meteor Warm was activated, and a fireball about ten meters in diameter from the sky fell on Hayato's team.

(It's earlier than the time when I saw it in the video.I saw clan wars a few times ago, so have you equipped more equipment to reduce activation time since then?That's troublesome. Besides, the magic of the Meteor Swarm is powerful, but it looks scary.Even though I know it doesn't hurt, when I look up close, my body becomes slow and unable to move with fear.Virtual reality also has an impact on these parts.It is not a mistake to say that it is easier to hit than flashy magic)

Even if you know it's not real, if you look at something realistic, you'll be in quite a state.Magic with flashy or huge effects can also slow the opponent down.

At the end of the meteor worm's magic, the woman in the dress started drinking some kind of drink and using magic again.

(I don't think we have any more equipment to shorten the magic activation time, but just in case, can we shoot a few more shots?It's also good for ants to swing and shake like a raid.And by using magic, you can use a drink that restores MP.Perhaps we can target MP expiration during clan warfare?

Hayato was struggling with ideas, and all of a sudden Esha appeared in front of her.


"Master, is it time to attack?I cannot drink melon juice because the MP has not decreased.I want a bucket pudding soon. "

"The purpose and the means are a little - no, I think it's quite wrong.No, that's right.I'd like to see what their defenses look like.Yeah, good luck attacking. "

"Yes, sir."

Esha approaches the handrail on the roof of the fort and puts her right foot on the handrail.Then we took out the Bell Zeve 666/EC custom.

(Esha's Critical Shot.Defeated the opponent with a single blow in the last Clan War.But I suppose that was because it had no defense at all.Women in dresses also seem to have low defense, but players around them seem to be heavily equipped and highly defensive.Does it deal fatal damage as it appears in the name of the move?Range seems to be the whole team, but Ranged Attacks are basically less damaged as they leave the opponent.They are in a critical position, and if they succeed, they will not be damaged)

Hayato was thinking about that, but I noticed something strange.Somehow Ash and the others left Esha.

"What? What are you guys doing?

"Hayat, it's dangerous to be there.I don't think there's any damage. "

Watch out?


And Hayat uttered the word, and Esha uttered the word.At that moment, ten magical formations of different sizes lined up from Belzeve's muzzle towards the opponent.

"Huh? What is that?

Hayato's previous critical shot was one of magic.Hayat feels a strange anxiety about why there are more than one.

The next moment, you hear a sound enough to be called a cannon firing sound, and you fire something that looks like a bullet.The recoil jumped up Asha's gun mouth.And Esha herself retreats to slip back with that recoil.Hayato was also blown away a little by the shock of that time.

The bullets fired from the gun broke through the magical formation lined up and headed straight for the woman in the dress.And in less than a few seconds, I shot through the Shield Mohikan and the woman in the dress.

Soon after they screamed, they disappeared into particles of light.Naturally, the enemy was panicking.

After confirming it, Esha looked at Ash.

"Well, Ash-sama, thank you for the rest.I'm going to snack time. "

And Esha started eating bucket pudding without hearing Ash's answer.

"Okay, then we'll get out of the field and clean up the rest.But don't touch Leon.I'll take care of him.Len and Relic can come back later.Since Leon was alone. "

"Yeah, it's the last time I curse you, so I'll endure until then.And I'll eat dessert when I'm active!

"Yes, sir. Good luck, Ash-sama."

While Ash and the others were talking, Hayat finally recovered from his state of mind.

"Wow! Hold on, hold on!That's it!?Both of you!

Hayato's words stopped everyone for a moment.However, Ash said, "I left the explanation to you," and took the squad member away from the rooftop.

"Huh? Isn't that weird?I pierced a heavy equipment target and even killed a normal woman in a dress?

Hayato's surprise is no exaggeration in the common sense of this game.Even an Excalibur replica that ignores its defenses, such as taking down a heavily armed opponent with a single hit, is impossible.And ranged attacks. Ash's dragon brace is similar, but if this is possible, it's definitely the level to complain about the operation.

"Please calm down, Hayato.That is a weapon skill called the Destroy of Esha.The effect is to consume all MP and defeat a linear opponent.If it hits, the attack is definitely killing, but the longer cool time is probably a flaw in the balls.In a time-limited clan war, you said twice is the limit. "

"Instead, it's strange that you can use it twice, right?Can you tell me something's wrong?In general, isn't it strange that words come out after killing them?

Hayato looked relic.It's as powerful as the operation I've been thinking about.Besides, it seems like someone else knew about it.Hayato wanted me to tell you from the beginning if there was such a thing.

"Ha, Hayato!Ah, what is that!What kind of attack?

"Just shut up. It's not like that right now."

Hayato handles chats from Leon in a messy way.Actually, it's not that far.Never disconnect, but mute to prevent Leon's voice from being heard.And I saw Relic again.

Relic looks at Hayato with a soft smile.

"This is Esha's technique, called the Goddess of Destruction.Kill the troublesome opponent from the roof of the fort.It's like using magic that takes time to activate within Asha's range. "

"Everyone knows that, including me.But you all know that, right?Why didn't you tell me?I'm the leader of this clan, but I'm the only one who thinks so?

"Asha told me to keep it a secret.I said it wasn't good, but I was threatened not to use it.Perhaps you wanted to surprise Hayato. "

Hayato moves around his neck and looks at Sha.

Esha was moving her mouth with a mog, but after swallowing it, she wiped her mouth with a handkerchief.Your face looks crisp and lifts your thumb with your left hand towards Hayato.

"I wanted to see your husband's amazing face, so I stopped.And then, for the past week, I was thrilled to see my distressed master thinking about various maneuvers.As long as you're ashamed. "

All right, look for another job next month.

"Don't kill me like that! Helpful!It will help! I'll shoot you again!And if you fire me, I'll send a Dodger maid in now!Use all my powers!

"You look better - hah, well, that's enough.Because I think it has made it easier.Now, can you cover Ash and the others?Thanks to the bucket pudding, the MP is slowly recovering, right?Uh, not enough at all?Are you lying because you want to drink melon juice?

Asha insisted that that was not the case and began to drink delicious melon juice from the item bag.

Hayato's mood was complicated even though he thought it would be nice.

(I knew it was out of standard, but is this okay?I have to e-mail the operation again.It's not a level of balance failure, it's a bug.I don't know about this game, but it is obviously a bug and often punishable, so the technique of Destroy is sealed until there is an answer to the operation)

While Hayato was thinking about it, the battle of Ash and the others had begun on the field.